Treblinka troll takes it on the chin from the Rebel of Oz and buddies

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Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls posing in Majdanek on a promotional picture for her Channel 5 Treblinka archeology hoax documentary

“These Holocaust deniers are very slick people. They justify everything they say with facts and figures.” – Newark Star-Ledger of 23 Oct. 1996 (p 15)


On 20 May 2014, I published Eric Hunt’s documentary The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax (2014) in its English original version, and on 25 September 2014 in English with German subtitles, which took John de Nugent and me, both novices to subtitle work, hundreds of hours to produce.



This documentary hit a nerve on both sides of the debate, as 22,000 viewers and 1,400 comments demonstrate. “Could you please go fuck yourself, and then post a video of it? That would be so cool!” mused Papa Wood, apparently not happy with Eric Hunt’s video. His pseudonym gives away why. He must be Jewish. The very well known Jewish obsession with the male organ [JdN = in the Jew-run porn film industry, “wood” refers to an erect penis] is a remnant of the traditional phallus cult of the Ashkenazi Jews which they – superficially at least – abandoned when 1200 years ago converting to Judaism, at a time when they were still known as Khazars, a tribe belonging to Attila’s Mongolian Turk Huns.

Not unexpectedly, the video comments have been very passionate, on both sides of the debate. However the positive comments by far outweighed the negative, which is reflected in the 6:1 ratio of likes versus dislikes. “CSI: Treblinka – another morbid Zionist legend falls apart.” “Everybody knows Khazars are full of shit.” “So, that Caroline bird found fuck all then!  I think it more likely that then 600,000 Jews were thrown into that swimming pool and was eaten by some big fuck off Shark!  (Jew Jaws)   and that shark keeper just happened to be a tiler . . . from Poland!”

A more eloquent commenter stated, “LMFAO, so those that stand by the Soviet-created Holocaust narrative, FINALLY, f*cking FINALLY after decades of sensational wailing, resort to, or at the very least, attempt to resort to, an actual scientific approach. Yet, they still wail and howl their usual morbid absurdities. Copernicus was ridiculed for his breakthroughs. So war Darwin. So was Tesla. So were others. Yet, each rigorously innovative mind who dared to think different is now a legend and their detractors fools. And we know that absurd politically propped up deceptions cannot continue forever.”

Some initial comments resulted in major discussion, with scores or even hundreds of posts. These discussions are still ongoing, in fact, they are becoming livelier each day. In this highly educational article I’m providing an unprejudiced excerpt of the main threads. Please feel free to join in, either underneath this article or in the comment section of the original video. My apologies for the unavoidable length of this article. Please rest assured it’s well worth the read.

Here’s the link again to the original vidoe:

Good and persuasive, tragedy actress or so very stupid and impressionable?

Damian Fowler: Is this girl really such a good and persuasive, tragedy actress…  or so very stupid and impressionable! 🙁

Rebel of Oz: She is Jewish. [You know the joke:] “How do you know that a Jew is lying? His mouth is moving.”


Jack Hackett: Rebel of Oz, great to see you are not a typical racist anti semite with your comments.

Rebel of Oz: Jack Hackett, you make it sound like anti-Semitism was a bad thing. Of course it’s not. It’s an unmistakable sign of good character and solid mental health. What is more, it’s got nothing to do with racism, because Jews are not a race, just like Swiss or Singaporeans are not a race, because they are all comprised of 3 or 4 distinct racial groups, some intermarriage notwithstanding. Yiddish speaking Ashkenazis, 90% of modern Jews, are the descendants of converted ethnic Turk Kkazar Huns and their Germanic rape victims. Ladino speaking Sephardi, 7% of modern Jews, are the descendants of converted ethnic Berbers (Moors) and their Andalusian rape victims. The remaining 3%, the Oriental Jews, are the descendants of Hebrews, the Gipsy-like semi-nomadic tribe that has been tormenting the Mideast for thousands of years, raping and pillaging one town and country after another on instruction of their genocidal war god Yahweh, you know the arsehole that ordered his followers to cut their first born child’s throat and throw it on a fire. Since Jewishness is not defined by race, or religion (more than 50% of Jews are Atheists) or nationality (most Jews live outside Israel), anti-Semitism has nothing to do with racism. Jewishness is probably the most societally harmful pathological disorder known to mankind, closely related to manic-depression and psychopathy. Anti-Semitism is a vital immune response of individuals and whole societies to that dangerous mental disorder. I suggest you watch my videos on The ‘Jewish problem’, its causes and how (not) to fix it and on The Jews, their arsehole war god and supremacist religionfor further enlightenment.

Jack Hackett: Hating an entire people for no reason at all is completely insane! Its not a sign of good mental health. Its a sign of delusion, of mental instability, of a persecution complex. To be honest i think holocaust deniers suffer from some type of Bi Polar disorder. Its got everything to do with racism! How can you say it has not? Your hating a people because they are different either their religion, their culture, their beliefs or just because you believe an insane idea that they are trying to take over the world. I mean thats racism and anti-semitic.  Singapore? Oriental jews being descendants of hebrews? Turk Khazar Huns? Germanic rape victims? What the hell are you talking about? “Jewishness is probably the most societally harmful pathological disorder known to mankind” Are you insane? Mate, your completely off your trolley.

Rebel of Oz: Jack Hackett, you are obviously clueless. There is no such thing as a Jewish people. It’s an invention for the purpose of stealing Palestinian land from its rightful owners. I suggest you read Shlomo Sand’s bestseller on that matter.


Jewishness is a mental disorder, not more and not less. Singapore consists of Chinese, Tamil Indians and Malays in a composition similar to that of Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Oriental Jews. The phallus worshipping Khazars came to Europe in the 5th century A.D. as part of Attila’s horde and – since they couldn’t bring their women along all the way from Mongolia – they ‘sourced’ East Goth girls where they settled, the areas of today’s Hungary, probably after killing everyone else in their villages. After being defeated by the French and again by the Germans, the Huns retreated and settled in the Southern Ukraine and formed the medieval kingdom of Khazaria. The descendants of those rape weddings later converted to Judaism, probably because they felt embarrassed by the traditional Turk phallus cult. They couldn’t convert to either Christianity or Islam because they wanted to do business with both their Arab and Christian neighbours, who were at war with each other. As far as the reasons for having ill feelings towards Jews is concerned, that has nothing to with hating their religion (and it’s really not a religion but a psychopathic plan to either enslave or kill the rest of mankind and establish Jewish world rule), hating a culture (there is no such thing as Jewish culture, it’s a subculture obsessed with the male organ, a remnant of their Turk roots, an obsession with all kinds of sex, the sicker the better, a pathological inability to empathise with other people and a supremacist/genocidal attitude towards non-Jews founded in their bipolar condition ). Those ill feelings are completely sane and a healthy vital immune response to the sickening attitudes and behaviours Jews have been displaying for thousands of years. You guys sound like the typical school-yard bully who is complaining that everyone is picking on him.

Jack Hackett: Stealing Palestinian’s land? Yeah right!  Jewishness is a mental disorder? Malays? Singapore? Tamil Indians? Khazars?  Attila’s horde? East Goth girls? Rape marriages? Huns Germans and France? Southern Ukraine? Khazaria?  What the hell has any of that got to do with the Holocaust?  Your becoming more insane everytime you post.


Rebel of Oz: What is has got to do with the Judeo-Bolshevik narrative of the Holocaust? You accused me of being racist, which is a good thing because that’s what trolls always do when they run out of arguments. I merely explained why ill feelings towards Jews have nothing to do with racism, because Jewishness is neither determined by race, religion or nationality, but by a societally extremely harmful pathological disorder, closely related to manic depression and psychopathy. Anti-Semitism is a perfectly healthy, justified and even vital immune response of a healthy individual and society towards sufferers of that Jewish condition. And yes, stealing Palestinian land is exactly what the Zioscum did. How can a group of people, 97% of which have no ethnic roots to the Mideast, go and dispossess its inhabitants with a bogus claim that this was their land?!






This claim is as ridiculous as if heavily armed Christian Indios from South America invaded Rome, kicked out the locals claiming Rome is theirs because they are Catholics.

Jack Hackett: The Judeo-Bolshevik narrative of the Holocaust? Where do you get this from? The allied troops liberated concentration camps as Dachau, Buchenwald, held the Nuremburg trials that brought top Nazis to justice and condemned those guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. How can you possibly talk about a Judeo-Bolshevik narrative of the holocaust?

Rebel of Oz: The war crimes commission was stacked with Bolshevik Jews. The testimonies against the defendants were mostly from Bolshevik Jews (or coerced through torture and threats to hand over women and daughters to the Russians for gang raping purpose and worse.) For more on that matter, watch the Holocaust related videos on my channel.

Jack Hackett: The war crimes trials stacked with Bolshevik jews? How do you figure that? Oh i got some bad news for you – the Russians were on OUR side during the war. In case you didnt know.  Yep my heart bleeds for those German women raped by the Russians in East Germany after the war. Where is my violin so i can play a sad tune of WHO CARES! Watch the holocaust related videos on your channel? Only if i have a labotomy.

Rebel of Oz: It wasn’t just the Russian delegates to the war crime board who were Bolshevik Jews. On the American and British side, many, if not most, delegates were Bolshevik Jews too. Your psychopathic comments on the suffering of German women from the hands of Russian troops is a good example for WHY the holy hoax was invented in the first place. To “justify” the war crimes committed by Russians, Brits and Americans alike, 18 million Germans murdered in total, mostly civilians, and mostly AFTER the end of “hostilities”, that is the official end of WWII. I suggest you read “Hellstorm” ( to understand the full scope of the atrocities.

Jack Hackett: Now this is insane. Every one at the Nuremburg trials was a Bolshevik jew? And i suppose that they were all in this massive conspiracy against the Nazis were they? Your delusional. You need help.

Rebel of Oz: Yes, indeed, it was a massive conspiracy against National Socialism. Ever seen the big Jew York Times frontpage headline “Judea declares war to Germany” when Hitler got into power?

Jack Hackett: A massive conspiracy against National Socialism? What when the Nazis were busy persecuting and planning to murder the jews? Yeah right. ‘Judea declares war on Germany’ – I’ve heard this rubbish before. There was no such thing as Judea.


Rebel of Oz: “Nazis” is the Jewish pejorative for the National Socialist movement, but if you insist, I can go down to your level and call you a kike from now on. If you have a problem with the term “Judea” don’t’ complain to me. Complain to the Jew York Times, who used the header “Judea declares war to Germany” on their title page, immediately after Hitler seized power in Germany, years before the first alleged persecution, leave alone killing of Jews. If that’s new to you, which wouldn’t surprise me giving your past performance in this thread, google it. As far as your pitiful attempt is concerned to excuse the genocidal Jewish campaign against the noble National Socialist government lead by Adolph Hitler with the debunked Holocaust hoax, you remind me of a rabies infected dog who is chasing his own tail.

Holocaust DidHappen: More disinformation from the neo-Nazi sympathizer. Your timeline is quite a bit off pal. It was in direct response to the progressive pattern of discrimination followed by oppression followed by violence toward Jews that world Jewry sought to put a little pressure on Hitler and his regime by implementing what was nothing more than an economic campaign of boycotts, sanctions, and divestments. But there you are, grabbing ahold of the euphemism “war” as if to imply that world Jewry had, in any way, its own army, its own military, its own means to do battle with the Nazis. What a fool! Obviously the only means available to Jews was this economic pressure. But then again I guess that you thought the Jews should be nice and quiet and docile about everything that was being done to them. Yeah be good little Jews and go right to your slaughter and don’t complain about it. Is that how works in your mind? You reveal more and more of what an ass you are with every post.

