Videos of John de Nugent speaking

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Videos of JdN Speaking





…..VIP PEDOPHILES — KILL THEM ALL! (Humor & also deadly serious)


…..ADOLF HITLER – in feeling his continuing presence “MY HEART WILL GO ON”


Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on.

Far across the distance,
And spaces between us,
You have come to show you go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more you open the door,
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime,
And never let go till we’re gone.

Love was when I loved you,
One true time I hold to,
In my life we’ll always go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more, you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

You’re here; there’s nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on.
We’ll stay forever this way.
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

And, ohhhhh..


TRIUMPH OF THE WILL ~ I recall an amusing incident that occurred in Liverpool in the early 1960s. The Tatler, an independent city centre cinema, showed movies shunned by the chains. On this occasion it was running Leni Reifenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will.” This is the epic video of the 1935 NSDAP Party Day Rally at Nuremberg. The cinema was packed.
The movie-documentary was partly spoiled by the narrator vocally placing his sarcastic comments on the footage. At one point, as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear, the ecstatic enthusiastic welcoming of the Fuhrer. The English voice-over sneers, “Look, slaves controlled by their fuehrer.” Unable to contain himself, my friend Billy Clarkson, a Liverpool cab driver stood up on his seat and beating his chest called out. “Then I want to be a slave too.”

The audience gave Billy a standing ovation. A lovely moment fondly recalled 50 years later. ~ Mike Walsh.

…..Speaking in German to announce my takeover of two German websites, one with 12,000 subscribers and discussing the death threat I received by phone from the White House 




…..JUST A FUN VIDEO: GERMAN GIRLS after the staggering military victories of 1939-40



…..(John de Nugent speaking in accent-free, perfect German with large English subtitles) Damals und jetzt — Hitler and I

Comment in German: “Lieber John, ich habe gerade dein Video gesehen und bin tief berührt, von deinen Worten DANKE dafür, mit Tränen in den Augen sehr bewegend …. alles Liebe, R.”

Ich antwortete: “Liebe Kameradin, vielen Dank für diese höchst erfreuliche Mitteilung! John”

“Sehr gerne, lieber John. Meine Worte kommen aus dem Herzen. Nie zuvor habe ich eine ergreifendere Ansprache gehört.”

“Es hat begonnen! Auf zur großen Schlacht gegen die Krieger von El(Engel)-Schaddei(Schatten)! Sammelt euch, sucht Verbündete und stürzt dieses System! Heil Hitler! VERBREITET DIESES VIDEO, TEILT ES UND HELFT MIT! NATIONAL SOZIALISMUS JETZT!!! FÃœR ALLE VÖLKER DIESER WELT!!!”

Wow! Das war eine echte Rede, eine echte Präsidentenrede! Und mir gefiel sehr, wie Sie über die Dritte Welt gesprochen haben!”


Translation: “Dear John – I just saw your video and I am deeply touched by your words THANK YOU for it, very moving, tears in my eyes …. all the best, R.”

“Dear comrade, many thanks for this delightful response.”

“Very happy to say this, dear John. My words come from the heart. Never before have I heard a more touching speech.”

“It has begun! The great battle against the warriors of El (angels) Schaddai (Shadow)! Gather, seek allies and crush the system! Heil Hitler! SPREAD THIS VIDEO, SHARING IT AND GIVE HELP! NATIONAL SOCIALISM NOW — FOR ALL PEOPLES OF THIS WORLD!”!

“Wow! That was a real speech, a real presidential speech! And I really liked how you talked about the third world!”

in French: (in French) “Wow ! Un vrai discours, un vrai discours de président! Et j’ai bien aimè comment vous avez parlé du tiers monde!”


Subtitles in French and Arabic (plus English and German):



(Of interest: Mexican dance girls, aged 12-16, do spectacular NS-military-swastika routine!  Mexican dance girls do spectacular NS-military-swastika routine! More indications the world is getting ready for liberation via universal national socialism! 🙂

…..Thai prince calls Hitler a great man destroyed by bankers, says Holocaust a disproven myth

…..Black American minister Dr. Ray Hagins strongly agrees

…..JdN on live Iranian TV

Wed. 1/22/14, 8 p.m. US EST, to discuss whether the European Union would indeed, as threatened by a high EU official, levy sanctions on Israeli products made in the illegally occupied West Bank, where 500,000 Israelis live on stolen Palestinian land, seized in violation of international law.  (Occupying powers are not allowed to drive out the natives or colonize their land.)

