TSA subhumans body-slam handicapped Jewish girl recuperating from brain surgery to floor

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I have little sympathy for Jewesses, but this is outrageous.  The comments shed additional light.


TSA be bad, but I bet it be real bad in Memphis. You know what I’m saying? Shyyyyyyyt… [JdN: The city of Elvis Presley is now totally black-dominated.]

Fast food rejects.

Tsa terminally stupid az wholes.

JunieBee, Rainbow, United States, 44 minutes ago

It’s long past time for the TSA to set up special security lanes for the disabled and elderly, there have been too many of these incidents for them to act like it’s a one off case. Also, Trump is right we need to hire Vets and retired police to work airport security.

What a shame, officials abuse their power, it is the security nightmare Americans are living through due to their neo-conservative media.

It isn’t about stopping terror; it’s about terrorizing citizens.

Cinderella420, Over the Rainbow, United States, about an hour ago

100,000 isn’t enough. Her daughter will forever be traumatized, and her mom.

Mike985, SAN DIEGO, United States, about an hour ago

I may be naive but if this young lady was my daughter I would have talked to a supervisor prior to getting into the security line and explain the situation. I have to hope the TSA personnel would have made allowances once they understood the condition of the girl. That being said, I avoid flying whenever possible. It just isn’t worth it.

Becki Blackwood, Ipswich, United Kingdom, 38 minutes ago

Except you need to consider that they’ve been travelling through the airport for 17 years to get to the hospital. If there hasn’t been a problem before you wouldn’t expect one now. Also 17 years…surely someone recognises them.

Rick Jameyx2, AssVille, United States, about an hour ago

Why is it that the TSA agents aren’t allowed to use common sense? How many 19 year old White girls blow up airplanes, has it ever happened before? Why do they search 90 year old Grandmas and 19 year old girls with disabilities? Do they know what types of people blow up planes?

Andy555, Elon, United Kingdom, 35 minutes ago

They are government preferential hires.

dbduece, Dallas, United States, about an hour ago

I think “confused” is don’t-blame-the-victim speak for “non-compliant”…….


  1. She must be one of the “little Jews” (as you said yourself) The big Jews don’t have to stand in line to be groped by TSA agents, they don’t live in diverse neighborhoods, and they have 24/7 armed security.

  2. …Once again proving that Jewish political planning is backfiring.
    In other words, the TSA was so harsh toward this Jewish girl just because her skin is White.
    I’ve never been able to understand why organized Jewry is so anti-White. Whatever policies they create against Europeans, they too will become victims of those policies. They try to persecute whites. But, it’s gonna affect Jews equally. duh..

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