Virtus on devils and reincarnation

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A comrade wrote:

Do you know if your videos work on Google Chrome?  I use Firefox on my work computer and have an Android based phone, and I can’t watch anything other than YT  embeds.  Last time I tried Sonnenrad; it doesn’t work on either and Trutube is hit-or-miss on Firefox and doesn’t work on droid.  Any thoughts or suggestions on downloads so I can play these videos?  Can’t see most of the pictures either.
I’m reading the new blog now.  I read the reincarnation evidence page in January — very informative.
I talked about reincarnation yesterday with my wife for a minute or two.  What you talk about is actually a return for her to what she already believed, and for me it’s finally moving in the right direction.  When I was younger, I was open to the idea of reincarnation.  Even though we got involved with non-denominational Christianity and Hebrew Roots for a while which both lump the idea of reincarnation in with satanic influence, the idea that we get one life and one shot to “get it right” or we end up being thrown into the lake of fire just resonated as being wrong.
What I told her was I just wish we could come back with access to some of the knowledge we acquired on previous incarnations.   It would save a lot of time if we didn’t have to relearn practically everything every time we come here.
I also had a question regarding supernatural beings that are accepted as fact by many of the major religions, and especially Christianity.  When you roll out your work, will you have explanations as to where satan, demons, and ghosts fit into all of this?  I get angels, they are either beings of a higher nature created by the Creator, or they are ascended humans.   But where do the rest fit in?   I think that anyone who comes out of the Christian traditions will want to know.
And speaking of ascended humans, I forgot to tell you this.  I have enjoyed science fiction shows for most of my life.  My dad got my brother and I started with the original Star Trek series in reruns when we were kids, and although I have never been one to go to fan conventions, I’ve always enjoyed most science fiction TV series.   One of my absolute favorites has been the three Stargate series, and my wife, although not a “Sci Fi” fan, also enjoys watching this with me.  
We were watching an episode back in January after discussing much of the reincarnation info with her, and I look at her and say “Isn’t it crazy that out of anything that we have read or watched, the concepts used in Stargate are probably the most accurate.   Not the plots and storylines, but the underlying concepts.
— ancient advanced beings living on Earth in the past, influencing our religions and leaving behind megalithic architecture
— evolution and ascension to a higher form
— interstellar wars among the advanced races
— the universe being created by an ultimate being
I answered:
After death a most intensive debriefing happens:

A Hitler, Alexander, da Vinci or Shakespeare would not come back the “same person” at all. (And btw, Shakespeare was Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, not that fraud, illegal food hoarder, and uneducated lumberyard owner who never left England.)


Mature ones grow drastically and are transformed by seeing the consequences for others of their actions and failures. Many “great conquerors” resolve after this video never to “conquer” again, except to conquer THEMSELVES and their EGO and lust for fame.


Death is anything but hanging there on some string in limbo until reactivated. *;) winking  In the beyond, we are not dead documents on some cosmic hard drive, awaiting being “reopened,” but instead we keep on living — and we continue growing IF we seek to evolve. The jerks, however, go to worlds where they can stay stuck in their ways and get more self-triggered pain.

When you then reincarnate back here, to earth, useless memories are suspended so we get a fresh start. What counts is what is in our hearts, not remembering being hit by a train in 1885. 😉


As for devils, it is the same as hostile aliens. They come from evil worlds and are very, very, very real — and those with bad karma succumb to them, including even supposedly “nice” people who are merely friendly to get stuff and network.

If our angels – many of them indeed graduates from humandom or loving relatives who have passed on — feel no desire or authorization to shield us, we get whammed by what our own selfish hearts bring upon us. 

This fool woman whose kid a molester killed is an example: Incarnation of absolute evil strikes in Walmart; the lesson about young souls; Mike Delaney meets Trump – John de Nugent


Thanks for the feedback on TT and Sonnenrad videos not playing…..All this is a technical form of censorship of something the Jews fear….

The Stargate series shows how true religion and science fiction merge. Call them good angels or evolved higher humans;


call them devils or hostile aliens. Call them heavens — or higher worlds and dimensions; call them hells, or lower planets and dimensions.

Call them gods or nordic aliens.


Staffordshire, England woman reports:”They were beautiful and so kind.”


On October 21st, 1954 in West Midlands (Staffordshire), England, Jessie Roestenberg, then aged 29 and her two children, witnessed a object flying overhead then hovering over her house.


