Virtus 3: My connections to both halves of Adolf Hitler’s personal library, now in Washington and Providence

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The John Hay Library in Providence, Rhode Island, contains much of the personal library of the courageous German genius who tried for 25 years (1920-45) to warn the entire West about the danger posed by satanic judaism…


It is part of the Ivy League university called  Brown University, and is located in Providence, Rhode Island near the corner of Prospect Street and that very Angell Street which was founded by my ancestor, Thomas Angell, in 1636.


Thomas Angell gave the land from his orchard for the first Baptist Church in North America in the 1600s. The Baptists were persecuted and even executed in Europe because they believed it wrong, evil and even meaningless to baptize a baby.






The other half of Adolf Hitler’ private library is found today at the Library of Congress, across from the US Capitol and next to the Supreme Court.



Entrance to the Main Reading Room


Main Reading Room where I spent many hours 1978-2007


Margi and I knew the African-American from Louisiana (with a French-Cajun last name) who worked there in the Hitler section. He lived just three apartment doors down from us at the Glebe House in Alexandria, Virginia.

He was a tall, very educated, courteous, well-dressed and handsome man with a mustache. He also spoke excellent French with me, and invited me and Margi three times to visit him there at the Hitler section.

I think this — one of many “weird coincidences” reinforced my view that

1) that there was something unusual going on in my life, and

2) that American blacks, ironically, understand both Hitler and his opponents, the Jews, much better than many whites, both for instinctive and experiential reasons.

Adolf Hitler’s watercolor “Mary with Jesus” — note the clear and open gaze of the child

(From a very interesting website, which sadly was taken down:

Hitler told Martin Bormann:

Jesus was most certainly not a Jew. The Jews would never have handed one of their own people to the Roman courts; they would have condemned Him themselves.


It is quite probable that a large number of the descendants of the Roman legionaries, mostly Gauls [JdN: in other words, KELTS, often dark-haired and blue-eyed like Mel Gibson, like Hitler himself, or Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest], were living in Galilee, and Jesus was probably one of them. His mother may well have been a Jewess. But Jesus fought against the materialism of His age, and, therefore, against the Jews.

Galilee is a lushly verdant, mountainous and heavily Gentile area (then as now) where Jesus was raised and did most of His preaching:

I have lived in France, and Galilee is like some of the most beautiful areas of the south of la France. I might note that the ancient word for France was “Gallia” (in English, “Gaul”), from the word for Kelt……Hmmm.

(A Keltic area now in Asia Minor/Turkey was long called “Galatia”; the “Apostle Paul” wrote an epistle to the Christians there.

Another scene from green, gorgeous Galilee….

A Mormon depiction of Jesus. (The Mormons also believe — correctly — that many Western people lived in North America long ago.)


[Back to Adolf]

Paul of Tarsus, who was originally one of the most stubborn enemies of the Christians, suddenly realized the immense possibilities of using, intelligently and for other ends, an idea which was exercising such great powers of fascination.

[JdN: The key idea is that “God is love,” as in the famous phrase in the Gospel of John, especially the concept that God feels love and forgiveness for sinners who regret and forsake their previous egotistical life. M. Scott Peck, M.D’s huge 1980s bestseller The Road Less Traveled posited that guilt for letting oneself and others down is a universal emotion to which Christianity responded with the message:


God loves the sinner who repents, and sent Jesus, a part of Himself, to come down to earth, live among us and experience our earthly hardships and temptations, and then take the death penalty for us, paying Himself the supreme price for human sins.

The sinner’s slate of rotten misdeeds and cutting and lying words is thus wiped clean, and the person is reborn as a new, unselfish, helping individual. He can henceforth live and die without fear of divine wrath, now in this life we live and especially when he dies.

He can more easily abandon his selfish way of living, knowing that a kind, just and loving father rules the world, a god so unselfish he sent his only son to die to cleanse our lives. In my own mystical way, I, John de Nugent, do accept this message.]

[Back to Hitler, as recorded by Martin Bormann]


[Paul] realized that the judicious exploitation of this idea among the non-Jews would give him far greater power in the world than would the promise of material profit to the Jews themselves.

It was then that the future St. Paul distorted with diabolical cunning the Christian idea. Out of this idea, which was a declaration of war on the golden calf, on the egotism and the materialism of the Jews, he created a rallying point for slaves of all kinds against the elite, the masters and those in dominant authority. The religion fabricated by Paul of Tarsus , which was later called Christianity, is not [the religion of Christ, but] the Communism of today  Bormann, Table Talk, pp. 721-722)

* * *
I wrote once to a hostile Jew:

Adolf Hitler believed deeply in a divine power, which he frequently called “Providence.” Coincidentally or not, this is the name of the city of my birth, and the capital of the colony and later State of Rhode Island which, as alluded to above, was co-founded by my ancestor via both mother and father, Thomas Angell, in 1635.

Key books from Adolf Hitler’ personal library, replete with underlinings, comments and exclamation points in pencil, and even a dark-brown hair or two, are found here in the John Hay Library.


