UPDATE Trump invokes Patton; UN-frigging-believable! Jew-run Britain twice denied citizenship to legless British Army Afghan war hero; Memorial Day — when veterans were respected and appreciated

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Despite losing his legs for Britain, being of British blood and having British parents, twice his application for British citizenship was curtly rejected. (He got it on the THIRD try.) Wake up, goy boy! You in Jew world now!

[I heard from Cayle Royce himself after writing this article and have made some factual corrections. He did get citizenship after two rude rejections, and two apparent friends (see the Steven James and other comments below) wrote me, rejecting my “racist filth” 😉 and saying that in no way does Cayle Royce share my views.

Okay. I do not know his real, private views, or what might come out after a few drinks. 😉

But I DO know how most American vets think and feel.

For I am one myself, my father was one, and we have here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan the highest percentage of vets in the entire US — the lousy economy also forces us into the service —  and many of my vet neighbors have come back wounded, sick, dying of side-effects of this and that, and suffering in body and mind.

And Homeland Security and the US government openly FEAR THEIR WRATH.

But Cayle, politely, and his friends, rudely, say he rejects my racism and antisemitism and does not share my views.

Alright….. I wasn’t born yesterday.  

I remember my planned Marine Corps officer career (buttressed by outstanding “proficiency and conduct” ratings as an NCO) ending abruptly in 1979 after my views became known, and how my own millionaire father chose the Jews over his own son and threatened to disinherit me, and finally he did.

Ironically, he hated how he and other American fighting men were misused in Korea. As a Marine captain, he saw half of his officer class be killed or wounded in that war.  He was knocked out and was in a coma for three days from a Chinese mortar attack.


He reminisced very rarely with me about Korea, though he did do so more when I myself joined the Marines. He would tell me how much he appreciated having the British Commonwealth troops next to him (“Brits, Aussies and Kiwis — really fine troops,” he said.)

But then he would get quiet after two Beefeater gin martinis — his favorite, and he was a super-britophile — and he would almost moan:

“I saw so many good men die, John, so many good men. And, in the end, for what?” [The monstrous North Korean regime is still around, menacing the world, and now with nuclear missiles!] 

Korean War Memorial in Washington DC


The snow and cold were just terrible. North Korea is right next to Siberia, after all. Marines had a shooting glove that was mostly a mitten to preserve warmth in the hand; it had just one separate finger — to pull the trigger.


As for my own kids, “in good” with the Jews, and one living in a $500,000 house in a Jew suburb, they actually sent me a threatening letter via a lawyer, demanding I not refer to them at all.

What they got back from me ended that quick. (Kids sometimes forget their evil-racist dad who loved them nevertheless also knows a whole lot about them. 😉 )

 Not one American WN has given up more financially or emotionally than I have in my unceasing struggle to save our race from obliteration.

I remember how I was nearly murdered while on duty in the Mediterranean on the USS Inchon [photo], and it would have been the perfect crime — throw him overboard at night into the Mediterranean from a moving warship. Nobody would have seen anything or even heard the splash.

I thank my angels and the Lord God above it did not happen. (See here, 1/5th down, the story: https://www.johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/)

 My own experience has been, in any case, that people of pure British stock from the once white-ruled Dominions, as they were called (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) absolutely do get rejected for British citizenship.

The gigantic British Empire in 1920; the white colonies thereof became “Dominions”

The creator of my own website in 2009 was a British South African, Mark S., who tried to escape the rape, AIDS, murder and anti-white hate of the ANC regime in his country….

This is what happened to Eugene Terre Blanche of South Africa: https://www.johndenugent.com/eugene-terre-blanche-murder-scene/

But Mark literally nearly starved in England, and was eating one potato a day, in a trailer park — and could not even get free food despite repeat visits to the social agencies. I myself sent him emergency money to buy food.

He finally gave up all attempts to stay in Britain and flew back to the violent, nightmarish hell-hole that is modern South Africa.

I myself thought I might have a right to British citizenship in view of my British-born grandfather, but no.

