Ukraine a plot to restore the Khazar empire? Putin, take off the gloves on your enemy — and OURS!

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…..Video by Russia to teach harsh reality and the truth to Ukrainian potential soldiers

…..Putin, take off the gloves on your enemy — and OURS!


The Rebel of Oz, Australia




The situation between Russia and Ukraine has many similarities with the situation between Germany and Poland in 1939. The Western-backed Ukrainian government keeps savaging its ethnic Russian population, without Western governments showing the slightest concern, while any attempt by Russia to intervene on behalf of the victims is met with threats of all-out war. Listen to Rebel of Oz’s thoughts on the situation and how Putin should respond.

Yukon Jack sent me an email with photos of victims of the use of illegal ammunition against the Ukrainian population by its own government.

illegal ammo

Pictures of Ukrainian civilians severely injured by illegal ammunition used by the Ukrainian government

Then he was asking an interesting question, “Why is Putin allowing this to happen?”

Nationalities in Second Polish Republic approx. 1931

Ethnic groups in Second Polish Republic approx. 1931

Those pictures remind me of the situation that existed in Poland in 1939 where the Polish government allowed Jewish Commie thugs to commit horrendous massacres against tens of thousands of the civilian ethnic German population.


The only purpose of those massacres was to provoke Hitler, to force him to intervene.

In my opinion the West and its puppet government in the Ukraine are trying to do exactly the same thing with Putin.

Ukraine claims pro Putin forces shot retreating troops

I’m afraid those atrocities are going to get worse and worse, especially against ethnic Russians or parts of the Eastern Ukrainian population that are loyal to Russia.

burned Ukrainians

Ethnic Russians killed by Ukrainian government troops

They really want to trigger another world war. They want Russia to attack the Ukraine to give Western governments the excuse they need for their sheeple to declare war against Russia. It’s history repeating itself.

nuclear explosion

The Jew controlled Western governments are itching for war with Russia, whatever the cost

And why all of that?


God’s chosen people’…. Says a lot about that war god Yahweh of the Hebrews, doesn’t it?

Because the Ashkenazi Jews want to create some kind of Neo-Khazaria. It’s their Plan B.


Map of medieval SE Europe and the Middle East

Plan A is “Greater Israel” with the help of ISIS.

Greater Israel

‘Eretz Yisrael’ as planned by the Rothschild-bankrolled Zionist movement

ISIS is officially trying to reestablish the Baghdad Khalifat.

ISIS map

Outline of a revived Baghdad caliphate as planned by the Mossad-run (and US taxpayer-funded) ISIS.  The map they have drawn jew-incidentally happens to be almost identical with the map the Zionist drew up over 100 years ago for “Greater Israel”.

Jihadist Jews

Does that red beard and the pig-coloured skin look more like an Arab or an Ashkenazi Jew?

ISIS’ job is to conquer as much as possible of that territory. Then, obviously, the Israeli Jews can’t tolerate that militant Muslim state next door. So they are going to make them march towards Jerusalem with threats to the al-Aqsa mosque and escalating abuse and dispossession of the Palestinians.

Koh jerusalem

Battle between Muslim and Christian troops fighting over the control of Jerusalem

So what’s going to happen?

jew whores

Western Jew whores and pimps sucking up to their Jewish puppet masters

All those Jew-loving countries like the United States, England, Germany and Australia will scramble to the rescue of the “precious” Jews.

controlled by isis

They are going to reconquer the area occupied by ISIS, and after killing as many Arabs as possible, terrorists or not, they are going to hand over the territory to Israel, to police and economically exploit it, a bit like the Brits did with Palestine after World War I.

British Mandate Palestine 1920

The British ‘League of Nations’ mandate for Palestine

In case something goes wrong, because people like the Rebel and hundreds of other dissident websites manage to generate enough opposition to a Western intervention, what are they going to do? They can’t just stay there!

god's chosen

Jews are so full of themselves.

crying IDF

Israeli soldiers devasted by losses suffered in their campaign against Hezbollah

They perceive themselves as so high above everyone else, so unique and valuable, some kind of half-gods or angels, they won’t stay there with ISIS breathing down their neck.

Jihadist Jews

Mossad’s control over ISIS is based on fundraising, weapon supply and the resulting ability to fill key leadership positions with crypto-Jewish Mossad operatives

It’s only the leadership that’s working for Israel, who are Ashkenazi Jews and operatives of the Mossad. The troops on the ground floor who are doing all the dying are genuine, crazy Muslims who believe in their cause.

attilas khazar huns

Phallus-worshipping Mongolian Khazar Huns leaving their camp to attack a European town

That makes ISIS some kind of a time bomb. So what are the Jewish Israelis going to do if the West refuses to intervene? They are just going to vacate and go back to where they came from.

Huns from Mongolia

The migration of the ethnic Turk Khazar Huns from Mongolia to Europe occured after the highly effective construction of the Great Wall of China.

The Ashkenazis will not retreat all the way back to Mongolia, but to Khazaria.


The ‘exodus’ from Egypt, the first of an unparalleled 200+ ‘anti-Semitic’ expulsions in Jewish history

The only problem here is that - again – they have made their plans without checking first with the locals that they are welcome. Not that this ever stopped them!

Putin chess

Putin’s game of nerves with Jew know who

That looks like a Catch-22 situation for Putin.

slaughtered Ukrainians

Victims of the aggression of the Anglo-Judean vasal government in Kiev

On the one hand, he can’t just watch the West and its Ukrainian vasal government keep slaughtering ethnic Russians and Ukrainians loyal to Russia — because it weakens his position as the leader of Russia.

strong putin

The message to the West is clear: ‘Don’t you dare mess with me!’

He’s supposed to be the strongman who takes care of the interests of the Russian people.

nuclear explosion

World War III is a real posibility, because too many Jews think it would be ‘good for the Jews’.

On the other hand, he knows that if he intervenes the West is going to use it as a pretext to destroy his entire country.

The bad war cover

Mr. Putin, time to try some good old-fashioned truth!!!

However, there is a solution. He can come clean on World War II. What really happen? Why did Hitler attack Poland? Why did the Polish government act that way at that time?

Putin knows, and he knows they are trying to do the same again right now. Come clean on the history of World War II and the “Holocaust”.

Tell the Ukrainian people what its government is trying to do in cooperation with the West. Tell them that they are playing the dirty game of the Jews so that they can get their old medieval Khazar Empire back.

Tell the truth for a change,

and stop playing ball with the Jews!

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  1. Excellent editorial, and the situation really is scary. National Public Radio (the “progressive” ) this morning was “debating” how MUCH military aid Obama should send to “stop Russian aggression.” Nobody says eastern Ukraine was part of Russia for 1,000 years, they speak Russian there, and ARE Russian. Nobody says that US official Victoria Nuland admitted the US spent $5 BILLION to overthrow the legal, pro-Russian Ukrainian government of Vanukovich, or that in 1997 Zbigniew Brzezinski said that making Ukraine part of NATO was the long-term goal in order to to weaken Russia. But a Russian professor at Brown University (Ivy League) did come on the show — and warned: “Watch out. The Russians have already shown that any pressure will just make them more resolute. This could end up as a full-scale war with Russia.”

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