Three powerful South African music videos; Alex Jones de-sensitization; decade of depression

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I’d like your feedback (by leaving a comment below or by email to on three music videos (links and descriptions below) from endangered White South Africa. Would they be good songs for our worldwide Aryan struggle for survival and freedom?

Capetown, South Africa. There was NO "South Africa" until the white man came over 400 years ago to the southern tip of Africa. Under the Jew Henry Kissinger and the fiendish Bill Clinton, the richest country in Africa was turned over to the jungle. The Jew-S-A government runs a gigantic embassy there that goes many stories underground.....

We Eternal Solutreans will have lots of music, because music triggers the deep feelings and instincts that will ensure our LOVE, FIGHT, and SURVIVAL.

Margi and I went over on the evening of Christmas Day to see an Afrikaner woman and her husband.  She had written the mega-POWERFUL article on her homeland on my website, found here:

Last night, she showed me some VERY poignant videos by a fellow Afrikaner, a singer with a rich, melodious, manly baritone voice named Bok van Blerk. (The first two videos have English subtitles; the third is pretty understandable without them.) The Afrikaners are about four million Whites who have been in South Africa for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS, and are a people (and thus a language as well) of mixed Dutch, French Huguenot and Low German elements.

South Africa had a system called apartheid until 1994, keeping the races in separate areas, letting Whites (both Afrikaners and white British) guide the country, and preventing black chaos. Since that year, black rule has predictably brought the country down to the point where it is the worst in the world in AIDs, rapes and murder — the WORST-IN-THE-WORLD.

The first video is called “Afrikanerhart” (meaning, as you might guess, since Afrikans is related to English, “Afrikaner heart”):


The second video is called “De la Rey” (named for an Afrikaner general in the Second Boer War), and evokes the call today for a heroic white leader:


“Pa en seun” (“Father and Son”); a song/video with a funeral, suggesting the child was hit by a car, but the mental association Afrikaners will have viewing this and hearing the lyrics is to funerals for white victims murdered by blacks. funeral video only awakens associations with the many thousands of murder-related funerals. An Afrikaner told me that because Van Blerk’s songs are mostly political, ALL his songs are seen as having an open or indirect racial message. An estimated 50,000 Whites have been slaughtered (often tortured, mutilated and even burned alive) by savage black criminals since the end of apartheid.

Every day, Whites are murdered and white women are raped by blacks with AIDs. The Jewsmedia NEVER covers this shocking genocide.

Here are the lyrics (and you can see how similar many basic words are between English and Afrikans)

Pa en Seun/Father and Son

Ek staan hier alleen langs jou graf/I stand here alone by your grave;

En ek wens so graag jy was nog hier/And I wish so much you were still here;

Dat ons net kon praat, En ons trots kon laat vaar/That we could just talk, and let go of our pride;

En ek net jou Pa kon wees/And I could just be your father.


Net die beste vir jou wil ek he/I wanted only the best for you;

Maar daai woorde was nooit net gese/But [loving] nonsense words were never said;

En hier waar jy le my seun weet ek nie/And here where you lie, my son, I do not know;

Tyd was te min om oor te begin/The time was too little to start over (begin again).


Se my hoe se ‘n Pa vir sy seun/Tell me what a father says to his son;

In Jou het ek lewe gevind/In you I have found life;

Ek het jou lief jy’s my kind/I love you; you are my child

Jy’s my kind/You are my child.


Se my hoe word ‘n Pa so alleen/Tell me how a father becomes so alone;

Dit voel soos my enigste seun/It feels as though you were my only son;

Die Here het jou my geleen/The Lord lent you to me;

Jou woorde draai steeds in my kop/Your words turn constantly in my head;

Daar is soveel wat ‘n Pa nog wou vra/There is so much a father would like to ask;

Maar eendag moes jy ook ‘n pa word my kind/But someday you must also be a dad, my child;

En dan sou jy alles verstaan/And then you will understand everything.


Soos ‘n pa wat sy lewe sou gee/As a father who would give his life,

Met sy trane wat die see weg sou vee/With his tears that would push back the sea;

Maar hier waar jy le my seun/But here where you lie, my son;

Weet ek die tyd was te min/I know the time was too little;

En niks maak meer sin/And nothing makes sense any more;

Se my hoe se ‘n Pa vir sy seun/Tell me how a father talks to his son;

In Jou

het ek lewe gevind/In you I found life;

Ek het jou lief jy’s my kind/I love you, you’re my child;

Jy’s my kind/You’re my child.