This is an incredible case of the Home Office ordering a white American wife of a British citizen for eleven years – and mother of a baby – out of the UK:

UK deports White American mother, separating her from her white baby and British husband for a year, but Muslim rapists and pedophiles are welcome to Merrie Newe England

And it is not just the Jews, muslims and blacks who have it in for us whites.

…..Arrogant Chinese graffiti against Whites at an American university 

A supporter sent me this:


I am sending attached a photo that my son just took at Stony Brook University (http://www.stonybrook.edu) library of a desk that has the following text written on it with black pen:



“We Asians take over world next
make whiteboy extinct”

Someone made a fitting comment with an arrow to the left thereof: “Racist.”

As you may know, 90% of the students at Stony Brook University, about 30 miles east of Manhattan, are Asians.


Naturally, as the famous Charles B. Wang Center, located at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in Stony Brook, New York, is dedicated to understanding Asian and American cultures and the interactions of these cultures with other world cultures.


Blood red and yellow/gold have been the national colors of China for many centuries


I guess racial hatred towards Whites is universal.

It must be jealousy and envy based on inferiority.

Non-Whites have the monotony of their jet-black hair and brown-black eyes – and regardless of any IQ test results  — none of them could produce a baby like ours.

The library — outer wall with cubicle desks


the specific desk


Here it is, at the bottom



rotated for legibility





Anyway, Royce’s friends all rudely say he rejects my racism (and he wrote me, very politely, saying he does too, and asking for corrections) so I have now published some corrections and their comments on how revolting and disgusting I am. 😉


I will remind these males of my own blood — who are of course also fearful of repercussions, which proves my very point —  that William Shakespeare was also guilty of “racist filth” when he wrote the extremely antisemitic masterpiece The Merchant of Venice.

Al Pacino as Shylock


Shylock prepares to cut out a pound of flesh — the scene is truly horrifying 

Just actually read it, men…. Stop sexting and texting; don’t be lazy and read only the slanted Wikipedia article about it.

You will see… It depicts the Jew as a greedy, vile, hate-filled, scheming, anti-gentile monster, and the fact is, the personal physician of Queen Elizabeth I, his sovereign, one Roderigo Lopez, plotted to poison her, his patient — and was executed, so the concept of the scheming, treacherous Jew working against Queen and Country was no mere myth back then to anyone…


I will then move on to Lord Byron, the genius poet and dashingly handsome British nobleman.

(From https://www.johndenugent.com/english/infuriating-chinese-dog-eating-lord-byron-on-the-death-of-his-dog/)

In his satirical “Age of Bronze” (1823), Lord Byron adopted a hostile attitude toward the Jews, whose emancipation he opposed and whose alleged support for foreign tyranny (Turks against Greeks) he denounced with many unpleasant allusions.

How rich is Britain! not indeed in mines,
Or peace or plenty, corn or oil, or wines;
No land of Canaan, full of milk and honey,
Nor (save in paper shekels) ready money:
But let us not to own the truth refuse,

Was ever Christian land so rich in Jews?

Those parted with their teeth to good King John,
And now, ye kings, they kindly draw your own;
All states, all things, all sovereigns they control,
And waft a loan “from Indus to the pole.”
The banker – broker – baron[340] – brethren, speed
To aid these bankrupt tyrants in their need.
Nor these alone; Columbia [= the young USA] feels no less
Fresh speculations follow each success;
And philanthropic Israel deigns to drain
Her mild per-centage from exhausted Spain.
Not without Abraham’s seed can Russia march;
Tis gold, not steel, that rears the conqueror’s arch.
Two Jews, a chosen people, can command
In every realm their Scripture-promised land: –
Two Jews, keep down the Romans,[341] and uphold
The accurséd Hun, more brutal than of old:

Two Jews, – but not Samaritans – direct
The world, with all the spirit of their sect.

What is the happiness of earth to them?
A congress forms their “New Jerusalem,”
Where baronies and orders both invite –
Oh, holy Abraham! dost thou see the sight?
Thy followers mingling with these royal swine,
Who spit not “on their Jewish gaberdine,”
But honour them as portion of the show –
(Where now, oh Pope! is thy forsaken toe?
Could it not favour Judah with some kicks?
Or has it ceased to “kick against the pricks?”)
On Shylock’s shore behold them stand afresh,

To cut from nation’s hearts their “pound of flesh.”

