UPDATED –TAYLOR RESPONDS; I offer $150 for the 1992 Frontline episode “Who is David Duke” showing Jared Taylor’s Jewish concubine Evelyn Rich attacking white nationalists

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Evelyn Rich, the Jewish concubine of Jared Taylor, reports on the evil antisemites


I am offering $150 to anyone who can obtain at least the specific few minutes of the 1992 Frontline tv video episode entitled “Who is David Duke?” where Evelyn Rich, the current concubine of Jared Taylor, mother of his children, and a Scottish Jewish leftist, is on-screen and talking about “white supremacists” and her interviews with them.

I remember meeting this frizzy-haired Jewess with the strong Scottish accent in 1988 or 1989 at the Institute for Historical Review. (I was then doing work for Willis A. Carto, founder of the IHR.) She was writing her master’s or PhD dissertation on us evil white nationalists for her university, and was tagging along with Southern California white activist Joe Fields.

Why are there zero photos of Mrs Jared Taylor online?

UPDATE: Jared Taylor wrote me

and I responded to him.

I am adding all this

below this section.

“Rich” is a classic ashkenazi-Jewish name, and is the anglicization of the Yiddish name “Reich,” meaning simply wealthy, that is, literally “rich.”


Bill Clinton infamously pardoned this Jewish billionaire crook, Marc Rich, on his last day in office, January 20, 2001.


Joe Fields and I in Sarver, Pennsylvania 20 years later, in 2008. It was Joe, a strong friend and supporter of Willis Carto, who reminded me of the 1992 Frontline episode, which now is “out of stock”….. 



Carto,. for whom I did work 1987-93 and 2005-08, could never stand Jared Taylor, the snobbish Yale judeophile. But with Taylor actually having a Jewish concubine and thus their offspring being Jewish, this takes the Taylor case to a whole new level — downward.

Portrait by Pete Papaheraklis





Frontline (I called WGBH in Boston, the PBS affiliate that does the “Frontline” series) tells me the episode is “sold out” and the producer, a Jewess, refuses to answer my requests for the program, for which I am happy to pay.

Jared Taylor is a top defamer of me since 2009, along with  MK-ULTRA David Duke, fed jailbird Don Black, fed jailbird Henrik Holappa, and stateless Carlos Porter.  His specialty is obsessing on attacking blacks, who are however often strongly antisemitic. For me, and for Adolf Hitler, the JEWS are the main problem, not the blacks, Mexicans Muslims or Chinese. We Aryans can deal with anything provided we are free of the JEWS.

For African-Americans: Part 1

“I am the only man in England/Dublin, Ireland (not Italy) who despite strict hate-speech laws — you can get seven years for criticizing gay marriage in the UK — can write “nigger” four times on one webpage and get away with it,  because I am attacking John de Nugent; this is my get-out-of-jail card from my Jewish masters.”



Click to enlarge this image.



Jared Taylor  is a graduate of the CIA recruiting school called Yale University, home of the Bushes, both Clintons, and Skull & Bones.

George W. Bush and his gay sex object, Jeffrey Gannon




Skull & Bones Building at Yale, a classic windowless structure in the Freemasonic style



Ghoulishly posing with  the skull of Geronimo —  Where is the American-Indian protest on this one?




During the 2004 Presidential Election both George W. Bush and John Kerry were asked by “Meet the Press” host Tim Russert about their connection with Yale’s secret society The Skull and Bones. Both candidates avoided explaining anything about the group.

Taylor with the homosexual-admiring, Jack Donovan-using head of the well-financed NPI, Richard Spencer


Jack Donovan, popular speaker at NPI events.


“Yeah, I’ve been a top [sexual position, the thruster] for years.

I basically fuck men like they are women — but I’m glad they’re not.



DISGUSTING: Now there’s a real man, that Donovan…. ‘cuz he’s a “top”…



NAUSEATING: John de Nugent-haters Spencer and Taylor have no problem sharing a podium at NPI with muscular Jack Donovan-types


Same in the Mother Country (Britain) —  “We mustn’t talk about the Jews! Or the gays!”

UPDATED Matt Tait, traitor to his race, open friend of the Jews & defamer of Jack Sen; Sen message to all the Taitoids; people I block on Facebook

The heroic Taylor, who looks down on Nazis and antisemites like me, and attacks me via emails and phone calls, below-radar, as do Duke and Black,  lets Antifas pick him up (January 2007) and carry him physically out of his own meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


And Yales is the alma mater of William F. Buckley, whose goal was to let Jews take over the original, paleo-conservative, Constitutional and pro-white movement (that once upon a time — in 1992 and 1996 — a Pat Buchanan could still rally and win primaries with), creating thus the modern, Buckley-ite, totally jew-dominated Republican Party and the FOX News Channel.