Why would you bother to build barracks for people you intend to execute?

Tony Mitchell: Why would you bother to build barracks for people you intend to execute? Better to let them die from exposure and starvation than waste time killing them. The Jewish lies about the Holocaust are sickening.

Rebel of Oz: You are right. That’s exactly how Gen. Eisenhower killed 1.5 million POW, after the end of the war. In fact more Germans, altogether 18 million, were killed after the “end of hostilities” than during World War II. I suggest you read “Hellstorm”, available in print on Amazon, or in PDF on the book section of

Holocaust DidHappen: Why wouldn’t you build barracks for people that you can use for slave labor to help your war effort and to even help you exterminate people? Your question makes no sense whatsoever and it is people like you who’s lies are sickening.

SnedHead 1987: Holocaust DidHappen, why would you bother to have facilities like a hospital, a library, a swimming pool, a movie theatre and allow recreational activities in a death camp? Yet Auschwitz had all those things. Why bother to treat prisoners to excellent medical care and de-louse their clothing with Zyklon B to stop the spread of disease? Do you even believe what you’re saying at this point? I don’t think you do. I think you’re just bitter and angry at the very notion that you might be wrong and that the Holocaust didn’t happen. You come across as desperate and vindictive.

Rebel of Oz: Spot on. Holocaust DidHappen, like most Jews loves to indulge in paranoid manic-depressed victimhood phantasies, because it provides the Jews with a protective shield against justified criticism against the way they are treating the “Goy”, in Palestine and elsewhere. It also provides them with a cash cow they are using ruthlessly and systematically (see Finkelstein’s work on the “Holocaust industry”) to coerce hundreds of billions from Germany, Austria and corporations involved in the German war effort, defending the German people against genocide and enslavement by the Jew-run Soviet Union.

Holocaust DidHappen: Can you ever just stick to a debate without adding in your ridiculous ad hominem attacks? You throw around psychiatric terms is if you actually knew what they meant but you have no clue.” Victimhood fantasies” huh? I suppose you think the Jews, and others who were killed in the Holocaust, had no right to complain – is that it? Suppose you were kidnapped from your house along with the rest of the members of your family, had everything stolen from you, were herded off to a ghetto, then transported for days without food or water to a concentration or death camp, most members of your family killed, you are enslaved, humiliated, beaten, experimented upon, made to witness atrocities that make your hair stand on end, and help out with the killing of your co-religionists or face death, starved, exposed to diseases, and so much more. Yet in your deluded mind there should be no complaining, no remembering, no outrage toward those who try to deny it!The Holocaust has zero to do with Palestine except for the fact that in both cases the goal was to eliminate all of the Jews. Too bad your wish for the Jews in Palestine to be annihilated did not come true. Yeah pal they were the ones that started all the violence – murdering and then massacring innocent, peaceful, unarmed Jews all throughout the country, Jews bought land from Arabs and Turks and came in peace and brought many advantages to the country. Nice that you actually found a self-hating Jew like Finklestein to put his ludicrous spin on the Holocaust.




It might interest you, and him, to know that any reparations that the Jews were paid were only a partial return of all that they had stolen from them – their homes, land, businesses, assets, collectibles, furniture, bank accounts, gold, clothing, vehicles, investments, family heirlooms, and so much more. But yeah, in your mind the Nazis should just be allowed to keep all that booty and pass it on to their heirs like Goebbles did with his family who are now the richest family in Germany and own more than half of the stake in BMW and a chain of supermarkets throughout Germany.

Rebel of Oz: Is it just me or does anyone else have that sneaking suspicion that “Jack Hackler” and “Holocaust Did Happen in Jewlalaland” are the same person. He’s probably using that infamous Hasbara software with which those sneaky buggers can log into dozens of sites they are allocated to with hundreds of different account details, pretending they were different people, and spam them with their Hasbara copy and paste crap.








SnedHead 1987: I was thinking the exact same thing. They both have the exact same mannerisms. Both act like creeps as well

It is futile to discuss the Holocaust with believers

Rebel of Oz: In my experience, it’s futile to discuss the Holocaust with believers, because it’s faith, not facts based “knowledge”. For a cynic like myself, the fact alone that holocaust revisionists are systematically destroyed and imprisoned, and cannot even defend themselves in court by providing evidence for their incriminating claims, is irrefutable proof that the official holocaust narrative MUST be a lie. Anti-holocaust-denial-laws are not a case of protecting historic truth from vicious lies, but the other way round, a case of protecting vicious historic lies from the truth.

Jack Hacket: Standard holocaust denier tactics – accuse the survivors of lying, accuse the allies of torturing the SS officers, use pro-holocaust denier experts, use questionable scientific methods and then when defeated repeat the whole thing again so that those who believe the holocaust happened get sick of repeating it and give up.

Rebel of Oz: There is ample evidence of systematic torture of the defendants (99% of cases) in the so-called war crime tribunals. Crushing the genitals of the defendants was standard operating procedure of their Jewish “interviewers”. So was threatening to hand over their wives and children to the Russians for gang-rape purposes and worse. And what’s your problem with “deniers” citing expert revisionists rather than some idiot who doesn’t have a clue?! And as far as winning or losing a holocaust debate is concerned, I’m confident we can beat any of your orthodox holocaust “scholars”, as are hundreds of other holocaust revisionists. The representative of Holocaust orthodoxy have no leg to stand on. They are the only ones who are being unscientific, by maligning any expert witness and source that doesn’t pass their kosher inquisition as “unscholarly”.

Jack Hacket: That is complete rubbish. Adolf Eichmann interview in Argentina before he was captured, went on and on about the Holocaust. Bragged about it and his role in being more than just a cog in the machine. If Eichmann and Josef Mengele had nothing to hide, why did they flee to South America? Then there are the accounts from top ranking Nazis as Albert Speer who confirms the use of forced labour on Nazi projects and is warned about a concentration camp in ‘upper Silesia’. Albert Speer later acknowledges a speech by Himmler given about the extermination camps. Then there is Rudolf Hoess, the commandant of Auschwitz who was allegedly tortured so much that he then goes on to Nuremburg as a witness for Ernst Kaltenbrunner and tells the world about Auschwitz. Franz Suchomel at Treblinka recorded on tape years after being released from prison telling about what happened at Treblinka death camp. Oskar Groening, former SS guard at Auschwitz, goes on the BBC program and tells the world about what happened there. Former SS doctor at Auschwitz, Hans Munch, revisits Auschwitz in 1993 with an Auschwitz survivor and signs a document confirming the events there.  Former SS commandant at Sobibor, Karl Frenzel met a survivor of Sobibor, Thomas Blatt in 1983 and confirms everything that happened there. And then there is the fact that not one of these SS officers ever denied the holocaust or what happened. Not one of them ever said they knew nothing of what happened there. Need I say more?

Rebel of Oz: Jack Hacket, you’re talking gibberish. ALL evidence provided by the Holyhoax Orthodoxy is based on worthless and nonsensical hearsay or the result of coercion. What is more, in any proper court of law it does NOT matter what “witnesses” or even the defendants claim, if the alleged method of crime couldn’t have possibly used because it can be proven that the suggested methods and tools were unsuitable, not available, or couldn’t have been used. It has been sufficiently proven that NO cyanide gas has been used in the shower rooms allegedly used as gas chambers, only in the disinfection for prisoner uniforms and blankets. It has been sufficiently proven that it is impossible to gas millions of prisoners as alleged with the exhaust fumes of diesel engines. So you can shove your witness statements and “confessions” up your kosher arse.


Jack Hacket: I’m talking gibberish? Or i am talking logic that to you is gibberish?  In a court of law, witness statements are used! How can you say that witness statements do not matter in a court of law? That’s absolutely crazy to say. How has it been sufficiently proven that no cyanide gas chambers were used? Who proved it? Complete rubbish. Wow that’s intelligent – i can stick my witness statements – so i take it you don’t have the IQ to argue intelligently. Why am I not surprised. You just go on being just another dumb ass, ignorant, red neck unintelligent anti-Semite wannabe nazi. It’s your life’s ambition to be a dumb fuck.

Rebel of Oz: If the witness statements are obviously untrue because the claimed method of crime is not suitable, physically not possible or otherwise nonsensical, the witness statement would have to be disregarded. There is nothing “absolutely crazy” about that. Your witness statements and confessions are worthless in a proper court of law, unless it’s stacked with Commie Jews and B’nai B’rith members, which of course would turn them into a kangaroo court, not a proper court of law.

Jack Hacket: The witness statements are untrue? Well that’s funny because they just happen to agree with the SS testimony. Oh wait i suppose the SS were lying too? Physically not possible? What was physically not possible? Putting people on to a train and deporting them? Putting them into a gas chamber and killing them? Burning the bodies? Which part was not physically possible?  The witness statements are worthless in a court of law? Well that’s funny because I have been called into a court of law as an eyewitness to an incident against Police and the court had no problem hearing my testimony? Got you again.

Rebel of Oz: Are you deaf? Witness statements and “confessions” are worthless if the alleged method of crime is not suitable, physically not possible or otherwise nonsensical. Common sense. All it proves is that the witnesses are lying and that the confessions were made under duress, such as crushing testicles and threatening to hand over wife and daughters to Russian troops for gang-rape purposes and bestial murder, the kind of stuff the Americans have been doing for years in Abu Ghraib.

Hellstorm – the Rape of German women by Bolsheviks

Anyone believing that the Americans and Brits were more gentle with the Germans back in 1945 than they have been with the Afghans and Iraqis after 9/11, must be incredibly naive.

Jack Hacket: Are you stupid? Witness statements and confessions are very valid in a court of law. How could you say otherwise? Or wait you’re the great law expert aren’t you?  Confessions under duress? Do you have proof of that? Or don’t they need evidence in a court of law? Crushing testicles? Yeah right. They crushed the testicles so much that SS officers testified to war crimes and their part in them many years after the war had ended. Rape of wives and daughters? Russian Troops? Gang rape and bestial murder? Americans? Abu Ghraib? Brits mistreating Germans? Afghans and Iraqis? You’re losing the plot son.

Rebel of Oz: You are the one who’s lost the plot/debate and is talking nonsense. Witness statements that make impossible claims about the procedure of the crime and testimonies coerced though torture and threats are inadmissible by any self-respecting court, because of the high probability that the entire statement is a lie. Unless it’s a Jew run kangaroo court like Nuremberg, of course. This is regardless of how much time has passed between the date on which the crime supposedly was committed and when the “confession” was made. The fact that 99% of the defendants in the so-called war crime tribunals had been tortured, crushed testicles and all, suggests that these kind of methods were employed later too, as they have been in Abu Ghraib and dozens of CIA torture prisons all over the world.

Jack Hacket: Witness statements that make impossible claims? Well the Nazis didn’t seem to think it was impossible after mass shootings of Jews, and then tests with carbon monoxide to Zyklon B at Auschwitz. Testimonies obtained by coercion? Yep of course you have proof of that including the testimonies given many years after the war. Ninety Nine per cent of Nazis were tortured? Is that a fact? Of course you can prove that. Abu Ghraib? CIA Torture prisons? What the hell are you talking about?