What no one seemed to notice was the ever widening gap between the government and the people. And it became always wider…..the whole process of its coming into being, was above all diverting, it provided an excuse not to think….for people who did not want to think anyway gave us some dreadful, fundamental things to think about…..and kept us so busy with continuous changes and ‘crises’ and so fascinated…..by the machinations of the ‘national enemies,’ without and within, that we had no time to think about these dreadful things that were growing, little by little, all around us…..

Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’…..must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing…..Each act is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. “You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join you in resisting somehow. You don’t want to act, or even talk, alone…..you don’t want to ‘go out of your way to make trouble.’ But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes.“That’s the difficulty. The forms are all there, all untouched, all reassuring, the houses, the shops, the jobs, the mealtimes, the visits, the concerts, the cinema, the holidays.

But the spirit, which you never noticed because you made the lifelong mistake of identifying it with the forms, is changed. Now you live in a world of hate and fear, and the people who hate and fear do not even know it themselves, when everyone is transformed, then no one is transformed.

You have accepted things you would not have accepted five years ago, a year ago, things your father…..could never have imagined.

This is your reward, Britain, for turning against Germany and Adolf Hitler in 1939 (and ignoring what your own sterling patriots such as Captain Archibald Ramsay and Admiral Barry Domvile, and WWI prime minister Lloyd George, and in America Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, were all warning you!)

Captain Archibald Ramsay of the Coldstream Guards where my ancestors from Goole, Yorkshire served.  (See about his book The Nameless War below.)



As soon as you, and we Yanks, were used by the Jews to crush Germany, 



…then our own governments began ATTACKING US! We of course got no “thanks” from the Jews for destroying their greatest enemy in 2,000 years!


After all, their tribal demon god Yahweh created us to be their Jews’ uncomplaining slaves! We exist only to serve our Jew masters!


Cayle Royce merely got the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire); he had almost died for the country and besides, his parents had British passports and his grandparents were also British. Mere trifles!

Credit Bronwyn Royce

He’s British, but alas, he’s also WHITE!  If he were a muslim or pedophile, everything would be fine.



Not British enough in his first two applications for citizenship – Light Dragoon Lance Corporal Cayle Royce


His mother, Bronwyn Royce, like many women with a telepathic talent, had a horrible intuition the day her son’s legs were blown off and, feeling dread, refused to go for her weekly swim at the pool as usual. When two men came to inform her of his terrible wounds, her worst fears were confirmed.


And yet, while this war hero was twice scorned,  and his application for British citizenship was twice rudely and curtly denied….. (he got it the third time)




….this exceptionally vile, arrogant, unsmiling piece of shit, Sadiq Khan, a “human-rights” lawyer for radical muslims, is now THE MAYOR OF LONDON!


The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) greets Cayle Royce, BUT THE JEWS SAY NO.


His brother, Prince Harry, also congratulates Royce after an astounding rowing feat.


Cayle Royce, second from left with beard and his mates here crossed the Atlantic on a rowboat! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/12141116/British-amputee-military-veterans-set-new-world-record-rowing-3000-miles-across-the-Atlantic.html


But the real masters of Britain decided, Cayle, that as you are white and British, you must GO BACK TO SOUTH AFRICA! Thank God you now can stay.



White South African Tragedy

All the warnings of British-American patriot William Joyce (hanged as a “traitor” in 1946) have come true .

As soon as Germany was gone in 1945, the full power of jewry was switched to mentally, economically and racially crushing their next targets, the British and American white peoples!

Away with the Empire and away with racial segregation! Teach their kids white guilt!

I hope you are roasting in hell, Winston Churchill. Your empire is gone, and your people enslaved, humiliated and dying!

Churchill smiles while sitting in Hitler’s chair in the bunker, July 1945, as British and Red Army officers chortle.


 I curse you as a former US Marine. Every hour a US vet commits suicide, and why? Because we were betrayed! Our sacrifices were for nothing!

