UPDATED William Finck, Mike Delaney and Brett Light on homophile Richard Spencer and his NPI; Normans and Jews; superb movie “The Road”

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…..I was fighting this back in 1979


Excerpt from http://www.johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/

I led a Stormtroop demonstration in full uniform, with swastikas, brown shirt, black pants and motorcyle helmet — the uniform of the NSWPP stormtroopers — on the campus of Georgetown University in full view of my fellow students and professors in 1979, protesting “gay rights,” losing thereby a Marine Corps officer career and being in the end disinherited by my millionaire father.


“Get the Faggots OUT!”



Sodomy, buggery, fellatio, and cunnilingus were still termed “un-natural acts” and were criminal offences then, regardless of whether committed homosexually or heterosexually.


…..Christogenea’s William Finck discusses the dangerous homophile trend of the NPI


….and effeminate men and homosexuals, with Mike Delaney of www.Trutube.tv, www.prothink.org and with Australian Brett Light (http://www.dailystormer.com/tag/brett-light/):

http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/audioPop.jsp?episodeId=1029092&cmd=apop  A passionate, even sometimes humorously raunchy, powerful, incisive show, drawing the line on homosexuality as unacceptable.

(Though I am not “CI,” this is exactly why I admire it — non-negotiable principles of race and manhood!)


The very pretty boy with the lilty voice, Richard Spencer [photo with orange tie] : listen for yourself as open homo and “Counter-Currents” writer Greg Johnson chats cleverly with Spencer: http://www.counter-currents.com/2014/01/greg-johnson-interviews-richard-spencer-on-radixjournal-com/

(See at the end of this blog the Counter-Currents author “Bain DeWitt,” saying homosexuals should LEAD white nationalism, since they are unencumbered by women!)


Three of three comrades whom I had listen to this audio said bluntly regarding Spencer: Fag. (Now at 37, he has finally married and finally had one kid, I am told by a reliable person. Is or was he exclusively heterosexual, is he ac-dc, bi, or whatever it was that kept him from marrying until recently? Many gay men have a wife for show, called in show business their “beard.” )

Rock Hudson’s agent had him go out on widely photographed “dates” with starlets such as Doris Day, but at night he was getting lucky with a dude (if you call getting AIDS lucky. 😉 )


Spencer with a faux Marine haircut next to high-pitch-voiced Yale grad Jared Taylor (center), who is married to the Jewess Evelyn Rich (never depicted, of course; I met this dark-frizzy-haired Scottish Khazarette, who ratted out WNs in a “Frontline” tv documentary episode after turning in her political-science PhD thesis on evil white nationalists)  



Spineless Taylor did not resist when Reds carried the coward bodily out of his own meeting in Canada.


Jack Donovan — very swarthy for a guy with an Irish name.

Exact quote from Jack Donovan:
“Yeah, I’ve been a top [sexual position, the thruster] for years.

I basically fuck men like they are women — but I’m glad they’re not.”

(Click to enlarge)


Gee, I’m actually glad white women are women. What can be more beautiful than a white woman?

…..Maybe the children they bear unto our race….






German schoolgirls on their first day of class

This trendy homophilia reminds me how in France the youngish, college-brainwashed Marine Le Pen betrayed her own father, Jean-Marie Len Pen, and threw him out of his own party, the Front National! Now this daughter of a very anti-Jewish father is shacked up with a Jew, Louis Alliot (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Aliot), and he is flying to Israel to kowtow: http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/french-national-front-heads-to-israel-to-stump-for-support-ahead-of-election-1.401091?v=578206F6B0CD20737C83B5D176DDA806
….her Front National spokesmen is the disgusting and overt homosexual, Florian Philippot….
….and this vile whore says demagogically, reaching into the lowest drawer of chauvinistic, nineteenth-century nationalistic rhetoric, that Angela Merkel represents, not what she is, a Jewess (maiden name “Kasner”) taking orders from Jew George Soros, but “an attempt at German domination of Europe.”  Hah… try Jewrman!
Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel in Israel 2008


My two blogs on this scandal:



A young comrade told me “we should not pry into private lives.”

I replied:

20 years ago, and for the last 10,000 years, homosexuality was a CRIME. For Adolf Hitler, George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr William Pierce, it was a despicable, unthinkable, and disgusting perversion.

