THIRD UPDATE Reality check for Spencerites; ZOG bans legal, peaceful protest in Charlottesville; Trump pussies out; rightwing Jew/Manchurian plows car into leftists, killing one, injuring 19

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James Alex Fields plowed his Dodge Charger into leftists. His mother, Samantha Lee Bloom., is Jewish, so he is Jewish.  I suspect he is a Manchurian Candidate, programmed like Dylann Storm Roof to make us look terrible with this horrible,. ISIS-Type massacre. 

I note he was in the US Army for a mere four months…..then was discharged….. a real Manchurian scenario. 

My short  video on this .

Antifas go airborne… This is a dangerous game. They can do this to us, too. It just takes a car and a willingness to go to prison for many years. 😉


…..A word to Spencer hotshots

It has been quite a weekend and a good one in a way. Let the Spencerian Alt-Righties get a strong whiff of reality. Repeatedly I have read his toxic meme of derogatory, arrogant remarks about WN “Boomers,” as if these young guys were going to go to Charlottesville and kick the cops’ ass, yes, defy the police state, which has been hounding WNs since J.Edgar Hoover’s FBI of the 1940s!

Richard Spencer’s divisive quote:
18. The ‘68ers
The generation born between the years 1945 and 1964 abrogated its duty to safeguard and pass down a civilization to its children. The so-called “‘68ers” engage in childish narcissism of the most extreme kind; they bear responsibility for today’s lamentable state of affairs; and they are seemingly unable even to recognize their culpability.
A new generation of leadership is desperately needed.

Spencer was almost whining in a vid how his rights were not respected and he got roughed up. Well, Spencer, we “Boomer WNs” have been getting the “full treatment” for decades before you were born: beaten, defamed, framed and murdered.


It is barely bold to wear a fashy haircut, Spencer… and look like a Bond villain….


But we yelled “Get the faggots out” (of the  Georgetown student council)  and wore the full swastika stormtroop uniform in front of cops who were WWII vets.


Interrupting Bill Clinton and Elie Wiesel, who both departed from their remarks to say “people like that over there is why we need this Holocaust Museum” 😉


The only thing I will add for you young and inexperienced WNs is what I shared today from my own 40 years of activist experience … Ever since Obama won, in Nov. 2008, the Zio-feds simply do not permit any successful, large WN gatherings at all, unless of course you are the judeophile Yalie Jared Taylor and are handled by a hard-leftist Jewish concubine such as his Evelyn Rich. (See my site and enter “Evelyn Rich”.)


….The good thing about Charlotteville

One real good thing about the Charlottesville event was the old divide between Yankees and Rebels is over. We are all REBELS now, North and South united! As Rockwell said: Your uniform now is your skin!

Best song about the Confederates




……Booh-hoo-hoo now for the poor leftists who denied freedom of speech and assembly to the WNs — and one flipped out 

how many have the extreme left killed in the 20th century? Only 100 million!


WNs drove hundeds of miles at their own expense to attend a peaceful rally; which the militarized robo-cops cancelled by force despite a permit and federal court order. ONE got pissed, and just O-N-E went nuts. This is what happens when freedom of speech and peaceful assembly are denied! THE FEDS WANTED AN ATROCITY TO HAPPEN!

Fields drove 545 miles from Toledo, Ohio, using $64 in gas, for eight hours, to get to a fully legal, peaceful rally in Charlottesville, Virginia which the robo-cops brutally shut down! Derek Weimer, a history teacher at Randall K. Cooper High School in Union, Kentucky, where Fields had grown up, said Fields was “very infatuated” with Nazis and Adolf Hitler. Weimer also said Fields had been prescribed antipsychotic medication.
 Best vid yet on the car:


People do not realize how important the 2015 federal “op” with Dylann Storm Roof was — the “Charleston Church Shooting”. Roof was/is a Manchurian Candidate. NO blacks were killed. It was orchestrated to trigger the current avalanche of removal of all flags and statues honoring the Confederacy — the eternal symbol of nine states breaking out in ARMED-WHITE-MALE-REVOLT!!!

I was in this program until I ran away at age ten! This program is real and used constantly! Its victims do not even know they are mind-controled, making them the perfect too!

