Trump, after caving in on General Flynn, you are being beaten down; act now, or they will crash this economy and impeach or kill you

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Sound reasoning…

In reality, the forces arrayed against Donald Trump and “making America great again” are GIGANTIC.

THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL! and Trump has to act and now — When conversations of the President of the United States with the Australian and Mexican leaders are instantly leaked, and then a conversation of his National Security Advisor Flynn with the Russians, then Trump’s hostile enemies literally are listening to every conversation the man has.

How can Trump accomplish anything when his political and (((racial))) enemies know absolutely everything, including his personal security arrangements!

BODIES of Trump-hating saboteurs and criminals need to be floating down the Potomac River NOW, and in the past this has literally happened — corpses in the river.

(I served in Marine Corps intelligence, and I had a girlfriend in the 1990s who worked for White House Communications Agency: I also served at the base where the WHCA is located, Anacostia-Bolling Joint Base, located on the east side of the Potomac.)

In a nutshell, the jews are against him… and all the gentile puppets they control:

–the media,

–the Fed,

–the CIA and FBI,

–the military (George, have you ANY idea how many generals and admirals are pedophiles and satanists???),

–the Demoncrats and

–the 75% of the Republican party that is now neo-con and literally wants a war with Russia to ensure that America rules the world for the Jews.



The jews clearly see you as an incredibly dangerous enemy…..

And they see you as even more dangerous even than I was, because Germany even at its height never had the size, power, or protection by two oceans AND a huge navy of the United States of America.


This paragraph from Foreign Affairs magazine (and I thank the comrade who sent me this: shows they are already depicting you as a deranged, megalomanic, tyrannical Hitler type (of the fake, Hollywood version, not the real Hitler) and that they already see right through you; they see you correctly as a clear and mortal threat, and as the sleeper agent (Alex Jones description, but accurate) who you are:

The search for a key to Trump’s mind-boggling and miscellaneous gusher of policy directives has tended to focus on his disturbingly erratic, vindictive, simplistic, narcissistic, insecure, and occasionally delusional personality, due exception being made for those conspiracy theorists who treat him as a kind of Manchurian candidate or sock puppet of the Kremlin. What most observers have been late to recognize is the extent to which, behind his mask as a showman, Trump views himself as a revolutionary insurgent with a mission to dismantle America’s “old regime.”

“What we are witnessing now,” Bannon told the Washington Post, “is the birth of a new political order, and the more frantic a handful of media elites become, the more powerful that new political order becomes itself.”

No man has ever described the jew plan for America better than half-Jewish chess genius Bobby Fischer, who became a heroic truthteller against Jewry, fled to first Japan and then to Iceland, and died suddenly there:

(Wiki) Robert JamesBobbyFischer (March 9, 1943 – January 17, 2008) was an American chess grandmaster and the eleventh World Chess Champion. Many consider him to be the greatest chess player of all time.


Dear George, and the last time we talked you were George,

Huge interest in my Trump-was-Patton FB post: “Oh my goodness – they really do look alike! That is amazing!”

Little white boy tears up at Beethoven’s ”Moonlight Sonata” (4.8 mio views), another likely indication of reincarnation; WHO REALLY THEN IS “JOHN DE NUGENT”? & Trump, the thin reed

…..the last time we communicated was via this article of mine, which Russian media found, highlighted and broadcast TO YOU:

PUTIN uses MY site to WARN TRUMP to AVOID ASSASSINATION by JEWS — Alex Jones, Russia 1 and Putin friend Kiselyov show my website and article

You need to grasp that (((they))) know, grasping reincarnation, who you are and were, a hardcore antisemite, a sleeper agent and America’s greatest general, and the only one whom I feared 1942-45 for the quality of your generalship, not the quantity of your men, tanks and planes, as with Montgomery, Bradley, Eisenhower and Zhukov.


The Jews will crash the economy to destroy you, just as they did with German-descended Republican businessman-president Herbert Hoover.

President Hoover (Huber) with hardcore antisemite and carmaker Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and tiremaker Harvey Firestone


George, you need to do the following as soon as you can, or they will impeach or kill you, then complete the enslaving of America.

You need to do as I did in August 1934 in the Night of the Long Knives.

–Using some plausible national emergency, you must declare martial law

–round up and kill your Jew and gentile-traitor enemies

–abolish the Fed

–and cancel all debt: public, private and corporate, and relaunch and re-industrialize the US economy absolutely debt-free, as the West Germans did in 1948, refusing to pay old bills for panzers blown apart on the battlefields of a lost war

–declare that America was founded as a white nation and while the minorities here now can stay, they must accept living in white-ruled homelands or be expelled. 


……Contact and support

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

—-15 February 2017 cash from C in Montana

–14 February 2017 via Stripe (like PayPal) from M

—-14 February 2017 cash from S in Florida


I have stopped blogging as of this blog until the religion Virtus emerges.