Adolf Hitler and a Danish reporter who sat with him at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin (and who later was John Kennedy’s wartime girlfriend)


…..with Eva Braun and a little visitor at Berchtesgaden (Mussolini wrote his mistress, Clara Petacci, that Hitler was “sentimental” because he would tear up, very touched, when he was around little children) 




Rockwell and his Icelandic wife and daughter



Dr. William Pierce


….A Spencer, eh?

Spencer is a Norman name, and this guy sure has the noble-versus-common-peasant attitude, I might add 😉

The Churchill family is actually Spencers, and also the late Lady Di….

Coming myself from the same Norman stock (which frankly has been both a blessing and a curse to the peoples of the British Isles), as does Mike Delaney (de Laney) I wrote this major essay, which has gotten kudos from many:

John de Nugent and Mike Delaney of TruTube.tv and www.prothink.org



The Normans, in a nutshell, were pagan Vikings to whom the king of France gave a chunk of northern France, later called “Normandy,” in exchange for not raiding the rest of France.

They borrowed money from vile Norman Jews and using that funding, conquered and basically enslaved England, and used Jews as their tax farmers. (The famous Domesday book was a tax book, as was forcing all Englishmen to have a first and last name so they could be identified more easily and taxed. The previous name scheme, for example, calling a man “John of London,” obviously could apply to a lot of people. 😉 )

The Normans annihilated the native Anglo-Saxon nobility, and continued speaking French for four hundred years.

Tonbridge Castle, built just four years after the Conquest,m with a moat and very steep, as a protection for the Normans against the heavily taxed and virtually enslaved English people. (Other nobles in Europe built castles against foreign invaders.) 

England is the only European country whose aristocracy psychologically and genetically does not totally identify with the people of that country, but views itself as a separate and conquering caste, which is exactly who the Normans were: non-English, French-speaking Viking marauders.

Being of this stock myself on both sides, I have to recognize that most of them will do anything for the Jews’ money, they intermarry with Jews to get their debts paid off,  and their wars are always for their own benefit. So they are natural allies with the Jews, feeling the same contempt for the “peasants.”

My father was a proud Norman: http://www.johndenugent.com/english/the-day-blacks-robbed-my-dying-father-84-a-marine-combat-vet-michael-walsh-on-white-treason/


Marine Corps Captain, later Lieutenant Colonel James Nugent



Nugent castle in County Westmeath, Ireland


His $10K-a-year country club


My father on the right, with his friend Henry Kissinger on the left, and crooked (bribe-demanding) mayor Buddy Cianci of Providence, Rhode Island in the middle



Sir Oswald Mosely, Norman –a good man but no Hitler https://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Mosley 

An incredible number of Normans have hooked noses….Some Jew bailed a spendthrift ancestor out — in return for his son marrying the Jew’s daughter. 


 Lady Diana SPENCER and her openly Jewish half-brother; a Goldsmith was the real father of both.


Norman Winston Churchill-Spencer’s Jewish mother, Jenny Jerome, daughter of “a New York financier”


My article on the Normans was the cover story of an issue of The Barnes Review


So who is funding His Lordship, Richard Bertrand Spencer, and is said financier demanding in return a gay-friendly policy?

A “Key-West”-ernization of white nationalism?


…..A balanced view of the homosexual problem

(From an email to a friend)

Between you and me, because we both like [X] very much, it is he who provided me the assurance that Spencer is (as of late) married, at 37, and father of a baby. He has talked to him.  But I was appalled when he churned out to me some p.c. boilerplate about “private lives being irrelevant.” 
I was responding to him when I wrote in my blog how this fudgepackery was criminal just two decades ago and Hitler, Rockwell and Pierce would have found an overtly gay speaker, esp. on masculinity, utterly bizarre and literally inconceivable.
It is alarming to me that this NPI is now becoming a quasi-juggernaut, so I want to know who funds this guy.
[…..] When a charming, wealthy, intelligent, prominent and decent-looking man is never, ever spotted in the company of a woman, that is already one red flag. (Sames goes for [X], whom I knew from [X to Y], when he died, but that is another story, and one I wish not to tell so his superb reputation is not publicly damaged [….])
Now there are those who have a low libido and are shy or inept around women, and thus are sort of asexual, such as [X]. 
But moving to [THE TOWN OF X] suggests something very different. That is fucktown for faggots.
Having been abused as a child, [X], I do not hate homosexuals, but I do hate homosexuality the sin, the harm to body and mind, and the disgusting aspects of its practice. Some kids are destroyed by abuse; others, like me, become fanatic haters of sexual perversion. 
(Btw, a brilliant German comrade whom both I and Margi know is writing a book specifically about online porn and how it 1) insidiously creates selfishness, and 2) rage in women, and shame in men. Sex is very important in the human species; we are literally almost always “in heat,” unlike other animals. Sex is important; and this is a battle that I intend to WIN — no open queers in WNism!) 
But if homosexuals stay in the closet with their affliction, they get no problem from me. In the excellent though predictably slanted book Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics by Frederic Spotts, we learn that Hitler tolerated it reluctantly in movie stars and artists if both greatly talented and also very popular  — provided they were VERY discreet. The Gestapo dropped by to bluntly remind them to never become “flaming.”
Run-of-the-mill fags who flaunted it were simply sent to concentration camps. 

