Trump — scream vote fraud NOW if you are for real, not a shill; report: massive Hispanic vote fraud against Trump; Bernie Sanders’ twisted sex fantasies

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The full Nazi-Klan demonization of Trump is on:



Now the lefties are also highlighting his German ancestry:



The problem for the Trumpster is the voters are now 40% wog and 10% whigger ;-). Trump can still win the general election if he gets pro-job, anti-Islamic blax & hispanix (yes, they do exist in large numbers), and the white working class on board.

Actually, I read a whole story out of rich-gay West Hollywood, California — about wealthy homos for Trump. They are terrified of Islam.

ISIS throws a gay off the roof




Uncharismatic snake-oil salesman Ted Cruz of Texas can only mobilize the very dumbest of the Tea Party-Born Agains….. who are only about 25% of the likely voters

Or Trump could go rogue-elephant, third-party — and I mean not just a Trump party but create a new populist party “for American jobs” that would sink the Republicans (who are now just moderate Democrats anyway) for good, just as the Republicans once sank and replaced the Whig Party in the late 1850s.

I remember Mark Potok, fag-jew spokesman of the SPLC, saying once in a radio interview that “if White nationalists stopped race-bashing and focused on jobs for the white working class, they might actually get somewhere.” I bet the SPLC was looking at some sophisticated polling to make him say that.

Worst-case Trump scenario: 1) he refuses to talk about vote fraud, like RP (Ron Paul) in 2008 and 2012;

2) he loses the nomination;

3) he runs third-party, dividing the right as in 1912 and 1992 (Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 and Ross Perot in 1992);

Teddy Roosevelt ran third-party and thus got the Democrat Wilson elected; here with Booker T. Washington


Ross Perot was a billionaire businessman who ran third-party (“Reform Party”) and thus got Clinton elected (with a measily 23% of eligible voters)

Independent candidate Ross Perot, center, answers a question during the second presidential debate at the University of Richmond, Va., Oct. 15, 1992. Republican candidate President George Bush, left, and Democratic candidate Bill Clinton listen. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

4) Hillary being indicted ( I just saw a show saying Michelle Obama esp. loathes Hillary) for many overt, well-known felonies, jew-communist Bernie Sanders gets nominated and elected – a “white” ( = Jew) male who is likable and has a lot of good messages — but is a hard-core, anti-gun, pro-Israel, Jew Marxist, as his 1990s writings reveal, stuff about “killing the bourgeoisie,” etc.

If Trump won’t focus now on vote fraud, then something is w-r-o-n-g.


Then he wants to lose, he wants to go third-party and thus he wants Hillary or Bernie to get in.


….Satanism and the GOP

A Greek-American friend sent me this:

I was looking at the Hillary photo at the bottom of your email with the Republican elephant symbol in the background. Have you noticed how the elephant has been modified in recent years?

Traditionally, the elephant has looked like the one on the left. In recent years, it is depicted more and more like the one on the right.
Do you see the difference? The stars have been turned upside down. What does that mean? It can only mean one thing of course. It is the satanic inversion of the natural order. Turning everything upside down.
Symbolically, the upright star has been used to represent man in an upright position.
Upside down, the star usually represents the satanic Baphomet goat head.
The elephant images above distinguish between “pre 2000” and “post 2000.” It might be more accurate to say “pre 9-11” and “post 9-11.”
I have seen the American flag depicted this way sometimes also.
This one is a dead giveaway.
Could it be related to this?
Or this?
Or this?
Or this?
Symbols are very important to the Illuminati and their control of our dreaming mind. Apparently, they have much more power than we realize.
I don’t know whether there is an actual Devil, Satan, Lucifer etc. But one thing is certain. At the core of this “revolution” that has been at work since the Renaissance through the Protestant Revolution, the Age of Reason, Enlightenment, secular humanism, Communism through today’s Cultural Marxism, has been the plan to overthrow the old traditions of natural order. God, race, country and family had to be destroyed and replaced with the Luciferian New World Order.
It could be said that it is the age-old battle of Lucifer, or Satan, against the natural order of God. This has involved Gnostics, Knights Templars, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and all the secret societies, ultimately dominated by Cabbalism and of course the Eternal Jew, backed by the endless supply of Rothschild banking money and the spell cast on humanity by the Jewish monopoly of Hollywood, TV, news media etc.
I recently read this great quote about the Kennedy Assassination. It was probably from “King Kill 33,”
“But the ultimate purpose of that assassination was not political or economic but sorcerous; for the control of the dreaming mind and the marshaling of its forces is the omnipotent force in this entire scenario of lies, cruelty and degradation.