SnedHead 1987: Do you actually have a valid point to make? Because so far, you’re just coming across as a vindictive ignoramus whose become obsessed and desperate to prove the Holocaust happened, even though deep down you know it didn’t, and this makes you angry and in denial. Stop letting your pre-conceived notions and ideas dictate everything you believe. Watch this whole video with an objective mind and if you have a decent point to make, then make one. So far, you’ve made none. When given a clear explanation, you become vindictive and patronising. You’ll try and laugh this off, but your frustration is clear. As for Nazis who still confess to this day that these things happen, these are the same people who receive death threats and would be thrown in prison and probably tortured if they don’t conform. They’re lucky to even be left alive, as most “Nazi war criminals” (anyone who was a Nazi during WW2) is hunted down like a witch.

Rebel of Oz: None of those “gassing trial” claims are true. They are just more Judeo-Bolshevik horror propaganda to entice their own people, partisans and regular troops, to commit atrocities against Germans and “justify” them. It worked. They raped, tortured, slaughtered, worked and starved to death millions of Germans, mostly civilians, women and children included, and POW, mostly after the end of “hostilities”, that is after the end of WWII. Read “Hellstorm”, available as PDF on the online book section of the Rebel Website (

Jack Hacket: Judeo-Bolshevik propaganda?  Raped and tortured millions of Germans? Yeah right.  Read Hellstorm? What for? This is not a discussion about alleged atrocities against the Germans. This is a discussion about the Holocaust in case you did not notice the title of the video.

Dennis Spencer: Jacky boy is obviously unfamiliar with the legal term, “Perjury.”  According to Jacky boy, once testimony is given in court, nobody is allowed to question it.  Yep, he has, in so many words, said so.  You cannot prove someone a liar by disproving their lies.  Well, at least as far as the holyhoax is concerned.

Jack Hacket: It’s good to see that once again you’re not taking things out of context there, Dennis. I think you should go and get a dictionary and look up the term ‘Perjury’ because you cannot even apply it within its context. Comprehension is not your strong point – as proven with your misuse of the Rajchman book.

Dennis Spencer: And you, Jacky boy, should go get a 2nd grade arithmetic book and start learning how to add and subtract.  Then maybe you can start to understand how Wiernik et al. perjured themselves when they claimed that the exhaust from that 38.8 litre diesel engine was piped into a hermetically sealed chamber.

Jack Hacket: Your weird science does not prove anything dennis. You gave T-34 tank engine output data. So what? What does that prove? That conclusions did you make up from that? That the gas chambers could not withstand the tank engine pressure? And you have not proven that at all.  Face it dennis. You still have not proven anything. Just given statistics – copied of wikipedia – and said the gas chambers could not have withstood the air pressure without any evidence or your ‘weird science’ to back it up. And we all know that you copied from either Holocaust denier websites that ran off the Chelmno gas van explosion.  You still have nothing dennis. Absolutely nothing.

SnedHead 1987: Jack Hacket, the burden of proof is on YOU I’m afraid. You are the one claiming that six million people were gassed to death, even though no evidence for such an event exists. What’s YOUR evidence that the Holocaust happened? Prove it. You’re making the claim, so prove it.  Furthermore, you haven’t debunked a single word the guy said. You’ve literally just said “oh well that doesn’t prove anything”. Stop being so childish. It proves that there are serious inconsistencies and lies in the official Holocaust story that cannot be defended.

Jack Hacket: The burden of proof is not on me at all. I am saying the Holocaust did happen. Its accepted historical fact.  The burden of proof is actually on you – you’re saying it did not happen and therefore the accepted historical truth is incorrect.  Whats my evidence that the Holocaust happened? What apart from the Nazi persecution of the jews, the Nazi deportations, the Nazi murders by the einsatzgruppen, the Nazi tests with different chemicals to kill, the Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps, SS testimony, Eyewitness testimony, the physical evidence etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. Stop being childish? And you’re the one denying the Holocaust? Oh that’s rich.

SnedHead 1987: Jack Hacket, stop running from my requests.

Jack Hacket: Your requests? What requests?  Yes i have watched this insane video. What’s your point? The video is so stupid it’s not funny. What part do i disagree with – well the whole lot of it. Lets just take the first several minutes. The video calls the work by Colls and her archaeology team at Treblinka ‘Propaganda’ and says that items found by the team were ‘probably left there by the jews themselves’. What an idiotic thing to say. The documentary attacks films such as Hitler’s hidden death camp Treblinka and other films as Schindler’s list. Thats hardly a scientific approach. If Treblinka was not a death camp, when why did the Nazis build it in the first place? The film does not answer that question.  I could go on and on and on.

Dennis Spencer: You, Jacky boy, are an innumerate fool who lacks the intellectual capacity to comprehend even a cooking recipe let alone any other kind of science.   You have nothing but your feeble little lies, Jacky boy.  You have nothing.

Jack Hacket: Where are your calculations? All you did was quote statistics. Any idiot could have done that. Where was your so-called expert construction calculation? Where was your trigonmetry? Face it dennis. When it comes to maths, your no expert. Quoting statistics is not mathematics and its definetly not trigonometry.  Dennis and his weird science go down in flames again.

Rebel of Oz: Jack Hacket, you’re debating skills are surprisingly low, even for a hasbara troll.


SnedHead 1987: I’m sorry, but nothing of which you have said constitutes evidence or proof of any kind.  The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the person making the claim, not the people questioning the claim. This is a fundamental scientific principle. If you claim that six million people were gassed to death, then you have to provide evidence. You are claiming the existence of an event in which 6 million people were exterminated. That’s a very big claim to make, so therefore you have the burden of proving it, not the people who are merely questioning it, regardless of whether a history book says it happened or not.  (And “Anti-semitism” and “deportations” are not evidence of a Nazi plot to gas six million Jews. Confessions made under coercion of torture are never reliable as evidence. As for the eye witness testimonies, they have been proven unreliable in so many cases and many contradict one another. What’s left? The gas chambers that have already been forensically examined and turned out not to be gas chambers at all? Even the people at the camps admit that they were modified after the war. What’s left after that? Dead bodies? It’s well known that people died from starvation and typhus. Why, out of every single body autopsied, was not a single one shown to have any traces of gas poisoning? Why were there no traces of Zyklon B in any of the so-called chambers, except in fumigation rooms where the de-lousing of clothing took place?  Please provide facts and evidence. Don’t just hide behind phrases like “it’s historical fact” and think you need to provide no evidence. In order for something to be a fact, it must have evidence to back it up. With the Holocaust, all we have are a series of myths, stories and propaganda, much of it Soviet propaganda. We have had to rely on the Soviets for proof of Nazi atrocities, when we now know that they were propaganda artists and liars.  You make the claim, you provide the evidence. You answer the difficult questions. But you can’t, can you? I don’t think you even believe the Holocaust happened, you’re just desperate not to be proven wrong. Being “right” is more important to you than the truth, isn’t it? You lack the moral courage to even open your mind to the possibility that you’re wrong, even though deep down you probably know it. You come across as someone with conflicting views and a strong refusal to give in, regardless of what evidence you are presented with. Because the truth doesn’t matter to you.

Dennis Spencer: Jacky boy goes for a feeble little lie again.  I’ve posted my calculations a half dozen times and you have proven yourself too stupid to comprehend them a half dozen times.  You can’t even understand the difference between trigonometry and basic four function arithmetic, Jacky boy.  To you, it’s just all those number thingies.   You, Jacky boy, are so stupid that you can’t even comprehend the purpose of such calculations, let alone how they were done.


Since you claim that it was all copy/pasted from Wiki, let’s see a link to that Wiki page.  Oh, can’t find it, Jacky boy?  Gee, imagine that.  You should try to come up with some lies that aren’t quite so feeble, Jacky boy.  Well, I suppose that they are just the feeble product of a feeble mind.  Lord, listen to those hyenas.

Jack Hackett: SnedHead 1987, sorry i just read your crazy post from an hour ago.  The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the person making the claim, not the people questioning the claim? You dummy – that would be YOU – you are making the claim that the Holocaust did not happen. Well we know that approximately 6 million were murdered. How do we know this? We know this from Nazi records, from the einsatzgruppen and from the death camps were even SS officers give a much higher account of the number of people murdered than the official estimates. If six million people were not murdered – like holocaust deniers believe – then what about the Nazi records? What about the fact that many jews did not return to their homes after the war? What happened to these people in Poland?  The fact is that holocaust deniers cannot dispute this.

SnedHead 1987: Sorry, but once again, you are the one making the claim, I’m merely the one questioning it. The claim of the extermination of six million Jews had to exist before people could deny that claim. Therefore the burden of proof is on the people who made the original claim. What evidence do you have that the Nazi gassings of 6 million Jews happened? What Nazi records of a proposed plan to exterminate 6 million Jews exist or have ever been found?


Even Holocaust believers widely acknowledge that no records, written or transmitted, exist.  Also, like I told you before, confessions extracted by torture are not reliable as evidence, and never can be.  “People disappeared, where did they go” doesn’t constitute evidence of mass extermination either. Excavate the camps and prove the bodies are buried there. But the Zionists won’t allow that.  Your argument is falling to pieces.  Also, about this documentary we’re watching – I keep asking you to debunk it, but…

Rebel of Oz: Hahaha, Talmudic justice, right? The Goyim is guilty until proven innocent.

Jack Hackett: What is Talmudic justice? Why the anti-semitism? Goyim?

Rebel of Oz: Bloody hell, Jack Hackett. You are even more clueless than I thought. Tell your hasbara officer to send someone who knows what he’s talking about. Not some kindergarten kid.

Jack Hackett: And how did you manage the two brain cells to come up with that?

Rebel of Oz: Excuse me mate, but you’re a wasting your time and do your cause more harm than good. But please go ahead keep exposing to my readers how clueless you are and how you have no leg to stand on.

Jack Hackett: Your readers? Since when did you have ‘readers’?

SnedHead 1987: All the people who will read this exchange.  You’ve been defeated completely. Your argument has been torn to shreds and now, it’s just a contest of ego. You have lost. You don’t even believe the nonsense you are defending. People will read this and realise that those who promote Holocaust mythology are full of nonsense and have absolutely no evidence to back up their claims.

Rebel of Oz: That’s right. Just like there are many clerics who don’t believe a word of the nonsense they are teaching, those orthodox holocultists know deep down that it’s all a lie, but are afraid of what’s gonna happen if too many people find out. I tell you what’s going to happen, Jack Hackett, your 5000 year old pipe dream of Hebrew world domination, is going to collapse like a French souffle and your worst fears caused by Holocaust education induced early childhood traumatisation will come true.

If Treblinka is a lie –why did Stangl, Franz, and all the others put on trial say they “only followed orders”

mrajczyk: If Treblinka is a lie –why did Stangl, Franz, and all the others put on trial say they “only followed orders”, and things like “I did not personally kill any Jew” why of all people didn’t they scream it was all made up? Only the deniers do, because they don’t understand what evidence is—like the guy in the first five minutes here; ” I don’t see any graves” !!!!????!!!!

Jason Hole: The Germans on trial at Nuremberg confessed to such nonsense because they were tortured and had their families threatened. People will say anything under torture or if you threaten their families. Therefore their admission of guilt must be thrown out since torture and threats are illegal in any just court of law.

