Vaccines — is it the additives that cause these horrors?

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A comrade wrote:

I think this source is pretty informative about vaccine damage. The conclusions of the second link (first is just a blog that mentions the study and others) are that vaccinated children (vs unvaccinated) are more likely to avoid getting whooping cough and chickenpox, but the vaccinated are much more likely to get ASD [autism spectrum disorder], many allergies, and some other neurodevelopmental disorders. Especially allergies which are a whopping 30x higher in the vaccinated.


A 1930s Der Stürmer cartoon against Jews vaccinating Aryan children: “The vaccination/I feel really strange, because poison and Jews are seldom good”


In my opinion, this seems to fit really well with the hypothesis I see featured on Jim Stone’s website that the real cause of damage in vaccines is likely to be some of the adjuvants/ingredients mixed in that cause an autoimmune response and get the immune system to attack your own body (nervous tissue like squalene is put in with the weak virus, and while killing off the weakened virus, it does allow the immune system to gain resistance to the infection, the nervous tissue being mixed in leads to the immune system associating it with the virus and then beginning to turn on the person who was vaccinated). So perhaps mercury is not the real issue, although aluminum is probably a problem still.


I doubt the vaccines, if they do have some effect on small infections like chickenpox and whooping cough, have any true value, but this kind of setup makes total sense logically. If vaccines had NO effective application of any kind then it would be a lot harder to conceal their massive damage, compared to if you can cite a stat or two and fool the majority into believing everything.
Conceptually, it always made sense to me for an immune system to defeat a weakened virus, although with the more dangerous and deadly diseases like smallpox polio and etc rather than simple infections that only inflict damage on the level of the common cold, it seems likely enough to me it’s all a hoax there, and obviously I don’t really need to know all the intellectual details when from my own experience [of being forced to get a vaccine and then getting side effects] I know that it would be a stupid idea to get a voluntary vaccine.



Informative picture describing study results:


…..Youtube channel for Vaxxed


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