Thought-provoking video by Mike Adams — do the elites WANT Trump to win so they can crash the economy & blame a nationalist conservative, as with Herbert Hoover?

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A Canadian comrade summarized it this way:

“They” will use Trump as the fall guy for the inevitable big crash of the system, which will take the heat off of the real perpetrators — the same way they used Hoover following the stock market crash in 1929. The battle doesn’t end when Trump wins. It’s just the beginning.

Mike Adams’ take on what is happening here is prescient. This scenario is the only one that makes sense to me.




Mike Adams discusses some interesting NWO scenarios


One would be Obama getting a major position with the UN


Note, btw, that the big central column behind the podium in the UN General Assembly hall is a kind of unfinished pyramid, a classic Freemasonic symbol, and it is also found here, on the left side of the back of the US $1 bill:



And Soros will never give up.



Adams suggests Trump could be so hammered as president by the media with purported personal scandals (involving women and/or business deals) or a collapsing economy that he will become very weak, in fact.

…..Jew money going to Hillary

There is no question that Jews are a prominent component of our new elite and played a determinative role in passing the watershed 1965 immigration law.

Jewish opposition to Trump is virtually unanimous, and in the Republican Party, Jewish neoconservatives are leading the #NeverTrump movement.

(One of them, Paul Ryan adviser Dan Senor, is rumored to have leaked the Access Hollywood tape, although the MSM seems reluctant to ask him).

According to 538, in 2012, around 70% of money given by Jews directly to candidates went to Obama, while in 2016, 95% has gone to Clinton. [The GOP’s Jewish Donors Are Abandoning Trump,By Eitan Hersh and Brian Schaffner, September 21, 2016]

Jews are vastly overrepresented among the top donors to pro-Clinton PACs, while the Republican Jewish Coalition has not endorsed Trump, with many donors switching to Clinton. Adelson, after investing $93 million in the 2012 campaign for Republicans, including $30 million to a Romney PAC, now says he will donate only $45 million, of which only $5 million will go to Trump, the rest going to House and Senate candidates. [Donald Trump Gains the Support of a Former ‘Never Trump’ Billionaire, by  Michal Addady,, September 20, 2016]





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