To a Christianity and Catholicism hater; rabbi gloats Islam will now destroy Christianity and Europe

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I replied to the Christianity-bashers:

Dear Yukon Jack,

Another powerful polemic.

MIND CONTROL. My blog here deals with admitted CIA mind-control weapons along the lines of what you discuss initially, and no less than the Jewashington Post, a virtual organ and mouthpiece of the pseudo-liberal branch of the CIA, published it in January 2007:

Here the Com-Post openly admits the regime has mind-control weapons, they test them on totally innocent people who are not even dissidents, they drive some to suicide merely as an experiment to try out the tech, and they LITERALLY have a device with the microphone so they can talk with a human voice inside your brain, like an intercom.

CHRIST AND CHRISTIANITY. As for your critique of Christianity and Catholicism specifically, I hear you about some things, and as a victim of pedophiles as a child — and I had nightmares from it until I was 49 and finally got counseling — I feel the whole RC should be seized under the American RICOH Act.

The place is just riddled with both homosexuals and pedophiles caught up in mutual, interlocking blackmail, so “the Church” literally cannot clean itself out. Everyone “has something” on someone else. Only an outside prosecutor can clean out the Augean stables.

As for the teachings themselves, I just finished the monumental History of Christianity by the prestigious Establishment historian Paul Johnson. (It is not a pious, pro-Christian work at all, seeking to be fair and objective.) history-christianity-paul-johnson

It points out the real reasons why Christianity overwhelmed the various indigenous religions of the Romans, Greeks, Kelts, Slavs and Teutons. In fact, it was a very strong religion with a law-abiding side-effect that rulers actually liked  — long before Emperor Constantine stopped the intermittently intense Roman persecution of the Christians and he began the process of society adopting their religion.

Christianity also gave a much better hope regarding the afterlife than the Greeks and Romans, who taught 1) at death you go to a gloomy underworld, “Hades,” and 2) the gods are superhumans who, like Zeus, Ares, and Apollo, squabble, fight, rape, fly around and hurl weapons through the sky (evoking the ancient-alien theme) and simply grab humans for sex (producing Hercules).

Christianity said in contrast that 1) at death you would go to a happy kingdom ruled by Jesus, who is 2) a great guy and wonderful  god who came down to earth to learn as a human about our horrible lives, who loves us — and forgives us our flaws.

Christianity’s selling points compared to paganism were a better afterlife, nicer gods and friendly people to hang with until you died.

I can say, looking back on my five — involuntary — years with Jehovah’s Witnesses 1970-75 (my mother got custody of me after her divorce from my father) that they were extremely nice, friendly and helpful people, and kept me away, between age 15-20, from smoking, booze, drugs, porn, filthy movies, rotten music and VD.


And they urged me not to serve in the US military, which, given whom the Pentagon really serves, was not entirely wrong. I might have ended up joining the Marines and going to Vietnam, then coming back sick or dead, had it not been for the JWs. They saw “the Anglo-American dual world power” (for them, London and Washington are joined at the hip) as hypocritically spouting beautiful phrases while being actually evil and secretly serving Satan. What was incorrect about that? Wink

The “two-horned beast” only looks like a sheep


The new faith of the Christians was also NOT pacifistic; by 200 AD many Christians served as soldiers and officers in the Roman legions. Jesus healed the slave of a Roman centurion and never asked him to stop being a soldier.

Men who came to Jesus: The Roman Soldier

Christianity did not bring Rome down, whatever Edward Gibbon implied in his Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (which I read in its entirety as a child), but supported it even when it was pagan and persecuting, and especially of course after it became the state religion!

As the Rebel and I agree, it is highly likely the Jews paid Germanic tribesmen and the Huns to attack the Roman Empire and bring it down after 500 years of German-Roman warfare.

Why would the Jews do that?

Why did they support the Moors who were invading Visigothic Spain, or the leftists who in 1917 were overthrowing the slavic tsar?

Because the Romans, when they became Christians, the Visigoths, and the Romanovs were cracking down on the Jews.

When Christianity became the state religion of Rome, the full brutality of Roman methods was now applied to the problem Jews, then and later during the Inquisition. As Johnson proved, the horrific methods of the Inquisition were ROMAN and pre-Christian things such as burning alive and fiendish tortures.  The RC church invented none of these methods; they were pagan-Roman.

In fact, as Johnson shows, in this echoing Protestant critique of the RC Church, after Constantine, Christianity was romanized more than Rome was christianized. Once the religion of Jesus became the state religion of Rome, high officials became Christians on paper in order to keep their careers — but the Roman mindset of crushing all resistance with fire, sword, torture and death remained and infected the Church.

Have we forgotten this movie already?

It was the last pagan Roman emperor, Julian, who began instantly kissing up to the Jews! He was looking for allies, because Roman Christianity was (correctly) persecuting the Jews! Remember, the Jews did not crucify the Buddha, Krishna or Zoroaster. They crucified the founder of CHRISTIANITY, a world religion. I aks my friends who are anti-Christian but understand the centrality of the Jewish issue to remember this one dry, logical point.

The Jews murdered the founder of a world religion.

Because of the centrality of the Passion, Christianity will always have a latent anti-Jew message at the very core, and the Jews will always fear and hate it for that reason. Should we lose, you will see that the Jews will ABOLISH Christianity.

French rabbi gloats that muslim migrant inundation will destroy Europe and Christianity


Saint John Chrysostom (

The synagogue is a dwelling of demons.