KentA Mitchell: Stangl was tried in a WestGerman court in 1970- decades after Nuremberg In the late 1950s Eichmann made almost a hundred hours of tapes detailing how he directed the “Final Solution”. Read “Eichmann Before Jerusalem”

Jason Hole: I can listen to many “claims.” What matters is what is logistically possible. And gassing then cremating the amount claimed is not possible. What somebody claims is not evidence. The fact is that there is zero evidence of mass gassing. What the holohoaxers show the public are shower rooms and delousing rooms for clothing which they claimed gassed millions of people. I would love to see a room with an actual working gas chamber. I would then like a plausible explanation as to how all those bodies were disposed of and then shown the bones of those bodies.

mrajczyk: The Germans killed , let freeze, and starve,approx. 2 million Russian POWs in a little over the first year of war (1941-1942) these bodies were not found and returned to the USSR after the war–so according to you it didn’t happen right. Why don’t you people see the simplicity of the facts of several hundred SS confessions from 1945 to the 1970s, 1980s and later , all the trials , all the Jewish and Polish and Russian testimonials, the surviving Einsatzgruppen documents–the fact that 3 million Polish Jews are gone—and whats on the other side ??? Not a single reputable historian, but a few neo-Nazis who have posters of Hiltler in their bedrooms. Or that kid walking through present day Treblinka who says “I see no evidence of mass graves here!! A lot of you folks also doubt the moon landing too, or that the US really flew drones into the WTC. Pitiful.

Jason Hole: Dude, we are talking about gas chambers, not what happened to some Russian POWs. Eyewitness testimony is not reliable, especially when it comes to the Russians. There was no good or bad side. All countries committed atrocities. You know what else the Germans got blamed for? The massacre in the Katyn forest. And now we know that it was a false charge because the Russians have admitted to it. The Nuremberg trials were a kangaroo court. Torturing confessions out of German soldiers and threatening their families is illegal in any just court of law.


Rebel of Oz: Germany under the enlightened government of AH treated its prisoners with the utmost correctness. You got the facts the wrong way round. It was Eisenhower and Stalin who froze, starved and/or worked to death millions of German POW each.

KentA Mitchell: With such people it is vain to argue.

Deaths at Majdanek officially set at 59,000. What happened to the 900,000???

Pa Gromheizer: Deaths at Majdanek officially set at 59,000. What happened to the 900,000??? Yet, the total deaths equal 6,000,000. What gives here?

Dre Zee: And the Auschwitz deaths reduced from 4 million to 1.5 million.  Originally they claimed 1.5 million died at Treblinka too.

Holocaust DidHappen: Several decades ago, Raul Hilberg wrote that the number of deaths at Lublin(Majdanek) was 50,000. So exactly who claimed 900,000? And just so you know, as research emerges and more discoveries are made the numbers can go down at some place but they can also be revised upward in other places.

Dre Zee: Where did they go up? And based on what? More eye witnesses who saw the bodies turned into soap? Or vaporized in open pit wood fires?

Holocaust DidHappen: Researchers at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have just released documentation that astounds even the most informed scholars steeped in the previously known statistics of German atrocities. Here is some of what has now been conclusively discovered: There were more than 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe from 1933 to 1945. There were 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos; 980 concentration camps; 1000 prisoner of war camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm, performing forced abortions, “Germanizing” prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers. The best estimate using current information available is 15 to 20 million people who died or were imprisoned in sites controlled by the Germans throughout the European continent. Simply put, in the words of Hartmut Berghoff, Director of the German Historical Institute in Washington, “The numbers are so much higher than what we originally thought; we knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was, but the actual numbers are unbelievable.” You can stop with the soap crap already. There was some basis in truth for that but it originated with the British and Russians so take your beef up with them.

Dre Zee: The Holocaust Museum is hardly a reliable source for anything on this subject. Germany wasn’t even accused of running an extermination campaign prior to 42. And now that you just went all over the place with numbers and factoids that are completely irrelevant to the narrative. (And not new btw) Yes the soap story was crap. This story dates all the way back to WW1 where it originated. Which even then was acknowledged as crap. Yet was quoted as factual at one point.

Holocaust DidHappen: You questioned me about what estimates of deaths went up over time and I gave you a detailed response. Obviously, as more mass graves are discovered more ghettos and more camps  come to light we see an increase in the scope of Nazi campaign. The Holocaust Museum has a very sophisticated research department and if it were not for these determined scholars then who is it that you suggest would devote their lives to investigating the truth?



If you read their reports you would see painstaking and irrefutable document of all of that they found. So it is anything but unreliable. Any yes, new discoveries are made all the time so there is indeed new information. (such as the discoveries at Sobibor just a couple of months ago). As far as the soap issue. You deniers get a lot of mileage out of that one. A common ploy that you use is to present a lie or absurdity or distortion and then try to opportunistically get across the idea that if such a thing (however small and insignificant) cannot be proven then it somehow casts doubt on the credibility and enormity of the entire holocaust. It is a fallacious way of debating. We know that the Nazi’s did indeed experiment with using human fat to make soap (if you need references I have them). One can understand how some Jews could have believed the story based a number of factors such as misidentifying the initials on the bars of soap and also hearing Nazi’s threaten to turn them into soap just as they threatened to turn them into ashes – and actually did so in millions of cases.

Pa Gromheizer: They are stuck in their own web of lies.   Of his book and its relation to the “orthodox” extermination story, Pressac writes: This study already demonstrates the complete bankruptcy of the traditional [“Holocaust”] history … a history based for the most part on testimonies, assembled according to the need of the moment, truncated to fit an arbitrary truth and sprinkled with a few German documents of uneven value and without any connection with one another. (p. 264) The funny part is that J.C. Pressac was hired to blow up revisionism. Caroline Sturdy Colls is next. Revisionists have her by the short hairs.

Pa Gromheizer: Revisionism gets plenty of mileage out of Jewish lies. There are so many to chose from.  Do you realize that Steven Spielberg video taped 50,000 holo testimonies? 30,000 hit the cutting room floor because they were preposterous  untruths. So sayeth Spielberg himself. Look it up. One day we will know what really happened in the holocaust. Hope you have a lot of beer to cry in. Until that time we will expose every lie we find.

Pa Gromheizer: Dachau also gassed millions. Now they admit the gas chamber was never used. The result? Still six million!  In holo-math(TM) the answer is always 6 million.  Steven Some, Chairman of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, said “These Holocaust deniers are very slick people. They justify everything they say with facts and figures.” (Newark Star-Ledger of 23 Oct. 1996, p15))

Dre Zee: Holocaust DidHappen, has a single solitary autopsied body ever been shown to have been poisoned by Cyanide? Diesel fumes?  The soap story was bullshit in WW1 and admitted to be. It was rehashed in WW2 until once again admitted to be. It is not a fallacious way to debate. At one point it was claimed as FACT. In your words irrefutable fact. And now it isn’t. The same with skin to lampshades and shrunken heads. It proves a pattern of dishonesty from the hoaxers. Every new lie discovered and refuted was once “proven fact”.

I don’t trust any organization who earns its income from being the caretakers of a myth which pays for their existence. Fox and henhouse? Don’t try and claim irrefutable proof to shut down the other side. I just showed you the fallacy of declaring ANYTHING irrefutable.

Holocaust DidHappen: Pa Gromheizer, Gee Pa – would that be the same Pressac who actually started out as a denier and was initially enamoured with the works of Faurisson?  Because he broke with him after he realized how dishonest and manipulative he was. Pressac went on to prove through documents such as work orders, supply requisitions, time sheets, engineering instructions invoices, and completion reports. “All clearly indicate that the gas chambers were to be used for nothing but homicidal gassings” Pressac’s analysis is at once exhaustive and convincing. It is based on primary documents and testimonies, original architectural plans, photographs, drawings, worksheets, and schematics. A particularly powerful analysis is found in Chapter 8 of Part Two, entitled “One proof … one single proof”. Thirty nine criminal traces, beginning at page 429. Pressac’s book is a definitive proof of the use of poison gas to murder Jews at Auschwitz and it is based on primary sources from the Nazis. There is no doubt.

Holocaust DidHappen: Dre Zee, dude, your tired old arguments are all examples of fallaciousness and opportunism. And now the predictable autopsy demand for proof. Of course you already know that every person who was gassed was either immediately cremated as per Nazi policy or they were buried and later dug up and cremated. So to ask for an autopsy is rather disingenuous. Just like the demand for an actual order from Hitler calling for the extermination of the Jews is not to be found and yet we have orders from his underlings detailing what was to done and giving status updates on the extermination of European Jewry. Look up types of fallacies and you will you see a description of the actual fallacies that you use – from cherry picking to false equivalence to furtive fallacy, confirmation bias and more! If the British and Russians reported some exaggerations or falsehoods much of it was said to have been rooted in the desire to get the USA involved in the war or later, to further demonize the Nazi’s (as if that was needed). Most things had some basis in truth. Did it ever occur to you that some Jews truly believed what they were told about the soap story?  Did they not have reason to distrust everything the Nazis said or did?  Was it not true that at  Buchenwald there is a display of artifacts make from Jews?  Dr. Volkhard Knigge, Director of Buchenwald Memorial,  states “we knew about one lampshade made from human skin. We have serious proof that the Nazi’s played with the human skin that this production of souvenirs started.” Knigge said tests two years ago showed the lampshades were made from pigskin. Nevertheless, he said there was an SS doctor who collected tattooed skin from inmates, and often had people killed to add to his collection. The doctor wrote his doctoral dissertation about tattooed skin, but it was not clear why he was so fascinated by the subject, he said. “Sometimes things like this were given as presents,” he said. “There was a macabre souvenir industry in the SS.” April 09, 1995|By Ray Moseley, Chicago Tribune Staff Writer. There is some evidence that at a site near the camp at Stutthof the Nazis may have manufactured soap from human remains. Cakes are on display at the museum there and witnesses have testified that that soap was made at Stutthof from the fat of dead persons. At the war crimes tiral, Simund Mazur, laboratory assistant at the Danzig Anatomic Institute, testifified that the institute conducted experiments in producing soap from human bodies. The professors collected bodies, bones, and human fat in a “laboratory for the fabrication of skeletons, the burning of meat, and unnecessary bones.” The chief, Professor Spanner, gave Mazur the soap recipe” 5 kilos of human fat are mixed with 10 liters of water and 500 or 1,000 grams of caustic soda. All this is boiled twpo or three hours and then cooled. Thje soap floats to the surface while the water and other sediment remain at the bottoim. A bit of salt and sida is added to this mixture. The fresh water is added, and the mixture is again boiled two or three hours. After is has cooled, the mixture is poured into molds. Mazur described the process: “The finished soap then went to Proifessor Spanner, who kept it personally. The work for the production of soap from human bodies has, as far as I know, also interested Hitler’s Government. The Anatomic Institue was visited by the Minister of Education, Rust; the Reichsgesunheitsfuhrer, Doctor Conti; the Gauleiter (party regional leader) of Danzig, Albert Forster; as well as professors from the medical institutes. I used this soap for my personal needs, for toilet and for laundering. For myself I took 4 kilograms of the soap.”

Dre Zee: Holocaust DidHappen, likewise with your fallacious arguments. And the predictable dismissal of the fact that 6 million deaths have absolutely zero physical evidence

Holocaust DidHappen: Dre Zee, sorry but there is simply nothing at all fallacious about my arguments. And I never dismissed that there was no physical evidence of 6 million deaths. Clearly another example  of your fallacies/distortions. Your demand for an autopsy of a gassed victim is ludicrous. Suppose you show me an autopsy of Amelia Earhardt or Jimmy Hoffa or Osama bin Laden to show me how they died. And let me know when you are ready for the mountains of converging evidence that proves the full extent of the “Final Solution.”

Dre Zee: Holocaust DidHappen, “Your demand for an autopsy of a gassed victim is ludicrous” Why? Because you said so?  I think its ludicrous that there were allegedly millions of bodies gassed. Buried in shallow graves (of course after being cremated. Ever get a box full of cremated remains from a modern process? You still get bone fragments). MILLIONS in a SMALL space…And  not a SINGLE piece of evidence remains? Clearly we have different definitions for ludicrous.

