Trump’s total cuck-out — he sounded like Obama

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I MUST now start my new, uniting, organized Aryan folk religion. Trump has gone over to The Dark Side. Things are incredibly serious, “President Trump delivered a statement from the White House on Monday explicitly condemning violent white supremacists.

“Racism is evil,” Trump said from the White House Diplomatic Room. “And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.””

Trump just spoke from the WH, cucking out more than ever…. in effect “I am sicking the FBI on the evil white supremacists, bigots and racists.” Huge betrayal, a putrid, one-sided attack on the WNs who were the victims, Not a word about the antifa and the Demoncrat gov. of Virginia who caused the riots. SICKENING COWARDICE BY TRUMP. This is more reason why the Van Rensburg prophecy will be fulfilled. He is going to lose his white supporters, and so he NEEDS a WAR to boost his f—g popularity. What a sell-out! Fox is giddy with glee that he blasted the WNs. Now, however. comes the NEXT DEMAND: “Your deeds must match your words! Where is the CRACKDOWN on the racists?”

Charlottesville eyewitness: All of the sudden, around 11:30, the cops began attacking the crowd and shooting tear gas. It’s not clear whether these were local, state or federal police. They began bullhorning that it was an illegal assembly. People were forced out of the park. Those who tried to stay in the park were attacked by the cops. There were very few antifa, but the cops herded people in their direction, so people could be attacked and pepper-sprayed. Everyone got pepper-sprayed.

WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO RESIST OUR PHYSICAL GENOCIDE — Michael Weaver…. From eyewitness Toni Cunningham: “This is exactly as it was. The state police set us up to be ambushed by Antifa. Their actions were just as criminal as the Communist revolutionaries. The police effectively sided with Antifa. They made NO effort to ensure the ability of the PEACEFUL pro-white, pro-civilization rally attendees to enter and exit the park. The made us go though a gaunlet of screaming and attacking commies throwing bottles, rocks, urine, pepper gel (and I can tell you from personal experience they had the strongest stuff they make), and also spitting, kicking, punching, and using clubs against us.

Police made NO effort to stop this. They were not incompetent. The response on their end was well planned. It was DELIBERATE. This is one of the reasons I have always tried to talk some sense into all these “muh blue line” idiots. The police serve the state (that is the government) not the people. Most (I’m not saying all but MOST) police when the chips are down will serve their master, the state. So when the government that directs them are Commies, they will themselves serve the Communist agenda. Law and order is dead in this country. What we have is just competing GANGS of thugs (Antifa, BLM, “traditional” black and Mestizo gangs, and yes, the POLICE).

We went with peaceful intent acting lawfully. We actively consulted with “law enforcement” (a term I plan to use in parentheses from now on) before the event. We asked them where they wanted us to be, what we could carry and could not, etc. THEY SET US UP! Criminals the lot of them. It was clear to ALL involved on our side, they made us fight our way through the enemy lines to get to the park EXPLICTLY so they could declare a riot and shut down the event. The goal was to find a legal loophole (“state of emergency”) to shut down the event and that’s exactly what they did.

Even after we were ordered to disperse, and many tried to regroup at nearby McIntire Park, we had a hell of a time getting our people out and to safety. Antifa had the path back to the garages blocked. And the police basically were sending us back though the mob again. When this was pointed out to the cops, one even told one of our people explictly that they didn’t care what happened to us. They made no serious effort at the same time to make Antifa disperse. WE were ordered to disperse. The State Police even maced some of our people toward the end! It took a few hours to get folks picked up and out of danger.

I doubt it would do much good, but still I hope dozens of lawsuits are filed against the Virginia State Police, the State of Virginia, and the City of Charlottesville, both for the way they handled the event and for the physical injuries (some serious – I saw several guys on our side with their heads slashed badly by Antifa and bleeding profusely) incurred as a result of their malice. May the Lord’s curse rest upon all those heathens and may he vindicate the cause of His saints. ~ FBF”

The Antifa problem is largely because there have been no civics classes for generations now. Not “American history” (the story of oppressive white males  ) but specifically CIVICS. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are therefore very vague in peoples’ heads — AND “it was all written by slave-owning, racist, white males.” So the idea of freedom of speech for unpopular pro-white groups is really tenuous in the young.


  1. I just found this article:

    …which says:

    “A neo-Nazi website that helped promote the gathering said there will be more events soon.

    “We are going to start doing this nonstop. Across the country,” said the site, which internet domain host GoDaddy said it was shutting down after it mocked the woman killed in Charlottesville.”

    Although they didn’t mention the name of the website, they’re talking about the Daily Stormer, because Anglin did mock the dead antifa woman yesterday in an article as being a “fat, childless, 32-year-old slut,” or words to that effect, which I thought was a really stupid and insensitive thing to do. I just checked, and they are DOWN, maybe permanently, unless they manage to find a new web hosting company. But, Anglin brought it on himself with his stupid, juvenile “humor” that he persists in engaging in. If he had done the right thing and condemned James Alex Fields, Jr. for his terrorist false-flag attack, and said his actions don’t represent the Alt-Right (which they don’t), GoDaddy at least wouldn’t have had that excuse to shut his site down. Really stupid on Anglin’s part. It’s a shame that someone like him has (had?) the most popular Alt-Right website.

    Here’s another article which does mention DS by name:

  2. Here’s an article exposing the identity of (“doxing”) a college student who attended the Charlottesville Alt-Right rally. This student committed no crime, yet he is being portrayed as a criminal. Funny how the (((media))) never takes the time to expose the identities of any of the criminal antifa who regularly riot, assault people, and cause property damage:

    There was a (((mainstream media))) article yesterday about antifa which was almost laudatory – not a single bad word was said about them, and they were portrayed almost as “heroes” for fighting the “evil Nazis.”

    I really worry for the future of America when white patriots are portrayed as criminals, and criminal communists are portrayed as heroes, and given a free pass to do whatever they want. We may be heading for a South African or Bolshevik USSR situation, with the rapidly diminishing white population targeted for genocide. The criminals are running the whole show in America – not good. If I had the money, I think I’d leave this country, because the future for whites here looks very dark.

    You may call me a coward for saying that, but I don’t see how any white resistance movement is going to succeed in today’s totally Zionist-owned America. America is not at all similar to Germany in the 1930s, which was an all-white nation with relatively limited Jewish control. There will probably never be another white leader like Hitler, because the Zionists are monitoring everyone in America and Europe for any signs of such a man, and would assassinate him if he became a real threat to their control.

    And as you’ve pointed out, we white Americans also have very bad karma for helping the Jews terror-bomb and destroy Hitler’s Germany in World War II, killing millions of innocent German civilians in the process. We are already suffering the karmic effects of siding with the real enemy in WWII, and things will only get worse and worse. I see no future for whites in America.

  3. They been doing this to Muslims for years. Looks like racialists and truthers will be in the same category soon.
    Looks like Anglin can quit now. He’s made it clear that white people are haters. Next assignment

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