The Jews neither know nor dream of higher things. They live for their bellies, they gape for the things of this world, their condition is not better than that of pigs or goats because of their wanton ways and excessive gluttony. They know but one thing: to fill their bellies and be drunk, to get all cut and bruised, to be hurt and wounded while fighting for their favorite charioteers.


The synagogue is less deserving of honor than any inn. It is not merely a lodging place for robbers and cheats but also for demons. This is true not only of the synagogues but also of the souls of the Jews.


Are you not afraid of God? … You profess you are a Christian, but you rush off to their synagogues and beg them to help you. Do not realize how they laugh at you, scoff at you, jeer at you, dishonor you, and reproach you? Even if they do not do it openly, do you not understand that they are doing this deep down in their hearts?


For me, it is the toxic 30% of “Christianity” that is semitic-psychopathic which is the problem, not the 70% which is just modified Zoroastrianism. The teachings of Zoroaster made Persia-Iran a mighty, and not a wimpy, empire for 1100 years.

Core Christian doctrines are Zoroastrian and not early-Jewish, which is why, despite misgivings, most white Christians for the last 17 centuries have been at least “okay” with it. These non-Jewish and Aryan doctrines are:

1) the soul is immortal and inhabits the body to learn life lessons (early Judaism taught the opposite — you ARE your body – your literal red blood is “the soul” — and when you die, man “that is it”/game over — so get rich, steal loot, defame others, have sex with everything that moves, and get your vengeance NOW in the one and only life you will ever have, because only gods are immortal)

2) It is actions taken out of free will that count; no good deed that is coerced has any merit (which is the opposite of the “Tree of Knowledge of God and Evil” Genesis story, where blind obedience is demanded by Yahweh, and the Abraham-sacrificing-Isaac story)

3) There is a majestic, law-abiding good god who created the universe — and a wicked angel or being who became a narcissist and rebel, and revolted, taking other higher beings with him; they seek to inflame ego and corrupt us humans to join them — this is the diagnosis of narcissism cloaked in religious language

4) After each human life we are judged by how we affected others, and then are sent to worlds happy, middling or horrible which reflect our deeds and motives, and where rewards and pain teach us further (no eternal hellfire)

None of this is docilizing, infantilizing, or judaizing, and no dead guy, however brave and idealistic, nailed to two sticks can cleanse us from our sins in Zoroastrianism. We must evolve upward in thought, word and deed.

The view of a famous Austrian watercolorist (who read and annotated the New Testament constantly, and we possess his entire personal library at the Library of Congress and at Brown University;(a Jew named Ryback wrote it all up in a book),  was that Saul/Paul of Tarsus, a Talmudic Pharisee, consciously rejudaized and re-toxicized the explosive, anti-jewish, revolutionary teachings of the rebel, Jesus, and spin-doctored His dismal arrest, kangaroo trial and agonizing  death into a kind of karmic “white-out.”

The fact is, Yukon, the Jews HATE Jesus with a vile passion. I would never forget that FACT in case He is NOT a mythical being! The Talmud says Jesus 1) was real, and a Galilean, and the son of a Roman officer; 2) He performed miracles in public that everyone SAW; and 3) Jesus was the ultimate traitor and blasphemer of their god Yahweh.

This recent Israel comedy show called Jesus a Nazi.

Now, if we throw every molecule of Christianity out of our culture, then there go 1,600 years of awesome architecture, painting music and truly beautiful holidays such as Easter and Christmas, which are 80% pagan in content. Then we are saying Sir Isaac Newton, a devout Christian and great scientist, was an idiot, and so was Johann Sebastian Bach.

We are saying this is “disgusting”:

My ancestor gave the land for this in the 1630s in Providence, Rhode Island; as an Anabaptist he did not believe babies should be baptized or forced into any religion

We are saying, like bosheviks, blow this sucker up: (Strasbourg Cathedral)

We are saying “stop this awful music!” Wink:

I am now doing an audiobook and huge illustrated article on the famous book by Captain Archibald Ramsay The Nameless War. It is entirely about Jewish subversion behind the English, French, Russian and Spanish revolutions.

Just so you know: Captain Ramsay was a distinguished officer and was severely wounded in WWI as an officer in the elite Coldstream Guards regiment (which also guards Buckingham Palace, and does the Changing of the Guard, etc.; my maternal ancestors served there). He was locked up by Churchill without trial for over four years during WWII, though a Member of Parliament. He loathed the Jews, and his book represents a brilliant study of Jewry and how prfecisely they set up revolutions.

And he was a defender of Christianity, though not dogmatic, and he denounced Catholic-Protestant fratricide as a wedge the Jews always used to get the best and bravest goyim to slaughter each other.

Nobody called Scotsman Captain Ramsay a pussy. Churchill was petrified of him and of his “Right Club,” of which the fifth Duke of Wellington was the head and Admiral Sir Barry Domville, the former head of naval intelligence and dean of the Royal Naval College, a leading member.


I personally suspect that this Scottish nobleman saw Christianity, as did and do many, as a mainly good and needed force for morality in society. (This practical view — that religion can enhance morality — was expressed by Plato 2,400 years ago in his masterpiece The Republic.)

My goal., moving forward, is a new and empowering religion for gentile mankind that takes the best from the past, the best in Christianity — with the heroic life and stoic death of Jesus included, harmonizes it all with real science, and purges away all that is Talmudic, semitic, psychopathic, tyrannical, effeminizing and enslaving.

Until then, for many of us, a masculine form of Christianity, New-Testament-oriented, like that of Captain Ramsay and other good patriots, is better/less bad than the vacuum of atheism, at least for the masses.



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