Located just off Angell Street (where my ancestor had his orchard), it is part of Brown University, which George Lincoln Rockwell attended 1938-40; see the very accurate report here in Wikipedia)

Here is a Google Maps satellite photo of the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island, with the First Baptist Church where I graphically put a white dot on the roof, and the John Hay Library a few blocks away.


My father knew part of the Rockwell family, which lived in our town of Barrington, Rhode Island, and he spoke with a brother of Commander Rockwell after his August 25, 1967 murder, who said he expected him to be assassinated.



— and it was at Brown that I almost taught American accent to foreign students in 2003, except for a sudden university-wide budget crisis due to stock-market losses.

Statue at Brown University of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who was also a Stoic philosopher — and the last of the good emperors in the “century of good emperors” who ruled Rome (photo by Constantin von Hoffmeister). The succession system, which Hitler wanted to implement after a German victory in WWII, was that the national leader groom his own successor for 20 years and then submit him to the Senate for approval upon his retirement or death. So Trajan groomed Hadrian, who trained  Antoninus Pius, who taught Marcus Aurelius — yielding 100 years of wise, strong, experienced and superb rulers, versed in the arts of both war and peace. The raised hoof symbolizes Aurelius was wounded in battle.


Marcus Aurelius in the 2000 film “Gladiator” at the end of a bloody battle against the ancient Germans, as played by Irish actor Richard Harris



Hitler had a deep interest in religion for its own merits and also as a way to improve character, cohesion, morality, determination and overcome the fear of death. See this illuminating article from The Atlantic magazine:

Hitler’s critique of Churchianity  never, ever, ever was an attack on Jesus. His objection to “Christianity” was that it led us to revere the Jews as “elder brothers in the faith” and to “turn the other cheek” to them.


Hitler was sympathetic to Houston Steward Chamberlain’s view that Jesus  judging by his values and his courage —  had to be mostly Aryan, being from “Galilee of the Gentiles.”

[For what little it’s worth, your own Talmud, Jew, says his father was a Roman officer, a centurion named Pantera.]


In this regard, I will quote Hutton Gibson, the wonderful father of Mel Gibson, about the “elder brother in the faith”:

Hutton Gibson with Australian-German revisionist Fredrick Toeben


“Yeah, Abel had an elder brother, too.” 😉

An excerpt from the book My Revolutionary Life, where Waffen-SS general Léon Degrelle discusses his relationship with Adolf Hitler (Margi and I translated this): ($27)

 As [Hitler’s] guest I never felt myself the object of the slightest scorn or suspicion because I was Catholic. Many times I even told Hitler that after the war, as soon as I had put my country [Belgium] back on its feet, I would leave off politics in favor of helping guide the moral and spiritual blossoming of the new European complex.

“Politics is just one sector. It is not the only one. Souls, too, must find their proper course in life and spread out their wings. The New Europe must make this development possible, easy and free-spirited.”

(I also ghostwrote this book which came out in three parts in the magazine Barnes Review and was later made into a book. Half the research on it was by the late Ralph Gandinetti, a former Rockwell stormtrooper, and the rest was done by me.)



….Third Reich archives by the ton 

Many of the collected papers of the Third Reich were captured intact in 1945 by the Americans —the Germans made NO attempt to destroy them because they had NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF — and were kept at the Torpedo Factory in that same city of Alexandria, Virginia where we lived 2005-08. (It also was the boyhood city of Robert E. Lee.) (

The factory was converted into an artist studio complex after 1974, and here my first wife (we were married 1976-89 and had two daughters)

Ingrid and Erika in 1989


….worked (and still works) as an artist, while I traveled 1987-92 around the US raising money for the WN cause via estate work; she is married now to the almost next-door neighbor from then, yeahhhh…. 😉 )

“Congress stored documents [there]; the military kept German war films and records in sealed vaults.” (from the fourth paragraph here:

Margi, an opera singer had a boyfriend for years who was a very skilled, gifted white artistic painter named Terry. Then around 1994 he got involved with a Jewess, she got him into lucrative Jew-owned galleries, told him in effect “what would sell,” namely filth and trash, degeneracy of every sort, and so his art turned into the promotion of race-mixing and forlorn, lost-looking, naked white women having orgies with colored men…..

“Coronation of Concupiscence,” by Terry Rodgers

“Cryptography of singular vision,” which is about as pretentious a title as you can get for a porn painting of of a plain-old orgy, with natürlich non-white men “doing” the white women, by Terry Rodgers. (His Jewess corrupted and trained him well.)

So many pure coincidences…. 😉

So many weird connections…. and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

More soon…..



JdN: I would like to conclude this chapter with some uplifting photos from this gorgeous Christian church built by white people with a thirst for love, beauty, spirituality and nobility.

Is there ONE synagogue in the world that is even one-tenth as beautiful?

I am proud of the men and women of our race who create such things. This race must not perish, but instead let us end the reign of demonism and hellish ugliness.

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Icicles at sunset in Upper Michigan outside my window


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