To patriotards and Cucks whining after Charlottesville

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Demonstrating with three NS comrades on my campus, in front of my professors and fellow students, to denounce my supposedly Catholic university, Georgetown, for the student council recognizing a militant homosexual group and banning pro-lifers!




Dorks on my timeline screaming hysterically at how we “Nazis” made u look bad in Charlottesville.. No, the media, J-Team, and the Cuckpublican party did. They hate you real Confederates just fine already, with or without us.

And they stomp with contempt on you whining Cuck-federates. At least they FEAR us! We are like the Marines, “A CULT THAT WORKS.” And the Day of the NS Bad-Asses is coming.

I remember NS demonstrations I did in full stormtrooper uniform in 1978-79, and the cops and public looked at the Klan, who was also there, with just a sneer on their face. (This is not to bash the KKK, just saying the media depicts the modern Klan as being toothless, overweight, trailer-park types.)

But when we showed up with those brown shirts, black boots, black ties, black pants and white motorcycle helmets — and that blood-red swastika armband most of all — believe me, you could see the fear on everyone’s face.

The whole Holocaust/gas chamber/SS/goose-stepping/Nuremberg Rally imagery had sunk in via a hundred movies, and people viewed us as killers who were absolutely ready to get it on.

We often pounded out four times our number in Reds.

It was a huge psychological factor in our FAVOR to be “open Nazis.”

The day will come when ragtag white fighters are cornered and in despair, and women are crying, and then the shout goes around:

The Nazis are coming

And a huge cheer will burst from every throat and mothers will dry their children’s tears.




  1. Here’s another Alt-Right crypto-Jew (Christopher Cantwell), whom I’d never heard of before today, playing his assigned PSYOP role as “scared white nationalist pussy” in the wake of Charlottesville.

    In a previous version of this article, it stated at the end that the local police confirmed that there was no warrant for his arrest, so he’s flat-out lying. Just look at this Jewish clown with his fake crying and sniffling – he reminds me of Glenn Beck with his fake tears:

    This is why I don’t get involved in any of this WN stuff, other than as an observer – the Jews are running all of it, to smoke out any real opposition to their control. Just as Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.”

  2. Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Charlottesville rally, voted for Obama in 2008:

    Article about Jason Kessler in Jewish newspaper “The Forward” states that he dumped his Jewish girlfriend, not because she was Jewish, but because she “wasn’t liberal enough.” Then, like the “ex”-leftist Andrew Anglin, Kessler suddenly became a “white supremacist” in the space of a year:

    Kessler is an Ashkenazi Jewish surname:

    “PATRONYMICS (son of …)

    In Yiddish or German, “son” would be denoted by “son” or “sohn” or “er.” In most Slavic languages, like Polish or Russian, it would be “wich” or “witz.”

    For example: The son of Mendel took the last name Mendelsohn; the son of Abraham became Abramson or Avromovitch; the son of Menashe became Manishewitz; the son of Itzhak became Itskowitz; the son of Berl took the name Berliner; the son of Kesl took the name Kessler, etc.”

    Do we need any more proof that the Charlottesville rally was a Jewish-organized PSYOP designed to demonize white people and label any future attempts at white nationalism as “domestic terrorism?”

    Andrew Anglin fully supported and promoted this Jewish PSYOP on the Daily Stormer, along with his friend, the Jewish “Weev” (Andrew Aurenheimer) and the unfunny Jewish Borat-wannabe comedian going by “Sam Hyde.” Then, they made it worse by supporting the Jewish terrorist James Alex Fields, Jr., who drove his car into the crowd, and then mocked the dead antifa woman Heather Heyer. This “ex”-leftist punk Anglin and his Jewish comrades have dealt a death blow to any possible white nationalist movement in America. Good job, assholes – enjoy your shekels!