* * *

What this song evokes indirectly is that the white Afrikaners feel doomed, being picked off one by one by one, that time is running out,  the world is unaware of their tragedy, and they wonder what is to be done.

And now we too have a black African as president over our white nation of America. Afrikaners, Amerikaners — what is the difference? When the white baby-boomers die, the 75 MILLION born between 1946 and 1964, the white population of America could also plummet down to eight or ten percent!

We could have many funeral scenes then — and with multiple coffins.

Van Blerk recently gave an interview ( to the Afrikaner newspaper Die Burger [“The Citizen”], denying he was a politican, or even a racist,  or anyone trying to start a white revolution. (And he clearly is not any kind of white “leader.” He’s “just” an artist.)

“But then,” the report says, “his face got dark.”

“And he tells of his longstanding friend, also a musician. “While he was packing, five black guys come bursting in, tie him to a pole, and he sees all five rape his girl in front of him on the floor of the place. Then they say to him: ‘This is what we will do to all you white people.”

And just as the black government in South Africa wants to disarm the white Afrikaners, the black government of Obama, Holder and the lesbian Jewess Napolitano wishes to do the same to us white Amerikaners!

Whites are now only 8% of the South African population, because the black racist government, to boost the already huge black population even further over the Whites, has even let illegal aliens from OTHER black countries (such as chaotic Zimbabwe, once the orderly, rich, white-ruled Rhodesia) pour into that once clean, safe, orderly, Dutch-German-flavored country, the Republic of South Africa…..

I hope you can hear and enjoy these videos; I found them very moving!……

On an indirectly related topic — things that SHOULD shock us but to which we find ourselves desensitized….

A comrade sent me this email:

Billionaire: Elite Want Two-Thirds Of The “Dumb People” Wiped Off The Planet
Kevin Trudeau personally spoke with Bilderberg members who brazenly advocated mass culling of human population
Billionaire entrepreneur Kevin Trudeau, who has been constantly harassed and sued by the FTC for promoting alternative health treatments, told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that elitists and Bilderberg members who he had personally conversed with spoke of their desire to see “two thirds of the dumb people” wiped off the planet.
Trudeau admitted that he was in Greece recently and implied that he attended the Bilderberg Group meeting, while also stating that he personally knew many Bilderberg members who he “conversed with on a regular basis”.
Overpopulation is a primary concern of the elite, and it was the subject of a recent clandestine meeting of billionaire “philanthropists” in New York. Elitists veil their agenda with the humanitarian rhetoric of the need to naturally reduce world population by means of contraception and education, whereas in reality, as we have exhaustively documented, their program has its origins in the inhumane pseudo-science of eugenics which first flourished in Britain, and the ideology of racial and genetic superiority [….]
“Some of the conversations you have on the 200 foot yachts off the coast of Monaco – you can’t believe what really goes on behind closed doors,” said Trudeau, noting that Alex Jones had exposed such issues in his documentary films, notably “Endgame.” The billionaire said that he had recently spent time in Monaco with Crown Prince Albert II.
Trudeau stated that elitists he had talked to thought their plans were for the greater good of humanity but that they believed there were two classes of people on earth, the ruling elite and the “worker bees,” , and that the elite were defined not necessarily by money or power, but by their genetic ancestry.
[JdN: I can see no greater proof that the NWO is Jewish than the “royal race” and master/worker attitudes described here.]
Trudeau shockingly detailed conversations with elitists during which they brazenly admitted their desire for massive global population reduction.
“I’ve been sitting on the boats off the coast of Barbados with the guys who basically said we need to get two-thirds of the dumb people off the planet – I’ve been in the meetings,” said Trudeau, adding that such words were not spoken in an evil manner, but in a “matter of fact” way under the pretext that such a thing would be for the good of planet earth.
Revealingly, Trudeau said that elitists see Alex Jones as an annoyance but tolerate him because they believe Jones as well as Trudeau himself are, “desensitizing people to these realities,” – which in a way works to their benefit.

