Uplifting, wistful WN fantasy video; suicides of genius rock singers Chester Pennington and Scott Weiland, both raped as kids by same-sex paedophiles –my show with Jack Sen on Resistance Radio

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….Uplifting, wistful WN fantasy video 




……Important Resistance Radio show on three outstanding, top white musicians all dead by suicide


Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington 

 All three deaths, it is likely, were due to same-sex molestation as kids. (Apologies for J-Team sabotage of the sound at my end.)


I must say that I AGREE with “Korn” guitarist Brian Welch’s statement that follows — and remember that Bennington, who killed himself, had a beautiful wife and SIX CHILDREN!

My video on pedophiles (54,000 views)

Sad song by Bennington “In the End”:  “in the end, it doesn’t even matter” “I had to fall to lose it all” “I put my trust in you”


Chester Bennington – Linkin Park – and Scott Weiland – STP (Stone Temple Pilots) – were raped and regularly sexually molested by aggressive older homosexual males. It caused their depression and led to their suicides. In a Kerrang Magazine interview, Chester Bennington admitted that he told no one due to the fact that his perpetrator was gay and he was scared of repercussions.


The media is not talking about this issue, but we at Resistance Radio are. Boys who are sexually assaulted by males are 14 X more likely to commit suicide than the national average. Children raised in fatherless homes, or where the parents have split, are far more likely to be sexually assaulted than children raised in loving two parent families where a mom and biological father are present. (as per FBI)

Let’s not let Chester Bennington and Scott Weiland die in vain.

Their suicides, that resulted from sexual abuse – same sex homosexual molestation are tragedies that need to be addressed.

Pushing of this idea of gender fluidity at any age via Common Core in school is encouraging kids to act upon impulses, harming others

Cultural Marxism has ravaged American society. In the minds of Cultural Marxist, the destruction of the West from within via the breakdown of the family unit and pushing of non-traditional values will result in the fall of Western Society.

Using mechanisms like political correctness, Cultural Marxists push their agenda via the media, their hold on academia and government (family courts, the Judiciary etc).

Please subscribe to our channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdOOclYgMSoa9of3uk-Fy1A for more honest, politically incorrect analysis. These great men were VICTIMS of SAME SEX SEXUAL abuse, and the media will continue to refuse to speak about what led to their deaths, until we demand CHANGE. Please visit www.resistanceradio.tv for content you will find nowhere else.




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