Pa Gromheizer: Holocaust DidHappen, yes, Pressac was a revisionist and switched sides. He switched back when he was able to account for 95% of the Zyklon B being used for healthful reasons. Please try to keep up.

David Davidson: Holocaust DidHappen, like Hartmut Berghoff director of the German Historical Institute in Washington (Pmsl) said “but the actual numbers are unbelievable.”

Pa Gromheizer: Dave Davidson, their lying days are numbered.

Holocaust DidHappen: Pa Gromheizer, nah – Pressac never switched back. He  uncovered documents that serve as overwhelming proof. These documents include works orders, supply requisitions, time sheets, engineering instructions, invoices, and completion reports. All clearly indicate that gas chambers were used for nothing but homicidal gassings. The company contracted to design and install the execution chambers was Topf & Sons & most of the documentation comes from reports they submitted to the SS. “The camps themselves–forensic tests have now been conducted demonstrating the homicidal use of both the gas chambers and the crematoria for the express purpose of exterminating large numbers of prisoners.” (Pressac, 1989; Pressac and Van Pelt, 1994). Pressac learned that a growing number of gas chambers were not originally built as homicidal units but were transformed to serve that purpose.. Pressac even found a time sheet in which a civilian worker had written that a room in the Western part of Crematorium IV was a “gasskammer” (gas chamber)

Holocaust DidHappen: Pa Gromheizer, there would be no “drama in Jewish lives” if countries would stop all the discrimination, oppression, pogroms, massacres, expulsions, etc. And contrary to what you might think, the Arab world is beginning to get fed up with Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, and Al Qaeda.  Egypt and Saudi Arabia are probably more aligned with Israel than with these Muslim extremist groups. Saudi Arabia is cooperating with Israel against Iran just as Egypt is cooperating with Israel against Hamas.

Dave Davidson: Holocaust DidHappen, you really do need to get your facts right.I suggest reading …Sobibor:Holocaust Propaganda and Myth by Jurgen Graf,Thomas Kues and Carlo Mattogno.Also Inside the Gas Chambers by Carlo Mattogno.Within those books and many others you will find a wealth of information re who designed and constructed the Aktion Reinhardt Camps.Things such as receipts and organisation all with references to documents etc as opposed to speculation and assumptions.You will discover who designed the crematoria ovens,who constructed them and their real purpose,again with proof and not speculation and assumptions. carlo-mattogno-revisionist

I think it’s safe to say that Carlo Mattogno [] is probably the world’s foremost expert on such matters as he has discovered and continues to search for and study documents etc from government archives in several countries and also is multilingual so is able to read and understand German for example.

Holocaust DidHappen: Dave Davidson, I have read all that nonsense and I find Carlo Mattogno to be a moron. Perhaps he is your hero but he uses the lack of evidence as evidence for his claims. Perhaps both you and he ought to read more books on Holocaust denial to see what really fuels your agenda, to see the proofs, and the refutations of your lame arguments. Pressac did a hell of a lot more research than Mattogno ever did and even though Mattogno try to take him on it never quite pull it off. There is no other purpose for designing and constructing crematoria ovens other than to use them to burn corpses and turn them into ashes.

Dave Davidson: Lets just get two things straight.1) I have no heroes and 2) I have no agenda,unless of course you call seeking truth wherever I look an agenda. I was once like you.I believed in the Holocaust myth despite the many questions and misgivings I had regarding that subject.I read many books on the subject over the last 45 years or so and all of them by the mainstream historians and the so called “eye witnesses/survivors”. It wasn’t until I began to exercise my mind and apply critical thinking to the subject that I eventually saw the light.It was painful at times on learning we have been lied to but then thanks to the computer it is much easier to confirm archival documents etc. As to the last part of your comment re crematoria ovens it is correct.It all comes down to whether you believe the fantastical stories the so called “eye witnesses” give,or,whether you believe the people who’s business it is using the latest technology to cremate corpses. Me, I know who I’d rather believe.

Dre Zee: “There is no other purpose for designing and constructing crematoria ovens other than to use them to burn corpses and turn them into ashes.” That is true on the face of it. And so are incinerators. The difference is that crematoria are designed to ash one body at a time for the purpose of recovering the ashes. Incinerators are just for straight up disposal. Incinerators are cheaper to design, build, operate and maintain. Zyklon-B is designed for fumigation purposes to kill insects. Same issue. Design, build, operate and maintain is expensive and far more complex than say chemical weapons designed specificly to kill people.  I guess the Germans arent quite as smart and efficient as their reputations suggest. They pick the most expensive and inefficient methods to kill and dispose of people. Unlike the Soviet allies who can kill more than twice the number the Germans did with nobody noticing or caring.

Pa Gromheizer: Dre Zee, right. The ovens were nothing more than any oven used in cremations. If the krauts wanted to off the Jews, incinerators would be a better choice. I wish we could post pictures here. I have photos of large store rooms filled with red clay urns.  You might try  A great repository for photos. The ovens were for one body only. More than one body would damage the refractory materials. Keep up the good work, you are trouncing HDH.

Pa Gromheizer: Dave Davidson, good post. The laws of physics were set aside during the holocaust and replaced with liewitness testimony.

Dave Davidson: @Pa Gromheizer.Thanks for the compliment. Logic too has been put aside.Considering that one of the biggest secrets the Germans supposedly had and went to all sorts of trouble to hide was the “Holocaust” but if that were so…how come if you visit Majdanek,lo and behold,it sits in an open field surrounded by a barbed wire fence on the outskirts of Lublin for all to see and eye witnesses and survivors aplenty who say it was a labour camp. Anyway I look forward to the day when sanity will prevail and hopefully it will be in my lifetime.

Dre Zee: David Davidson, another part of the “obviousness” issue has to do with the following. There were British POWs captured at Tobruk who were held at Auschwitz, none of which claimed an extermination campaign going on. The German secret codes were broken by British Intelligence in 42. They were regularly  intercepting transmissions from Auschwitz to Berlin. These were intercepts being sent by Germans without knowledge that the codes were broken. (Sidenote: Hence why the UBoats were being sunk left and right because Doenitz was a very chatty Admiral) They decrypted daily Reports which stated:
• Arrivals during past 24 hours
• Departures during past 24 hours
• Population
• Fatalities through Epidemics and Disease, Those Shot, Those Hanged
And they never reported any communications regarding an extermination program.

Dave Davidson: Correct.There were also approximately 30 labour camps in the Auschwitz/Monowitz complex which was about 22 square miles in total.199,000 people employed at Monowitz and on top of that all the people from the camps.

Fritjof-Meyer-spiegelDre Zee: Dave Davison, I recently read somewhere that some people involved in the accepted narrative are now abandoning the Gas Chambers in the krema claim at Auschwitz. Fritjof Meyer (editor of Der Spiegel) [photo] out of article from AustEuropa titled “The number of Auschwitz victims’ “New insights from new found archival documents …With regard to the crime scene did not happen within the camp Auschwitz. Instead the genocide happened in the two farmhouses outside of the camp, probably.” Another convenient side step to explain lack of evidence. So in essence we are hearing there is new evidence which says the crime happened elsewhere, but we have even less evidence than before that a crime actually happened.

Death by Chrmtrails: Dre Zee, yea mate and we both believe in the tooth fairy .Santa Claus and flying pigs good call mate. need we say more.only Xbox zombies can continue living among BS without smelling it

Dave Davidson: Thanks for the info Dre Zee. I’ll look into that. I do know that the Russians have handed over the Aushwitz Camp Commandant’s handbook with instructions to his staff etc plus a lot of other stuff to a German archive.Will try to find the link and post it for your perusal.Maybe not tonight though as it’s getting near my bed time lol.

Death by Chrmtrails: The plaque at austwitz has been reduced from 4 million to just under 1 million. So where were the other 3 million gassed. ? Perhaps they were put into mincers to make mince pies. Caroline fucking sturdy can’t desocrate the official Jew ash site but can desecrate an official Christian graveyard and rename it a mass-burial site, obviously finding bones that would be there. Just bones, no ash –maybe it blew away in the wind

Nathan Fraser: Holocaust DidHappen, Jews died of typhus and malnutrition….PERIOD! The amount of Jews in Europe before WW2 as well as the one’s who escaped leaves no room for the “6 million”…more realistic figures would be 300’000-500’000 and then when one understand’s the New York Times used the number “6 million Jews” for before WW1..and again during WW1 then the New York Times had a couple of more articles containing the number#”6 million Jews” in great peril and will be soon Massacred!! You Have to as a human being ask: why do Jew’s even really matter in WW2? many times more Gentiles died horrible deaths than Jews, So what gives? But having read your religious literature I now understand because according the the Jewish Rabbis: All the Gentiles in the world, are not worth one Jewish “Fingernail”!! Once one reads the Jewish Oral Torah(Talmud) it gives one a great incite into why the Jews claim they were “persecuted”. When if one thinks about this with any amount of “Logic” you realize the Jews were kicked out of 100’s of different places for displaying the same Ethnocentric rotten behaviour that runs clear through the Talmud!! Oh and that explains the way Jews seem to think it is not a crime when Jew murders a Gentile?…..But when a Gentile murders a Jew…..Death penalty!! How the Talmud can be even be considered a “Religious” book is beyond me…More like the most HARDCORE racial supremacist ideology the world has ever seen!! Makes Hitler look like choir boy!!

Death by Chrmtrails: Nathan Fraser, well called. Kike crap. They have word changed the language to attack this fairy story makes us racist. Because I don’t believe in fairies am I a fairyist? Because I don’t think gay is natural I have a morbid fear of them (a “phobia”). What they do is up to them but I’m not anti- or have a morbid fear. Define holocaust. Stalin’s 10,000,000-plus victims, in his gulags, his own people, killed for his masters, and probably millions more.


Ukraine starved to cannibalism. Native American Indians hundreds of millions. Hundreds of thousands Dresden Cologne fire bombed. 2 Japanese cities nuked. Spanish slaughter of Incas Aztecs . Yet the one with more holes than a woman’s tights is called the Holocaust. I call it the keyhole to the ferooking mess we are in. Even kids at school are waking up to false flags. They are getting just too predictable and most defy laws of logic,science and reason. Tin foil plane wings cutting through reinforced steel columns like butter. Film flight of the phoenix showed them cutting the aluminium wings with sheet metal cutters. Believers are kikes or still wait for the tooth fairy

Szaki: Holocaust DidHappen, LOL! Where’s the list of these 42,000 camps? Another Jewish hoax?  How many staff member and how much food  needed to run 42,000 camps, when Germany needed all the  recources and every able body to fight?

Holocaust DidHappen: Szaki,   THIRTEEN years ago, researchers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum began the grim task of documenting all the ghettos, slave labor sites, concentration camps and killing factories that the Nazis set up throughout Europe. What they have found so far has shocked even scholars steeped in the history of the Holocaust. The researchers have cataloged some 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning German-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany itself, during Hitler’s reign of brutality from 1933 to 1945. The figure is so staggering that even fellow Holocaust scholars had to make sure they had heard it correctly when the lead researchers previewed their findings at an academic forum in late January at the German Historical Institute in Washington. “The numbers are so much higher than what we originally thought,” Hartmut Berghoff, director of the institute, said in an interview after learning of the new data. “We knew before how horrible life in the camps and ghettos was,” he said, “but the numbers are unbelievable.” The documented camps include not only “killing centers” but also thousands of forced labor camps, where prisoners manufactured war supplies; prisoner-of-war camps; sites euphemistically named “care” centers, where pregnant women were forced to have abortions or their babies were killed after birth; and brothels, where women were coerced into having sex with German military personnel. So, in answer to your question suppose you contact the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum where they will probably provide you with such a list.