My personal triumph of the will over the secret, federal MK-ULTRA and Manchurian Candidate programs for the kids of the “elite”


…….James Alex Fields, Jr.’s mother’s name is Samantha BLOOM

“Samantha Bloom, of Ohio, confirmed details about her son’s car and his trip to Virginia, saying she received a text from him last week that said he’d gotten some time off from work and was going to a rally.
She said her son hadn’t given her any details about the rally but that she told him “to be careful” and to peaceful.
Bloom became visibly upset as she learned that dozens of people were injured during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.
Bloom said she and Fields had just relocated to the Toledo area from Florence, Kentucky, a Cincinnati, Ohio, suburb”
The article mentions nothing about his father, so apparently his mother is divorced, and now uses her maiden surname Bloom, while her son still uses his father’s surname Fields.  Bloom is definitely Jewish, and Fields, although of Anglo-Saxon origin, can also be Jewish:
If his mother is Jewish, as indicated by her surname Bloom, then by Talmudic law, so is her son.  He’s also dark-haired, dark-eyed, and swarthy, which suggests that he’s a Jew.  If so, it would explain his murderous instinct and deliberate sabotaging of the Alt-Right by committing this vile, premeditated act of terrorism, which only benefits the Jews.
 James Alex Fields, Jr., of Ohio, who was the driver of the car in Charlottesville, is ex-military, which makes me wonder if he was told to do this by ZOG:

“Fields was listed as an active duty service member of the United States Army from August 18 to December 11, 2015.” That is a really short term of service – less than four months, which is suspicious in itself.



To understand the rage of  the WNs — but not to condone the act by Fields, which I condemn — the cops shut down a legal, permitted, peaceful protest, and then they let antifa both march AND openly advocate m-u-r-d-e-r.


Spineless weenie Trump, whom our white outrage propelled into the White House,  blames the victim for “hate.”

Virginia, Virginia…. once the beating heart of the South.


A police helicopter crashed also ……two state troopers dead

My daughter Erika has a nursing degree from U. Virginia/Charlottesville

My reincarnation studies heavily utilize the scientific work of Dr. Jim Tucker of U. Va./Charlottesville:

I predict that the jewsmedia will go nuts over this Dodge Charger driver, hide that he is Jewish — and claim “Nazis” are terrorists.

It is time for a new Aryan religion, because things are getting critical. Trump has sold out,  he is heading us straight into WWII anyway,  and the Deep State is out to crush Trump totally, and then our cause, and then finally genocide our race.

…..Idiot Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe spouts the exact opposite of the truth about great Virginian founding fathers  


“You pretend that you are patriots – but you’re anything but a patriot. You wanna talk about patriots, talk about Thomas Jefferson, George Washington – who brought our country together. Think about the patriots today who are putting their lives in danger – they are patriots – you are not,” he said. McAuliffe went on to stress that outsiders that had come to Virginia to promote hatred were less than welcome.


“Our message is plain and simple: Go home. You are not wanted in this great Commonwealth. Shame on you.”

Referring to the US being a global melting pot, “the nation of immigrants” since it its early years, McAuliffe argued that“diversity, the mosaic tile of immigrants is what makes us so special.”

“My message is clear – we are stronger than you. You have made our Commonwealth stronger. You will not succeed, there is no place for you here – there is no place for you in America,” he said.

My message to you,  Terry McCaulife,  is that Jefferson and Washington were slave owners —  and, especially Jefferson, overt white supremacists! (and so were Andrew Jackson and Ben Franklin, a nordicist who wrote a famous essay, “America, a Land of Opportunity” in 1750, saying America should take in only NORTHERN Europeans!)

One my videos go back up on the reborn, you will see the proof! THE FOUNDING FATHERS AND OTHER FAMOUS PREISIDENTS WERE WHITE NATIONALISTS:


……Retired career Army vet and activist Paul Lovett wrote me

The following is what I posted on my Facebook:

“This [murderous car attack] is what happens when the right of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is institutionally denied to peaceful pro-White people.

When the anti-White NWO tyrants and Leftist agitators push it too hard, it only takes one disgruntled and demoralized White man to lose it and commit such an atrocity.

I am condemning this horrific evil act, but I am also reminding the anti-freedom traitors that denying the rights of pro-White people will only make matters worse.”


……Molyneux and Faith Goldy on the event

.The Alt Right showed up to peacefully protest, then the left attacked. Now the government is blaming the Alt Right. It’s official, the government hates white people.The Alt Right showed up to peacefully protest, then the left attacked. Now the government is blaming the Alt Right. It’s official, the government hates white people.