13 May 1958, New York, New York, USA --- Magazine editor William F. Buckley, Jr., editor of the holds a copy of the magazine as he makes a statement on the steps of the U.S. Courthouse. on the cover if the title of an article the magazine published, "The Wheels of Justice Stop for Adam Clayton Powell, Jr." Buckley, who admitted sending copies of the article to grand jury members investigating Powell, is facing charges of using improper influence on the jury. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Taylor affects to imitate Buckley in both Yale accent and mannerism, such as the head, chin and nose up in the air.






Evelyn Rich interviews, 1985-1987 | Louisiana Research Collection

By LAC Group

Collection Overview

Title: Evelyn Rich interviews, 1985-1987

ID: LaRC/Manuscripts Collection 819

Primary Creator:Rich, Evelyn.

Extent: 1.0 Boxes

Date Acquired: 07/26/1990

Subjects:, DavDukeid Ernest., Fields, Edward R., Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan., Loman, Van D., Metzger, Tom., New Order of Knights of the Ku Klux Klan., Rich, Evelyn., White Aryan Resistance., White Patriot Party., White supremacy movements.

Forms of Material:Interviews., Transcripts.


Scope and Contents of the Materials

The collection consists of transcripts of interviews by Evelyn Rich of white supremacist leaders between 1985 and 1987. Those interviewed include Joe Fields, David Duke, Glen Miller, Don Black, Tom Metzger, Van D. Loman, and Edward R. Fields.

Biographical Note

Evelyn Rich conducted interviews of David Duke and other white supremacist political leaders for her doctoral dissertation on the Ku Klux Klan between 1985 and 1986.

She is married to Jared Taylor, founder of the American Renaissance magazine.

Subject/Index Terms

Administrative Information

Repository: Louisiana Research Collection

Access Restrictions: Collection is open to the public. No known restrictions.

Use Restrictions: Physical rights are retained by the Louisiana Research Collection. Copyright is retained in accordance with U.S. copyright laws.

Acquisition Source: Evelyn Rich

Preferred Citation: Evelyn Rich interviews, Manuscripts Collection 819, Louisiana Research Collection, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118.

Finding Aid Revision History: Finding aid information entered in Archon by LAC Group in 2011.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Box:

[Box 1: Interviews],
[[information restricted]],

Box 1: Interviews
Folder 1: Interview: Joe Fields and David Duke at the Pacifica Hotel and Conference Center (6161 Centinela Avenue), Culver City, California, 1986 February 17
Folder 2: Interview: David Duke at La Quinta Motor Inn, Metairie, Louisiana by Evelyn Rich, 1985 March 18
Folder 3: Interview: David Duke at La Quinta Motor Inn, Metairie, Louisiana by Evelyn Rich, 1985 March 20
Folder 4: Interview: Glen Miller, head of the White Patriot Party, formerly Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, at his home near Angier, North Carolina, 1985 July
Folder 5: White Patriot Party Rally In Kennesaw, Georgia, 1985 August 3
Folder 6: Interview: Don Black, accompanied by Dr. Sanders, at Bennigan’s, a restaurant at Oxmoor Road off I65, Homewood, near Birmingham, Alabama, interviewed by Evelyn Rich, 1985 March 12
Folder 7: Interview: Tom Metzger, founder of White Aryan Resistance, formerly White American Resistance, formerly White American Political Association, formerly head of California Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Interviewed in the bar of the Pacifica Hotel, Los Angeles, in the presence of about eight conference attendees, including Jim Warner, Mike Hoffman, and David Duke, 1986 February 16
Folder 8: Interview: Van D. Loman in his home, Apartment 1117, 2744 Erienne Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio; Loman is former Imperial Klaliff of the Invisible Empire under Jim Blair and is presently the Ohio State Chairman of the Populist Party; interviewed by Evelyn Rich in the presence of Don Black and Gary Nungester, 1986 April 21
Folder 9: Interview: Edward R. Fields, Vice-chairman of the National States Rights Party and founder of the New Order of Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Folder 10: Background on Jim Warner, 1987 October 10


…..Jared Taylor responds:




Here is the attachment to the Taylor email, which had no message, merely and contemptuously a subject line:

“Evelyn Rich asked me to send you this.”