…..Daily Stormer on the NPI


…..The movie “The Road”


This is a very harrowing movie about survival after an apocalyptic disaster hits the United States and 90% of the people are dead.

The ONLY survivors are harsh, narrow-minded, focused, macho, heterosexual males who protect their children with their very lives and teach them to be harsh as well and never wuss out.


You can watch it here for free, and I consider it mandatory watching: 




Viggo Mortensen of LOTR plays the father.



…..They encounter a horrifying gang of shotgun-toting cannibals — with just five bullets left in his revolver. THE WEAK ARE CAUGHT AND EATEN.


Charlize Theron as the wife/mother cannot take the stress. She is soft-minded and becomes sure they all are doomed. Her mindset becomes her fate.



C.c. Regan ·

Raising a kid in a Post apocalyptic world and he babies the kid.. Good movie, but just keep hoping that kid dies, because you cant live in a world like that and not be hard. Kid like that will get ya killed.

Daniel Machado ·

A real “feel good” movie. I strongly recommend it if you’re feeling depressed or down on life.
Like · Reply · 3 · Aug 9, 2015 4:30pm

Christopher Philogene

I loved it but still pretty sad

Andrew Nguyen ·

Like · Reply · Sep 24, 2015 7:52pm

John Jackson ·

Works at Retired
Top one of three post apocalyptic movies ever made.

The day will come when once again, as Dr. William Pierce predicted, warlords will rule the world (I worked for him 1981-84 and emceed the 1984 NA convention),

and only the most brutal and hence most loving will survive, and thereby save only what is HEALTHY and VIABLE.

To be kind can be cruel,

and to be cruel can be kind.



No homos will have a place


in the white man’s










We need real men who can be harsh, and real women who can heal the wounds of real men — after the battle is won and over!


Adolf Hitler, your spirit will live on. It will live on forever, and truth once again shall rule the earth!





…..Bain DeWitt of Counter-Currents says gays should lead WN movement

Has anyone been reading the two 2014 articles from “Bain DeWitt” on gay Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents site?

Here are they are in full: [SINCE TAKEN DOWN!

The full article said hetero men were fixated on women, and gays are not burdened by them. It is now even off the Wayback Machine:

Bain Dewitt, “Virtual Reality,” Part 1 | Counter-Currents Publishing
Bain Dewitt, “Virtual Reality,” Part 2 | Counter-Currents Publishing

And to follow is just a taster from the latter:


A choice in this context exists for the Right — we can posit a racial ecology where whites afflicted with gender identity disorder can exist and prosper as part of the white race as a parent identity, sympathetically recommending they manage their impulses in a moderate, private manner or even going so far as to provide a specific social role for them to do so, or to close the door and return to a vacuous, hypermasculinist, heterosexual-or-die attitude that is simultaneously uninviting and politically self-defeating.

An acceptance of GID persons and provision of an alternative means of expression would redefine the Right from an exclusionary club based on ideological alliance and political doctrine, to an inclusionary movement based on a macro consensus of European conservationism.

A creative energy directed at expanding Rightist thought to account for genuinely differentiated whites (of any socio-sexual stripe) would indicate a willingness to compromise personal taste in favor of wider social traction, and thus transform the Rightist from the “outsider” and “basement dweller” to the “man of the people.” The mythology of the White Republic deserves messianic figures willing to be Christ-like in their acceptance of differentiation (such as dealing with the Centurion and his pals), whilst maintaining with the utmost integrity that the furthering of whites and white Identity is our supreme good, and our primary yardstick of social inclusion and trust.