“I’ve been told that’s why I still get invited on the yachts,” added Trudeau.
Trudeau added that the elite was divided into two camps, one larger faction that “categorically believes they are genetically superior than the rest of the population,” and another smaller faction, mainly comprising of younger people, that are feeding Trudeau information who “have come to the conclusion that some people are smarter than others, some people are more talented than others, some people are more motivated to work….but everyone should be allowed to succeed or fail based on their own choices or initiative….and that’s where there’s a split and a division right now at the highest levels,” said Trudeau.
The issue of desensitization is a serious one. Whites are currently being both dumbed-down and numbed-down. We must again feel — feel the outrage, the defiance, the pride and the love that will make us fight for our rights. That’s why I ask your opinion of the songs.
An Afrikaner wrote me of her disappointment in Bok van Blerk. I replied:
“I understand your disappointment in the man, because your people are being killed RIGHT NOW. But very few men have artistic talent, can laugh at slander, can overcome the real fear of sudden assassination, and dispose of speaking, organizing and leadership abilities — and most of all possess clear goals and values which are founded, not on opinion polls, but on a solid world view, addressing the folk’s material, emotional and also spiritual needs.
He must found a new civilization as this one dies. This is not Bok van Blerk.
The masses all are awaiting the one man who has the whole package, and when he comes, they must then follow that unique individual, and never look back.
The Solutrean Ryk that will unite all Aryans

The year 2010 will be decisive in the 20,000-year history of our race, and hope will come from the vast white nation called America.”


[thanks to comrade Sheldon in WV]

Confirmed? “Sharp dressed man” aided Northwest flight “Christmas Bomber” Umar Mutallab onto plane without passport. Who was involved, why don’t we know about this other suspect?

Kurt HaskellKurt Haskell’s boarding pass for NWA Flight 253

A Michigan man who was aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 says he witnessed Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab trying to board the plane in Amsterdam without a passport.
Kurt Haskell of Newport, Mich., who posted an earlier comment about his experience, talked exclusively with and confirmed he was on the flight by sending a picture of his boarding pass. He and his wife, Lori, were returning from a safari in Uganda when they boarded the NWA flight on Friday.
Lori and Kurt Haskell
Haskell said he and his wife were sitting on the ground near their boarding gate in Amsterdam, which is when they saw Mutallab approach the gate with an unidentified man.
Kurt and Lori Haskell are attorneys with Haskell Law Firm in Taylor. Their expertise includes bankruptcy, family law and estate planning.
While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, ‘He’s from Sudan and we do this all the time.’”
Mutallab is Nigerian. Haskell believes the man may have been trying to garner sympathy for Mutallab’s lack of documents by portraying him as a Sudanese refugee.
The ticket agent referred Mutallab and his companion to her manager down the hall, and Haskell didn’t see Mutallab again until after he allegedly tried to detonate an explosive on the plane.
Haskell said the flight was mostly unremarkable. That was until he heard a flight attendant say she smelled smoke, just after the pilot announced the plane would land in Detroit in 10 minutes. Haskell got out of his seat to view the brewing commotion.
“I stood up and walked a couple feet ahead to get a closer look, and that’s when I saw the flames,” said Haskell, who sat about seven rows behind Mutallab. “It started to spread pretty quickly. It went up the wall, all the way to ceiling.”
Haskell, who described Mutallab as a diminutive man who looks like a teenager, said about 30 seconds passed between the first mention of smoke and when Mutallab was subdued by fellow passengers.
“He didn’t fight back at all. This wasn’t a big skirmish,” Haskell said. “A couple guys jumped on him and hauled him away.”
The ordeal has Haskell and his wife a little shaken. Flight attendants were screaming during the fire and the pilot sounded notably nervous when bringing the plane in for a landing, he said.
“Immediately, the pilot came on and said two words: emergency landing,” Haskell said. “And that was it. The plane sped up instead of slowing down. You could tell he floored it.”
As Mutallab was being led out of the plane in handcuffs, Haskell said he realized that was the same man he saw trying to board the plane in Amsterdam.
Passengers had to wait about 20 minutes before they were allowed to exit the plane. Haskell said he and other passengers waited about six hours to be interviewed by the FBI.
About an hour after landing, Haskell said he saw another man being taken into custody. But a spokeswoman from the FBI in Detroit said Mutallab was the only person taken into custody.


In 1978 I joined the white cause that since childhood had always attracted me. But my relatives all laughed; after all, they were MAKING MONEY.

So God has to take away their money, and then the Jew-queer-Third Worlder takeover of America starts impacting their own self-interest, and not just ruin the future which their indifference and/or greed and/or cowardice has created for their children and grandchildren.

Now only, when it affects THEIR bottom line, do they start to believe us that:

Der Jude ist unser Unglück, das Ferment der Dekomposition der Voelker (Treitschke). [“The Jew is our disaster, the ferment of the decomposition of the peoples.”]

