UPDATED “The Push Is On” to get Bannon OUT — first big test for the Trumpster; now Steve Bannon is a wife-beater too; Jew York Times sick at heart; (Bannon was at Georgetown with me; what was in the food? ;-) )

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I wonder if he remembers this fellow student? 🙂 It was headlines in both student papers….

Georgetown Hoya Feb 15 1979 Nazi

 …..Update: now Bannon’s a wife-beater too


This is what the exposed liar and renegade WN Henrik Holappa, now an open antifa married to a Chinese woman and working for hate-speech international, also said about me.

The Duke-Black-Holappa defamation war machine

For years, in fact, the Duke-Black defamation machine to which he belonged (upon leaving a federal jail, a fate which both Duke and Black also experienced) insisted I was BOTH a homosexual AND a wife-beater. 🙂

And the same Jew tribe said, back in the day, that Adolf Hitler was a coward in WWI (a truly infamous lie for a double-Iron Cross winner),

Only one enlisted German soldier (non-officer) in a thousand got the Iron Cross, First Class, as did Corporal Hitler.


Recuperating at a Berlin hospital in 1915 from a severe thigh wound; he was again in a hospital, blinded from British gas, when the war ended in November 1918 



1918 photo; Hitler wrote bitterly that while he and his died on the front lines, the Jews were in the rear: ”Every Jew was a clerk, and every clerk was a Jew.” So the ultimate cowards called HIM a coward; it is called accusatory inversion.


He was also called a homosexual, a Rothschild bastard and thus crypto-Jew, an agent of Mussolini, of  Wall Street, of Joseph Stalin (yes, of the same guy he, umm, attacked on June 22, 1941), and an incestuous uncle who slept with his own niece and caused her suicide……

Defame, defame, defame — there  is always someone who will read it with prurient fascination and believe it soooo eagerly…. and all this without the slightest critical questioning, as in

”Is there any neutral, impartial eyewitness to any of this, or the slightest physical evidence WHATSOEVER for this claim?”

”Well, gee, an ex-wife said it! Ain’t that PROOF enough?”



Yeah, of the opposite. 🙂


…..Jew claims Bannon is not antisemitic

Jewish guy declared to normies that Bannon loves Israel
Anyone who reads Breitbart as I do knows it slams black and muslim crime daily…. I get it daily.
It puts race on the front burner again…. and that leads to “who funds BLM?” and that leads to … Soros…… 
There is no way that final Trump ad bashing Yellen, Soros and Blankfein went out without the imprimatur of Bannon.
Bannon is just like my dad; can’t stand the Jews but smiles at them and tries to get along with them.
Jews have no respect for any fool that likes their torturer. They know why we ”like” them and we court them and we publish pro-Israel Scheisse.
My dad said to me after my Georgetown Nazi demo in 1979: “John,  they could shut me down and put 70 people out of work in one week.”
With Kissinger
Bannon hates the jews, and so does Trump. *:) happy


Jew York Times needs smelling salts over Herr Bannon




Stephen Bannon

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steve Bannon
Counselor to the President
Taking office
January 20, 2017
President Donald Trump(elect)
Succeeding John Podesta(2015)
Personal details
Born Stephen Kevin Bannon
November 27, 1953 (age 62)
Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Mary Piccard (1995–1997)
Diane Clohesy (divorced 2009)
Alma mater Virginia Polytechnic Institute
and State University
Georgetown University(MA)
Harvard University(MBA)

Stephen Kevin “Steve” Bannon (born November 27, 1953) is an American businessman and media executive. He is the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a politically conservative American news, opinion and commentary website noted for its connection to the alt-right.[1][2] Bannon will be Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor of the upcoming Trump Administration.[3] He became chief executive officer of the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump in August 2016.[4][5]

He is the co-founder and executive chairman of the Government Accountability Institute and the executive chairman of Breitbart News LLC, the parent company of Breitbart News.[6] He has been involved in the financing and production of a number of films, including Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman, The Undefeated (on Sarah Palin), and Occupy Unmasked. Bannon also hosts a radio show (Breitbart News Daily) on a Sirius XM satellite radio channel.[7]

Early life

Bannon was born on November 27, 1953 in Norfolk, Virginia. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1976 and holds a master’s degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University. In 1983, Bannon received an M.B.A. degree with honors from Harvard Business School.[8]

Bannon was an officer in the United States Navy, serving on the destroyerUSS Paul F. Foster as a Surface Warfare Officerin the Pacific Fleet and stateside as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon.[9]

Business and media career

After his military service, Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department.[10] In 1990, Bannon and several colleagues from Goldman Sachs launched Bannon & Co., a boutique investment bank specializing in media. Through Bannon & Co., Bannon negotiated the sale of Castle Rock Entertainment toTed Turner. As payment, Bannon & Co. accepted a stake in five television shows, including Seinfeld. Société Généralepurchased Bannon & Co. in 1998.[11]

In 1993, while still managing Bannon & Co., Bannon was made acting director of Earth-science research project Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona. Under Bannon, the project shifted emphasis from researching space exploration and colonization towards pollution and global warming. He left the project in 1995.[12][13] After the sale of Bannon & Co., Bannon became an executive producer in Hollywood. He executive produced Anthony Hopkins‘s 1999 film Titus. Bannon became a partner with entertainment industry executive Jeff Kwatinetz at The Firm, Inc., a film and television management company.[11] In 2004, Bannon made a documentary about Ronald Reagan titled In the Face of Evil. Through the making and screening of this film, Bannon was introduced to Peter Schweizer and publisher Andrew Breitbart.[11]

