ENGLISH To One People's Project

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The mudleft One People’s Project is boasting of its bullying and destruction of free speech and harassment of white people in their own country.

Lately, they have been bragging of their successful harassment of Jared Taylor and his planned and now cancelled ninth American Renaissance conference.

Darryl Lamont Jenkins, obese homosexual negro, at Ron Paul rally 2007 -- being watched by Keystone State skinheads very closely, albeit without enjoyment 😉

The “leader” of these Hollywood-fascist, Hollywood-nazi psychopaths (likely financed by rich Philadelpha, New Jersey or New York juze) is the obese negro Darryl Lamont Jenkins.

As in Europe, with its Hollywood-fascist left, their entire message is WHITE PEOPLE HAVE NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This motley crew of black, hispanic, juish, homosexual and white psychopaths (always with a sad portion of Irish-Americans, ever pathologically ready to attack any “oppressor” and defend any underdog when clearly white people are the oppressed underdogs today — my fiancée, for example, was sexually attacked TWICE BY BLACK MEN) threaten physical and economic “consequences” for those whom they mislabel as “haters” — when in reality it is they, using accusatory inversion, who hate.  They hate those who oppose THEIR bigotry, violence, and mindless loathing of the decent, hardworking white people who made this once into a wonderful and respected, 90% white country 1620-1970. (How many of these OPP creatures would voluntarily move to Black Africa????????????????????? You would have to pay them $50,000 apiece to move there!)

I wrote Jenkins today:

* * *

Dear fat negro:


This is the world you want — chaos, crime, black racism, and destruction.

Had you a soul, I would advise you to stop selling it, and betraying your own race, to the Jews who enslaved your forefathers.


Just for your information, I am NOT a Jared Taylor.


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