To a Constitutionalist and new friend on Facebook; Hitler was genetically a Kelt, not a Jew or German — nor was he a British agent

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(From a “Joseph”)
Thanks for the add friend… Just so you know, im not a neo nazi, Im just a traditionalist. These antifa and pro black groups are becoming enemies of the constitution…
(I replied:)
You are welcome, Joseph.
The Constitution is a beautiful document….

with the absolutely fatal flaw of not even mentioning race and who should be allowed to immigrate,
or the vast financial POWER of billionaire Jewish immigrants and their ability to simply buy up the American press and control our politicians,who desperately need campaign donations.
My father was friends with Henry Kissinger, who hid his vile involvement in  the child-raping, child-torturing MK-ULTRA and Manchurian programs, and in the cover-up and denial of US Deep State collaboration contacts with extremely hostile, genocidal alien forces.
With  the mayor of Providence and his only child, a daughter,  who killed herself with a heroin overdose, and my father, James.  ( Today all the mayors of Providence are immigrant Hispanics.
The Constitution represented a noble effort to achieve both freedom and order.  I used to be a tour guide, in the 1990s, on the “Freedom Trail” in Boston, and love what my ancestors fought for and built up for their “posterity” (not muslims, Africans, Chinese and Mexicans).
Thomas Angell came over from England in 1635, and helped Roger Williams to found the colony of Rhode  Island for religious and political freedom, which intolerant and Puritan Massachusetts had banned from the start.
Angell gave land from his orchard for the first Baptist church in America. The Baptists believed it was wrong and meaningless to baptize little babies, who had no freedom of choice or information to make decisions on.
First Baptist Church, on Angell Street, Providence, Rhode Island
But because it ducked the racial and Jewish issues, which were glaring even then, now we have neither freedom nor order. Look at how Trump is being bullied, humiliated, and thwarted at every turn!
I am about to re-upload full-length videos I did in 2011 on the real views of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Both of them would be utterly appalled at our racial darkening, Jewish control, rioting blacks, and open-borders. Both Founding Fathers had clear, public racial views!
(Joseph replied)

Im with you on “those who shall not he named” haha, its the truth they run everything but it is not allowed to be said. Its obvious that they hate us and plan extinction of our race. Do you think there is any hope we can stop this? I was reading one of your posts earlier where you had stated that our numbers were drastically lower, I was appalled. And even within that number we have the race masochists who hate themselves and attempt to virtue signal to wolves…suicidal...

I also agree with you that Trump got cucked…i expected it though…i just enjoyed the liberal butt hurt while I could when he got elected but thats about all he was worth…. 

(I to Joseph)

LOL, me too. 😉
He bought us time, whereas Hillary would have stomped on the First and Second Amendments right away, and was gaggingly gross too.
 (Joseph to me)
But, I can tell hes not enjoying it, so that at least says something for his heart anyways…lol
(Me to Joseph)
But to get back to answering your question if there is hope:
But only by changing the fundamentals of human nature — a tall order, but it has to be done.
The mostly excellent 1996 movie “Starship Troopers” addressed in a fun way the serious issues about human nature that were raised by fascism and national socialism, problems not denied even by staunch democrats such as Winston Churchill.

What the movie portrays is a society where the majority, who neither know nor care, cannot vote at all. Only those who volunteer for military duty and risk their very lives for the nation can vote. Unsurprisingly, these combat volunteers are frequently also brighter, taller, and better-looking, in short, the natural leaders of society, not Joe Sixpack. 😉

The only hope is for a new Aryan religion to make us a match for the organized religions that are crushing us, Judaism, Islam and Freemasonry (Kabbala-satanist Judaism for Gentile traitors,.involving the direct worship of Lucifer).
The US one-dollar bill openly reveals the two master religions that dominate America, Freemasonry and Judaism.
In Latin: “Our plan has succeeded/New World Order”
Creating that Aryan and heroic religion is my only mission. Let others rattle on about race and the Jews. Why are we not finally DOING something about them? Why were there just 300 comrades in Charlottesville, for example?  That question has only a spiritual answer: white someone-else-ism: “I sure hope someone ELSE does something!” 😉
And they hoped YOU would. 😉
There is no way whatsoever with whites at less than 50% of America, yes, less than 50% since back in 2005, that we can come to power legally. The whites masses are also incredibly apathetic zombies, and via chemtrails, fluoride and estrogen in the drinking water, they are getting more racially mixed, more un-nordic, more flabby, more stupid and more cowardly with every passing  second!
Margi took this picture of me and a chemtrail X which a jet deliberately made in an extremely  low-altitude flight done right over our house — 90 minutes after I published a blog on chemtrails sprayed by the Jewnited States Air Force, and reporting how they made a low-altitude  X right exactly over our previous house!
A new elite, unselfish and noble, will have to arise, and it shall. They will know, and not just from books, that they are literally eternal, reincarnated beings that have many lives and thus will fear death not.
Julius Caesar wrote of the ancient Kelts whom he fought, and whom he, the greatest Roman general ever, and his finest legions needed eight long years of bitter struggle to defeat. He stated in De Bello Gallico (“On the Gallic War”)  that is was their belief in reincarnation that made them persist and fight to the death for their honor and freedom. 
There is no choice now but to create an elite.
An elite that will heroically sacrifice itself to annihilate our enemies, and shed their blood for a world where the Fourteen Words will come true:

 “We must secure the existence of our people

and a future for white children.”


……Was Hitler part-Jewish? Did he deliberately lose the war?

Not one drop of Jewish blood….. a KELT with an artistic flair and sense of drama, dark hair and blue eyes from the originally keltic part of musical, poetic, fun Austria.


the best, most accurate oil portrait

Hitler not a Jew or Rothschild, or a British agent, Illuminatus or Wall Street puppet

(Joseph to me)
Sometimes I worry that the germans were purposefully led to ruin…its an offensive thought but im sure you can understand the concern…


(I  to Joseph)
It is the Jews themselves who spread this. We must have no heroes. I posted on FB a Yahoo article even claiming Robert E. Lee was a lousy general!!  This I why the Jews are demolishing the statue of Confederate generals — to deprive our race of white male heroes!
The greatest inspiration to any man is to see another man like himself overcome his human weakness and fear, and charge straight into the fight.
So of course the Jews claim Hitler was an agent, or a Jew like themselves!
I have this book from 1843 that revolutionized the young Hitler’s thinking, written by the great Scottish professor Thomas Carlyle.

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    May 26, ’17

    Dear Mr de Nugent,

    The thought of your going hungry for lack of funds nearly breaks my heart.

    [] You could wring the neck of the oldest hen and cook the old girl, but that heartless idea did occur to you too, I should think. 😉

    It is sad and also telling that a man of your calibre and education and culture has to live the life of an outcast.

    But such is life in Weimarica, courtesy of jews  (I do not capitalize this word, any more than I capitalize the word “criminal”) and white race traitors, who are worse than the aforementioned.

    If a mighty wizard were to use his magic wand and say: “jews be gone!” what would you hear next?

    A deafening roar, a stampede of filthy white race traitors running to fill the empty shoes and take the place of the jews.

    And I am sure of it.

    Interesting times indeed.

    A brave new world where poverty is the price you pay for integrity and the worst sort of low-life is always on top. Duh!

    On this sombre note I bid you adieu for now for now.


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