Thomas Edward Watson of Georgia — the first national socialist; 5-hr audiobook of his final grand article – on the Jews’ newspaper death grip

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…..Audiobook: Jews indict an entire state





…..Before even Hitler: Thomas Watson of Georgia 1915, the first active national socialist

Greetings, comrades.

Since 2013 I have now completed narrating all the audiobooks based on the great articles by Tom Watson on the Leo Frank and Mary Phagan case in his powerful Watson’s Jeffersonian Magazine.

And I realized that Watson was the first national socialist, even before Adolf Hitler.


Actually they both were coming at the same time to the same three conclusions that make up national socialism:

1) they saw the terrible suffering of the white working class — little Mary Phagan worked 55 hours a week for a Jew at age 13 for a dollar an hour and that it must be replaced by respect for their work and by economic justice,

In this steaming Atlanta sweatshop the Jew Leo Frank molested his female employees under threats to fire them.


This is how the Jew owner lived.


Montag hired a dream team of Atlanta lawyers to get his nephew Leo Frank off after the young Ivy League grad and president of B’nai B’rith of Atlanta committed — on Confederate Memorial Day — in 1913  a heinous anal and vaginal rape with much blood — and murder by strangulation. 


2) Both Watson and Hitler saw the reality of racial differences. Watson, a kind man, was orginally against lynching, but saw there was truly a severe problem of black men raping white women, and concluded „lynching is better than no law at all.“


This Oklahoma negro killed the wrong white girl — stripped, doused in fuel, set afire, hanged, then shot to pieces with shotguns.



He raped and murdered a white woman, and got burned alive.


So did he.


Bill Cosby


…..raped 90% white women –and for forty years.


3) Hitler and Watson realized the Jews’ utter evil and their media and financial power to destroy society



But Adolf Hitler was off at war, at the front, in 1915.




A WWI German soldier after two years at the front — age 20


Actually, Tom Watson was just as much “at war” too, in 1915, using his popular Watson’s Magazine and his weekly Jeffersonian newspaper, to get the powerful Jew Leo Frank the hanging he so richly deserved for the rape and murder of beautiful little Mary Phagan.










I hope you will enjoy my articles and audiobook on this very important case at

Let us now always remember the heroism of Mary Phagan….




….of Tom Watson and of the lynchers who broke man’s law to obey the laws of God.

W. E. Swanson, Cobb County, Georgia sheriff


The hanging of Leo Frank was the first and only time in America that a powerful jew got what he deserved for crimes against white girls, white women, white men, white morality, the white family and white society.


We need history now to repeat itself, and the Leo Frank case shows white men will rise up if powerfully reminded of their duty by a leader such as Tom Watson.




Then bring on again the inner Viking, bring on again the Aryan warrior and let the foe tremble in his boots as he rides to the hanging tree!







[from (most Watson photos added by me, JdN)]

Incorporated in 1910 by the Georgia lawyer, author, and statesman Thomas E. Watson, the Jeffersonian Publishing Company was the official mouthpiece of Georgia’s firebrand Populist.

The company

printed most of Watson’s literary works—pamphlets, monographs, biographies, and histories—but it was known primarily for Watson’s newspaper, The Weekly Jeffersonian, and his monthly literary magazine, Watson’s Jeffersonian Magazine. Initially given to trenchant muckraking editorials written in the Populist Party spirit, both magazine and newspaper eventually included Watson’s fierce attacks against the Catholic Church hierarchy and the domestic and foreign policies of U.S. president Woodrow Wilson. Watson’s publications survived an organized Catholic boycott and a federal prosecution for mailing obscene literature, and would not be silenced until finally suppressed by the Wilson administration under the Espionage Act of 1917.



Despite controversy and opposition, Watson’s weekly and monthly publications commanded a loyal political force, and no Georgia governor between 1906 and 1922 was elected without Watson’s support.
A celebrated criminal defense lawyer for much of his career, Watson still was no newcomer to publishing. The intellectual force behind the Populist revolt of the 1890s, Watson launched and edited the successful weekly People’s Party Paper in 1891.
He was a frequent contributor to the Populist journal Arena and other national periodicals and was the author of several books: The Story of France(1899), Napoleon: A Sketch of His Life, Character, Struggles, and Achievements (1902), and The Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson (1903). In the midst of his failed 1904 presidential campaign, Watson refused repeated offers from William Randolph Hearst to edit the New York American. He instead launched Tom Watson’s Magazine in 1905, a monthly literary magazine published from New York. The first issue sold more than 100,000 copies. With articles from such contributing authors as lawyer Clarence Darrow and novelist Theodore Dreiser and with Watson’s sensational editorials that abused class rule and runaway capitalism, the magazine was identified with other well-read muckraking and reform journals of its day.

