Upper Peninsula of Michigan; “racism” map highlights the UP

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….My move to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan — so I can finally write my sacred book IN PEACE!

September 12-13 from Apollo, Pennsylvania to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!


14 hours in The Beast (a 1996 Crown Victoria) – 857 miles (1,600 kilometers) from Apollo, Pennsylvania to Ontanagon, Michigan!



separates the lower peninsula of Michigan from the upper


The bridge is a whopping 8,614 feet (2,626 meters) long, and is located where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron.



Brrrrr… highs in the low 20s (-7 C) in January….


Very nordic climate and people, with many Finns and northern Germans….Lots of natural blonds in the Upper Peninsula…

Local middle-school kids dissecting something ;-)


Engineering students at Michigan Technical University in Houghton, 40 miles NE of here… These kids look just like their Finnish or German ancestors.


Houghton, Michigan is on a beautiful canal


Students frolic at the Winter Festival — the colder the better


Michigan Tech coed soccer team


A favorite local microbrewery beer ;-)


Typical local guys, the brewer-owners at the Keweenaw Brewery in Houghton — very white and northern-European looking


From right to left: the Mackinac Bridge, yours truly, and The Beast, a 450-horsepower, 4.65 liter Crown Vic… The radiator water temperature never went above 1/4 for the whole trip, though we were very heavy-laden for the move and I inflated the tires to 40 pounds per square inch. Despite the time, early morning, about 8 am, notice how the light was very white (not creamy-yellow) — typical of northern latitudes. It feels like Canada, where I have often traveled.


In British red is Canada…still under the Queen ;-) ….


At the Marquette, Michigan visitor center you can see the log cabin at the left and Lake Superior behind me.

Margi at Twin Lakes in the western Upper Peninsula; she is glad to get away from the stress, the chemtrails in Pennsylvania, the fluoride water, the fracking pollution…. At night you can see a billion stars here….
Note the sturdy construction of the fire-engine-red park bench. This area is heavily German and Finnish, with a great work ethic; homes and yards are usually immaculate. ( I do see abandoned houses in the countryside that could be refurbished.)
The Duck Dynasty visited us too ;-)
Most of all, I love living where crime is so low one almost never sees a cop…. Only crime here is seagulls pooping on the windshield. ;-)The Upper Peninsula has a 250,000 population, about 95% white, and very Wisconsin/Minnesota/Midwestern in terms of outright friendliness.The Upper Peninsula (“U.P.”) people call themselves “Yoopers” ;-)
Mike Delaney of Trutube.tv (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD_vwzjdTi4) and the documentary 911missinglinks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD_vwzjdTi4) was absolutely right about how beautiful it is up here. He and his pretty wife (slim and trim also despite having five children, the disciplined daughter of an Army officer) have been homeschooling their well-loved and well-behaved kids up here.
At night you can see the Northern Lights over Lake Superior…theAurora Borealis
Ontanagon is right on the Ontanagon river, with its own marina, and this vast lake, the biggest in the world! Since the French first explored this area for the white man, its name is Lake Superior (le Lac Suprieur), not “Superior Lake” ;-) . This is like other French words — with the adjective following the noun — that crossed over into English, such as “court martial” or “attorney general.”
My nice little house with a big sun deck, 306 S. Steel St., Ontanagon MI 49953.This area gets hundreds of inches of snow each winter, so many houses have steep roofs. They often also slope sideways, German- or Scandinavian style, not front-to-back as in the English style. (That way no snow slides off the roof onto your head. ;-) )
We are helping clean and fix the place up for the landlord, a friend of Margi’s late father, the great Texas poet Albert Huffstickler (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Huffstickler).
As you can see, this town of 1400 is surrounded otherwise by forests. Copper mining used to be a huge industry but now it is mostly lumber. The locals have a strong Minnesota-sounding accent, and they say “you betcha” — and some say “heh?” the way Canadians end a sentence with “eh?”Very Midwestern mindset — be friendly, reliable and don’t put on airs.
Not as much heroin as in Pennsylvania, but some bath salters, pain-pill abusers, and of course there is always alcohol. But almost everyone is really friendly, almost as much as Southerners. It was four days before I saw my first cop (a state police small SUV). Ontonagon has no police force…. The county has a sheriff and just 6,000 people total.
Annual temperatures in Ontanagon; lots of snow in December-February
15 miles to the west are the gorgeous Porcupine Mountains… here is the Lake of the Clouds in autumn:
Skiing in the Porcupine Mountains
Greenstone Falls in the Porcupine Mountains
Craggy shoreline on Lake Superior
The beach on Lake Superior

….Most racist stats, based on use online of the n– word


Private searches make it easy to express taboo thoughts
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  • Steve Boer gonna have to work on gittin up to “”much more”” …
  • John D. Nugent I know why my Upper Peninsula of Michigan is on there — because of Detroit in the lower part of the state. Culturally and ethnically, these folks are the same as ultra-liberal Wisconsin and Minnesota. But just say “Detroit” or “Flint” (black) or “Dearborn” (Arab) — which are downstate in Lower Michigan — and they roll their eyes.
    13 HRS · Edited · Like · 2
  • Kirk Weaver I don’t give much credence to any surveys or polls conducted by guys with last names like Davidowitz and such !
    13 HRS · Like · 3
  • Alexa Balan II racism is normal
    13 HRS · Like · 2
  • Shawn Jones Cali isnt racist cause they only searched for who says nigger and not cracker or goyim. Jews and blacks cant be racist according to jewgol and jewWashington post
    11 HRS · Unlike · 4
  • John D. Nugent Right, Shawn Jones. The issue out west is Me
    9 HRS · Like · 2
  • Kim Whiteman That’s because a lot of blacks live in these areas. I wasn’t raised around blacks but was taught to never judge. When I moved south a few years ago….well now that’s a different story. I can’t go to the gas station late at night, can’t eat out late, etc… Blacks get all hurt about being labeled, but they are the ones that have only proved to me what they truly are… not ALL of them but a lot.
    1 HR · Unlike · 3
  • John D. Nugent There is a proven group dynamic. Blacks who live in an overwhelmingly white town usually act well and are treated well. Whites who live in black areas are in real danger. I myself have gotten very rude service in an all-black CVS pharmacy, as if I were “trespassing on their turf.”
  • John D. Nugent There was a study by HUD (Housing and Urban Development.) It studied hundreds of communities that underwent demographic change. It calculated that once an area turned on average 17% black, that was the tipping point, and the whites fled. It sounds absurd but the study backed it up.
    It starts with teenagers standing around and making hostile remarks at whites. It continued to assault, or stealing things off the front or back porch (bikes, furniture, etc.), or vandalizing cars, with a clear intent to drive the whites out. In other cases, houses belonging to whites are burned (arson).
    I got a document recently from a white hippie who grew up in Chicago… Blacks were paid by a Jew to beat whites up and in one case kill a white man and start a fire to drive all the whites out because the Jew wanted to buy up all the houses cheap.
    It was an especially violent version of “blockbusting,” driving whites out (who lost 80% of the value of their homes, after paying a mortgage for years) and getting blacks in, who then all rented from the Jew, who proved a slum lord. In Baltimore an infamous Jewish slumlord is Stanley Rochkind, who keeps getting fined for dangerous living conditions.



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