To radio talkshow host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock; Daily Stormer: fun, super for neophytes, but not deep

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British comrade and radio talk-show host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock asked me to be on his show.


I replied:

I would be delighted! Great list of good guests you sent, and I listened to some of several interviews, and would be happy to talk about my bio and what I have done and plan now.

People are simply selfish, and often narcissistic cowards, and you can give them all the info in the world about the Jew World Order and white genocide, and yet they do nothing (well, not true, they may mock, criticize and libel you 😉 ).
And this cowardice, inertia and “sliming” of any activist includes 90% of our “comrades” — including those who are not outright agents who are hired to trash activists.

And your “our-grandfathers-withstood-Nazi-bombs” is just sickening.

Hitler was profoundly committed, over and over and over and over and over, both to friendship and to a military alliance with the British Empire against both American dominance and the Soviet Union, and Hitler letting the Brits go at Dunkirk was the most dramatic proof possible hereof.

The first act of Churchill as PM was to arrest, under the sickening Regulation 18b, all the distinguished Britons who were pointing this truth out — including British war heroes!! — even a top admiral, Sir Barry Domvile, who had run the Royal Naval War College, the pinnacle of honours.

Admiral Sir Barry Domvile

by Bassano, vintage print, 21 December 1932


All the hell Britain is suffering now is from rejecting Adolf Hitler’s endless sincere offers of peace and outright friendship in 1940 and 1941.  And just look up what WWI PM Lloyd George said after his visit to Germany — that Hitler was a GREAT MAN.



Assassin Bogrov; nothing triggered the Jew victory over Russia more than the two bullets he shot at Stolypin, right in front of the Tsar, at the Kiev Opera House. Bogrov was caught, of course, instantly, and was tried, convicted, and hanged (the same month). But he died a hero in his own eyes and in the eyes of his fellow red jews. As an indirect result of his self-sacrifice, the jews six years later took over the largest country on earth, RUSSIA.

DS: jews are cunning and evil, blacks are stupid and violent, etc.

I was reading this back in 1978…..

Day 33 with no donations.


I am now supporting TWO webmasters and am in the sixth week of constant hacking.

I literally have my own live, real-time hacker-jew.


(“How to recognize a Jew? By what he says, writes and does. He always wants a world without borders and a world government. That is the starting point.”)

And when I start writing to the webhost “help desk” and complaining my site is down (error message 522 or 502) or very slow (29 seconds for a link to open!), or my German site gets that way, in that same moment the sabotage stops.

Then it resumes 20 minutes later. 😉

This has been going on for weeks.

And btw, this nonsense usually stops about 8 pm Israeli time, when I guess the day-shift hackers go home for matzoh balls and gefilte fish. 😉

I will end with two Jewish jokes for my constant companions:


What is the Jewish idea of foreplay?

Two hours of begging.


How can you tell when a Jewish wife has “come”?

She drops her nail file.

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