I curse you goyim too who serve the Jews, and most of all I curse the stenchlike Jews themselves!




…..Captain Ramsay’s The Nameless War — the war of the Jew against the goyim


The Nameless War, by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay (Introduction)

…..We need a new moral and religious movement.

If the goy people and elites continue serving the Jews, even as their cruel intentions have become crystal-clear — our radical genocide — then we are accomplices in our own destruction.

There must be an new Aryan faith that transforms us!

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

Virtus is being designed to awaken the upper chakras….. our divine side….. and I feel deep-down it will succeed.
But it will not be like my blogs, which are too cerebral for a religion…
A religion must evoke what is already in us and strengthen it.
Great fishing up here, esp trout and coho salmon, red and deeeeeelicious. Coho is from the Pacific but was put in the Great Lakes a while back and now it is everywhere; $10 a can at the IGA store!


Lupine and birdsfoot trefoil sprouting everywhere….





….. Back when veterans were respected and appreciated

JdN: This is a touching anecdote, so true of America back then, before the Kennedy murder and ‘Nam made Americans cynical:


This is a true story and it happened to me, Harry Cooper, Sharkhunters Founder and President.

The winter of 1959/1960 was pretty bitter in the Great Plains states but I had a few weeks leave and was going to head home to Chicago despite the weather.  My friend Dave Dunn needed a ride there so he rode on the back of my Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  We were bundled in the heavy weather gear issued by the Air Force so we didn’t feel the 25 below zero (F) when we pulled out of Lincoln, Nebraska headed east.  By the time we reached Ames, Iowa however, it was obvious that we weren’t going any further in this weather on the bike, so I pulled up to the Ames Police Department.  I explained the problem and asked if there was any place in town where I could park my bike safely while Dave and I hitch hiked on to Chicago.  He could tell by our uniform heavy weather gear that we were Air Force guys, so the sergeant said I should just drive the bike into the Ames Police Department motorcycle garage and they would keep it safe for me.  I rolled the bike into the warm garage, shook hands with the sergeant and thanked him.  He said that since we were going to hitch hike to Chicago, he would have one of his patrol cars give us a ride as far east as their jurisdiction would allow.  I thanked him again and the squad car drove us quite a few miles to the east, waved a friendly goodbye and departed.

It was already late in the day but we were lucky to get a ride overnight in a semi-truck that dropped us off about 0700 in a little town in westernIllinois.  We were hungry by then and the truck dropped us off in front of a little cafe at the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, so we went in.  We had almost no money, so we looked very carefully at the menu and counted the coins we had between us and figured to the penny, that we could have some toast and coffee for breakfast and that is all we ordered.
It was a nice breakfast – then the young lady (about 18 years old) brought the bill.  We had been in Nebraska so long, with no sales tax, that we forgot that other states did have sales tax – we were about twenty cents short!  I told the girl we were in the Air Force and explained why we were short this money, and I asked for the address of the cafe and promised to send the money as soon as I got to my parent’s home in Chicago.  She said it was okay……..what else could she do?  So we went out onto the highway to continue hitch-hiking toward Chicago.

Almost immediately a man in his 40’s came out of the diner and approached us.  The young girl was his daughter, and he asked if we were the G.I.’s who had just eaten breakfast there.  I said we were, and I assured him that I would send the money as soon as I got to Chicago.  Forget it, he said – get on back inside.  Dave and I went back into the diner with him and his wife, the cook in the kitchen, already had a table set for us heaped with fried eggs, pancakes, bacon, bread, hot coffee and more.  We ate until we were ready to burst – then his wife handed us a huge bag filled with sandwiches, cookies and slices of pie for the road.  When we got all this handed to us, the man put us in his truck and drove us about twenty miles to the next major highway intersection where we would have better luck hitch hiking onward.
It’s been more than five decades since this happened, but my eyes still well up with tears when I remember the kindness of these wonderful people in the diner and also at the Ames, Iowa Police Department.



…..White America (and Britain) through 1963

Men were men, and women liked it. (British actors Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews)


John-John Kennedy and his dad, both murdered by Jews (1963 and 1999): https://www.johndenugent.com/the-jewish-war-on-the-kennedys/


Everything was made in our own country, or in other friendly white nations. I had a Raleigh British bicycle as a child.  