From 2007 through 2011, Bannon was chairman and CEO of Affinity Media. From March 2012 to August 2016, Bannon was executive chairman of Breitbart News LLC, the parent company of Breitbart.[14][15] Under his leadership, Breitbart took a more alt-right and nationalistic approach towards its agenda.[16] Bannon identifies as a conservative.[17][18][19] Speaking about his role at Breitbart, Bannon said: “We think of ourselves as virulently anti-establishment, particularly ‘anti-‘ the permanent political class.”[20]

Bannon is also executive chairman and co-founder of the Government Accountability Institute, where he helped orchestrate the publication of book Clinton Cash.[6][11] In 2015, Bannon was ranked No. 19 on Mediaite‘s list of the “25 Most Influential in Political News Media 2015”.[21]

Trump campaign and administration

On August 17, 2016, he was appointed Chief Executive of Donald Trump‘s campaign to become President of the United States.[14][17][22][23] On November 13, 2016, he was appointed Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to President-Elect Donald J. Trump, drawing strong opposition from the Anti-Defamation League, the Council on American–Islamic Relations, and the Southern Poverty Law Center due to statements from Breitbart they argued were racist and anti-semitic.[4][5][24][25]On the other hand, David Horowitz and Ben Shapiro wrote, respectively: “I have known Steve Bannon for many years. This is a good man. He does not have an Anti-Semitic bone in his body.” and “I have no evidence that Bannon’s a racist or that he’s an anti-Semite”.[26][27] Bannon was, as of mid-August 2016, registered to vote in Miami-Dade County, Florida, at the former residence of Diane Clohesy, Bannon’s third ex-wife, but the residence was vacant and slated for demolition.[28] On August 26, 2016, Bannon’s voter registration information was changed to an address in Sarasota County, an address associated with venture capitalist Andrew Badolato, who has been involved in films produced and directed by Bannon.[29][30]

Personal life

Bannon married Mary Louise Piccard, his second wife, in April 1995. Their twin daughters were born three days later. Bannon was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and dissuading a witness in early January 1996, after Piccard accused Bannon of domestic abuse. The charges were later dropped when his now ex-wife did not show up to court.[31] Piccard also claimed that Bannon had made antisemitic remarks about choice of schools, saying that he did not want to send his children to The Archer School for Girls because Jews raise their children to be “whiny brats”. Bannon’s spokesperson denied the accusation, noting that he had chosen to send both his children to the Archer School.[32][33][34][35][36] Bannon’s association with the alt-right movement along with his aforementioned alleged anti-Semitic remarks about choices of schools, have contributed to accusations of white nationalism from the Southern Poverty Law Center and other advocacy groups, commentators, and Senate Minority LeaderHarry Reid.[37][38][39][40][41]



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…Bloomberg on Bannon

[source:  http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-08-17/trump-campaign-ceo-s-r-sum-includes-goldman-and-seinfeld]

Last year, I wrote a 7,000-word Bloomberg Businessweek cover story on Breitbart News honcho Stephen K. Bannon, who on Wednesday was named chief executive of Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Even in the through-the-looking-glass, bizarro world of the Trump campaign, Bannon stands out as a true character. Want proof? Here are 10 things to know about him.

  1. He’s a former Goldman Sachs M&A banker who started a boutique investment bank with the guy who discovered the band Korn and managed the Backstreet Boys.
  2. In lieu of a full adviser’s fee for a deal he brokered involving a cash-strapped Ted Turner and Castle Rock Entertainment, Bannon said his firm accepted a stake in five shows, including one in its third season regarded as the runt of the litter:Seinfeld. “We calculated what it would get us if it made it to syndication,” Bannon said. “We were wrong by a factor of five.”
  3. To tap into the minds of millennials, he employs a team of young women whom he has dubbed “The Valkyries,” after the war goddesses of Norse mythology. One of the them was Michelle Fields, the Breitbart reporter who was grabbed by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. She later quit.
  4. He likes to wear cargo shorts (see photograph here).
  5. His personal motto is, “Honey badger don’t give a sh-t” (viral video).
  6. He’s also head of the Government Accountability Institute, the nonprofit that produced the anti-Hillary Clinton book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.
  7. He’s a filmmaker whose 2011 film about Sarah Palin, The Undefeated, led him to become one of Palin’s closest advisers.
  8. He hates Paul Ryan—or rather, Breitbart News does. Under Bannon’s auspices, the right-wing site went to Janesville, Wisconsin, to troll the House speaker for having a wall around his home while refusing to endorse Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the Mexican border.
  9. He once sat in Michael Ovitz’s Beverly Hills mansion and told the former Disney president he was finished. Bannon and his partner bought Ovitz’s failing company, Artists Management Group, for a pittance.
  10. Before his death, Andrew Breitbart called Bannon “the Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party movement.”

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  1. I’m anxiously awaiting the day when Trump and his camp go primal on the “white nationalist” attack meme. I may be waiting long. Do whites NOT have a right to take part in he political process? On whose say so must they be excluded? Same with pussyfooting about “white privilege” accusations. What white privilege? The privilege to be discriminated against in work, education and salary? (E.g., Many college-educated nonwhite groups get much higher pay.) How about the benefit of being raped, assaulted and robbed by blacks at a 40:1 rate or thereabouts?

    I note the Breitbart-founder’s comment about Bannon “he doesn’t have an antisemitic bone in his body.” I’m sure that’s true. (I don’t have any animosity toward anyone simply by the accident of birth. The problem starts after Bar Mitzvah…)

    BTW–I have no objection in theory to a multiracial united front. HOWEVER, this message must be transmitted to blacks and Mexicans and they must stand down from their violent attacks on the white community. How do different races in Russia get along? They maintain racial autonomy in their homelands. Hiring and education is by merit, not race. We ought to try it some time. Here’s a good idea for Trump to boost business and productivity: END AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. This is not “writ in stone”–the courts have upheld such remedial racism. It is not a mandate to do it.

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