US Army to sell off 100,000 used .45 pistols; NSWPP liked them

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With Obongo out of office, the Army finally obeys the law! It will be selling off (giving away?) 100,000 .45 pistols to the American public:

The House of Representatives has approved a measure allowing the Civilian Marksmanship Program to sell off the Army’s excess 1911 pistols currently in storage.
John de Nugent My father in Korea did not use one. He found them unreliable, and carried his own Smith & Wesson .38 Detective Special, on which he was to put five notches.

Roy Harris After WW2, my Father’s Father was an MP in the Army for a few years down in Alabama. He carried one of these.

I believe the 1911A1 is the greatest handgun ever invented. Although Sig-Saur makes some amazing handguns. I think they made a few 1911’s in the past.

L.A. Chancey My Dad had one of those and 3 Uncles who fought in WWI.

Beck Glasscock · Friends with L.A. Chancey

I want one. Demand will exceed supply. Government surplus sale? I suggest lottery type sale.
Jim Gaul Cicero HQ duty officer sidearm. [He means the National Socialist White Peoples Party regional headquarters in Cicero, Illinois.]
John de Nugent That is what I carried as a NSWPP duty officer in Arlington, Virginia in 1978-79.
LOL -then the Naval Investigative Service sent two guys in crewcuts in to surreptitiously investigate me (then in the Marine Corps Reserve and having applied to Officer Candidate School, with high marks), while posing as interested persons. I guess they knew I was pretty committed when they saw the full SA uniform, armband and .45.

The Franklin Road, Arlington HQ is now a coffee shop and a barbershop.…/java-shack-once-nswpp-2709-n… The Wash. Compost did an article interviewing the coffeeshop owner and some waitresses on “what it is like to serve coffee, knowing the N-a-z-i-s used to preach hate on this very spot.” 



Jason Pujo Expect these to cost some 💰. And what should come as no surprise, they won’t be available to Massachusetts residents due to the ridiculous gun laws.
Klaus Devens Obimbo
John de Nugent He had no bimbos, just boyfriends. 

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