Victor Thorn definitely killed himself — his final book advocated elective suicide

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Victor Thorn wrote dozens of high-quality, factual and often pioneering books on NWO conspiracies, such as …





A reliable source told me that his final book, not yet published, is odd — it is a book seeking to popularize suicide and explain all its advantages.

Both the family and the police stated that Thorn shot himself on his 54th birthday. One other key fact is that the police detective on the case stated that the gun used to kill Victor was registered to himself. The detective also confirmed that Victor left a suicide note.

The adult son, who had lived with his father for twenty years, has stated that Victor had planned his suicide for months.

I think this pretty much closes the case. I met Thorn in 2006, introduced myself as his fellow American Free Press/Barnes Review writer, and, while I had the greatest respect for his work, he seemed an odd guy to me, cerebral, not cold but very distant — not a people person or someone who “needed” lots of people around to be happy.

It all fits…though very strange (and it was for his friends, too)… but some gifted people, some geniuses, just are that way. They march to their own drummer.

Victor checked out on his own terms after 1) a flourishing writing career and 2) fully expecting Donald Trump to win.

He was not depressed in the least. Weird.

RIP, Victor.

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