Something died in the American people on November 22, 1963 – call it idealism, innocence or the quest for moral excellence – and it is this transformation of human beings which is the authentic reason and motive for the Kennedy murder.”

— James Shelby Downard

Around the world, there was a stunned reaction to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States, on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.[1]

The news shocked the nation. Many people wept openly. Many gathered in public places to watch the television coverage. Traffic in some areas came to a halt as the news spread from car to car.[2] Schools across the U.S. dismissed their students early.[3] 

[JdN: I can testify to this. The principal at Rumford Elementary School in East Providence, Rhode Island came on the loudspeaker system into each classroom, and was almost sobbing as he sent us kids all home.]



……Who killed Kennedy? SATANIC, OCCULT JEWS



Wikipedia on Shapiro and NUMEC in Apollo, Armstrong County, Pa.; the war between Israel and John Kennedy


Lyndon Johnson, a secret half-Jew, killed Kennedy so he could become president, allow Israel to steal 600 pounds of uranium from a Pennsylvania nuclear-fuel factory where I lived — and thus give Israel The Bomb!

One of four German-made submarines given to Israel as a “Holocaust” reparation




……Vote fraud in New Hampshire

It happened to me in 1990 when I ran in the Republican primary for US Congress.

Blatant electronic voting-machine fraud, but I had no proof back then, and there was no Internet either in 1990, spreading the truth far and wide about this.


In June-August 1990, de Nugent, using the campaign name “Jack Nugent,” ran in the Republican primary for Congress in the Sixth District of Tennessee, south and east of Nashville, on a pro-white platform. He achieved 26.7 percent of the vote, albeit de Nugent suspects that massive electronic vote fraud denied him an outright victory on primary day, August 10, 1990. (9:58 to 19:02)

A screen shot of the TV results before the fraud was complete; Nugent at 30% in a three-man race (Cochran at 37% and Embry at 33%) 


He received extensive local publicity and references to his race were made by Time and the op-ed page of the New York Times.


WMZ-TV, Nashville, the then largest TV station in Tennessee, seen also in Alabama and Kentucky, broadcast stories constantly about the race. Here anchor Jeff McAtee.




A comrade in New Hampshire just called and told me that his Republican friends SAW Boston, Massachusetts buses full of Hispanics going to Nashua to vote for (presumably) a non-Trump candidates – and he said “probably voting all over the state, and repeatedly” — Boston-area Hispanics!




……Vote fraud is a long-standing issue


Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers to Rig Elections

see link for video

Posted on March 7, 2016 by Matt Agorist

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie– deliberate, contrived and dishonest– but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”


-John F. Kennedy

Truth is insurrection in a

totalitarian society


George Orwell

It is enough that the people know there was an election.

The people who cast the votes

decide nothing.


The people who count the votes

decide everything. –


Joseph Stalin



One thing in US history is consistent throughout every single election cycle — allegations of voter fraud. These allegations, however, are not the ramblings of a kook with tinfoil wrapped around his head, they are substantiated and reach as high as the Supreme Court. Don’t believe it? Ask Al Gore and George W. Bush.

 If you think that the ruling class would leave it up to the voters to decide who gets elected, you should think again. Every single candidate who actually challenges the status quo becomes a target.