This short video got rave reviews:


–Awesome, John, great job! (Steven L., former Marine Corps officer)

–Very good interview. (Russ S., location unknown)

–I’m just about beside myself with joy that you appeared on PressTV, seriously. This is a big step. (Mark F., Pennsylvania)

–I just watched the interview. It is really outstanding. You are very articulate and have an excellent presence. (William B. Fox, fmr major, US Marine Corps; honors graduate, Harvard Business School, website:

–John King of Hey man, you did great. :) I can’t believe some media numbed patriotard actually hit your then wife from France in 2003, the same retards who called french fries “Freedom Fries”. ;-)

IIT Turkey News tweet:


–I just watched the video of your interview on Iranian TV and found it right on target. (Eileen K. Maryland)

–John, Thanks for speaking on Iranian TV! You were great! We need thousands like you who speak the truth on TV around the world. ….Regarding the blackmailing of officials, well, we need to also let it be known that they purposefully pick officials who have done something inappropriate. (Theresa G., California)

–Just your usual, highly polished delivery of cogent information! ;-) (T. B., Brooklyn, NY)

–Very good there, John. I liked your anecdotal style. (James. M., England)

I was again on Iranian Press TV on March 4, 2014 on the subject of Barack Obama and his illegal-alien, bisexual, gun-grabbing, communist-leaning, NWO “presidency.”

……JdN again invited to international Iranian television “PressTV”!

(From 1:15 to the end, duration 5:10) A powerful statement about Barack Obama THE JEW!

(Photo left) Barack’s Jewish maternal grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham. Note the facial features and wavy dark hair. Margi dated a Jewish boy when she was still apolitical/liberal in high school who looked exactly like him! Like many Jews, he got out of combat by getting a slot as a supply sergeant far behind the front lines! (This pic was taken in October 1944 in Allied-occupied France.) (Photo right) Nudie glamour shots of Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack’s mother, available online.

Obama's Grandfather at WarPORN-MOM-ann-dunham

Barack’s real biological father was the Black nationalist and communist party member Frank Marshall Davis (photo upper right), who supported himself via extremely gross porn novels in Hawaii, where he impregnated Stanley Ann Dunham during an orgy (described in the novel below!) and then was a mentor to the young Barack, who actually was his own son and tutor in Black militancy!

Obama here admits, 20 years ago (Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts Public Library. Date: September 1995, when he was a Harvard Law student), that his mentor in “black attitudes” was one Frank Marshall Davis. But Davis was far more than that. Davis was already an FBI-interrogated, Congressionally-subpoena’ed, Communist Party USA member — and a kinky-porn-novel writer:





In Sex Rebel Black, Davis gloated about his orgy-threesomes involving himself, his White Chicago socialite wife, and “a Midwestern girl named Ann.”


Obama was also a hard-core homosexual in high school:

Obama was a huge pot consumer, a “choomer”:



“Chooming” is literally making a marijuana gas chamber out of your car so as to get super-“high.”


His pot dealer in Hawaii was just beaten to death by the homosexual’s fellow fudge-packer, and “lover”:

He still smokes pot today in the White House according to several sources — and a friend of mine who once smoked a lot of pot, a musician, says that this facial expression seen below comes ONLY from one thing — being “high” (and during a publicly held speech to boot)!



— review of an INFURIATING, White-bashing, pro-illegal alien movie and my orders


…..Glory to Mary Phagan and the White Men who Avenged Her

— on a 1913 rape and murder of a beautiful 13-year-old White girl by a high Jewish official, Leo Max Frank, whom the top citizens of Georgia finally courageously lynched when he was about to walk free despite the US Supreme Court and four other courts confirming his guilt.


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 1 My American colonial ancestry, Marine Corps service and education; the truth about those “chemtrails” in the sky

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 2 How chemtrails make Americans listless and zombie-like; HAARP in Alaska; the Star of David on the back of the $1 bill over the American eagle and its meaning; psychopaths; “chickenhawks” who love wars where they get rich and others do the fighting

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 3Psychopaths manipulate the compassion of others to rip them off, and malign and defame as mentally ill or evil all those who expose them


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 4 LA  Times and Time magazine writer Joel Stein boasts openly that Jews run the US media, Hollywood and the US government, and gives detailed proof; Samuel Roth in the 1920s detailed this already and taunted Gentiles with how gullible and naive they are about Jewish power.