It is the purported baptismal certificate of Evelyn Rich, his concubine of several decades


I replied:

Dear Mr. Taylor:

I use a salutation, please note, out of politeness, though you failed to, consistent with your portraying me, along with your allies, for years now via phone calls, conversations and emails, as a contemptible worm.
But know, please, that  I can and do out-document and out-footnote you; my bachelor of science degree, Phi Beta Kappa membership, and magna cum laude graduation status at Georgetown were not handed out like candy, nor was becoming the first Provost Fellow at the University of Maryland, College Park in 1983.
I also can and do out-WASP and out-upper-crust you, Mr. Taylor, my family having coming to New England in 1635.
My father with Presidents Ford and Reagan
with me
Before I continue, I stress that I met your concubine, Evelyn Rich, and my impression was formed then (and it was that of others as well) that she is Jewish and an agent who glommed onto you because you were a rising star, a handsome man, an Ivy League graduate, etc. to steer you, as a potentially powerful dissident leader, away from the key Jewish issue that must be resolved.  
This is, of course, in no way intended to disparage Ms. Rich/Mrs. Taylor as a woman, concubine, mother or simply as a person, and please do not think I have anything against her.
The dispute is between you, with your compadres, and me, and it is over the patterns in your life in which I see Ms. Rich as a key part.
It is about your vilification of me, which your body language and tone have ever evinced.
And when I have spoken openly of the childhood abuse I suffered — MK-ULTRA — and which affected me for decades, none of that interests you in the slightest.
You spread that I am a loser and a nut, and this gives you “karma” with me. Now it is coming back to you. My only goal is to save our race.  
For me, you are also following the strategic diversion plan of the Jews — as is the half-Jew Geerd Wilders — to get Whites focusing on the non-Jews…. in your case on the blacks, or maybe the Muslims, the Mexicans…..
Others wax irate over the Chinese, the gays, the gun grabbers….
But we all know who the real foe is.
In all fairness, however, Mr. Taylor, you do perform excellent work on the black, hispanic and other non.Jewish issues.
Now as for the “baptismal certificate”…..
On the overt Jew Karl Marx, Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx) says:
Baptized Christian

“Young Karl was baptised into the Lutheran Church in August 1824.”

British Prime Minister and Jew Benjamin Disraeli also was baptized.
Baptized Christian

“Benjamin was baptised, aged twelve, on 31 July 1817.[17]

Further, official documents, affidavits, etc. can be falsified, forged, etc, as with the infamous Obama Hawaii birth certificate.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona: Obama’s birth certificate is “a forged, fraudulent government document”



I wish, Mr. Taylor, that you, Duke, Weber, Black, and many others had not begun years ago to attack me.


I will await a response, but, to give your communication equal time immediately, I am running the baptismal certificate you furnished, and my words above as well, on the current blog that is attacking you as an asset — witting or unwitting — of Zionism.
I am sorry it has to be this way. It was your crowd that began this vicious assault, openly as well as surreptitiously, in 2009. I will respond with vigor to anything you, Duke, Black, Weber or anyone else puts online against me because I cannot serve our race effectively if viewed as you portray me.
John de Nugent

…..Why is homosexuality such an issue?

A British activist who is resolutely antizionist and anti-homosexual wrote me, and noted that he too was suspended by Facebook. I replied:


FACEBERG. Hmmm, I note that Duke is not suspended by Faceberg:


Nor Jared Taylor:


But you, I and Jack Sen are….

Probably just a coincidence. *;) winking

HOMOS. There is an American antizionist and researcher named Sofia Smallstorm out in San Diego — she has done fantastic work on Sept. 11, the supposed Sandy Hook mass shooting in the US, and chemtrails — and now she hammers home how the gay thing is not just “the usual Jewish wickedness,” but the cornerstone of the feminization and transhumanization of the white male, designed to create a submissive non-warrior. 

They especially fear the keltic-teutonic mix… ours. The fire of the Kelt and the every-detail-planned-and-rehearsed of the Teuton.

They want instead a metrosexual, limp-wristed race, soft-voiced and “sensitive,” with 23% less testosterone than 30 years ago (says a scientific study), and literally unable to understand ANY of the sentiments and instincts here….in Kipling’s now century-old “When the Saxon Begins to Hate.”