This year is one of the worst years ever for voter fraud, as it’s been captured on video — multiple times.

Last month, Hillary Clinton declared herself the winner of the Democratic Party in the much-anticipated Iowa caucuses. Immediately after the ‘victory,’ Clinton went on CNN to bask in her counterfeit fame.

“I am so thrilled,” Clinton told Wolf Blitzer in an interview Tuesday afternoon. “My luck was not that good last time around, and it was wonderful to win the caucus, to have that experience.”

However, fraud was so rampant that a C-SPAN video caught it. Clinton’s ‘victory’ would have nothing to do with ‘luck,’ and her premature declaration of the “razor thin” tie, was no mistake.

When campaign minions aren’t fudging the physical vote count, computers, tasked with tallying the vote, are susceptible to hacking.

In 2006, the documentary Hacking Democracy, exposed Diebold and their role in rigging elections with their electronic voting machines.

[See reference:


Full film:

 Clinton Eugene “Clint” Curtis is an American attorney, computer programmer and ex-employee of NASA and ExxonMobil, who also exposed election hacking.

He is notable chiefly for making a series of whistleblower allegations about his former employer and about Republican Congressman Tom Feeney, including an allegation that in 2000, Feeney and Yang Enterprises requested Curtis’s assistance in a scheme to steal votes by inserting fraudulent code into touch screen voting systems.

Curtis is seen in the video below testifying under oath in front of the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio.

He tells the members how he was hired by Congressman Tom Feeney in 2000 to build a prototype software package that would secretly rig an election to sway the result 51 / 49 to a specified side.

After watching the video, you’ll know why true change is hard to come by.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Follow @MattAgorist

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project.


…..On Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders is a Brooklyn Jew who moved to, and is now a long-term and successful politician in Vermont (full of Jews since 1990– I lived there and specifically in Burlington, where he was once mayor; my daughger Ingrid attended the University of Vermont there). I actually met Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream)

This  supposed “democratic socialist” is a hard-core Marxist, which is why he has not joined the Democrat Party.



Exclusive: Joseph Farah shares evidence Democratic Socialists group now tries to hide

Donald Trump has called Bernie Sanders a “communist” and a “maniac.”



Was he wrong?

You decide.

But before I make the case that he is, consider that in my misguided youth, I would have described myself as a “communist.” I traveled in many of the same circles as the young Bernie Sanders – Students for a Democratic Society, anti-Vietnam War protests, various Marxist organizations.

I stopped calling myself a socialist and a communist a long time ago. But Bernie has never given up the utopian dream.

It began for him when he joined the Young People’s Socialist League while a student at the University of Chicago, from which he graduated in 1964. What was the mission of the Young People’s Socialist League?

It was spelled out in the preamble to its constitution: “The Young People’s Socialist League of America calls upon all young people who are interested in the emancipation of the working class from the chains of wage slavery to join its rank and through it and its associated organizations of the International Socialist Movement, to work for the overthrow of the present capitalist system in all its social and economic ramifications, and for the establishment in its stead of a worldwide socialistic cooperative commonwealth.”

Today Sanders still calls himself a socialist, but he says don’t worry – “I don’t believe the government should take over the grocery store down the street or the means of production.” I guess the next question one should ask a socialist is, “Why not?”

Has Sanders’ definition of socialism changed since he was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League that called for a complete overthrow of the capitalist system to be replaced by “a worldwide socialistic cooperative commonwealth”?

While my views have changed quite a bit since the 1960s, Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to have evolved very much politically.

In 1990, still a socialist, he got elected to Congress in the rural state of Vermont. One of his first actions in Congress was to found the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was partnered with the Democratic Socialists of America. No surprise there, because most Americans have no idea of what the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Socialists of America are really all about.

Way back in 1998, I reported on Bernie Sanders’ little creation.