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 5  Barack Obama’s communist, jewish mother and the nude photos she posed for; the “Georgia Guidestones” monument, a kind of Stonehenge in the American South, and why killing 7 billion people is a good idea — for the “elite”; the forbidden story of Rachel Corrie, beautiful American girl crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 6 The importance and sacredness of the very concept of truth for our nation’s survival; the truth about 9/11, solved in two minutes; 60 Israelis arrested by the FBI after 9/11, many experts in explosives And now READ this webpage!

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 7  The concept of “death ground” and desperate struggle; the Jewish takeover of the Bank of England and then of the whole British Empire and its ex-colony, the USA;


the Jewish triggering of the Irish Famine and the US “Civil War”; their instigation of WWI, WWII and communism (and thus the Korean and Vietnam Wars); murder of Defense Secretary Forrestal and then of three Kennedys; Third World immigration; the USS Libertyattack in 1967;  downfall of Nixon; the police state that began under Reagan and Oliver North; murder of CIA director Colby; the Oklahoma City bombing; vaccines; tranquilizer chemicals in drinking water; White-bashing US history textbooks; the sealed records of Barack Obama; “FEMA camps” and plans to execute patriots and dissidents; 10,000 three-story boxcars for moving arrested people to slave camps


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 8 the final Jewish goal a slave planet under a Jewish master race; your duty now; threats of nuclear war and pandemics; our coming victory through thinking of “we”, not “me.”

…..Video series “Are God and the soul real?”


40% of patients brought back from the dead on the operating table reported being conscious AFTER DEATH and many saw the famous “tunnel of light”! This was the largest-ever medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences, interviewing 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria.

Fog Shrouds Rural England As Cold Snap Continues


As the French say, “peu des science nous éloigne de Dieu, beaucoup de science nous y ramène,” “a little knowledge distances us from God; a lot of knowledge brings us back.”

Electron split experiment: This “electron double-slit” video is a sophisticated scientific cartoon that merits being seen twice — so it sinks in (and does not remain a mere factoid) that the whole universe is a holograph and definitely not entirely “real.” Electrons most certainly should not “care” whether we are looking at them or not! BUT like a diva, they do, indicating the whole physical universe is basically staged! As I say, watch it TWICE! Then start thinking what this means! The cartoon scientist is Fred Wolf, who is a Jew, but a legitimate physicist who fights atheism among scientists. In fact, all physics for the last 120 years points at the existence of a higher reality, not materialism. But his fellow Jews promote the idea that only the material world is real, God is a myth for the weak, and there is nothing else. When you die you are dead forever.


Wolf, however, is on a crusade to say “But modern science proves the very opposite, that it is this material world that is an illusion!” This electron anomaly was observed by the great mathematician Leonhard Euler of Switzerland and the famous American scientist and politician Ben Franklin already 250 years ago, and the experiment itself was first done by the British scientist Thomas Young in 1803:

. How can electrons act like both particle shooting forward (the arrows below) and yet also as  waves? Why does it depend on whether you are looking at it??? What the heck is going on here? 😉 A bullet (particle) is simply not a wave. This is a definite anomaly and contradiction, suggesting God is dropping an enormous hint on us NOT to view this world as something to be taken overly seriously, but instead like a tearjerker movie or a romantic comedy. With movies, we simply accept the illogical things in the plot for the sake of the story. As the easy-going yet wise Italians say, “Si non è vero, è ben trovato.” = “If it is not true, still it is well told.” ;-)


Atheists try to debunk Wolf, a very experienced physicist, and the plain meaning of this electron double-slit experiment. They are also at pains to gloss over the “quantum leap” in modern physics, where an electron leaves an inner shell and goes instantly to an outer shell, with no lapse in time at all. But how can a physical object travel a distance in zero-comma-zero seconds? In reality, it is literally vanishing at the inner shell and re-appearing at the same time on the outer shell…. This too suggests the material world is an illusion, although a very elaborate one. The world is just a classroom for young souls, an elementary school. ;-)double-slit

There is indeed a totally opposite way to explain — that everything is real, everything is matter, even heaven and God, and where we go when we die is just to a higher-frequency area. Then there is no more dichotomy between spirit and matter, religion and science, and people have less of a sense of us talking about fairy tales here, God being unfortunately the biggest fairy tale of all to the materialists. What we really are talking about is a “multiverse,” not a universe, with many dimensions existing and all occupying the same space — but on different frequencies.