……The 2008 experience

In November 2008 Margi and I and an associate drove 450 miles in an 18-year-old Honda (given us by a supporter, but with a very, very bad transmission, and we had to stop twice because of it) to support David Duke’s Euro (as in “European-American”) conference in Memphis, Tennessee.


When we got there, the leftist/antifa One Peoples Project had already struck, calling in death threats to the staff of the hotel in their homes,and the hotel cancelled.

The minions of the fat black queer Darryl Lamont Jenkins were behind this, and the FBI arrested no one.

We got another hotel –after a nearby Mississippi county banned us with blatant illegality — and spoke.

Margi spoke, and sang a wonderful art song by the great Stephen Foster..


Duke, James Edwards and Margi


I was interviewed by a Jewess with the huge French tv network, Canal Plus. (They did not use it, I suppose, because I come across as reasonable, intelligent, educated and all-American. Actually, I have been under a total media blackout since the year 2010.) 


OPP then used this terroristic tactic successfully again of calling in death threats to the homes of hotel staff in downtown Washington DC! Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama, and FBI director and Deep-State THUG Robert Mueller — the same one now trying to indict Trump on some charge, any charge –had no problem whatsoever with overt terroristic threats to a hotel, theCapitol Skyline Hotel, located  four blocks from the US Capitol.


The Capitol Skyline hosted a hugely successful WN gathering (an American Free Press & Barnes Review co-event) in 2006 with 450 attendees, while Bush was still president. but under Obama the ability to meet peacefully rapidly became very difficult.



…….Darry Storm Roof and the genesis of the Demonizing Dixie 21016-present 

 Margi and I also went paid our respects at that November 2008 gathering at the Confederate statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest in Memphis (removed from the park after the 2015 Darryl Storm Roof shooting hoax)

No blacks were killed at all in this Confederacy-demonizing “op”.

Why would any WN, especially a Christianity-respecting Southerner, object to old black ladies studying the Bible inside their church? Those were not black gang-bangers or BLM! 

I had a supernatural experience exactly  24 hours before the “shooting” hoax, down to the exact second.  The Roof massacre was a MAJOR FEDERAL “OP.” designed alongside the subservient media to demonize all armed white male resistance — which is what the Confederacy was.

Every word we are taught about slavery is a lie. Sephardic Jews proposed the slave trade to the kings of Portugal, Spain, France and England, justifying it with reasoning from their own book, the Talmud, about some “curse of Ham by Noah.” These same Sephardim ran the slave importing and auction business, including the Monsantos (ancestors of the infamous GMO company today). They persuaded the greedy kings of England to FORCE the slave trade onto the white Americans of the thirteen colonies, who objected. The colonial legislatures of both Georgia and Virginia BANNED further importation of blacks — and were overruled by their royal governors!

But once slavery began, tobacco and cotton growers HAD to buy slaves from Jews to compete against those other plantation owners who had fired their paid white farm workers and brought in the unpaid black slaves! Almost all Southerners wanted to end slavery as an immoral, cruel, and dangerous practice, and send the blacks elsewhere.

And as some still do to white Americans today! The South rose up in 1861 not out of a hatred of Northerners, or of high tariffs, or any love of slavery and of the doctrine of states’ rights, but only for this:
Just read about the horrific Christian-Newsome rape-murders in Knoxville, Tennessee! I have a whole video I did in 2011 on this unbelievable racial hate crime, but it is down. I will be uploading it soon to the new!

Dylann Storm Roof was an obvious Manchurian Candidate sent to make the white cause look terrible by”slaughtering” old ladies and their pastor, a state senator as well, during their study of “God’s Word.”

Roof burns the US flag…. as ordered by his Manchurian handlers

“Peaceful black folks massacred while worshipping the Lord…” None were killed; all got huge payoffs and entered the Witness Protection Program and left town.

Song “Mr Confederate Man”; Confederate statues — and our manhood — go down; CIA high-fiving self over anti-Confederate upshot of utterly fake Dylann Storm Roof church massacre

……See also

Nuclear war and nuclear winter — the video that supports the Van Rensburg prophecy about the fates of the northern and southern hemispheres




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  1. Here’s a video of Samantha Lea Bloom playing stupid for AP reporters (second video). She had already given an interview to a local news outlet (see my previous comment), so she already knew that her Jewish son had committed this act of terrorism, yet she played dumb like it was the first time she’d heard of it. Also note how she smiles and laughs at several points – unable to contain her glee that her Jewish son has basically destroyed the Alt-Right movement with his act of terrorism. She doesn’t seem upset at all, which means that her son will probably be secretly released with a new identity and rewarded for his false-flag attack:–abc-news-topstories.html