Death by chrmtrails: Holocaust DidHappen, a troll is a troll is a troll.


You need a lot of fuel to burn 3.6 million

Malc Jow: You need a lot of fuel to burn 3.6 million…where did the fuel come from…??

Dre Zee: Diverted from the war effort. Which is why the Germany lost the war. It never occurred to those stupid Germans to focus on winning the war as opposed to killing everybody you already had locked up in overly elaborate and complex executions and disposal operations.

Chopinrock71: That’s too complicated a question for some people to comprehend.  Funny little questions like “why is it that there is definitive proof the holocaust never happened, through every scientific means possible, yet for some strange reason mentioning the facts can land you in jail or worse depending on where you are at the time you question it?” they aren’t concerned with.

Fictiousarts: Dre Zee, what a load of horseshit. If anything the Germans loved the Jews for going to such extremes to bury their remains, and it makes WWII the cleanliest, most conscientious war ever fought in human history.

Rdbob61: Jew Holocaust = SHAM


Holocaust DidHappen: Goy Holocaust denier = sham

Szaki: Dre Zee, Dude, you are mentally ill! Haha! Saying Germans lost the war, because they used the fuel to burn Jews! Hahahaha!

Dave Davidson: Szaki, what Dre Zee was attempting to do was to say.Do you honestly believe that the Germans would be so stupid to attempt to murder all of Europe’s Jews beginning in 1942 when the tide of war began to turn for them? Do you think that the most technologically brilliant nation in the world would use such means to murder millions of people when they had far more efficient means to do so?

JdN: Bolsheviks, being cheap Jews, shot people cheap by the hundreds of thousands in the forests with one pistol bullet, then dropped the bodies into pits, and bulldozed dirt over them, as at Katyn. No burning of corpses — no big expense.


Redbob61: Well now that you opened your trap it just so happens I do know that a cramatorium must be in excess of 4,000 degrees and takes 3-4 hours to burn a human body 1 not 6 million and that there is bones left over. there would not have been enough time in such small ovens. You people amaze me that don’t look this sh–t up. Facts baby they are all over the internet you can’t defraud like you used to get a life.

Holcocaust DidHappen: What, in your view, would have been a more efficient way for the Nazis to murder all the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, political dissidents, prisoners of war, etc.? Do you propose that they should’ve been all killed on site in full view of their citizenry? Or do you think they would do as they did  -remove them from the population, steal everything they ever had, use them to perform work to help their war effort, and develop the relatively simple and cost-effective means for mass extermination and incineration, and then endeavor to hide all the evidence of their crimes against humanity? Also most concentration camps and death camps were not heavily staffed with Nazis, they used Ukrainians and other people to

Holocaust DidHappen: “The incinerators at Auschwitz were built to cremate nine corpses per hour. There were 46 ovens, and at peak times, fifty-two, which were in operation ten to twelve hour per day. Thus there was a potential possibility of cremating 4,043,520 corpses during the two years the incinerators were operational.” P 65Holocaust Denial by Kenneth Stern According to the Operating Instructions for Coke-Fired Topf Double-Muffle Incineration Furnace that:     “After each incineration, the temperature rises in the furnace. For this reason, care be taken that the internal temperature does not rise above 1100C (white heat)…. This increase in temperature can be avoided by introducing additional fresh air.” (Technique, p.136.) Nizkor Perhaps you ought to look stuff up before you spout out your nonsense.

Szaki: Nizkor a Jew run web site, all BS!

Holocaust DidHappen: For a start,if it had been my intention to murder.exterminate all those people you mentioned and get rid of their corpses and all evidence I wouldn’t do it in the middle of a war that I was losing when the evidence of my crimes would be extremely difficult for me to hide.When every train (which had to be paid for to the Reichsbahn) was required to supply the troops at the front who were doing the actual fighting and taking up a large portion of fighting men to initiate the murders. I would have waited until wars end then did the dirty deed and used a far more efficient means of killing and burning than was supposedly employed.The Germans had for example some of the most poisonous chemicals known to man,eg Phosgene and Sarin.Much much more efficient than Zyklon B. To get rid of the corpses I would have had blast furnaces constructed and got rid of much higher numbers of them than what the Germans were accused of.In that way,there would not have been the need for large numbers of staff to do the job and therefore many less witnesses. The way it was supposedly done would have meant that absolutely thousands and thousands of witnesses would have seen/known of the crime because they would have told their families and friends when on leave etc. To attempt such a crime during wartime would have required enormous numbers of adminstrative and military personnel and would have been extremely costly.Don’t ever forget how clever and meticulious the Germans are and excellent record keepers.It would also have been a very stupid undertaking considering all the above mentioned. The construction of roads and railways within the Soviet Union required huge numbers and was very labour intensive because of the state of Russian roads and the rail guage was different from Western Europe.

Szaki: At Auschwitz, according to Jewish stories and Sovnyet propaganda, Germans just ventilated the Zyklon-B gas, highly flammable, into the air, when the hospital was on the other side of the road and the commandant lived a few block from the gas chambers with his family! LOL! Just look it the aerial maps of Auschwitz I.|||

Holocaust DidHappen: In the middle of the war, the Nazis did not know they were losing and it was in the approximately last third of the war that they stopped with most of the exterminations and started hiding all their evidence. They knew the whereabouts of enemy troops and whenever any started getting too close to any of the camps it only sped up efforts to bomb and burn all the evidence. As the extermination program got underway the Nazis ordered more and more cremation ovens and ones of increasing sophistication.”The incinerators at Auschwitz were built to cremate nine corpses per hour. There were 46 ovens, and at peak times, fifty-two, which were in operation ten to twelve hour per day. Thus there was a potential possibility of cremating 4,043,520 corpses during the two years the incinerators were operational. P 65Holocaust Denial by Kenneth Stern There were absolutely thousands and thousands of witnesses who had seen and known of the crime. People in villages claimed not to know what was going on in the camps but they had to smelled the human flesh and those who didn’t know certainly found out afterward when they were marched through the camps and bore testimony to the atrocities and some were even forced to remove corpses from graves and do other unsavory work, that’s precisely why in Germany you probably have the lowest percentage of Holocaust deniers even though you would think they would want to deny it from the standpoint of wanting to assuage their collective guilt and avoid the expense of reparations. The Nazis made a hell of a lot more money in their extermination program than they ever expended. The amount of booty they got from all the people that they exterminated was easily in the tens of billions of dollars in today’s money. As I mentioned before, they supplanted their workforce with soldiers from other armies and had all the slave labor they could ever ask for. And they knew that many of the Jews who were used for even supervisory positions over the inmates would be brutal to them just to please the Nazis and avoid being killed themselves. As far as the use of Zyklon B rather than another gas there were several reasons for this. One was the fact that there were high level and very valuable  business connections between the Nazis and the manufacturers of Zyklon B. From October 1942, Harley Martin Kilgore chaired the Subcommittee on War Mobilization of the Military Affairs Committee, otherwise known as the Kilgore Committee, that oversaw U.S. mobilization efforts for World War II. One of the more horrifying aspects of I.G.. Farben’s cartel was the invention, production, and distribution of the Zyklon B gas, used in Nazi concentration camps. Zyklon B was pure Prussic acid, a lethal poison produced by I.G.. Farben Leverkusen and sold from the Bayer sales office through Degesch, an independent license holder. Sales of Zyklon B amounted to almost three-quarters of Degesch business; enough gas to kill 200 million humans was produced and sold by I.G.. Farben. The Kilgore Committee report of 1942 makes it clear that the I.G.. Farben directors had precise knowledge of the Nazi concentration camps and the use of I.G.. chemicals.


Dennis Spencer: Holocaust DidHappen, the Topf and Sohne ovens could hold only one (1) body at a time.  If nine (9) bodies were cremated per hour then each cremation would take only 6.5 minutes.  What utter bullshit.  BTW, there weren’t any incinerators at Auschwitz.  Just plain old Topf and Sohne crematoria.

Rdbob61: This guy holohappen is a moron. It takes the newest crematories today almost 4 hours of 4,000 degrees to incinerate a 200 pound person. Jeese he could look it up on the internet these fricking Jews make up so much shit

Dennis Spencer: Rdbob61, Your information on crematories could stand some updating, Bob.  Here is a good place to start.  It gets a bit technical but well worth the read.  Henryk Tauber, an alleged sonderkommando at Auschwitz, describes the operation of a type of oven that never existed at Auschwitz.

Death by chrmtrails: Rdbob61, don’t waste your time with like trolls….those German scientists etc were bloody brilliant .forgot to put extractor fans. Defied science by burning water which the human body is,,,and to cap it all blood is combustable perhaps it can be used instead of petrol for a car. Ask the dip stick why the austwitz plaque has gone from 4 million to less than 1. Just Google the images. 3 million just vanished. Maybe Santa scooped, them all up and put them in s sack the size of 20 football stadiums. 3 million unacounted for but 6 million remain. No evidence whatsoever at treblinka. There’s more proof of fairies.

Holocaust DidHappen: Dennis Spencer, that link is a lousy place to start. Right from the start, as you read Mattogno’s words, you can easily see his lack of objectivity. Under the guise of science and technology he shows a surprising lack of knowledge in each area as he comes to fallacious conclusions, cites discredited sources, and only embarrasses himself.

Dave Davidson: Holocaust DidHappen, it seems to me that you are incapable of using logic. You have stated that in the middle of the war 1942) the Germans were unaware that they were losing it.I believe that the Battle of Stalingrad was the pivotal point in WW2.That was fought from August 1942-February 1943 and a few months afterwards was the Battle of Kursk.I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people familiar with the Battle of Stalingrad would be informed enough and know that one of the huge contributing factors to the German defeat at said battle was lack of food/ordinance and everything which an army requires to effectively keep fighting. One of the reasons the Sixth Army didn’t have the necessary supplies is that Wagner who was the Quarter Master General was of course a traitor and a part of the large group of conspirators who planned on assassinating Hitler.Several high ranking officers were part of that group and went against Hitlers orders which consequently brought defeat upon Germany. It seems that the Germans were not always aware of the whereabouts of the enemy because I believe that the Soviets did battle with German troops at Auschwitz.Auschwitz was a huge complex of approximately thirty labour camps and also the Monowitz Industrial Complex.The area was about twenty square miles. The Germans had a very good idea of the number of Jews in Europe.Why then would they have adopted such a chaotic system of murdering and disposing of the corpses and the vast quantities of ash?Why would they not have had the required number of ovens in place in the first place,considering how meticulous they are as a nation?Why would they have several ways of killing eg:Zyklon B (which was a pesticide and designed for killing pests),diesel fumes in the Aktion Reinhardt camps ( virtually impossible as a means of murdering people but supposedly killed 900,000 at Treblinka alone).I’ve done some calculations and consequently dispute your figures.I worked out a very conservative 52 bodies cremated every hour twenty for two years and I get 908,544.Of course though you need to consider that the human body is mostly made up of water(approx 65%).Also they would not be skeletons but people who would be about as healthy as they were when they boarded the trains.You also need to consider how the ashes were removed and how often because as far as I’m aware,the average human would leave approx six and a half pounds of it. Do you not think that the reason the Germans have the lowest number of Holocaust deniers (your words,not mine) could be something to do with the fact that in Germany it is against the law to deny the Holocaust or even to question it?The penalty is imprisonment or a large fine or both.There are many people in prison for commiting said “crime” There was actually a shortfall in the workforce in Germany at the beginning of the war of about two million people.They would have needed as many people as possible to keep the war machine going and consequently needed to ensure that typhoid was kept at bay as much as it was in their power to do so,which by the way killed many many thousands.That is the reason for crematory ovens and the addition of them as the typhoid epidemic across Europe worsened by the day.