She described the event as “Two Blondes” in a “Mexican-Hat” like craft. They also saw two humanoid figures with blond/golden hair staring down at them. She described them as very beautiful with beautiful faces.

Many believe this were “Pleiadians”. Also known as Nordic aliens, are humanoid aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars, and they’re really really really concerned about Earth and our future.

More info:

This video was banned from airing on TV in the UK starting in the late 60’s.

Call what Jesus did “miracles” or call them quantum physics as applied by a man who understood that this universe is a hologram.


We reap what we sow. What we do and fail to do.


“Oh, woe is me, The Jews are destroying the world.”

Well, they have been doing it for a long time. And in each of your last six life you did jack-shit about it. 😉

Martin Luther’s sarcophagus….





Everyone knew who Luther was and they did not want to hear him screeching ” We MUST do something NOW about the JEWS! Christian, know this and know it well: You have no more dangerous enemy than a Jew who is committed to his Judaism.”



The best science fiction and the best of religion merge; just the vocabulary is different. If religion turns a person off, then SF is better.

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians

Google Earth picture of the huge, under-sea, egg-shaped object off the Malibu, California coast




“Why don’t they save us?” Why? Do we DESERVE it? 😉  Should a dad pay his 40-year-old junkie son’s heroin bill? How does it truly help us to keep rescuing us from our own folly and cowardice? 70% of Americans have known since 2006 that the government did 9/11. So where was the revolution? The issue is in our hearts, not the facts.


234 people jumped over 90 floors to their death and George W. Bush is still walking around free as a little birdie, playing golf and backslapping his buddies.


Thanks for your email.


… East Indian friend liked my psychopaths essay

The young Tony Blair


I replied:

I am glad you liked the essay on psychopaths.  I have had searing personal experiences with them, so it was not an academic exercise:
The authorities, who are really Lubavitch have been observing me since childhood as a threat, they know who I am, and they could not break me despite tortures that may rival anything the world has ever invented.
One thing troubled me in your devastating and eye-opening exposé of the dark side of India, which I sense may be partly autobiographical  —  the idea that all Indian spirituality may be a fraud. 
Remember the baby and the bath water? *;) winking
In fact, Aryans brought magnificent spiritual treasures to that “Dravidian” land, and reincarnation is an ancient Indo-European belief from long before the Aryan breakup. The Kelts, Teutons (especially in the Viking sagas), many Romans and the leading Greeks embraced palingenesis, great men such as Socrates, Plato, and Pythagoras. 
If the Dravidian genetic component managed over the course of millennia in corrupting and misusing religion,well, that is, as your novel reveals, a habit regarding all things from cleanliness to family relations. 
Savitri Devi wanted very badly to meet me after reading an article of mine “Go Tell the Spartans” about Thermopylae, but fell ill and went blind just before her trip to America, but she said that ironically, though Dravidianized, India is the only place with any intact Aryan culture at all. 
The White western world was made over a millennia ago into the semi-semitic Christendom and now we have its offshoots, liberalism and marxism. Egypt is muslim and gone: in race, faith and even language, speaking only the hideous Arabic. The leading race has died out.
Because of the searing sun, the white Egyptians put a red-ochre protective powder on their faces.
Greece and Rome are Christian and genetically not the same people any more. Just listen to the effeminate, scheming sounds of the Italian language compared to Latin!
A real Roman centurion helmet found in deep mud in a German river
My life has been truly transformed by Vedanta, and some great Aryans of ancient times, though the race has gone down, have reincarnated over and over as Indians out of love.
This book has helped me endure the most terrible suffering and infuriating defamation in a WN movement that is at least 25% paid FBI infiltrators who are online and attacking me every day (esp. via below-radar email campaigns) and sapping my potential support amongst the gullible and those with tendencies to jealousy and envy. Can you imagine being called a pedophile, wife-beater, homosexual, con man, fake Marine, and crazy nut by both Jews and by fake comrades who are really hard-core agents?
And having sheeple that I had helped fall for it and believe it, and turn on me in revulsion and join the attack on me led from the shadows by the smirking Jews themselves? I am by far the most hated WN in the world.
Who knows who you were in your last life?
You should never doubt reincarnation — you are not a young soul but one given a mission.
This video I created in 2011 may give you something to ponder….   with Céline Dion of Canada…

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