Ontonagon, Michigan (my current town) — baby boom 1946-64, kids everywhere, big white families, the man had a high-paying job, there was law-and-order, the cops were not militarized steroid zombies, people attended church, we drove huge American-made cars, and there was prosperity for anyone willing to work!



……Patton-Trump update

UPDATE (Memorial Day 2016)
A friend wrote:


Speaking at the National Mall on Memorial Day weekend, Trump said something you might find interesting in view of your blog:

Wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat and forgoing a necktie, Mr. Trump pledged to rebuild the military and said George S. Patton and other deceased generals were “spinning in their graves.”

Patton died at the end of 1945 (Dec 21) and Trump was born less than six months later, on June 14, 1946.
*** I replied:
Woooooo …  Mentioning Patton was maybe a “dog whistle.” 😉
That would be consistent with people angry about being murdered, who sometimes make a quick “turn-around.” People who died of old age AND ARE NOT FULL OF RAGE do not rush to come back. 
Why not? Life is pretty good on the other side for the relatively decent majority of people —  A KIND OF TEMPORARY HEAVEN — but it is highly regulated and also not a huge way to grow.



As East Indian leucophile Frank Raymond (who has lived for decades in Britain and America) — who is trying to awaken whites via his new and fabulous thriller novel Sweet Dream and Terror Cells — has said to me (paraphrasing him):


Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Dreams-Terror-Cells-Giants-ebook/dp/B01FLMC126?ie=UTF8&keywords=frank raymond&qid=1463459923&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

.. in times past, when various non-whites assaulted Europe (the Persian hordes, the Huns, Arabs, Mongols, and Turks), every white warrior who marched off was sure of the support of the males of his nation, and of a loving kiss and gratitude from the females of his people, and a hero’s welcome on his return, IF he returned.  



WE, the White nationalists of today, are the greatest white heroes of all times, because we do our duty

without the slightest thanks.

We risk all, while our own people, brainwashed and fearful, say they utterly revile us, and redouble their kowtowing to their own mortal foe. 

Our reward is from our conscience, from future generations, and from God,


…..when our souls will each stand before Him and give answer to this question:

“What did you do when the foe was at the gate? Did you give every last effort so you would not hear the shrieks and wails and screams of your women and children?”




crying little blond girl


The less of us who fight, the greater share of honor!


[iframe src=”https://www.sonnenrad.tv/media/embed?key=562e0bb13b03eb067ab5ff31fb4bc506&width=720&height=405&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false” width=”720″ height=”405″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]

…..How the Normans (my and Cayle’s ancestors 😉 ) made a pact with the Jews in 1066, and why Tolkien hated us 

The Norman Conquest gives England to Jews


South African soldier speaks of the shock of seeing a comrade blown up during the Border War against the black communists  — Jew-merica and the Jew-nited Kingdom destroyed white South Africa as soon as the communist Soviet Union was gone in 1991 because NO NATION MAY REMAIN WHITE. Soldiers felt deeply betrayed, especially with the ruling ANC being a communist movement, and suffer PTSD.

One third of Whites in SA now live in utter poverty under black rule




Beautiful girl in a shanty is trying to be a track star, but her shoes were stolen.



….Unrequited love –How Adolf Hitler loved Britain


Hitler’s love for the British people



  1. Great info, John! You have a terrific website. More power to your (our) cause! I like Trump, what he has done and his promise to make America great again. I still have some lingering concern about how much the “chosen” have power over him or, if not, what they could do to destroy his efforts at some point.

  2. I personally know cayle, and he is utterly disgusted by your article and people jumping on the bandwagon using him to further their own agenda. He in no way feels betrayed by the British government, and in no way contributed to the daily mail article you quote. Unfortunately the daily mail is a hateful right wing press in the UK that spouts racist and alarmist diatribe. I’d suggest you actually contact cayle to ask for his input, he’s easily found on Facebook, and I can tell you his answer to your hateful filth right now, ram it up your arse.