    Here’s an apparently recent webcam photo of Anglin from an antifa site, and WTF are those purplish spots on his face? Kaposi’s sarcoma (AIDS)? Maybe this explains his hatred of white women? DS also strangely posted many, many articles about AIDS, with the main theme being that you can only get AIDS from homosexual anal sex, called GRIDS by Anglin. There was also a frequent poster on Daily Stormer who went by the handle “IHaveHerpes” – possibly Anglin himself?:

    Kaposi’s sarcoma (AIDS) on face:

    The homepage this morning was filled with articles describing how nearly every WN who attended the Charlottesville rally has been “doxxed” (identified), fired from their jobs, shunned by family and friends, etc., etc. A real tragedy for anyone foolish enough to have taken Kessler and Anglin’s bait. Here’s just three examples:

    Yet, strangely, Anglin and “Weev” (Andrew Aurenheimer) remain untouchable, and “no one knows where they are.” Right. As I said earlier, they are being protected by their ADL paymasters, who also run the honeypot site. “Incogman” himself, a Jewish closet homosexual who once propositioned an openly Jewish homosexual on the Web, was at the Charlottesville event, walking around filming it with a cellphone camera. He was also clearly being filmed by numerous leftists with their cameras, yet he strangely hasn’t being “doxxed,” despite running, a totally “racist” and “homophobic” website that leftists should be eager to “doxx” him for. Like Anglin and “Weev,” “Incogman” is being protected by his ADL handlers – all those leftist cameras filmed him, yet we still don’t know who he is, while many naive young white men’s lives have been ruined by Charlottesville:

    DS is currently back up on the “normie Web” at:

    ..but they haven’t bothered to update the site recently, probably because few people even know they are there. Anglin and “Weev” will probably build the site back up, then promote another Jewish-organized false-flag terrorist PSYOP event further down the road, to ruin more young white men’s lives. It makes me angry that more people can’t see through this Jewish bullshit.

    • Hmmmmm….. Scientific proof is NOT there that Kessler is a jew. Are you not familiar with the scientific method?

      Many Kesslers are not Jews, just Germans.

      And many German-Americans are libtards and leftists. Wisconsin and Minnesota are full of them, descendants of the 1848ers.

      In the UP we have many Black Finns (dark-haired Finns) who are also leftists. Are they Jews because they have dark hair and vote left?

      Many communists and socialists joined Hitler’s NSDAP. They had a change of heart. Maybe Kessler did too.

      What is the proof Auernheimer is a Jew, besides being short? His misogyny does not prove anything, except he reads Anglin.

      Still, you may well be onto something. But please do not sling around the sacred word “proof.” I do have a science degree. 😉

  3. Jason Kessler is Jewish:

    Jason Kessler’s Facebook post:

    “I am a jew I understand what your saying,but i am a jew ov a different kind i am atheist because I’ve spoken to Holocaust survivors ,it happened but where was god ? Thats why I’m atheist.”:

    Andrew Auernheimer (Weev) is Jewish:

    Weev’s post:

    “”With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people.” –Adolf Hitler

    As an ethnic Jew of Bavarian origins that is a reasonably adequate summary of my night moves.”

    There you have it, in their own words – both have admitted online that they’re Jewish. What more proof do you need? A DNA test?

    • It is important not to let the toxic, hate-filled ego get involved, Osiris, and in the urge to “be right” (as Eckhart Tolle points out, which is an ego thing, not a passion for the truth) take things possibly suggestive of a Jewish identity to be proof thereof, and then claim or just imply that everyone who is part-Jewish is an agent.

      The charge of being an agent is a very grave one. Spies are SHOT in time of war.

      While it is considered honorable to be a soldier and fight, bleed and die in the uniform of your cause or country for your beliefs, it is universally viewed as heinous to pretend to be a friend and comrade and in reality be an enemy. That is BETRAYAL.

      Let me use an absurd example. Are you going to write me an exposé that Mordechai Vanunu is a Jew? 😉

      Clearly he is, racially, although he has converted openly to Christianity. And Gilad Atzmon is a racial Jew, too, just as was Jack Rosenberg. But they just as clearly turned against Judaism and suffered dearly for it — Vanunu with 12 years in solitary, and Rosenberg with being murdered.

      If you wish to see further comments approved on my website, please keep ever in your mind that true agents and vicious egomaniacs defame me daily as being a horrible person, with both outright lies and twistings of the facts, and so I am especially allergic to wild and/or specious, unsupported accusations for that reason. I am the wrong person to publish as fact what is at this point a surmise, a speculation, a maybe.