Back then the Congressional Progressive Caucus shared a website with the DSA. In other words, these two organizations, one government-funded and the other a tax-exempt nonprofit, were of like mind and on the same page politically.

What I found back then was astonishing – even for me.

Experience more of Joseph Farah’s no-nonsense truth-telling in his books, audio and video products, featured in the WND Superstore

On this shared website, that was quickly scrubbed after I exposed it, was a collection of songs I can almost hear Bernie, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and other members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus singing in harmony.

One of my favorites back then – – was “Red Revolution” sung to the tune of “Red, Red Robbin.”

Here are the lyrics for your edification and amusement:

When the Red Revolution
Brings Its Solution
Along, Along

There’ll be no more lootin’
When we start shootin’
That Wall Street throng

Wake up you proletarians
Don’t act like seminarians
Expropriate Barbarians
Build a Workers’ Republic

Exploitation and Degradation
You Won’t Find Here
Surplus Value and Capital Will Disappear

I’m Just a Red again,
Saying what I’ve said again,
When the Red Revolution… da, da, da, da
Brings Its Solution…da, da, da, da, da

Hello? Is this the same Democratic Socialists of America and the Congressional Progressive Caucus that claims not to be communist?

“When we start shootin’ the Wall Street throng”?

How do these people get away with denying they are redder than a robin’s breast while singing songs like this – and printing them on the Internet?

But it gets worse. Here’s another touching old ballad for you to consider, called “Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie,” sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques.”

Are you sleeping, Are you sleeping,
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie,
And when the revolution comes,
We’ll kill you all with knives and guns,
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie

For those not trained in the lingo of communism, the dictionary definition of “bourgeoisie,” is, and I quote: “(in Marxist theory) the class that, in contrast to the proletariat or wage-earning class, is primarily concerned with property values.”

Concerned with property values, are you? Better watch out for Bernie Sanders’ knives and guns. He’s coming to get you.

From my own personal experience, many socialists and communists hide their true objectives. But unlike the Muslim Brotherhood, they have trouble doing it well. The socialists and communists leave a paper trail about what they really believe that is hard to miss – if you look for it.

As one formally trained in such matters, I can tell you it’s still on the Internet despite their attempts to whitewash it!

You’ll also find “The Internationale,” the worldwide anthem of communism and socialism, front and center.

Not to forget that old standard, “Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie, See How They Run,” sung to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”:

Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie,
See how they run,
See how they run

And when the revolution comes,
We’ll kill them all with knives and guns,
Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie

Are you getting the picture? This is the real Democratic Socialists of America and Congressional Progressive Caucus – the one they don’t want you to see.

And Bernie Sanders was the founder – not back in 1964, but in 1991. I didn’t look for this stuff until 1998. And when I reported it, it was coincidentally removed – except for the unforgiving Wayback Machine.

Yet, there’s Bernie Sanders running for president. Nancy Pelosi, another member of these groups, served as speaker of the House until 2011.

Imagine the outcry if there were prominent figures like this belonging to some other extremist “hate group” quietly preaching violent revolution. Is there really any moral distinction between this kind of violent “hate speech” and what we hear from neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan?

The Democratic Socialists’ goal is clear from their own literature. The goal is Communism. Never mind that the history of that system is littered with more death, oppression and destruction than any other “ism.” Never mind that it has been discredited everywhere it has been tried. The DSA believes the right people just haven’t been in charge. They want to try it here – in the United States of America.

The Progressive Caucus and congressional members are a big part of their game plan. The Democratic Socialists actively seek out “celebrities” and Democratic party officials for outreach purposes. They use them to recruit — to achieve mainstream credibility.

And look at how well it is working!

“While it’s certainly true that one can’t build a mass socialist movement simply by recruiting celebrities, they are very important in legitimizing both the organization and the concept of socialism,” explains one DSA organizational document geared toward its youth program that I uncovered years ago. “When you tell someone that Ron Dellums, Barbara Eisenreich, Gloria Steinem, Wimpy Winpisinger and Ed Asner are members,” it helps take the horns off of socialism.