    • Steven, if you consider The Daily Mail “hateful” and “alarmist”, then you’re either a raging left-leaning liberal loony, living in la-la land, or you’re an anti-White, who disregards the legitimate concerns proud White people have regarding the future of their race, culture, and heritage.

      If you are White, then it should concern you that the birthrates of Whites worldwide is below replacement level (mainly due to post-WWII societal decadence and sexual degeneracy), and that our very identities, whether they be racially, religiously, or culturally based, will, in merely a few decades from now, possibly hang in the balance.

      We are duty bound to our ancestors to see to it that they didn’t strive and die in vain defending the heritage and future of their nations.

      All peoples, of all races, have a right to preserve their identities, and only a totalitarian twat would disagree!

      Are YOU, “Steven”, a totalitarian? History has shown, that when one race lords over another race, it usually doesn’t end well for the race being lorded over.

      This is NOT about HATE of the others, but about LOVE for one’s own brothers!

  3. Reference you article about Calye Royce. As a soldier who served with him in Afghanistan I am verry disappointed that someone would use his name to spew there own agenda over social media, he does not share your views and neither does any of his fellow soldiers, an apology is in order and for you to take down this post. I expect this to be done not only as you clearly did not have his permission but as sign of the respect you claim to have.

    • Dear Mr. Oldham:

      As I wrote to Mr. Royce, I corrected the blog and made clear that my views (on race, the Jews and Hitler) are my own, not his.

      I am sure you know the term “Stockholm Syndrome.” That is embracing your tormentor. I respect your military service, and now, sir, I ask you to serve your country anew by seeing clearly what is going on to a suffering Britain that is as much the land of my ancestors as it is yours.


  4. Comment from a British comrade and former British Army soldier, Carli:

    Hi John, yep, about right.

    Mates of mine in Afghanistan were told to walk around the poppy fields [for opium!] so as not to destroy the farmers’ crop. So the I E Ds were laid on the paths for our troops.



  5. A comrade who has seen many a battle himself wrote me:

    [You wrote] “Not one American WN has given up more financially or emotionally than I have in my unceasing struggle to save our race from obliteration.”

    John, I just want to say, thank you for all you have given to our folk.

    I have great empathy for those who have given much…

    • Thanks, [name], and coming from you that means a lot.

      There is a scene in the 2004 Troy movie where Priam, played by Peter O’Toole, sees from his high palace balcony his city of Troy burning and hears the screams.

      He has this look of utter horror in his eyes, and of course he as king of Troy should have just apologized and given the beautiful Spartan noblewoman Helen back to the wronged Greeks. He knows he is responsible as he hears the wails and sees the flaming inferno.

      I wish to know, [], if ever that terrible moment comes for our whole race that I did absolutely EVERYTHING.

      Then I can be relatively serene.

      As for the others, as our race and nation went down, the masses and the WNs did next to nothing or nothing in the face of their own doom.

      We all will face God and answer for our deeds, but my conscience is now pretty clean.

      As I watched Kyle Hunt’s “Hellstorm” (to which I and Margi contributed six voices), of course I felt the horror — I drank, honestly, a bit of whiskey too, just to get through its ghastly suffering, and the death of beauty, and the victory of evil — but I also knew this, that the German people had rejected Hitler until 1933, until they were literally starving, and until they had the communist party (2nd biggest in Germany, and controlled by Stalin) breathing down their necks.

      Adofl Hitler was a household word for years due to his Munich putsch in 1923, his treason trial in 1924, his book Mein Kampf in 1924-25, and his storm troopers battling reds in the streets 1926-28 — yet in the May 1928 election the demos gave him 2.6% of the vote.

      Had he come to power in 1923 or even 1928, isolationist Republicans were then in power in America, and the Soviet Union was very weak after a civil war that lasted 1917-20.

      But the Germans chose to believe the lies and ignore the warnings.

      And so in 1944-46 they learned the real hard way that Hitler was right about the Jews.

      As a man soweth, so shall he reap.

      I am going to give it one last shot, however, with the new Aryan religion, Virtus, a word which means the manly virtues in Latin. I think this was my calling all along.


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