Trump showed fighting spirit in 2012 letter to Scottish politician denouncing his plan for ugly, dangerous wind turbines off the beautiful Scottish coast

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Salmond is the “First Minister” of Scotland, sort of the governor of Scotland,  very leftist, pro-muslim, pro-migrant and pro-EU — in other words, not REALLY pro-Scottish at all, just divisively ANTI-ENGLISH, and like his SNP, the ”Scottish National Party,” he advocates that Scotland break away from Britain, the United Kingdom.

Here is an article critical of the SNP’s wind-turbine desecration of the eastern Scottish coastline.

I saw huge wind turbines myself in 2007 while giving a speech in  a German village in Hessen called Schwarzenborn.

Myself, the late, great Manfred Roeder, and a Georg Wiesinger. 

These huge turbines utterly destroy the quaint feeling of the countryside by their modern appearance, their massive ”whoosh” sound, and the slightly menacing giant blades.

The hyper-capitalist neo-Germans of today call such an area, rather euphemistically, a ”Windpark.”  They are not just ugly but represent death zones for tens of thousands of innocent and useful birds. The birds get killed by the blades, just as with airplane propellers or spinning jet engines (as in the movie ”Sully.”)

Social nationism means beauty, history, heritage, and, yes, kindness toward animals, count, not just the money.


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