Dennis Spencer: Holocaust DidHappen, gee, Hapless, I bet you say that to all the revisionists.  “Guise of science,” and “lack of knowledge” and “fallacious conclusions” and “discredited sources” and “embarrasses himself”  sounds like stock answers from your little hasbarat laundry list of approved replies.  Notice, folks, how carefully Hapless avoids actually showing Mattogno’s so-called shortcomings.  I’ll bet that Hapless thought that nobody would notice that.  Too bad for you, Hapless, chalk up another fail.

Holocaust DidHappen: Dennis Spencer, LOL – look who’s talking about stock answers! You deniers have answers/excuses for everything: People didn’t die of gas they died of typhus, the Jews own the media so none of this stuff got reported properly, the Nazis did the Jews a favor they gave them work and they fed them and gave them a place to sleep, they just wanted to transfer the Jews not kill them, the reason the Jews were so thin is that the supply lines were being bombed, all Nazis who testified did so under torture or threat of death, blah blah blah I’ve heard them all before. If you want to know more details about Mattogno just ask and I will be happy to oblige. But in the interest of time I don’t.

Dennis Spencer: Holocaust DidHappen, Uh-huh, and you forgot about revisionists calling eyewitnesses like Rajchman and Czarny liars for claiming that they saw blood burning.  Or that revisionists ask for the location of the giant mass graves at Treblinka or to demonstrate how Sergeant Floss’ magic barbeque operated or how that little M&H dragline managed to fit 3,000 corpses into a ca. one (1) cubic yard bucket and lift it.  On and on like why did the alleged gas chamber at Majdanek have windows.  So, let’s hear a little bit about Mattogno, Hapless.  Be specific, not your specious bullshit like, “…uses the lack of evidence as evidence for his claim.”

Szaki: Holocaust DidHappen, Dude, Zyklon-B or HCN boiling point is 26 C degree, at -13.4 C deg HCN is solid. In the cold Polish winter how did they gas people, when HCN don’t gas out till 26 C deg? Not by accident at the delousing chambers heaters were used. Also, I’ve done some calculations long time ago, Jews claim 800 or more people were squeezed into the  Auschwitz gas chamber when it’s physically impossible.

Death by chrmtrails: Dennis Spencer, Denis silly did lol.the dumb Germans fitted the windows to let the gas out poisoning everyone in the area.are these the same scientists who invented ballistic missiles , superior me109 made the spitfire look basic.faster higher altitude.spitfire war saver another propoganda myth. German engineering couldn’t get a gas chamber right.we really are talking fairy story.why do you even talk to the like shitt licker.

Holocaust DidHappen: Szaki, so Zyklon B has a boiling point slightly above room temperature – what does that even mean? When the Zyklon B crystals were poured down the holes and the chutes they emitted gaseous fumes as soon as they came in contact with the atmosphere. Higher temperatures may have sped up the process but weren’t entirely necessary. And in some gas chambers there were indeed heaters and there is a picture of an actual radiator on the wall of one that I can provide a link to. Plus the fact that gassings did not take place outside and when you cram that many people into a gas chamber it is going to get a whole lot warmer in it. You cannot make a claim about how many people will fit in the gas chambers until you know exact.

Szaki: Dave Davidson, I agree !!! Don’t make sense murdering millions of people, not logical! Germans needed living, working, breathing humans to work. That’s why went through all that delousing, cleaning etc… the inmates! Even on the war front Jews were used for the army, digging tranches or what ever needed to be done. When the Russian captured 2 divisions of the Hungarian army at the eastern-front, over 30,000 Hungarian died + 10,000 Jewish laborer were killed by the Soviets.

Szaki: 26 C = 78.8 F , above room temp., below HCN is a liquid. At – 14C it is solid. Zyklon-B was, HCN soaked into wood chips or paper wafers and some stabilizer added, to slow down the reaction, also the gassing out. So how does it gas out in the Polish winter at sub zero temperatures, eh? Don’t tell me room can be heat up in 2-3 minutes, even with all those bodies in there? If every half hour the chamber is ventilated, room has to heat up again. According to Jewish gassing process, in 10-15 min every one was killed and it took half  hour to remove the bodies. LOL!

Dennis Spencer: Szaki, I don’t think that you understand, Szaki.  We’re talking holyhoax here.  First principle of the the holyhoax:  If it happened, it was possible  The holyhoax takes precedence over all such things as the laws of physics, gravity and thermodynamics.  If an eyewitness such as Chil Rajchman says that upwards of 900,000 corpses were cremated with nothing more than a handful of dry twigs then that’s what happened.  Just ask Hapless.  He will even tell you how it was done.

Time 4 A Change: Szaiki, oh come on the whole world knows that us jews burn at lower temperature than your average goyim. Also we are more sensitive Zyklon B than Goyims.

Holocaust DidHappen: Szaki, It is perfectly logical. Do you seriously think the Nazis would keep little children alive or those above 50 years old or the sick, weak, infirmed, etc.? These with the majority of the people that were murdered. In the case of the others, as soon as they started to get weak or sick or were no longer felt to be of use they too were murdered. And not every camp had the need for massive labor force. People were not deloused – clothing and bedding was deloused. And people were kept in extremely unsanitary conditions which is what led to the outbreak of Typhus  and dysentery in the first place.

I just love how deniers are such technical experts! When Zyklon B is canned in crystal form does not react the same way to temperature extremes. The outside temperature has no significance when it comes to the temperature inside a gas chamber. There are even pictures of wall-mounted radiators in some gas chambers and just because the chamber is ventilated and the noxious fumes are removed does not mean that all the heat also is extracted from the room. I fail to see what’s funny about the claim that it takes 10 to 15 minutes to kill everyone and a half an hour to remove the bodies. What is inconsistent or implausible about that? Admit it – you are grasping at straws.

There are no laws of physics, gravity, or thermodynamics that were demonstrated to make any aspect of the Holocaust impossible or even in probable for that matter. Now all of a sudden the layers of dry twigs placed under each layer of corpses was just a “handful.” You see how that little tendency to minimize also fits with your tendency to deny? And why, pray tell, was there no mention of the fire that was used to light the twigs? Seems you left out that little tidbit to – I wonder why? But here you sit at your computer – always ready to desperately try and prove that Jews are all liars when you simply can’t. Or you probably get alerts on your phone every time someone refutes any of your nonsense because you simply have no life whatsoever. Face it, your life is spent in a charade, a lie, a fabrication and that’s real sad. Close you go out into the world, get an education, get a good job, and then maybe you won’t be so jealous of all the successful Jews out there. You have too much time on your hands Denny Denier – and what will you do with your life once Dr. Sturdy-Colls makes her return investigation at Treblinka and finds just what was recently found at Sobibor? The actual gas chambers! Fancy that!

Dennis Spencer: Holocaust DidHappen, Rajchman said that the dry twigs were lit with matches.  In his book, “Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka,” Yitzak Arad claims that Sergeant Floss built some little campfires under the Jew barbeque and lit them with a match.  Wiernik, in his book, “A Year in Treblinka,” didn’t mention any wood or matches at all.  He said that they just piled the cadavers onto the barbeque and set them on fire. Rajchman did say in his book, “Treblinka, a Survivor’s Memory,” that he saw the blood of 250,000 Jews catch on fire and burn for an entire night and the next day.  In a separate incident at Treblinka, Josep Czarny testified under oath that he not only saw blood burning but that there is a chemical in blood that renders it flammable.  Rachel Auerbach wrote in her book that blood was a first rate combustible. Of course, combustible corpses and blood don’t violate any holyhoax physical laws.  Remember, folks, all other physical laws take a back seat to the holyhoax law of, if it happened, it was possible.    PS.  Please explain, in detail, how finding a building’s foundation that does NOT conform to dimensions of the holyhoax narrative prove that it was a gas chamber.  Yeah, like going to a holyhoax propaganda center and having a shyster point to a pile of old shoes and say, “See all the dead Jews?” and everyone is supposed to go, “OMG, look at all the dead Jews.”  Bullshit!  It’s an effing pile of old shoes.  Probably bought at a Goodwill store.  I’ll take your bet on CS-C ever showing back at Treblinka.  The holyhoaxers have gotten all the mileage to be had from CS-C’s Treblinka charade.  CS-C had a GPR and no doubt used it for a complete scan looking for the alleged giant mass graves and came up empty.  Suuure, like she’s going to be back and let herself get pinned down about GPR scans.  She might be back if she and Vad Yashem can come up with a good enough scam to cover the lack of graves but not until then.

Holocaust denial is a criminal offence

Alan Thiercelin: Holocaust denial is a specific criminal offence.In Canada, Holocaust denial can be prosecuted as a hate crime. In 2007, Ernst Zundel has been sentenced to 5 years for Holocaust denial I am proud to be Canadian.

Rebel of Oz: Alan Thierceliln, interesting. You are proud to live in a country that is so subservient to the Kosher Nostra that it expels people like Ernst Zündel who has committed no crime according to Canadian law, merely exercised his freedom of expression which is nobodies’ business, so that he can be thrown into a dungeon in a country where saying anything the Kosher Nostra doesn’t like is illegal? It says a lot about your character and ethics. Let me guess, you would also condone expelling people like Charlie Hebdo to Saudi Arabia so that he can get his head cut off there for offending the prophet, wouldn’t you?!

Holocaust DidHappen: (post deleted, after realising that his argument has been completely defeated by my following remarks)

Rebel of Oz: Fred Leuchter has been shamed and discredited by whom? That’s typical Jewish gibberish spread by the Jew media and the Holocaust industry, and classic ad hominen attack of a lousy debater. Jews do it all the time when confronted with irrefutable facts.

Jack Hackett: Fred Leuchter has been discredited by all holocaust experts because he has no qualifications as a gas chamber expert – and that was recognised  in the David Irving lawsuit. Another holocaust denier bites the dust.

Rebel of Oz: Fred Leuchter had no qualifications as a gas chamber expert? He was the ONLY qualified gas-execution expert inside and outside the US at the time of the Zündel trial. His only qualification missing was the kosher stamp approval by the Wiesenthal Center and he had no endorsement letter by Holocaust pope Elie, the Wiesel, either.

Jack Hackett: Leuchter is a self-described “engineer”, although he has no formal qualification, and gas chamber expert, who claims to have conducted scientific tests at Auschwitz. Birkenau and Majdanek proving that the gas chambers there could not have functioned as homicidal killing units But Leuchter’s findings were false and were discredited at David Irving’s libel case. Leuchter has no credibility.

Rebel of Oz: Jack Hackett, you are a liar.

Jack Hackett: Only a liar? So does that mean you don’t want to talk about the holocaust anymore?

Rebel of Oz: I am not going to waste any more time with you hasbara spam bot. The only reason why I have replied to you until now was because your idiotic statements gave me an opportunity to educate novices to these topics amongst the readers of this commenting section.

Jack Hackett: Oh don’t be like that. Just because I love tormenting holocaust deniers, it doesn’t mean we have to stop talking. Ha ha

Dennis Spencer: Jack Hackett, what you love, you lying little shit, is telling lies.  You tell all your little lies trying to prop up the big lie, the holyhoax.  Biggest fraud and lie in the history of the world so telling lies suits you to a “T” you lying little shit.