Furthermore, the Democratic Socialists’ chief organizing goal is to work within the Democratic Party.

“Stress our Democratic Party strategy and electoral work,” the same document explains. “The Democratic Party is something the public understands, and association with it takes the edge off. Stressing our Democratic Party work will establish some distance from the radical subculture and help integrate you to the milieu of the young liberals.”

Yet, that radical subculture is alive and well within the Democratic Socialists of America and its affiliate group, the Progressive Caucus of Congress.

Make no mistake. These folks are revolutionaries. They may dress in suit and tie. They may not carry guns and bandoleers. But the Red Army Caucus in Congress is at the vanguard of a Communist movement that has no respect for the U.S. Constitution, individual rights and the freedoms America takes for granted today.

And Bernie Sanders is their leader.

Their rhetoric is a little more sophisticated at times than Stalin’s, but the goals are the same – a dictatorship of the proletariat, that oh, so elusive worker’s paradise, re-education camps … you get the picture.

In one article on the DSA site, a “fundamental restructuring of our socio-economic order” is demanded.

“While the freedoms of democratic capitalism are gains of popular struggle to be cherished, democratic socialists argue that the values of liberal democracy can only be fulfilled when the economy as well as the state is democratically controlled,” the statement continued.

Gee, I can hardly wait. How about you?

OK, granted we’ve survived seven years of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.” But can we take any more?

Now you know the real Bernie Sanders. What are you going to do about it? And please don’t tell me you’re going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

You know what? I think Donald Trump was right: Bernie Sanders is both a communist and a maniac.



[JdN: And a gentile-hating Jew, Farah!]

….Bernie: Whites don’t know how tough it is to be poor and black

Bernie, the cops are just as hard on white working-class people, believe me!



…..Weird Sanders SEX ARTICLES

Please do NOT tell me that because it is in the Enquirer it is not true.

This paper saved my daughter’s life in 1979 when it ran the truth about the anti-nausea drug for pregnant women, Bendectin. (It had already killed 70% of the placenta, however, and Ingrid was born weighing just three pounds, 5.25 ounces, but  otherwise normal, thank God. The week after the Enquirer story, the FDA — “Food and Drug Administration”  — actually banned this toxic drug, whci killed many babies and caused terrible birth defects in others.)

This paper told the truth abut Senator John Edwards’ affair, about O.J. Simpson and his blood-soaked, Bruno Magli murder shoes….

They would have been sued out of existence by now if their weekly attacks on VIPS and bigshots who can afford $550-an-hour attorneys had merely been invented and were libellous.

Anyway, on to the story:


Transcribed for the Google search engine:

[Two published Sanders quotes]

“A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.”

“”A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”



UPSTART Democratic presidentisal candidate Bernie Sanders has been caught in a child-sex probe, a top political source told The National Enquirer.

“Republican operatives and even Hillary Clinton’s own dirt-diggers are furiously probing his perverted past writings, and it could blow up his campaign,” the snitch told The Enquirer.

The 74-year-old Vermont senator, twice-married and the father of a “love child,” penned smutty essays that were published in the early 1970s during a stint as a freelance journalist.

In a 1972 writing that he has called a piece of fiction, Bernie described sick sexual fantasies of men and women.

“A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused,” he wrote. “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously.”

He also wrote that 6-month-old babies should be allowed to romp naked on beaches where they can “see each other’s sexual organs, and maybe even touch them.”

He also confessed a fascination with articles about sexual assaults on kids.

“Do you know why [porn magazines] run the articles like ‘Girl 12 raped by 14 men’ sell so well?” he asks. “To what in us are they appealing?”


And as a Vermont congressman, he opposed 2003 measures that cracked down on pedophiles who travleed overseas to prey on kids, and voted against outlawing some Internet child porn.

“He’s a real sicko,” said the source.




…..Contact and support




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