In the same way, your house is occupied by cell phone calls, tv signals, microwave, wireless internet perhaps too, and of course radio — and all are occupying and penetrating the same house from top to bottom, all co-existing, and interwoven, but usually not interfering with each other. They are usually smoothly separated (except a microwave oven can cause static on a radio). In this scientific way of seeing reality plus religion, it is normal for an electron to vanish and reappear — It ducked into another dimension, where none of the rules of our dimension apply at all. It made a shortcut.


One has to think outside the box, or one cannot explain an electron being both a particle and a wave and vanishing and reappearing elsewhere at the same moment. God is dropping here some really big hints that He exists, and if scoffers scoff, He is just fine with that too. ;-)

Note that in this article on quantum mysticism single Jew scientist listed — Einstein, Murry Gell-Man and Steven Weinberg — attacks the fact that modern physics supports the existence of God, and the Aryan scientists line up supporting the truth that modern physics proves God’s existence.

(But this god is neither a senile old man in a white beard nor some forgive-everything sort of yin being, or cutesy Baby Jesus. It is a realistic, stern, law-giving Father figure who gives everyone only what they deserve.)

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion advocate strongly that the goyeem be made atheistic, because then they will fear to die and, thinking they do not have a soul (just a myth, they are told), they fear they will be dead forever.

MOST then prefer to live a long life as a slave, not a short life as a hero, and refuse to make the supreme sacrifice, laying their life down for 1) the safety and future of their women and children, and 2) the survival of their race and nation.

Atheism = worrying about dying

Theism = God expects every man to do his duty, and you will face His fury in both life and death if you choose to live on as a coward — as your women and children are taken and physically or morally destroyed.

If you wish to join the Jews and scoff at God, then you will fall into a pit of despair and end up like Lasha Darkmoon, who lists all the reasons we supposedly are doomed: This is God’s universe; you better believe in Him. Without Him, without Divine aid, then Lasha is right and it is over.


PART 2 – A

PART 2 – B

PART 2 – C


On the subject of reincarnation, see also this important webpage: (In German:



My encounter with one of the most reputable “seers” in America and, it seems, through her with my deceased British grandfather from Yorkshire!



A Discovery Channel program from February 2010 — contradicting two earlier Discovery Channel documentaries (“Homicide at Kennewick” and “Ice Age Columbus”). Four hostile non-whites show up, and sit within three feet of me, having no bodyguards on such short notice. This explain the pistols. The British, half-Jewish, bisexual host, Olly Steeds, ridicules the scientific fact (proven by skeletons, tools, weapons and carbon dating) that whites came to the Americas thousands of years before the Amerindians and attacks me as a dangerous man. Four hours of interview with JdN are edited down to four hostile minutes. But after the Alan Colmes show the Jews do not like to do live shows with me which they cannot edit afterward.

February 24, 2010 Discovery Channel hatchet job on me

(or Youtube:

…..Remembering “the feared dictator” LOL! Judge for yourself!

…..NUMEC – Israelis make a Pennsylvania town radioactive & kill thousands with cancer as they illegally steal plutonium for their WMDs & dump the waste

NUMEC Part 1 – Radioactive Contamination Kills Thousands


NUMEC Part 2 – John de Nugent Confronts The Army


….. The Friend of the White Worker

My 2010 video, shot near Brackenridge, Pa. shows why Hitler was loved by the Germans: He brought 1) JOBS, 2) made the streets safe again, 3) stopped drugs and alcoholism, 3) promoted strong families without divorce, abuse, homo marriage or molesting, 4) he demanded good books, music and movies, and 4) he promoted genuine national pride based on success and hard work.

I explain economic and social justice under Hitler, a son of generations of peasants and workers, and how the Fed deliberately prolongs the current Great Recession, whereas Hitler restored the German economy by freedom from Jewish banks. Shocking testimony before Congress is given by the surprisingly honest Jewish director of the 2007-08 bank bailout.

(This video — repeatedly hacked by Jews — deals with the worries real working-class people have about economic and psychological survival TODAY.)