  2. Someone on the Daily Stormer discussion boards pointed out that the airbags for James Alex Fields, Jr.’s 2010 Dodge Challenger did not deploy, even though he hit the back of another car with sufficient force to destroy the front of his own car. A probable Jew troll then countered by saying that airbags don’t deploy if seat belts aren’t worn. However, that is FALSE. The driver’s side airbag will ALWAYS deploy in a moderate to severe crash – scroll down to see the first comment from a master automobile technician in this link:

    From the master automobile technician’s answer:

    “The driver airbag will always go off, because it is assumed that there is someone driving the vehicle. If the driver isn’t wearing the seatbelt, well, I have nothing good to say about that. Some driver-side airbags may deploy at different rates, depending on seat position or weight sensors.”

    As for the speed of impact necessary for the airbags to deploy, scroll down to see the first FAQ answer in this article, under the title “What is meant by a ‘moderate to severe’ crash?”:

    “Frontal air bags are generally designed to deploy in “moderate to severe” frontal or near-frontal crashes, which are defined as crashes that are equivalent to hitting a solid, fixed barrier at 8 to 14 mph or higher. (This would be equivalent to striking a parked car of similar size at about 16 to 28 mph or higher.)”

    The airbags in James Alex Fields, Jr.’s 2010 Dodge Challenger did NOT deploy, even though he hit the back of another car with enough force to destroy the front of his own car. And as the above articles prove, the driver’s side airbag should have deployed, whether he was wearing his seatbelt or not. Had the driver’s side airbag deployed as it should have, it would have enveloped Fields, pinning him in his seat, and would have prevented him from backing out at high speed like he did.

    This means that the airbags in his car were likely disabled prior to the crash taking place. If so, this means that it was done with ZOG assistance, since the 20-year old Fields is unlikely to have had sufficient mechanical knowledge and aptitude to disable the airbags himself. It involves removing the front seat and deliberately triggering the inertial sensor (usually located under the front seat) to deploy the airbag. It’s a very involved and dangerous process which requires wearing hearing and eye protection, etc.:

    If the airbag was purposely disabled beforehand, it means that the crash was pre-planned well in advance. Someone else on DS claimed that the 20-year old Fields would not have been able to back out at high speed like he did, and that a trained driver must have done it, but Fields could easily have been trained to do that, and there is a clear photo of him in the car right after the crash – it’s him. Also, as this photo shows, he IS wearing his seatbelt, so the DS troll’s counterargument is null and void – there’s no good reason why his driver’s side airbag didn’t deploy, other than it was purposely disabled prior to the crash:

    • Intriguing…. I guess the non-deployment of the airbags, alarming in itself, would suggest either lousy Chrysler quality OR someone wanted to silence Fields, just as Lee Harvey Oswald was forever silenced by Jack Ruby.

      A friend just told me that the Japanese airbag maker “Takata” (How he spelled it to me) has had considerable quality problems…

      In my experience, Chryslers are truly great styling and quality, err, not so much. 😉

  3. Here’s an article on James Alex Fields, Jr. – this whole article stinks of Jewish propaganda bullshit. It portrays Fields as a violent, medicated psychotic and racist, which is how the Jews would like to portray all white patriots. Yet, in that Robbie Parker-tier AP interview with his smiling and laughing Jewish mother, Samantha Lea Bloom, she said that Fields had an African-American friend. Shades of “Dylann Storm Roof,” who also had black friends, yet supposedly hated blacks. She also posed for that very friendly selfie photo with her son, who supposedly beat her and threatened her with a knife. Right. This article is total Jewish bullshit – that kid is no admirer of Hitler or Germany – he’s a Jewish infiltrator who was sent to Charlottesville on a mission to destroy the Alt-Right movement, which he largely succeeded in doing:

  4. Good work, Spencer is a fucking dip shit. THis is what he says it means to be alt-right. THey blame baby boomers for every ill known to man. INterestingly, us baby- boomers were protesting against the generation that supported Jews instead of Hitler in WW II. Do you think Spencer might name that group? No cause that would defame Jewry!
    Of course he blames the generation and not the fabian society for doing what they did to the boomer generation because that again would be naming Jews

    His quote:

    18. The ‘68ers

    The generation born between the years 1945 and 1964 abrogated its duty to safeguard and pass down a civilization to its children. The so-called “‘68ers” engage in childish narcissism of the most extreme kind; they bear responsibility for today’s lamentable state of affairs; and they are seemingly unable even to recognize their culpability.

