Trump MIGHT win; Bernie supporters NOT falling for Hillary

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….Liberal who hates Trump says this is nevertheless the year for a rebel to win


Most interesting is this ultra-liberal, latino-looking guy at the very end, who has his own online commentary show.

He says this is a proven year of popular rebellion, that Trump is a rebel, while Hillary is the most ultra-Establishment candidate ever. And so Trump can actually (barely) win.


……Comrade recommends to me a show on how Trump could win

Hi, John.

I have to bring to your attention “Fash the Nation” on TRS.  This show is EXCELLENT.  I’ve listened to the last several shows and the two hosts do a fantastic job.

And the main guy, who goes by “Jazzhands McFeels” has a history in politics in the DC area, and he clearly knows his stuff.

He’s predicting a big win for Trump as long as Trump doesn’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, which has been my gut instinct all along.

BUT these guys give great reasons and analysis.  Please give this episode  [#50] a listen, and if you like, listen to #49.


……Reality tv about Demoncrat convention

Bernie gave Hillary a hug, but his supporters are GONE.  They even put the delegations in the front that Hillary won and the states Bernie won way in the back, because the seats are empty!


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