To my Facebook “friends” who just type stuff and never donate to anyone — not just me; 102 degrees in Germany

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…….Chelsea Clinton gets $75K for a speech

…..Rule reminder


I can tell by massive typos, and illogical and impulsive remarks, that comrades are even typing while three sheets to the wind. 😉 Depressed? Understandable! But beer (which cost you $7 for a sixpack, and is a DEPRESSANT) will not stop the Jews! Only well-funded white nationalism can! After your beer buzz is over, the Jews will still be there! 😉

I appreciate your posts — but the reason we have no gigantic white civil rights organization to cry BULLSHIT over this Charleston crisis is all white activists are financially starving or broke. (Andrew Anglin has tens of thousands of readers but has to teach English in Asia to Asians, for Pete’s sake!) If you do not donate money or services to 1) me (, 2) Mike Delaney (, Anglin ( or the Rebel (, pls do not post on my FB page. That has been my policy for weeks now.

We nearly lost three of these four sites a month ago, June first, due to no donations.– despite tens of thousands of readers. That is ridiculous. Every video you watch, and every blog you read, was created by someone who has bills. WE NEED FULL-TIME ACTIVISTS. The ADL has 1,600 paid employees because Jews donate! Everyone can donate …one …dollar. ;-)

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…..50 black teens storm Walmart, throw handicapped man to floor, vandalize

…..From my email to a Texas comrade named Ray Goodwin

Ray, I have heard many doomsday predictions online since 2005 (martial law, war with Iran, now war with Russia) and none of them have panned out.

But it must be said that the Internet and its constant warnings may have prevented these prophecies of doom from fulfillment.
When you and I were boys (/and I am now 60 years young), the entire “media” consisted of the local paper and ABC, CBS and NBC.

Now the Net is buzzing daily with detailed conspiracy scenarios, and half the country is disgusted with the feds and believes nothing it says. The Alan Sabrosky interview on 9/11, and the many blogs and videos by former CIA and high military officials, show that big chunks of the government are strongly disaffected.

However, I am very worried this time, and I refer to Jade Helm 15. It is possible that the action by the Texas governor to alert the Texas National Guard to the threat it poses may have been of historic importance.

I would agree with Alex Jones, semi-controlled opposition or not (yes, Jewish wife and all that stuff, but there are plenty of antizionist Jews out there, such as Gilad Atzmon, Nathanael Kapner, Benjamin Freedman, Jack Bernstein, Mordechai Vanunu, etc., cetc., etc.,),


Mrs Alex Jones….Alex-Jones-Jewish-Wife-Violet-Jones-Mother-of-his-Jewish-Children


…that any time US infantry troops are sauntering down any American street, it is a dire threat in multiple ways.

Why? 1) they are getting us used to the terrifying spectre of troops in our own neighborhoods, and

2) any “drill” could go live and real, and the “it’s just a drill” mentality they are habituating in us could be a lethal trap if the drill very suddenly goes real, just as 9/11, 7/7 in London and other “drills” went real. All the personnel is set up to either “drill” or “do.”

People think, “American troops would never fire on the American people. Most of them hate Obama.” I agree, Ray. I know for a FACT that most regular Marines and Army soldiers do despise Obama. I have been talking to active-duty and recent vets for ten years now. I used to frequent bars in the Pentagon area just for that reason 2005-08, in vino veritas, and many military (NCOs and officers) know about 9/11, and now also about Obama and the birth certificate.

After three drinks they will also tell you what they think about diversity and gay marriage. 😉

US Supreme Court rules gay marriage is legal nationwide

Up here in Ontonagon, Upper Michigan on Lake Superior, 99% white, we have a town full of vets. Many are seriously bitter and are armed and angry.

But this is the other scenario, which overcomes troop disaffection from their (where’s that barf bag?) “Commander in Chief.”


JADE HELM: The U.S. Army Green Berets, U.S. Navy SEALS, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Expeditionary Units, the 82nd Airborne Division and civilian inter-agency partners will all take part in the super-sized exercise. Jade Helm will run for eight weeks, from July into September.

Lt. Colonel Potter tells former CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer that already back in the 1980s in his Army officer training, anyone who 1) owned his own business, 2) stockpiled over two weeks of food, or 3) owned a gun, was a terrorist.  
My scenario is false flags of ever-increasing interracial violence. A comrade in San Francisco wrote:
Dear John,

san-francisco-golden-gate-bridgeIt worries me that you are so worried. After all, I think you know the political situation better than I do. But around here, San Francisco, there are no signs of racial unrest. None at all. Starting a race war at this time may not be so easy. There was no violence when Zimmerman was found innocent, though I think they intended this. I don’t think there will be violence this time either.
I replied:
I pretty much agree. To get a race war going will take lots of paid provocateurs massacring people of another race, then the FBI/CIA ordering  the provocateurs in the other racial group to “retaliate.”
This is just how Iraq sank into chaos — the Israels, Brits and US getting their agents among both Shiites and Sunnis to “go at it” (and the two different Muslim groups have loathed each other for over a thousand years now, like Catholics and Protestants in 1500s-1600s in Europe).

During the so-called Maidan protests in Ukraine in 2013-14, Israeli snipers on rooftops gunned down peaceful protesters to enrage the people against the legally elected, pro-Russian, Yanukovich government.

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  • Alexa Balan II army of satan
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  • John D. Nugent Since regular US troops cannot be trusted to gun down their fellow Americans, they are using elite troops, many of whom are led by Manchurian Candidate NCOs and officers.…/manchurian-candidate-the…/
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  • John D. Nugent Others are practicing satanists, pedophiles, bisexuals and homosexuals who hate regular Americans and would be only too happy to gun down “bigoted conservatives.”
    The final stage is to “motivate” even regular troops to obey orders to crush Americans. This is done by 1) threatening to shoot them for disobeying a direct order (this is one reason why officers carry pistols, to kill their own men), or 2) to arrest their wives and children, who are on military bases already or live nearby. This was what thr bolsheviks under Trotsky did during the Russian Civil War of 1917-21.
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  • John D. Nugent 3) Round up tens of thousands of hostages among family members of key officials, or just regular local folks, and actually shoot ten or twenty thousand in a very loud manner and leave their bodies around to be seen. Again, this is a bolshevik tactic.
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    • Alexa Balan II white militias will fight back
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    • John D. Nugent They would come at 3 am, again,, with a SWAT team when you are groggy, and arrest first all on the A list (main potential resistance leaders). Then they go to the B list, other leadership or military-skill types, and the C list, followers, supporters and lookouts.
      4) Another tactic is enforce obedience is to round up gigantic numbers of the women, children and parents of male resistance fighters — and begin to starve them to death in camps. This is a exactly how the British broke the undefeatable Afrikaners during the Second Boer War.
      The Boer men were willing to fight on, kill or die — the so-called “bitter-enders” — but the thought of their wives, mothers and kids slowly dying of hunger. misery and disease, finally broke their morale, so they surrendered, becoming “hands-uppers.…Actual photo of a starving Afrikaner child, Lizze Van Zyl, and thank you, British commander Lord Kitchener:
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So, Ray, I do think we are in deep trouble, and after 36 years in this movement and seeing many dire warings not come true, this time — I AM scared.


…..102 degrees in Germany


Going up to 102 degrees today in Germany! not at all normal!

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