…..Presidential videos 1-7



Part 1A


I. SUMMARY Topics: “Titanic” movie opener; my family, military and political background and European sojourns; Tennessee Congressional race 1990 and voting machine fraud (09:40-19:01);


McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville


Discovery Channel bashes me and Solutreanism for an hour;




JdN Makarov Steeds


….appearance on Alan Colmes FOX radio show;




John de Nugent Presidential Video 1B

….. 2003 academic conference I arranged on Paris, Berlin and Moscow axis against Bush; greetings in German, French, Spanish, Finnish and Afrikaans; shocking videos from Canada and Sweden pushing race-mixing; fear of a real God is the beginning of wisdom; how a new religion made the Arabs suddenly into a superpower; “Man is a fallen god who remembers the heavens”;




….the young souls indifferent to the divine world; humanimals (humans who resemble animals in looks and behavior, 26:00 to 28:14 );






four realities about God in upcoming God video; Israel and 9/11, and the NWO and global depopulation conspiracy.


John de Nugent Presidential Video 2A

John de Nugent Presidential Video 2B

John de Nugent Presidential Video 2C

II. SUMMARY Topics: Beautiful keltic music and video; memes, the ideas that change lives and values; why are 38% of Europeans mentally ill if “Hitler the madman” is long gone?; big city life no explanation; why Hitler was beloved in Germany; Homeland Security groping and scanning at airports; Israelis do ethnic profiling without apology; Neander’s “Praise the Lord, the King of Creation,” video clip; Benjamin Franklin: the Enlightenment founded the USA; Goethe: “We belong to the race that strives from obscurity to light”; religious dogmatism wrong; John Kennedy video clip on how our job is helping God’s creatures; the Big Bang (and video clip thereof) show the vastness and incomprehensible nature of God; white South Africans in misery; Middle Eastern religions bring fanaticism; huge white colonial families; primitivity of Amerindians; Ben Franklin in Boston; black civil rights leaders, Stanley Levison, MLK speechwriter; giant Chinese MLK statue on National Mall in Washington DC; why do African-Americans not visit Africa or Haiti?; Lincoln and Lee wanted blacks to return to Africa; Reverend Manning of Harlem on black crime; Tiger Woods and black white-supremacists; China helped North Korea invade South Korea and kill our men; Chinese threat; white minority in China oppressed: Tokharian mummies; video of white boy in China being beaten; different racial views of freedom; definition of marines and why is China building a marine corps?; MLK daughter says Lincoln signed Declaration of Independence, after all Lincoln did for blacks..


John de Nugent Presidential Video 3A

John de Nugent Presidential Video 3B

John de Nugent Presidential Video 3C

SUMMARY. Topics: Angry black people such as Obama; George Washington statue boxed off as MLK celebration held; Washington deserves our reverence as Father of Our Country; video from “Braveheart” of terrible British retribution against “traitors”; what is white manhood today?; privations and sufferings of white civil rights activists; “Invictus” poem about facing death with courage; “300” (Spartans) video clip; Ben Franklin advocated nordic immigration; American Revolution redheads Jefferson and Jackson; Jackson’s fierce spirit of freedom; Jefferson buys Louisiana; Jefferson on the black race and how it cannot live with whites; free them and send them away; America built as an offshoot of Greco-Roman and European civilization; 1924 immigration law strengthened white immigration; Jimmy Stewart movie (video clip) “It’s a Wonderful Life” shows decency in the old white America; police did not dress like soldiers then; Harvard study: half of whites feel discrimination due to being white; biggest discrimination is violent anti-white crime by blacks, and Patrick Buchanan column; blacks get preference in federal hiring.


John de Nugent Presidential Video 4A

American Dr. James Watson, Nobel Laureate who co-discovered DNA and ran the top genetics laboratory in the USA, says black intelligence different from white. British police then announce criminal investigation of Watson.

Two Britons arrested by US Homeland Security in Los Angeles for free speech about racial troubles in Britain when they apply for political asylum here.

Pre-judice means pre-judging; Dr. Watson caves in, cravenly apologizes, and recants the truths he had spoken — and is fired anyway from his own laboratory

White Marine on leave from Afghanistan and wife attacked at movie theater by racist black mob in Florida. Racist black “flash mobs” attack white fairgoers in Wisconsin,

John de Nugent Presidential Video 4B

White women aid white child being stomped by racist black flash mob as white men wimp out.