His magazine’s early success notwithstanding, Watson was soon at odds with the management practices and unsavory reputation of his business partner, W. D. Mann. In late 1906 Watson moved

the magazine’s publication to Atlanta, where it joined its sister weekly newspaper begun months earlier, and underwent a name change, toWatson’s Jeffersonian Magazine. Aided by the mailing list of Hoke Smith‘s Atlanta Journal , Watson’s weekly and monthly enjoyed continued popularity with loyal constituents and former Populists. Watson affectionately dubbed his readers “Old Man Peepul” and “Aunt Sarah Jane.” Focusing on national issues, the Weekly Jeffersonian rivaled the Journal and Clark Howell‘s Atlanta Constitution for circulation and statewide influence.

In 1910 Watson purchased the copyrights to his books, constructed a modern printing plant within sight of his Thomson home, Hickory Hill, and moved his publications one last time. He named his friend and political ally and the future Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture J. J. Brown as vice president and moved managing editor Alice Lytle to Thomson. The 9,000-square-foot plant employed thirty people and was equipped to print, stitch, and bind Watson’s periodicals and books.
Also in 1910 Watson began a deliberate serial crusade against the Catholic hierarchy. While his mistrust of foreign missions and the historic political activities of the Catholic Church had manifested itself earlier in both his periodicals and histories, Watson’s campaign of 1910 took on a more vitriolic complexion. His bitter attacks in “the Jeffs” against the abuses of the church and a wealth of purported sexual crimes ran unabated for seven years, attracted an effective Catholic boycott, and eventually, a federal indictment.
Watson was arrested on June 3, 1912, for sending through the U.S. mail a Latin quotation considered obscene for the day—a quotation Watson reprinted to illustrate the vile nature of questions asked of female parishioners by their confessors.
Watson led his own defense and in 1916, after a quashed indictment and a mistrial, won his own acquittal.


Watson’s contentious publications again found the national spotlight in 1914, after Watson bristled

at an Atlanta Journal editorial urging a retrial for Leo Frank. A wealthy, northern, Jewish manager of the National Pencil Company in Atlanta, Frank had been convicted a year earlier of raping and murdering Mary Phagan, a working-class thirteen-year-old company employee. Frank’s conviction was subsequently upheld on five appeals to the Georgia Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court. Watson, who had refused offers to assist in the defense and in the prosecution, remained publicly silent on the case until Hoke Smith’s newspaper printed the editorial.

Watson assailed the Journal for judicial tampering (the case was under appeal), took on northern publishers who clamored for a new trial, and began a two-year defense of Georgia’s judicial system and demonstration of the guilt of the “libertine Jew.”
Editorials in his weekly exploded into expansive evidentiary and trial reviews in Watson’s Magazine. Georgia governor John M. Slaton commuted Frank’s death sentence during his final days in office, outraging many Georgians and prompting Watson to ask his readers “whether Lynch law is not better than no law at all.”
Two months later Frank was taken from the jail in Milledgeville by a group of prominent Marietta citizens, driven back to Marietta, and hanged. Watson responded to the news through the Jeffersonian: “Now let outsiders attend to their own business, AND LEAVE OURS ALONE.” For many, the episode branded Watson as an anti-Semite for the only time in his life.
Through it all, Watson’s paper and magazine continued to attack Wilson’s policies regarding the Conscription Act and American involvement in World War I and the League of Nations. As it did with the socialist Eugene Debs, the Wilson administration ultimately silenced Watson’s printed protests in 1917 by denying his paper and magazine the use of the U.S. mail under the Espionage Act. Unlike other progressive reformers and Debs, Watson narrowly escaped federal prosecution.
Watson would continue his fight against Wilson’s internationalism in 1918 in the pages of his newly purchased weekly Columbia Sentinel, but in fact the Jeffersonian Publishing Company was silenced forever. Like Watson, it was foreordained to a short-lived and turbulent career.