    A new generation of leadership is desperately needed.

  5. Spencer depends on his prospective alt-right clientele not to know the JWO is an evolving apparatus that started some might claim in 1492 in a myriad of ways. Every generation since that time is responsible for where we are today
    But since Spencer won’t name the Jews and is Jewish himself and the alt-right looks to be run by Jews, he simply isn’t going to tell the whole truth about source causes which basically makes the alt-right a Masonic operation

  6. Miles Mathis and #Spencergate
    Not officially Jewish
    My analysis is there are two master races and we may assume many young leaders that emmanate from those two races are doing so to control. Spencer has ties to both
    This is my twist on the race narrative

    All these WNs supported and many continue to support a Jew loving Donald Trump. With that stance, WNs are saying being white is more important to join us than outing Jews
    I know you had high hopes for Trump and I am glad you saw the light. I will admit preferring Trump to Hillary, a known proven problem but my public stance was, he was no Hitler and never bought your Patton claim

    • No doubt W.N.’s figured Trump to be the best choice at the time and if he gets one or two of his campaign promises done, it is a start.
      Trump is far from perfect, and is only a first step. The Jews are very worried about the alt right and the followers they are gaining and are trying desperately to stop the movement via Charlottesville!

  7. excellent stuff here! he looks goofy, this kid, and has that yiddish look, just by looking at his forehead. I had not come here in a bit since this site was down for a while last time i checked_ also infostormer is down for me.

  8. Here’s the latest on the Daily Stormer site:

    Now Anglin is being sued for defamation by a Muslim comedian named Dean Obeidallah, after Anglin falsely accused him of being the “mastermind” of the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert (another of Anglin’s juvenile attempts at “humor”). So, Anglin now has two lawsuits hanging over him:

    Currently, DS is only on the Dark Web at this site, which can only be accessed using a TOR browser:


    To download the TOR browser:

    However, I believe more and more that the ex-leftist Anglin and the Jewish “Weev” (Andrew Aurenheimer) were assigned by their ADL paymasters the task of building up, then destroying, any semblance of a future white nationalist movement, by being as obnoxious, racist, and offensive as possible, thereby giving the Jews an excuse to shut down ALL forms of white nationalism, whether offensive or not. The Daily Stormer played a key role in organizing the Charlottesville rally, and Anglin had dubbed this summer “The Summer of Hate,” as if he knew what was being planned there – a terrorist attack by the Jewish “Nazi” James Alex Fields, Jr.

    Also notice that Anglin’s location remains completely unknown, despite being probably the most vilified man in America right now. He has joked about living in Lagos, Nigeria, but is probably still in the U.S., yet supposedly no one can find him to serve him the lawsuit papers from the first lawsuit, which is why that first lawsuit against him hasn’t gone forward.

    Right. The U.S. legal system, in conjunction with the police and FBI, can find ANYONE living in the U.S., so there’s something very suspicious about that. Anglin is being protected by his ADL paymasters, because he has served them so well. The leftist media and antifa are “doxxing” every minor WN who attended the Charlottesville rally, listing their names and addresses, reporting them to their places of employment, etc., but Anglin remains strangely untouchable.

    “Weev” is supposedly living in Ukraine or Russia, which is also very suspicious, since both countries are very anti-Nazi due to World War II. Who is paying for Weev’s expenses to live there in a foreign country, where he likely doesn’t even speak the language, let alone have a job? Similarly, Anglin obviously doesn’t have a job either, so who is paying for his expenses, wherever he is? Although they did collect over $156,000 from their gullible supporters for the first lawsuit, so Anglin may be living off that money now.

    As I’ve said before, the Daily Stormer was launched from the ADL honeypot site, which has never been hacked or shut down, despite being every bit as obnoxious, offensive, and racist as DS. I believe that the DS site was one massive Jewish-run PSYOP to demonize and label white nationalists as hateful, violent, domestic terrorists, and recent events have only confirmed that in my mind. “Mission Accomplished” for the Jews and their well-paid lackeys Anglin, “Weev” and Fields. Here’s one small example of what Anglin, “Weev” and Fields have accomplished for white nationalists, and this will probably soon be made federal law:

    Well done, lads! Your shekels are in the mail.

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