Harlem black minister James David Manning on (he says!) 70% who act evil in the black community. Barack Obama high on marijuana at a White House press conference.

Benjamin Franklin, great scientist, patriot, businessman and believer through science itself in God; he discovered that light is bizarrely both a particle and a wave, showing this material world can only be a God-staged, holographic illusion.

Franklin begs George Washington to start every day of work creating the US Constitution with prayers to God

John de Nugent Presidential Video 4C

London under King George took away more and more freedoms that its American colonies had long enjoyed, and imposed taxes for its wars.

Benjamin Franklin persuades France to support the Americans with French cash, troops and a huge fleet.

The German officer Baron Friedrich von Steuben patiently teaches discipline and bayonet training to American amateur soldiers.

Franklin defines a home as a place of family culture – reading, poems recited, music played and songs sung by family members together.

Confronting BOLDLY the iceberg of minority disaster for our nation that is straight ahead.


…..SPIRITUAL VIDEOS (January-October 2011)

Spiritual video 1: White destiny, manhood and womanhood; facing horrible realities with courage


Spiritual video 2 PSYCHOPATHS — the toxic minority that takes over everything

Spiritual video 3: Jews and drug trafficking; Opium Wars and the murder of Pulitzer Prize winner Gary Webb

Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter Gary Webb died in 2003 for proving that the US GOVERNMENT and CIA run the DRUG rings in America!



Webb’s next book, which his “suicide” (two shots to the head) stopped, was going to to getmore specific about who in the US government and CIA is controlling drug operations! They finance drugs, money-laundering via Miami and New York banks, and train the torturers and hitmen employed by the drug cartels.


Heroic former Los Angeles PD officer Mike Ruppert ( confronts CIA director (1995-96) and Belgian-born Jew John Deutch (on C-span, about the CIA running drugs into America, in a meeting presided by a black Congresswoman and with another black Congressional representative participating and eager to receive Ruppert’s full information. Deutch was fired by President Clinton shortly after this debacle.

Spiritual video 4: The horrible Christian-Newsom murders in Tennessee

The suppressed story of what happened on January 6, 2007 in East Knoxville, Tennessee to two liberal, pro-Black (notice his cap turned backwards) white college kids in a black neighborhood, trying, probably, to score some pot.


Spiritual video 5: Edward Bernays and the “Hidden Hand” government behind the scenes

Spiritual video 6: White safety areas

This was my video on the FACT that America is less than half-white. No, not in the year 2030 but already now and as of the year 2006.

As Virginia Abernethy, profesor emerita of Vanderbilt University, and the top expert worldwide on demographics, pointed out in a 2006 speech which I attended, there is a deliberate 40 MILLION undercount of the Mexicans by the US Census Bureau.

Springer Verlag in Germany owns the population studies magazine she edited for 11 years, as it owns 1,000 other scientific journals, and her journal was and is the number-one demographics journal on earth.

51:57-62:00 Whites are a minority NOW in their own country.

Spiritual video 7: Who is the “Hidden Hand” behind our government? Automaker Henry Ford lays it out

Spiritual video 8: The Jews; the betrayal of the American fighting man;  and the huge scandal of incest in the Jewish community


…..John de Nugent November 2008 in Memphis, Tennessee

On black separatist Marcus Garvey; David Duke introduces me (very long-windedly) at 3:55 and then I finally get to speak at 05:32.

….John de Nugent December 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona


1. John announces the possibility of running for President of the United States
2. What we can do to save America!!!!!


3. How we will be able to save America!!!!!

4. Origin of Civilization

5. Mexicans, Aztecs and Mayans

6. The Return of the White Gods

7. Ancient Americans were White Solutreans! (Part 1 of 2)

8. Ancient Americans were White Solutreans! (Part 2 of 2)

9. Apocalypse of the Psychopaths

10. Federal harassment!

11. American Politics

12. Electronic Voting

13. My First Year in the Cause

14. Jews Always Over-Reach

15. Using the Internet

16. Why did Israel Attempt in 1967 to Sink our Ship, the USS Liberty?;-)


…..John de Nugent March 2007 in East Lansing, Michigan (to a live audience): “Why We Can Hope”

Part 1

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