The grave of the brilliant, courageous and successful Tom Watson, and his loving wife, in Thomson, Georgia — a life of honor and glory 


Watson — Leo Frank Case: Media Jews Indict a Whole State

My latest, best Leo Frank article: Rich Jews try out their media war machine by indicting a whole state

Tom Watson October 1915: Rich Jews Indict a State (Part 2 of 3)

CONCLUSION Tom Watson October 1915: Rich Jews Indict a State (Part 3 of 3)

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…..A first reaction

John, isn’t it interesting that anyone who is truly a thinker ends up at the same conclusion?  That National Socialism is really the only viable solution.

I answered:

Yes, but the other races need it too, in their own areas and homelands, and we need them as allies against the Jew. The immigrants and blacks here now would refuse to go back, but if we give them their own areas within America and the blessings of national socialism….


White rule over the all US and Canada — with non-white areas also under white rule, including a cotton-tobacco belt in the South in counties that have already been majority-black for 200 years.


…..they will accept much more readily than one would imagine that the white man again runs the country, as a good steward and as the best leaders.


I will never forget the Reverend Brock, a black nationalist who was pro-white and anti-Jew, saying to me, a main speaker, after my speech at the 2007 “No More Wars for Israel” conference in southern California:




If you Aryans are the master race, then be the master race and be the leaders. If this is your country, as you say, then take it back! You forced us [blacks] here, and now you cave in to the Jew — and we all are miserable!


*** He replied:

I understand.
Ultimately, Christianity and White Nationalism both suffer from the same problem.  They both focus on the negative.   From the Christian perspective, the messages are “if you aren’t saved, you’re going to Hell/lake of fire”, “if you don’t help people, you aren’t doing the Lord’s work”,  “if you don’t understand the scripture, you aren’t a mature Christian”,  “if you question scripture, you aren’t a mature Christian”, and on and on and on.  There is very little focus on the positive.  
Same goes for WN.  The focus is always on blaming the other, instead of focusing on improving ourselves, and therefore improving the world.  If we truly are the Noble Race, we are capable of anything.  The only way to get there is to focus on the positive and the improvement of self for the benefit of the people, not just the benefit of self.  Ultimately, even the jew [generally speaking] is just exploiting our own nature.   Once we recognize this and improve ourselves, we can save ourselves, and everyone else, and get back to what we were meant to do and be.
This is what those in power fear the most.  A mindset amongst the people that renders (((them))) irrelevant.


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….all my Leo Frank work since 2013 

I give you the last word on the Leo Frank Case: Five Separate and Unique Analyses.

January 2015: Watson’s Magazine, January 1915, booklet-sized article, by Thomas Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook one hundred years later, in January 2015:

March 2015: Watson’s Magazine, March 1915, booklet-sized article, by Tom Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook in March 2015:

August 2015: Watson’s Magazine, August 1915, booklet-sized article, by Tom Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook in August 2015:

September 2015: Watson’s Magazine, September 1915, Leo Frank Jew Pervert, booklet-sized article, by Tom Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook in December 2015:

October 2015: Watson’s Magazine, September 1915, Leo Frank Jew Pervert, booklet sized article, by Tom Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook in December 2015:

Will be released soon!

Please Listen to Margi’s 2015 Audiobook Transformation of Mary Phagan Kean’s 1987 book, ‘The Murder of Little Mary Phagan’

Margi’s 2013 audiobook transformation of the first book ever written about the Leo Frank case in 1913!!



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My effective emails to the commissioners of Cobb County, Georgia to protest any “exoneration”of Leo Frank



As happens very rarely, the dead victim’s little hands were still raised up to fend her killer off
This rare phenomenon of instant rigor mortis is also seen on these two fallen Confederate soldiers. To the fury of Southerners,  Mary was murdered by this Yankee Jew on Confederate Memorial  Day (April 26, 1913)
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35,000 views on all platforms –my April 20, 2015 video on Leo Frank and modern pedophiles

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Mary had sparkling Irish blue eyes and amazing blond-auburn hair like this modern girl, and had filled out perfectly for a 13-year-old


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HQ of “The Forward” in Jew York City


Unctious Jew Peter Berger does damage control by “remembering” Mary Phagan at her grave, while conceding between the lines Frank was likely guilty of rape and murder — ‘but it brought us Jews together in a common cause’



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  1. I agree with the black minister for the most part. I’m from Colombian parents who have some indigenous [Amerindian] mixture in the family and the roots from Spain (which was under Arab control for centuries). But all races must be united against the juden, because no matter how you look at jews (and their puppets), they are the biggest threat to the whole world and the planet, including its ecology and animal/insect life.

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