To a Jesus-will-stop-the-globalists Christian

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A comrade and donor wrote to a Born-Again who is against the NWO:

Hey, I know where you’re coming from, but you have to realize something.  The Red Pill isn’t just a one-time dose. It’s a lifetime prescription, and you stopped taking your medicine with the Bible. 


JdN: The Old Testament, read without the holy blinders on, is a book of absolute horrors and egomania by a demon god and a demon people.



Pauline Christianity is 70% true and good — and 30% pure jew toxin. Paul’s Jesus is a wuss who accepts being whipped and nailed to two boards, and the JEWS DID GOD’S WILL BY KILLING HIM, SO OUR SINS ARE WASHED AWAY FROM ADAM EATING AN APPLE IN 4,000 BC…..


“Thank you, Jews — Jesus’ death wiped out our inherited sin from Adam!”


A good sheep always lets himself be shorn and then slaughtered. Paulianity is an incredibly sophisticated form of Jewish mind control (Paul was a Sanhedrin employee who muscled his way into the leadership of the Christians) — designed to lead passivized Gentiles to the slaughter.


Pauline Christians want Jesus to save them while they sit there and pray. Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn denounced how Russian Orthodox Christians, in the most cowardly and catastrophic manner, told themselves that the Bolsheviks (with 90% Jewish leaders) were being used sent by God to chastise Mother Russia for her sins. The same Bolsheviks then eradicated Christianity and killed 60 MILLION of the best Russians.





A Russian comrade wrote me that we Americans have no idea how much lower Russia is today genetically than 100 years ago. “They deliberately killed off all the best Russians, John.” No loving GOD chastised Russia; the demonic alien Yahweh did.

Oxford PhD Joseph P. Farrell has laid out the shocking evidence that Yahweh is a real being, and thousands of years old, an alien in charge of a program to use [the Jews, as he says between the lines] to exterminate the human race for another species. 


Adolf Hitler admired Jesus as a real person, an enlightened being, a spiritual master, an Aryan and an antisemite who demanded that evil be fought, not accepted.  He taught “love thy enemy, and turn the other cheek,” be a peaceful sheep, forgive and love in order to TAME THE WORLD-ENDANGERING JEWS, NOT TO MAKE THE GENTILES INTO SHEEP!

Who needs ipecac when you have Rabbi Eckstein? And who was this Jesus guy? What’s up with “love thy enemy”? Who was he saying that to?



I am doing an audiobook on what Hitler and his mentor, Dietrich Eckart, thought about the Old Testament, the New Testament and Jesus.

Adolf Hitler and his mentor, Dietrich Eckart: Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin

Dietrich Eckart



That’s O.K., because ultimately, God – the real God, creator of the universe—isn’t some hyper-sensitive being who is going to send anyone to the lake of fire because His ego is so fragile.

(King James Bible) For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.


That was one of the giant red flags that I had with Bible stories, and I have you and guys like Skiba to thank for it.  If I hadn’t listened to what you and he and others, including our old pastor, had said, and then thoughtfully considered all that information against how it resonated in my own soul, then I’d still be worried that I wasn’t pleasing God because I wasn’t going through all the robotic motions the biblical god demands. 

That’s not what GOD created you for.  He put you here to learn and evolve, and to never stop, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.


But like I said, the real God’s ego isn’t so fragile that he’s going to be offended because someone spends time on Earth as a fundamentalist, or a Catholic, or a Baptist, or a Buddhist, or an atheist, or whatnot.

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