It was not part of their blood, it came to them very late, with long arrears to make good, when the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved, they were icy – willing to wait, til every count should be proved, ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.  Their eyes were level and straight.  There was neither sign nor show, when the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.  It was not taught by the state.  No man spoke it aloud — when the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.  It will not swiftly abate  

Through the chilled years ahead,

when time shall count from the date 

that the Saxon began to hate.



……Other accusations in this FBI-run “movement” against me



Accusations against JdN



The wife of David Duke’s minion Jamie Kelso, a “former Scientologist,”  accused  me of pedophilia!



Kelso was caught red-handed by National Alliance chairman Shaun Walker writing down license plate numbers of NA members. Walker was subsequently railroaded into federal prison for six years over a bar fight with a Mexican where no one was injured and the Mexican made no complaint for a year. (I got Walker out after two years using fmr Congressman and lawyer Pete McCloskey:   https://www.johndenugent.com/accusations-against-jdn/david-duke-minion-jamie-kelso-and-wife-linda-falla-libel-me-as-a-homosexual/)

Willis Carto asked me to throw Kelso out of the 2006 Barnes Review-American Free Press  conference in Washington DC as a result, which I DID.



……Now you know why I am attacked and threatened by the Jews, their agents, and the homosexuals!


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


And by the half-Jewish bisexual Barack Obama!

UPDATE Why White House hates and threatened me and friends; Amanda Blackburn, RIP; Miley Cyrus goes all-Satan; reports Obama flying in Syrians at night


His Jewish maternal grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham

Obama's Grandfather at War


His slutty half-Jewish and leftist mother Stanley Ann Dunham



Her orgies and threesomes with black nationalist and communist Frank Marshal Davis are described in Davis’ porn novel Sex Rebel Black.





Barack was conceived during one of these Honolulu orgies.



This is also why I get indirect threats from the Israeli hitman Tomer Israelii:





I ask you to support the man the Jews and queers fear most!



…..Why the Founding Fathers did NOT give women the vote


This is why the Founding Fathers did not give women the vote. France – which obviously loves women — did not give women the franchise until 1945 and even then only because they were correctly predicted to voted anti-communist.


….Sensible antifeminist woman


I think this Canadian woman — and married mother of three, as I learned from some research on her site, www.judgybitch.com — makes some important points. I also think she is courageous, and she has a powerful style that made me keep watching, even aside from her being attractive. 😉

What reincarnationism teaches is that most of us, male and female, are young souls, that is, beings that have recently arisen from earlier lives in the animal stage (often — yes — as literally sheep, as cattle, as dogs, as cats, as horses, as pigs, etc.) and only the brain is larger.

I think many women are indeed young souls, and so truth, especially unpleasant truth, logic and facts mean little or nothing to them. This applies to quite a few men, though, as well, especially to male liberals. The fact that women all over Europe, the US and Canada continue to vote for political parties that are bringing in armies of muslim gropers, rapists and murderers basically proves the point.

Women, as a rule, are, as Bloomfield basically says, ruled by estrogen (the feminizing and motherly hormone) and while this is wonderful and essential for successful motherhood, all you have to do with female voters is tell them in a media campaign “this immigration policy is based on kindness toward suffering group X or Y” and they vote to bring in more men — who — will — probably rape and kill them.

The Founding Fathers of the US in their wisdom did not give women the vote; they only got it in 1920. France ( a country that likes and appreciates women very much) only gave them the vote in 1945 as an emergency measure by President Charles de Gaulle to stop the rise of communism. (French women then were very influenced by the Catholic Church, and voted as their bishops instructed — and as de Gaulle hoped — against the Communist Party of France, which was directly controlled by the savage Soviet ruler Joseph Stalin.)

I say all this in approval of Bloomfield as the loving father of two daughters, the grandfather of two granddaughters, and as having been married twice and having had two long-term relationships with nice women. Women are incredibly vital to life and civilization. They incarnate ying energy, the Taoists would say, the Venus energy. Their role is softer, to make the world a nicer and more beautiful and loving place.

But this same energy can make them dangerously manipulable and catastrophically, suicidally naive. Men and women have different roles, the one the external world and the other the hearth. This is the wisdom of all our ancestors of every race and people since the dawn of time.

I and Margi, a very intelligent, determined and loyal woman who got a 99% percentile score on her Graduate School Aptitude Test 


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  1. Why don’t all these people get their DNA tested at Ancestry.com? I did, and so did my husband.

    I was Eastern/Slavic and English. I did it to prove I wasn’t a WASP or Jewish. 100% white European.

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