Virtus I (preview) and II: Why not just commit suicide and leave a miserable world (like Victor Thorn just did)?

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…..Virtus preview

John de Nugent, in Freeport and Harrison Heights, Pennsylvania, outlines topics his “God videos” will cover, opening with the harrowing Massy Harbison story. A young white pioneer wife and mother escaped in 1792 with her baby from the Indians, who had scalped and killed two of her little children. She walked barefoot in her nightgown with her infant through woods, swamps and wilderness 55 miles back to civilization.He then discusses the electron split experiment, the existence of angels, supernatural occurrences that happen to regular people, a tough-love God, evidence for reincarnation, reincarnation believers such as General George Patton and car maker Henry Ford, and yin and yang (“Mars and Venus”) — the male and female forces.

……II: Why not just end it all?



John de Nugent, in 2011, raises major spiritual issues and questions that plague despairing people today, like “If life is full of pain, why not commit suicide?” Is it time to fight for our freedom and no longer just worry and discuss the downfall?


…..A reaction to video II

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Hello JohndeNugent,the user ‘Vrillon’ <> has just comment your media ‘Virtus video 2 – Why not commit suicide in a miserable world?’ <>:

Very inspirational video, thank you Mr de Nugent! 🙂

Kind Regards,

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….A good comrade objected

John, good for you on the religion, but but I have my hands full promoting national socialism.


I replied:

The only problem with that is NS is 100% secular, and people have real spiritual questions today, and more and more whites are literally committing suicide. (I have known at least six WNs who have — just in the last five years.)

Also, while NS was (barely) able to come to power in the Weimar, Germany era, now it is impossible to come to power legally at all.

Half the media was still in Aryan hands then, and all the German military was Aryan, and the whole country was Aryan — except for a mere 1% Jews.

German generals at a 1933 commemoration of a great victory at Tsnnenberg over the Russians


Now, all the media, military, police, and economy are Jewish-dominated, and the minds of half the white kids as well are full of Jew lies and negro music.

Our water, air and food are full of toxic, zombyizing, and literally feminizing chemicals.

And anyway, the country is only 50% white, and most whites are pitiful.


But 88!








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