This is how all of America will be when President Killary unleashes her black mobs on whites; rant against libtard Minnesota

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I am now completing an audio book and article on Captain Archibald Ramsay and his  magnificent 1952 book,  The Nameless War.



What this title refers to is how Jews instigate revolutions and wars against white governments which they do not yet control (in his book it is about England, France, Russia and Spain) using not only their agents, and financial and media assets — the paralysis stage, where the government does not, or even cannot act vigorously –  but also, the very scum of the earth for mob violence — the physical attack stage.

All this comes to mind when viewing this excellent new video by Colin Flaherty on black mob violence against white kids at Temple University in Philadelphia, a black-devastated city that used to be one of the great cities of America.


….Inspired rant on black Somalis sponging off libtards in Minnesota









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