A German comrade and close friend for five years just wrote me he has given up on German women, who are hopelessly brainwashed, but he concedes, many of the men are too, totally immune to the truth and to reality. Between fear of hate-speech, brainwashing and chemtrails, they are zombies.

I said ONLY A RELIGION that enthralls people and captures the imagination and their feelings can save us now, esp. with Trump being bullied by the neocons in both parties, who insist insanely on a war with Russia.

We cannot save the white race as long as it acts like egotistical, treacherous, cowardly, infighting, ungrateful animals.

And the jews have turned us into such animals, just as the Protocols prescribed. In the end, as the Protocols also say, we will be so much at each other’s throats that we will beg the Jews to rule us just to end the infighting (which THEY caused, directly via agents and provocateurs, divide-and-conquer, or by a general spiritual poisoning of the society, which is just as bad).

A woman wrote me this:
 Mr. de Nugent, you are the only one so far who has written about God/Spirituality in the way I believe it to be as well. You are an incredible thinker and hero of the Aryan race. I’ve listened to every video with you in it on YouTube. Your perspective has put me at ease; knowing someone else believes the same. I feel so incredibly drawn to you. You are a marvel.
I feel very isolated on this planet. I really don’t identify with anyone except one best friend who I consider my sister.
I’m so completely disgusted with society. I detest everything modern. I feel incredibly isolated as a traditional minded, white female. I adore real music: classical, Celtic etc while abhorring almost all modern music. I love the gorgeous, intelligent design of our ancestors; the divine architecture and art they created.
Almost no one around me has any notion that our forbears ever existed, it seems. I’d like to find a way to help the masses appreciate their ancestors by making YouTube videos in the near future. 
I also receive visions now and then. I had a beautiful one last weekend. I’d like to share it with you. While I was at the beach this entered my psyche swiftly:
I saw a fair, blonde race, a multitude of people gathered together looking out on what seemed a high vista overlooking a natural body such as an ocean. (I didn’t see what was below.)
They appeared as strong, serene, genetically beautiful, higher beings. They all wore loosely fitted, flowing, white garments: the women in white dresses, the men in more of a toga style it seemed. I also noticed golden ropes on their garments and some had medallions embedded with crystals. I was starstruck when this vision arrived. My heart was expanding to the point of tears. I was so deeply touched by the beauty of what seemed to be Aryans from another realm of divinity. This is the second vision I’ve had of a blonde race. I’ve also had several others of higher places. 
Lastly, I’m terrified of coming back to earth. I absolutely detest it here. I find it incredibly difficult to identify with anyone and I’m called a racist for expressing simple terms.
I’ll send a donation in what I can. I would love to stay updated with your new posts. I hope I can meet you in person one day. I feel very connected to you.
I replied:
Maybe this part is a bit relevant…. *;) winking  Maybe you are a bit too far above our dear earthling friends. *;) winking
Btw, when typing on my smartphone, I said one can learn 30% faster in times like ours, or on a planet like ours, but I meant to type 30X.
In other words, if really so desired, one can evolve more in three years here ………….than in ninety years on a near-perfect planet. There are almost no temptations, crises, or huge challenges to face there. It is easy to do the right thing because everyone else is doing it to your left and to your right. *:) happy
Ugliness, cowardice, selfishness and mediocrity, things that leap out on this planet,  are huge teachers for those seeking to be wise.. things that make us shudder and show us what we do not want to do.
So many kids who grew up in abusive childhoods resolve for this very reason to never smack their kids. So many children of alcoholics will never touch a drop. Donald Trump saw his brother die from the bottle — and he never touches booze. 
The Fred Trump children. Fred, Junior is standing, center, and died of alcoholism at 43.
Freddy Trump circa 1965. He would die in 1981. “I watched him,” his brother Donald said. “And I learned from him.” Trump told People that Freddy had actually told him not to ever start drinking. “He had a profound impact on my life, because you never know where you’re going to end up.  I’ve known so many people that were so strong and so powerful, yet they were unable to stop drinking.”
But higher souls come here also for this reason — to challenge themselves, and to the very max.  
Wonderful people are here to help us, and terrible people to disgust us, and tempt us, and distract us (if we let them), and there are all degrees of good and rotten inbetween. *:) happy
And if there is no dragon, there is no hero, or the sublime heroine. *:) happy
[15.02.2017 12:42:15] John de Nugent: I was at the hardware store, a TruValue store here in Ontonagon
[15.02.2017 12:42:43] John de Nugent: and was thinking how best to proceed with my religious plans
[15.02.2017 12:42:49] John de Nugent: I bought an item
[15.02.2017 12:43:15] John de Nugent: and then the customer behind me, an older, tall gent with a narrow face and blue eyes, probably of Swedish ancestry, brought an item, and smiled at me.
[15.02.2017 12:43:28] John de Nugent: and the clerk called out the tally:
[15.02.2017 12:43:32] John de Nugent: 1488
[15.02.2017 12:43:36] M: Lol
[15.02.2017 12:43:43] John de Nugent: ($14.88)



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