Trump leading in key polls BUT Electoral College is the decider; Lesbillary body lingo

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They have Trump ahead 42-39.

But as things stand now, Killary seems headed to destroying Trump in the Electoral College, which, under the US Constitution, is the only poll that counts.

All the dark and light blue states are full of wogs & hopeless white libtards, and are trending Killary.



 In 2012 it was similar. Romney basically got just some of the southern and cowboy areas.


Election night at Romney HQ in 2012 — Guess what, GOP? The darkening of America means your party is doomed, as Pat Buchanan has been predicting since 1992, since wogs vote Demoncrat.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Holds Election Night Gathering In Boston

A Romney supporter rubs his head as voting returns are announced at the election night rally for U.S. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Boston



…..German prof. w/excellent prediction record also says Trump will win, BUT…..

His view:
1) the candidate who dominates the primaries of his own party ( = he has very enthusiastic supporters) usually WINS in November. Trump definitely dominated the Republi-cons, whereas Hated Hillary barely squeaked past Bolshevik Bernie to get the Demoncrat nomination (and only via a rigged system, as Wikileaks proved)…..
2) the voters usually want a change of party after two terms  (Kennedy/Johnson-D to Nixon-R; Nixon-R to Carter-D; Carter-D to Reagan-R: Bush I-R to Clinton-D; Clinton-D to Bush-R: Bush-R to Obongo; the only exception since 1968 has been Reagan-R to Bush I, also -R, in 1988)
GREAT cartoon
My demurrer:
But in Trump’s case, beware 1) massive voter fraud, 2) jewsmedia power, 3) more Pussy-gate allegations and 4) gulp, outright assassination.
Leftist antifa Thomas Massimo rushes the stage on Trump in Ohio — and was released the same day though he deserves 10 years imprisonment for “violating a federal security zone” (set up by the Secret Service around presidential candidates)

SLAP ON WRIST FOR TRUMP ASSAULTER! And Demoncrats hope US expatriates defeat Trump and his “fear and hate”

As for voter fraud, it happened to ME in 1990.

….How IMO probably both parties screwed me with the electronic voting machines in 1990

“Titanic” movie opener; my family, military and political background and European sojourns) Tennessee Congressional race 1990 and voting machine fraud (09:40-19:01)

McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville




They literally STOPPED the vote count at 8 pm, and resumed it after IMO fixing the outcome to put me in third place in a three-man race. But they still (in the end) gave me 26.7% as an open white nationalist and not even being from Tennessee, but a Damn Yankee from New England!

Cochran 37%, Embry 33%, Nugent 30% at 11 pm….




…… is down, so why is the WN-owned functioning?


Because while 99.9% of you just sit on your wallet and cannot afford to send even one dollar, being literally starving although definitely overweight  (oh, sorry, that was “soooo insensitive” of me 🙂 ) , I WORK AND HELP PAY FOR IT.

I do audiobooks, I cut lawns (five a week this summer), I translate, I write articles for pay (60 articles for The Barnes Review magazine, including six cover stories), and I also get donations.





Cover stories by John de Nugent:






I also ghost-wrote this book (which was a compilation of four TBR articles), based on half my own research on what Hitler really wanted to do about the jews — and half on that of Ralph Grandinetti, an old Rockwell stormtrooper who spent many hours at the Library of Congress and at the Franklin Roosevelt library in Hyde Park, NY.



All this disproves the infamous Carlos Porter lie that I refuse to work for a living. I have worked steady since my first paper route in 1965.

What is true is that I cannot get a job for the system anymore because I am a notorious white nationalist.


WHITE NATIONIST Biography of John de Nugent

My last decent-paying System job was killed by the ADL in 2000.


My karma IMO is pretty okay after 38 years of constant and often huge sacrifices.

How ’bout yours? 🙂

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Donate? Who, me?



…….Guess who just sent Trump $35? Proof here

Hey, keyboard heroes! I just donated $35 to the Trumpster


Well, I clicked “like” on a Trump FB page!




…….Hillary’s body language tells us all we need to know



Body language expresses 93% of all human communication. The spoken word, in contrast only reveals 7%. This article focuses on Hillary Clinton’s body language and specifically, what it tells us about how and what she thinks.

What Does Body Language Tell Us?

Body language says a lot about who we are and it also reveals what we truly think. If one wants to know if someone is telling the truth, say, in a Presidential debate, turn off the sound simply watch the body language of the candidates. The answer to the truth-telling question will become instantly apparent. Body language is highly revealing and there is no substitute for evaluating a person’s truthfulness and ultimately their character.

The totality of body language includes body movements and gestures (legs, arms, hands, head and torso), posture, muscle tension, eye contact, skin coloring,a person;s respiration and perspiration. Further, the tone of voice, the rapidity of speech as well as pitch of the voice all adds up to proper interpretation of body language.

It is important to realize that body language may vary between individuals and vary from culture to culture. It is therefore essential to verify and confirm the signals that one is seeing by evaluating what is normal for that person.

The 2016 Presidential Campaign

In short, Donald Trump’s body language communicated messages of nervousness with his inability to maintain a consistent posture. This is understandable since Trump is not a politician and the pressure he must have felt, with regard to the three debates, must have been enormous. However, I would like to focus exclusively on the body language of Hillary Clinton because there are messages that are highly revealing regarding her true agenda and her hidden intentions for the American people.

In the following two videos, a body language expert deciphers Clinton’s body language is inauthentic and angry, presumably because Trump is exposing her true agenda and her contempt and disdain for the “deplorables” (i.e. you and me).

Here is what another body language expert says about Clinton’s body language prior to the 2016 campaign. In short, Clinton is a congenital liar.

Whatever Clinton may have wanted to shield from the public by ILLEGALLY using her own email server, she cannot hide the fact that is that she’s now deeply discombobulated, threatened and very, very angry. Look at this picture of her at a 2015 Las Vegas speech immediately after the email scandal surfaced.

Just look at the scowl in the Las Vegas photo. She has been caught committing multiple felonies and she is very angry because Clinton is supposedly made of Teflon.


Hillary Clinton during a town hall meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 18, 2015. REUTERS/David Becker

Clinton’s Contempt for the Average American

There is a pose that Clinton repeatedly exhibits. She assumed this position repeatedly in the third and final debate with Donald Trump. She displays this body positioning over and over.


The American people are “deplorable”.

JdN: Obama, another narcissist, also used to stick his arrogant chin skyward a lot too.

obama-chin-very- high

Clinton repeatedly lifts her chin and looks down her nose. When she previously used the word “deplorables”, she was telling the truth with regard to how Clinton views the average American.


Do you want to know the real Hillary Clinton? Would she send American dissenters to FEMA camps? Would she start World War III on behalf of the bankers? Simply turn down the sound and watch her body language.





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