To an atheistic comrade

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The student went to his spiritual master and asked him: “Please show me God”.  The guru picked up a stick and hit the student on the head. The student ran to the magistrate, who summoned him. “This man asked you to show him God, and you hit him with a stick; now he has a terrible pain in his head. What do you have to say for yourself?” “Ah, well” said the guru, “If he can show me the pain; then I will show him God.” 😉


Moral: God is something that you experience, not see,but only if you are open, seeking, and appreciative. God does not need to prove Himself to a mortal. Does a private in the army have to see a general before he believes he exists? No. He feels the effect of his orders.


Mary and Jesus, by A. Hitler, Munich



Sickening Israeli “comedy” sketch .


.I got a respectful, thoughtful email from an atheistic white nationalist, urging me to shun Jesus, Christianity and any dangerous, Pauline notion of a Jew, of all people, being the savior of the human race.  I replied as follows:


Dear comrade R[],

Thank you for your thoughtful message. It  contains much of validity.
My goal is to again lead the masses, and this time from the still-Christian America, not the post-Christian Germany.

The basis of my new religion is credible: my own and other normal peoples’  actual, experiential NDEs and reincarnation flashbacks.

It is not based on an eternally debatable historical Jesus.

EXCELLENT resource on NDEs (“Near Death Experiences”)

Reincarnation Evidence

I have a bachelor of science degree, Phi Beta Kappa (top ten percent), from Georgetown. I fully make the scientific method my own. My blogs are chock-full of trustworthy facts from good sources — and their analysis.

But “atheism”, in my unfortunate experience, implies an unscientific closed-mindedness. How can you believe or know there is no God anywhere unless you personally have explored every planet — and also entered every nook and cranny on every asteroid in the universe, exploring — yourself — billions of galaxies? 
For suppose God is as the deists say, a creator who established natural laws,  took off, does not intervene, and we shall meet him/it only after we die? 
Was Sir Isaac Newton, the great physicist of gravity and othe rnatual laws,  a fool? He was a very, very strong believer in God and the afterlife.  
Have you died, comrade, in order to explore methodically the postmortem reality and now come back to report to me and to the world that it was just a big, inky, black nothing? *;) winking
I find that atheists (not agnostics), unbeknownst to themselves, have a genuinely religious belief, immune to all counter-facts, that they “know” there is nothing after death. They are possessed by a kind of discreet, hostile, prideful arrogance (which Dr. Pierce, unfortunately had) about this one single point, this one area of hubris: 

They, unlike us hoi polloi and the weak-minded, do not “need these comforting illusions about God and heaven.”

My coming religion, believe me, is radically anti-Jewish. The SPLC’s Heidi Beirich said, in fact, that my antisemitism was, quote, “so extreme.” *;) winking   But it honors Jesus, as Hitler did BOTH privately and publicly. 

Hitler believed in Jesus, not Judeo-Christianity

Hitler and Christianity

Hitler, who I was, gifted but flawed, then and now, also had the militant sort of atheists, the so-called “freethinkers,” thrown into concentration camps. Soldiers, even more than the rest of us, facing misery, horrors and then death need to believe in the afterlife — and that it is not all meaningless.

I would urge you to read the links provided. I have Jesus in the pantheon, but the new Aryan religion is not based on Him, or “a Jew as our savior.” I see Him with the deepest respect and just as He saw himself, not as an earthly king but as a radical reformer of toxic, psychopathic, genocidal judaism.
He was sent to defang this horrific religion that threatens the whole world — and make the Jews into a peaceful people. (LOL! *;) winking)
I am doing this  audiobook today on how Hitler and his closest friend, Dietrich Eckhart, saw the atrocious Old Testament:

Respectfully yours,

John de Nugent

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