Now they begin to see that we idealists were the most practical and down-to-earth thinkers after all. And that we were among the 5% of the best — enduring endless sacrifices, threats, firings, poverty, vilification and even death.  I was nearly murdered in my very first year in the cause — — and almost disinherited by my then wealthy father (whom the Jews were terrorizing with reports on my college campus activities). In the Marines I was thrown by my Jew commanding officer, Philip Gold, into an all-black Marine unit with my WN affiliations put right in my personnel file.

But they, the worshippers of mammon and safety, were among the 90% that is moral putty in the hands of whatever their leaders, good or bad, tell them to think and do. The masses are always human weathervanes, blowing in the wind.

Well, now an icy economic wind is blowing.

And remember: The article you are about to read below is from an ESTABLISHMENT source, the Associated Press, and not from a 9/11 “truther,” a “birther” or a white nationalist.

* * *

Jobless decade threatens in

plodding recovery from deep


By The Associated Press Sunday, December 27, 2009 [source:]

WASHINGTON — Call it the Terrible Teens.

The decade ahead could be a brutal one for America’s unemployed — and for people with jobs hoping for pay raises.

At best, it could take until the middle of the decade for the nation to generate enough jobs to drive down the unemployment rate to a normal 5 percent or 6 percent and keep it there. At worst, that won’t happen until much later — perhaps not until the next decade.

The deepest and most enduring recession since the 1930s has battered America’s work force.

The unemployed number 15.4 million. The jobless rate is 10 percent [JdN: what a joke! By pre-Clinton counting standards, it is at least SEVENTEEN PERCENT]. More than 7 million jobs have vanished. People out of work at least six months number a record 5.9 million. And household income, adjusted for inflation, has shrunk in the past decade.

Most economists say it could take at least until 2015 for the unemployment rate to drop down to a historically more normal 5.5 percent. And with the job market likely to stay weak, some foresee another decade of wage stagnation.

Even though the economy will likely keep growing [JdN: FOR RICH JEWS AND THEIR WHITE SELL-OUT FRIENDS] , the pace is expected to be plodding. That will make employers reluctant to hire. Further contributing to high unemployment is the likelihood of more people competing for jobs, baby boomers delaying retirement and interest rates edging higher.

All this would occur after a decade that created relatively few jobs: a net total of just 464,000. By contrast, 21.7 million new jobs were generated between 1989 and 1999.

Economist David Levy, chairman of the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center, says the country faces a new era of chronically high unemployment, averaging 8 percent or more over the next decade.

The “New Abnormal,” he calls it.

Levy thinks the New Abnormal means average pay will dwindle, along with consumer prices. That would make it harder for households to pay down debt.


Other analysts think the economy will recover the jobs wiped out by the recession by 2013 or 2014 but that the unemployment rate will stay high. They note that the healing economy will cause more people to stream back into the labor force, vying for too-few jobs.

Baby boomers whose retirement accounts have shrunk could put off retiring and stay in the work force longer. That would leave fewer positions available for the unemployed.

Other contributing forces — businesses squeezing more work from employees they still have and relying more on part-time and overseas help — have intensified. And record federal budget deficits and the threat of inflation could drive up interest rates, which could hobble growth and restrict job creation.

All those factors could combine to keep unemployment high.

“It will be the mother of all jobless recoveries,” predicts economic historian John Steel Gordon.

========MY COMMENT:

This depression has two intentions:

1) Jews want to foreclose on the whole country and buy up American businesses, homes and farms on the ultra-cheap;

2) the federal government wants to start a new, insane, drawn-out war — against Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela and Latino drug cartells — to puff up the economy, and also create other jobs programs, all designed to make the goyeem SO grateful to Uncle Fedzilla for putting food on the slaves’ table.

This criminal conspiracy to manipulate Americans into disaster and then pose the federal government as the savior FOR THE PROBLEMS IT CREATED would normally work, as it did in the 1930s and ’40 under Roosevelt, except for the Internet exposing it all — and the Internet’s protector,  guns.

Unlike the 1930s and 1940s, we now have an Aryan mass media in the Internet — and every day it erodes further what little residual faith White Americans once had in their government. They now know that America is not a democracy, it is not free; it is a government of the minorities, by the minorities and for the minorities that only exists because manipulated White Americans pay for it and, out of mere habit and real fear, still, for now, obey it.

And the exposés on the Internet, whose freedom of speech is protected by our guns, is why Obama is failing at health care, carbon emissions, economic recovery and everything else the illegal-alien lays his coffee-colored hands on.