Currently, the Right is in a highly dynamic stage of ideological fission. Rightists are grasping at any straws that will allow them to hold onto comfortable prejudices instead of synchronizing with a wider, biologically Eurocentric message that is inclusive of all Europeans, rather than ones of particular cultural or ideological mores. If man is a biocultural being, then our chances of success are greatest if we have a culture of making best use of everyone in our racial in-group, regardless of their biology.

I believe it is essential that the Right offer pragmatic accommodation of sexual difference, not out of egalitarian frivolity but out of a recognition that civilisations are super-organisms. All other things being equal, the race that survives is the one best optimizes its members through civilization. This means finding a parity and purpose with differentiated individuals, within an enduring racio-cultural affiliation.

Bain DeWitt is trying so desperately hard to appear intellectual in an attempt, I can only assume, to bewilder the reader and present himself as an ideological titan only a “hater” would attempt to counter. However, cut through all the compound and thesaurus-like forrest of verbiage and the agenda is clear, the Right (and by that Bain means White nationalism – he is English after all) must accept homosexuals into their movement. In fact why wouldn’t they given the clear brilliance of such young gay men as Mr DeWitt?

Greg Johnson is a good close personal friend of Bain DeWitt, just in case you were wondering.

I am not telling all I know because much of it is just my own mental connecting of the dots, but I think this will spell the beginning of the end for WNism unless there is a quick and unceremonious upheaval of this train of thought.

Inclusion and trust? More like infiltration and subversion…

FailNordicFrogs is offline


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  1. A “gay” WN wrote me and said that the great French poet Robert Brasillach, executed after WWII by President Charles de Gaulle as a “collaborator,” was very likely a homosexual. (This execution shocked many French. He was only a poet — an very good one — and a writer about the Jews and nationalism.)

    I replied [edited]:

    Brasillach, for me, has gone on to another life, and he died as a man and a hero, more a man than many heteros. His execution was actually useful, since it indicted de Gaulle and the hypocritical Allies, not himself.

    And by dying he did not see the tawdry postwar world. A German friend of mine is the great-nephew of one of Hitler’s gauleiters. He shot himself in 1947, no longer desirous of seeing the psychological rape of his nation and the end of the beauty and happiness of the Reich.

    Heinrich Himmler did some research in the 1930s, my lady friend Margi (who is very factual told me this, but could not find again where she read it), suggesting that 80% of homosexuals were molested as kids. That is also the thrust of the recent video in my blog:

    Gay Child Molesters Caught on Tape! Hidden Cam. Explicit Content!

    Now I have very often blogged about being molested as a kid and my own horrific experience in MK-ULTRA.

    Anal rape seems to be a critical means of abusing the lowest chakra and creating a zombie-child who suffers from dissociation.

    This grim discussion is found here
    http://www.johndenugent.com/english/swastika-crop-circle-very-not-fun-article-about-why-molesters-do-what-they-do-top-republican-goes-down-as-pedophile/ and scroll down 1/10th to “DIFFICULT TO READ ARTICLE ON WHY ANAL RAPE (YUCK) IS SO IMPORTANT TO SATANISTS”

    In my case, at age ten I ran away home and the program and my life changed totally at that point. I was from too prominent a family to just murder. (Think Jon-Benet Ramsay.) It did not make me homosexual, but instead extremely angry and determined to right injustice, and help victims. Many of my supporters have told me of their own abuse stories.

    Would you care to speak, Mr. [], to the nexus between molestation and homosexuality? I suspect it is indeed a factor in 80% of homosexuality. Of course, I would keep anything sensitive in strictest confidence.

    I had a webmaster in 2012-13 who was molested as a child, repeatedly, by bigger kids, and forced to perform oral sex, and he directly ascribed his homo leanings to this. (He did abandon the gay lifestyle, btw, he said. He has AIDS, btw and takes the daily “cocktail” against it.)

    The most hideous and yet brilliant thing about MK-ULTRA is you do not know you were abused.

    Or how you became “gay.”

    As I say, I have compassion for homosexuals if not “loud and proud.” It is an affliction, and so are others, such as cystic fibrosis, schizophrenia, etc. We all have our cross to bear on this plane, this Purgatory Planet.



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