      Now, as for Kessler, one, there are many Kesslers out there, and there is a Kessler couple outside my little gentile town, and he seems to be of German blood, and not a Jew. There seem to be exactly two Jews in this county of 5,000, and they look it.

      And this under-40 generation is also full to overflowing of young men named Jason…..Jasons and also Joshes out the wazoo 😉 .

      Now a magnification of the Facebook post from September 2016 of a Jason Kessler shows this man, who seems to be middle-aged, with sagging throat flesh, and possibly with gray hair.

      Is this really even the same Jason Kessler as the Charlottesville organizer?

      Ask yourself if your ego is being triggered by my merely asking the question. 😉 Are you going to now call me a Jew in retaliation? Read Carlos Porter’s lies and half-truths with foam coming out your mouth?

      “John de Nugent is a Jew, because all Aryans are six-foot-two!”

      I simply will never, ever defame an activist over unsupported allegations. The fact that Charlottesville has led to even more Confederate statues being taken down seems due to the James Fields car incident, and I do suspect that James Fields, whose mother’s apparent maiden name is Bloom, is an MK-ULTRA, just as I also see Dylann Storm Roof as being one, but I neither know nor claim as a fact that Roof and Fields are such.

      As for Auernheimer, based on his appearance and actions, and his constant lying/fibbing, which a journalist noted, yes, I do suspect that he is part-Jewish by at least his DNA. But when she said he was a Bavarian Jew, that may be like Charlie Sheen saying his mother was Jewish after he was accused of antisemitism….a throw-away claim meant entirely to shield him and his Hollywood career from blacklisting.

      But he may be very sincerely anti-Jewish as well, as are Vanunu and Atzmon, or for that matter, Ernst Zündel, who never denied, if confronted about it, that he was part-Jewish, and in fact he looked it in the nose and short stature, and he had a certain swagger, financial acumen and also PR genius that one can find in Jews.

      But who on earth would deny that the Jews put Ernst through hell and he hated, exposed and fought them?

      Now onto Anglin and Kaposi’s Syndrome:

      I see no Kaposi’s, just two squeezed-out pimples. Why would Anglin not be feeling stress after his huge website, his baby, and his livelihood, were shut down for days, and with him also facing at least one dangerous lawsuit, the one from the Montana Jewess?

      Look at these pictures. Am I now a “nigger-lover”? Am I funded by BLM? One could use anything to prove anything if malevolent enough. This is exactly what Porter does, both lie and also twist the truth around into something sinister.

      This generation is full of hate-filled online trolls who attack everyone and everything, including me. It is a grave karmic and spiritual sin to accuse someone of treason without proof and trash their honor to others. Yes, we can and must raise questions. This movement is being infiltrated. No one knows this more than I do, or has been more a victim of it.


  4. Point taken about the magnification of that Jason Kessler photo – it doesn’t look like the same guy. And I never knew that the late Ernst Zundel was part-Jewish, so that’s news to me.
    As for Weev, though, I remain deeply suspicious of him and Anglin, whether Weev is Jewish or not, which I’m sure he is, since he said so on his dating profile, which he probably thought would never be seen by any WNs. He wrote it for any women on that site viewing his profile, so it’s highly unlikely that he wrote it to shield his “career” as you suggested.
    Anglin and Weev’s words and actions are not those of honorable white men. Did you know that Anglin wrote in a recent DS article that he hoped to one day “piss on the grave of Heather Heyer”? Or that Weev threatened to have skinheads disrupt her funeral, which caused her family to cancel it? What type of person does such things? Those are not the words and actions of honorable white men, but rather of Jewish-controlled agent provocateurs, trying hard to demonize all those holding white nationalist views.
    Also, the fact that Anglin has read and highly recommended the leftist/anarchist Bible, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” is telling. Anglin claims that he’s just using their tactics against them, but why would any supposed WN even want to read such communist garbage? Clearly, Anglin’s “radical” tactics have done more damage to the WN movement’s public image than anyone in recent history, and I’m sure that was his and Weev’s intention all along.

    • I hear you and am worried too, comrade. but one could also explain all this as just typical, very dismaying Troll Generation behavior…… As a Boomer (the last normal generation), I find this stuff just appalling.

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