To a CI friend; PayPal cuts off; Russian Air Force generals discuss Fourth Reich; a Spartan religion; SS calendar 2015

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Part of an email to a former US Army captain who resigned recently as an officer after seeing 1) how US policy supports radical Muslims who massacre Christians in Iraq and Syria and 2) after the new Obama pro-homosexual policy that has led to “gay” men taking showers with normal male soldiers.
Dear Captain:
I am not CI [Christian Identity] but sympathize with 90% of its views, esp. about saving our race and having a de-whimpized, TRUE Christianity and restoring the masculine, fighting Jesus who, as you said, cleaning out the Temple, and that meant kicking over tables, and throwing people out with a whip. (Note that no one opposed him either… He clearly was built sturdy and looked fierce.)
The situation — white genocide banging at the door now to get in — is truly dire:


I knew and had great respect for Pastor Richard Butler and have spoken with Dr. James Wickstrom. (Basically, I am dubious about whites coming from the Israelites — a core CI teaching —but am not excluding the possibility that the whites of today could have come from the Near East. My own blog here shows massive white blood in ancient Egypt and ancient Iraq, back when they were great. *:) happy
My good friend and neighbor Mike Delaney, owner of, is CI and is a fine husband and father of five great, well-loved, well-behaved kids.
Are you aware of TruTube? It is the alternative to YouTube and free of all censorship of the truth about the Jews, race and other things.
I just posted this:
PayPal just shut down Mike Delaney’ account, his main source of donations. Mike is a family man with a great wife and five beautiful, well-behaved, well-loved kids — and this is a huge blow. (I lost PP in October 2011…. and my substitute CC processing in May 2014.)
A screenshot of my channel of
because CI, for all its good values, views and goals, and its strategically wise identification with Christ in a country, the US, that has strong Christian traditions, definitely has not succeeded in growing beyond a tiny, though good movement.
My ancestor, Thomas Angell, founded the first Baptist Church in North America, in 1636….in Providence, Rhode Island… (Please see my politico-racial biography, and the pix of this church are near the top here:
My family founded this street and this city. A good 150 years later, the US government came along and promised to be our SERVANT.
Thanks for the video where the Russian Air Force generals talk about the reality of the Fourth Reich.



Yes, that is actually on my article on the Reich after 1945 and the Pleiadans, which has many parts. So we can see, by the testimony of Russian Air Force generals, that this is definitely not some kooky idea or mere wishful thinking. Hitler knew they probably would lose the war after the Stalingrad catastrophe, just as the South knew after Gettyburg they probably would lose.
So a true believer in one’s cause makes plans to continue the struggle.
In this same way, George Washington said once, after many defeats, “If the British take the entire coast, I will retreat to the Appalachian mountains with my Scotch-Irishmen.”
We must pray, plan and fight, as Washington did.
And the Brits knew he could make good on that…. in effect, that Washington could fight on forever from there… and the Scots and Scotch-Irish with good reason truly hated Britain and were resolute warriors.
(I face the brutal fact in this article of mine that 90% of Americans were too stupid, greedy or cowardly to support the American Revolution, whatever the hagiography…. Most humans and thus most Americans are not heroes: AMERICAN REVOLUTION – John de Nugent)
In the same way as Washington had a fall-back plan, the Fourth Reich (the Reich after 1945) has a badger-hole strategy…. Not always attacking — but the Jewnited Snakes forces, under Admiral Byrd or others, dare not go down into their hole either. 😉
So we basically have a holding pattern in that regard, but meanwhile the Satanic (John 8:44) Jews tighten their grip on the whites in every white country except perhaps Iceland.  ZOG, the Zionist Occupation Government, must be undermined and its death grip on whites must be loosened.
Polish poster: the whip on the backs of the peoples
If this negro, bisexual, half-Jew Obama (see my webpage here and scroll down ¼ to “JdN again invited to international Iranian television “PressTV”) starts a war with Russia, China and Iran, I can foresee the day that Russia airdrops weapons and commandos on US soil to help organize an uprising against the Jewnited Snakes.
I strongly support Putin and explain why repeatedly in my blog.
My goal is to offer both religious and political leadership to our nation because the anger is there and the facts are known. What we lack is leadership and how to get from here to there, and that means men committed to sacrifice their earthly lives consciously to take the enemy down and restore our race and our republic under God.
And then our fighting men will fight for the first justified war since 1812….. because every war since then was caused by the enemy Jews.


……Eternal Solutreanism


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ask me how!


…..”What is your plan?”!

A Slovenian and former soldier (“SD”) asked me if I planned to run for President.

SD: John, so will you run for president ?

I replied (rather bluntly 😉 ):

JdN: Alright, listen, you ask an important question:

SD: Yes, it is….
JdN: 1) First, I shall form a new religion and 2) then run for president

I cannot run for president and kiss the ass, politician-style, of white pieces of cowardly shit.


I ran for President in 2012 wiht an excellent platform and videos, then more realistically for sheriff in 2013 in a 98% WHITE, pro-gun, Obama-hating county, and then (even more realistically) in 2014 for mayor in an even more favorable, because smaller area, where an Israel nuclear plant has caused cancer in literally half the households — and STILL got no support, not even from WNs, just abuse.

As the former Army captain mentioned above wrote me, “there seems to be a kind of mind control over the country,” and I agree. Part of it is chemtrails….


Things that would have triggered an armed revolution 40 years ago just ping off people.


And white nationalists just sit and type shit to each other in cyberworld, growing resentful if you demand any kind of action that involves risk or sacrifice. As soon as I ran for realistic offices such as sheriff or mayor, WN troll sites popped up instantly, and paid keyboard commandoes called ME a fraud!





First Whites must learn to believe again, to fight again, and proudly obey a leader again.

Like under Hitler! Under an anti-democratic religion.

Top-down rule, no democracy, a fascist religion.

To make warriors and obedient women, who scorn a wimp and will sleep with, and bear children to, only a warrior who is the sword and shield of their race.

I will not live with you under the government that soon will take your guns, ban freedom of speech, legalize pedophilia, endorse sex with animals, and overtly promote direct satan worship as the national religion. I have made my choice as to what is tolerable and what not. the only choice is GLORY!



…..SS Calendar 2015



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