Rebel of Oz: Jack Hackett, the reason why trolls like you infest and pollute revisionist discussion boards, blogs and video channels is not simply that you have some pathological urge to make a nuisance out of yourselves, similar to ADHD or autism sufferers, but you are deeply insecure, most likely as the consequence of early childhood traumatisation caused by “holocaust education..


You creeps rely on the manic-depressed beliefs of Judaism and the Holocaust faith as your sole source of self-respect, if not as a source of income. That’s why you are so desperately defending the filthy Judaic creed with its genocidal arsehole war good Yahweh and its modern addition, the “Book of the Jewish Holocaust”.

Dennis Spencer: Jack Hackett, your diesel gas chambers have been debunked, Jacky boy, and your lie doesn’t fly.  Show how the diesel gas chambers worked, Jacky boy.  Don’t forget to use all those number thingies to do it.  Don’t forget that no diesel gas chambers, nobody gassed, buried, exhumed, cremated on magic Jew barbeques and reburied.  Don’t forget to post a link to the Wiki entry you said I copied and pasted, you lying little shit.

Dennis Spencer: The Treblinka diesel gas chambers, along with the magic dragline, the nonexistent mass graves, the magic Jew barbecue, the combustible cadavers and all of Jacky boy’s lies have been debunked.  Now, Jacky boy can’t even come up with any new lies and is down to repeating his old lies.  Nobody gassed, buried, exhumed, cremated on a magic Jew barbeque and reburied, Jacky boy.  Finito.  End of story.  You can’t even come up with any new lies, Jacky boy.  Get over it, loser.

Jack Hackett: Dennis Spencer, the diesel gas chambers have been debunked? By what? Your denial of eyewitness testimony and ss testimony? By your denial of the evidence? By your copy and paste calculations? I don’t think so Dennis.

Dennis Spencer: Jack Hackett, yep, all debunked, Jacky boy.  Debunked by Arnulf Neumaier.  Debunked by Mattogno, Graf and Kues.  Debunked by myself over a half dozen times and you have nothing but some worn out lies.  Too bad, Jacky boy, you lose.  All you have is lies because you’re far too stupid to use any of those number thingies. Now where’s the link to the Wiki entry that you said I copied and pasted, you lying little shit.

Jack Hackett: Dennis Spencer, debunked by holocaust denier ‘experts’? Not likely Dennis.

The biggest reason why people question the holocaust is because it is taboo

Robinsl27: I think the biggest reason why people question the holocaust, is because it is taboo. In some countries you can actually be charged with a crime for questioning it in public. Also some of the lying survivor stories (Herman Rosenblat, Mescha Defonseka, Arnold Friedman, and more)  seem so hard to believe they shouldn’t have been. Also when someone brings up the holocaust (especially if they are a goyim) the first insult you are going to get is ANTISEMITIC, which essentially makes you a pariah depending on what type of career your in.

Rebel of Oz: Robinsl27, the Judeo-Bolshevik narrative MUST be a lie. Why else would they systematically and rabidly destroy anyone questioning it?! And why else won’t the courts allow accused “deniers” defend themselves by providing evidence for their incriminating claims?! And why would they throw their lawyers into prison and debar them for trying to submit such evidence in defence of their clients?! Common sense!!!

Holocaust DidHappen: (post withdrawn by author for obvious reason)

Rebel of Oz: Holocaust DidHappen, hahaha, British court. Britian has been completely jewified for centuries, ever since Sephardic Jews from Amsterdam bankrolled Oliver Cromwells bogus revolution to allow the Jews to return to Britain, so don’t expect any more objectivity from a British court than from a Stalinist show trial. That aside, backflip artist Irving is not exactly an example for a holocaust revisionist who got systematically destroyed. I’m more thinking of people like Prof. Robert Morrison, Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Fredrick Töben, Jürgen Graf and hundreds of others who not only had their careers destroyed but got bankrupted, beaten up, deported and expelled under some flimsy excuse, dragged through witch trials and thrown into dungeons for years. If that doesn’t qualify for “systematically destroying” I wonder – what in your opinion – does.

Dennis Spencer: Hapless is a slimy little Kike who hates free speech and believes that any goyim who “deny” the holyhoax or speak ill of the chosen people should be thrown in prison.  In other words, Reb, you’re just a goy, a specie of cattle and Hapless expects you to feel privileged for the opportunity to kiss his Kike ass.


Jack Hackett: You holocaut deniers are nasty little wannabe nazis arent you? Just because people disagree with your view you call them kikes. Or is that just the racist anti-semitism coming on in place of logical discussion’? There is no need to act like White Trash if you have a valid point.

Dennis Spencer: You don’t understand, Jacky boy.  I take great great pleasure in letting you nasty little lying Kikes know exactly what you are and that there’s lots of people who are likewise aware.

Jack Hackett: Dennis Spencer, little lying kikes? Hey dennis you should teach them some of your ‘trigonometry’ and your ‘calculations’. That will add a new definition to the term BULLSHIT.

Rebel of Oz: Nope, Jack Hackett, we call you kike because you guys are scum. You think you are so high above us that you can treat us in whatever sick way you please or is financially beneficial for you, and you think objecting to your evil ways is some kind of blasphemy.

Jack Hackett: Kikes are scum? Well its better than being uneducated white trash.


Rebel of Oz: Again, you are making false claims pulled out of your kosher arse. I have a double bachelor, a masters degree, speak 5 modern languages, play the piano and the violin, and know more about history, current events and information technology than 99% of the population. And you dirty kike hasbara wanker call me uneducated white trash?!

Rebel of Oz: Of course, kike are scum. How else would you describe a group of people that think they are so high above any person outside their group, that they can treat them in whatever way they fancy or perceive to be beneficial, sexually, financially or politically. Kikes not only believe to have a God-given license to lie (Kol Nidre) but a license to rob, torture, enslave, prostitute, kill, whatever, as long as the victim is a Goy. There is no bigger scum in this world than the kike. If you don’t like the term, then stop using the term “Nazis.”

Jack Hackett: People acting and believing that they are better than everyone else and are racially superior? Wait that sounds like the nazis and holocaust deniers.

Rebel of Oz: Rubbish. National Socialists like Adolph Hitler were the most noble, evolved and conscientious of all political leaders in the 19th and 20th century combined.

In fact Hitler would have deserved the Peace Nobel Prize more than anyone else in the 20th century. Everything we have been told by the Jews and their minions about Hitler and National Socialism was a Kol Nidre inspired lie.


Jack Hackett
: Adolf Hitler was a nutcase. Anyone who has read Mein Kampf or heard Hitler talking and his speeches would instantly know that Hitler was not all there mentally. Hitler would have deserved the Peace Nobel Prize? Yeah right. Why dont you go down to the local RSL on Anzac Day and tell them that. I am sure they would just love to hear your comments (before you do, book a spot at the local morgue and tell them your cause of death was hanging on a Flag pole). Did you really go to university and not TAFE?

Rebel of Oz: Hitler was a nutcase? LMAO. I know why you saying this. Because only “crazy” kike speak the truth, right? People like Atzmon, Kapner, Finkelstein, Shahak, Fischer and Freedman. Hitler spoke the truth and the kike can’t handle it. He was the greatest politician in modern human history.You kike are scum and you know it, but you don’t care, because you are on this egomaniac power trip. You are the crazy ones. You think the world is some kind of monopoly game and you want to own it all. You want to kill and destroy everyone who gets into your evil ways, and enslave and/or prostitute everyone else. Scum!

JdN: AH at Berchtesgaden with a little Bavarian girl,1/4 Jewish, who visited him regularly for years. She was killed in 1943 in an American terror bombing raid on Munich.



150,000 part-Jewish Germans served, some heroically, in WWII in the German Wehrmacht

Hitlers Jewish Soldiers

One Melitta, Countess von Stauffenberg, was half-Jewish and  a top Luftwaffe test pilot.


The Americans shot her down in April 1945 over Bavaria. 


Jack Hackett: Hitler was a nutcase. Anyone who has read the memoirs of Albert Speer, Hitler’s chief architect and later armaments minister, knows that Hitler had completely lost the plot.

Hitler interfered in everything from the plans of the generals to having grandiose dreams of re-building Berlin while Berlin was being bombed by the allies. Hitler lived in a fantasy land. In his final days, Hitler was a raving lunatic. He even blamed the German people for the defeat and said that it would be the ‘inferior’ races who would inherit the world because the German people had failed. Hitler was not a brillant leader. He only got as far as he did because of his brillant speaking abilities. Hitler was only able to invade other countries and get away with it because no one wanted war in 1939. Britain was unprepared for war and gave in at Munich to buy time and prepare for war.  For some one with a double degree, you should be showing a greater depth of knowledge and research that your demonstrating here. I am disappointed. I really thought your arguments would be much more refined.

gitta-sereny-speer-ringen-mit-der-wahrheitRebel of Oz: Albert Speer was a prisoner from 1945 till his death. He allegedly wrote his memoirs while in custody, in other words there is the possibility that his memoirs have been forged or were the result of coercion. Given the bad track record of the Allies in the so-called war crime tribunals, where 99% of prisoners were severely tortured and otherwise coerced to sign fake confessions, plus the appalling recent track record of the Americans in places such as Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib and the even more appalling treatment of Palestinian prisoners by Israhell, there can be little doubt that Speer’s negative comments about Hitler were a hoax.

Jack Hackett: Albert Speer liked to think he was a prisoner – not of the allies – but of Hitler and the Nazis.  Albert Speer was never a prisoner of anyone. He may have served time in Spandau for his use of prisoners of war and slave labor, but Albert Speer was a very intelligent man who knew what he was doing in the Third Reich. Speer was never tortured. If Speer had been tortured he would have written and said so. Speer’s negative comments about Hitler were a hoax? No i dont think that they were. Speer looked to Hitler as a kindred spirit who shared his passion for architecture but that relationship changed when he saw the Third Reich for what it was and Hitler for the madman steering Germany to the Abyss. I dont know what Guantanomo bay or Abu Grahib have anything to do with what we are talking about.

Rebel of Oz: Your remarks get more idiotic with every post. Please keep posting. 🙂


In summary, this excerpt demonstrates that the representatives of the orthodox holocaust narrative have no leg to stand on. Their beliefs are solely founded in the religious belief realm, not the facts and figures realm of rationality.

…..My own comment

Judaism is simply a cult, a psychopathic cult like the thuggees in India, who, until the British wiped them out, had a religion for centuries based on worshipping a demon god, Durga, and the intensely evil pleasure of becoming friendly with, and then murdering, trusting travelers.





As my seminal essay points out, psychopaths are born evil; their brain scans reveal profound differences from a normal brain; and they are cunning sadists who love to befriend, seize and then torture their victim.

Psychopathic brain blue

The Jews descend heavily from, not Abraham, but from neanderthals, Huns, and roaming Near Eastern outlaws called habiru.


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The Jews are shameless parasites, but — to be frank, as I always am — so is any reader who just reads and never financially supports the heroes who are fighting them — risking their freedom and their very lives.

Australia, where the Reble works, is a very lovely, friendly country…….


….but now it has hate-speech laws, thanks to the Jews, and several fine patriots have gotten months or years in prison.

 Dr. Frederick Toeben, Holocaust revisionist, who has been repeatedly jailed and whose passport even was taken away from him so he cannot travel.

The heroic, often imprisoned Australian revisionist Fredrick Toeben in front of the Sydney Opera House
The heroic, often imprisoned Australian revisionist Fredrick Toeben in front of the Sydney Opera House

Brendon O’Connell of Perth did 3.5 years, and had his arm broken in prison, for asking questions about the Israeli takeover of the all Australian phones and the Internet via a Tel Aviv company called Verint.


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