Oh, but he DID get a Nobel Peace Prize….


  1. A comrade who creates videos on YouTube wrote to remind me of the heroic old WHITE Rhodesia:

    27 décembre 2009

    Here is my new video:

    Rhodesia was once a great little nation. One of the highest standards of living in the world. The rest of the world did not like her freedom, so they boycotted her into submission and forced her to turn their nation over to terrorist. Now it is called Zimbabwe, a ceaspool of filth and misery.

    * * *

    I replied:

    * * *

    Dear comrade GNQ,

    I know that Rhodesia was a wonderful country, and I had a printer in Alexandria, Virginia who was a friendly, very handsome blue-eyed Rhodesian, and was glad to print my WN items.

    I have to say that Ian Smith and many others give me reason to make this blunt statement:

    Only a real Nazi will never compromise with the Jew.

    None of these genteel conservatives can be trusted in the end, whether American Republican country club types, Rhodesian Smithers, or Afrikaner National Party types.

    Btw, when I was going with Henrik Holappa for an immigration hearing last November (2008), I met a sweet Rhodesian family that were all seeking political asylum.

    And I assume they got it, not because the Jew-S-A is now pro-white, but only because Mugabe has defied the NWO.

    Being of British heritage myself as I imagine you are, I think you will be very interested in my forthcoming book and especially the special section on Britain, called “The Normans: England’s Blessing and Curse.” It is coming out soon — I was just delighted to learn — in abridged form in the January issue of the English WN magazine “Heritage & Destiny.”

    If you send me an email, comrade GivenNoQuarter, I will then be able to send you the pdf of this Normans essay. Then you may understand better why our “mother country’s” government has been so wicked towards its own children, and how to restore the true Germanic-Keltic England.

    Finally, my friend Fred Verduin, who first got me into the WN cause, while serving with an elite US Army unit, later joined the famous Selous Scouts and fought for Rhodesia.

    My goal is to create a new white tribe, a white Internationale: pan-Aryan, and with deep ethnic and spiritual brotherhood, plus an economic basis. An Eternal Solutrean will have a brother anywhere in the world, and money and a job, and someone to watch his back. We will be the only Whites left in 50 years, but we’ll be the best — and WE SHALL SURVIVE.

    I hope you had a meaningful Christ Mass. The year 2010 will be exciting as we take the offensive. With no compromise toward the Jew. The black. The white psychopathic traitors. Once we understand psychopaths, then we too will give no quarter.

    They will get only the mercy they gave us.

    John de Nugent

    PS I’ll post your PM to me on my blog, and plug your video!

  2. Another comrade wrote me (at

    * * *

    About the songs you mentioned at your website, in my opinion they are “anthems,”for lack of a better word.

    * * *

    I replied:

    * * *

    I am very glad you liked them! White South Africa can become very important for us White Americans, and their horrible suffering can at least wake US up in the most important white nation geopolitically on earth.

    What I also appreciate about the Afrikaners is that in some many outward ways they resemble our own pioneers and cowboys. They were “egalitarians” with no “nobility” except hard work and performance. they drove covered wagons over the plains and through the mountains. they were ranchers and farmers. They were all armed. They fought two wars against the British empire’s invading forces, just as we did.

    Most of all, the Afrikaners were FEISTY and they were WHITE.

    We Eternal Solutreans must do everything we can FOR them and we must teach our countrymen, using SA as an example of what happens when blacks take over — chaos and death.

  3. Hail comrade,

    In 1933 International Jewry saw in a Germans-first Reich a mortal enemy, putting together an international coalition to suppress it. By Jewish control of the mainstream media worldwide, and of who gets into high-level politics, they combat and silence all new nationalist movements around the world. The immigrant invasion of our countries (mine is Spain) looms large in their anti-nationalist program of “one world, one people” — not living in harmony, though, but mixed-up.

    Contrary to the anti-alcohol and anti-smoking campaigns of the German Reich, the Jewish agenda also promotes the increasingly widespread use of alcohol and other drugs, which puts the devil into people, and the browner they are, the more testosterone they have. Those black savages in S.A. were definitely high.

    Let´s break together the myth of the Holohoax, so as to break free of Jewish tyranny and again dream of non-invaded nations (without illegal immigration) and healthy minds, healthy bodies, a healthy people.

  4. Thanks you for your comment, comrade. Spain was the frontier guard of the white world in the South, like Russia in the East and Austria in the Balkans. It is time for another reconquista!

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