UPDATE Two-day hack of three thousand, eight hundred photos fixed! and AWESOME MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO!

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7,000 photos got put in the wrong folder.

We put them back.

This is why I have two paid webmasters and a good webhost.

Your donations make this possible. 🙂 Thank you, those who help.


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

–14 November 2016 cash from S in Florida


–11 November via PayPal from S in Germany
–8 November book from Amazon from comrade S in Idaho
–5 November via PP from M in Florida
–1 November 2016 via Stripe from B in Germany
–27 October 2016 cash donation from S in Idaho
–27  October 2016 cash donation from M in Oregon
–21 October 2016 cash with greeting card from Oregon

…..Every donation is logged and put out in three languages

ENGLISH https://www.johndenugent.com/contact-support/

 –14 November 2016 cash from S in Florida



AND GERMAN https://www.johndenugent.com/kontakt-spenden/


–14 November 2016 in Bar von S in Florida

”In Anerkennung Ihres wichtigen Werkes” 


AND FRENCH  https://www.johndenugent.com/contacte-soutien/


–14 novembre 2016 du liquide de S en Floride

”Avec appreciation pour votre oeuvre important”




…..Fab video for US Army Rangers, ”THINK DIFFERENT,” that is soooo massively motivational!

OF COURSE THIS IS WHAT GREAT RELIGIONS ALSO DO, REMAKE PEOPLE, and this is why discouraged, demoralized, despairing people join them, to become new and reborn.



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