The staggering vanity and narcissism of the young

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……The role model of American narcissism:: I’m special ‘cuz I’m black & way cool




time_magazine 2008_obama



obama-chin-very- high

….Australian report on narcissism in young Internet/Facebook users


…..Big Pittsburgh-area steel mill hires over 50s

  • Rob Stirner I’m 33; I don’t think I fit into this narcissistic demographic. 😉
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  • John D. Nugent There is a big steel mill in the Pittsburgh area  that prefers to hire only men over 50. Their attitude is better and they pass the heroin drug test.
    Businesses notice it too — how spoiled rotten and full of “attitude” many of the under-40s are. 🙁

…..Some Facebook “friends” that R radically full of themselves


1) a young WN with a website
close-up of his facial expression and the look in his eyes; “I am hot stuff” 😉
“I am so brilliant”
2) a young WN who wants me to join his group, a “Vincent Reich Glaber.” He wrote me (and this is an actual copy-and-paste!):
I took to the streets a few days ago with leaflets, first time I ever did something as blunt as that.

Conversed with people, and ended up liking it. I was so good at it that one of the girls I approached ended up allowing me to take her number and wanted to go out tomorrow on a ‘date’. Ode to my charm.

The charm, charisma, intelligence,uniqueness and passion that I possess are such a profound gift that any organization blessed enough to have it all at their disposal would end up rathering it [? — is this a new word?] than a hundred regulars.


Everyone else
I replied to this young person:
Do you not find this a narcissistic mindset in yourself? The brutal truth is that after reading this. all psychologists would diagnose you as a narcissist.
[No response; I guess I am hopelessly incapable of appreciating his genius. ;-)]
Chat Conversation End
 3) Henrik Holappa,  who stayed at our home at our expense for eight months July 2008-March 2009, received English classes from me, we spent $2,000 on his political asylum lawyer, and then he turned viciously on us both at the direct behest of David Duke; notice the expression in every photo:
As a buck private in the Finnish Army, already a field marshal 😉
Although he weighs about 120 pounds, and I weigh 190 pounds – of muscle – he threatened to rape me in prison one day. 😉
What, concretely now, are his great achievements?
His own group, Kansallinen Vastarinta [National Resistance], funded by Swedes, voted him out as leader.
In 2011 he “ordered” me (his word, and in all caps), to stop my counter-attacks on his leader, the ultimate narcissist David Duke, and called me “Johnny Boy.”
3) Michael M. who embezzled $4,200 from me and Margi in December 2012
I saved this kid from the street because he was big, strong, had been an Army military policeman, he had computer skills, especially with Linux,  and could fix cars – and was facing homelessness, his father was a child molester and his mom a druggie shacked up with a black guy. In return for saving him from homelessness and letting him us my car for five months, he stole $4200 from us and we had to sell our car, though living in the country, and walk for six months.
4) an assistant I had in 2010-11 who left me in a rage over literally nothing, then became a professional shoplifter, and now has a felony record. Having married a WN woman, he got her pregnant and then quit a lucrative job — abandoning  his wife and baby daughter.
The ultimate in narcissistic self-adoration
5) A European WN who got me to do extensive free work for his film project, then began insulting me once the work was done, and when I told him he no longer had permission to use my free work for him, wrote me, in Austrian dialect: “Sans froh, dass so weit weg san.”  “Be glad you live so far away.” I wrote back: “You are threatening a US Marine?” He then went on a Skype chat and said I was an agent who had just “confessed” I was a US Marine ( = and, ergo, worked for the Jews?).
So what objectively makes a person so megalomanic? Clinical, diagnosible narcissism:

“I am the center of the universe and you exist to serve me. I don’t owe you any thanks; feel privileged to have known and served me.”

…..Getting themselves killed taking a “selfie”

…..”You are nothing”

This narcissism is the exact and precise opposite of national socialism: “you are nothing; your people is everything.”






A book of memories of the Hitler Youth




For Anglo-Americans this concept that “you are nothing; your folk is everything” may seem antlike, hivelike, Asiatic, totalitarian, and violating the individual.

But the reality is that ego causes suffering and happiness does come from helping others.  It comes from WE, not ME.

Finally as Vedanta teaches, what are “we” anyway?

We are constantly suffering, always feeling slighted, or insulted or dissed, individuals feeling like lonely atoms  — painful knots of memories and desires.

But the truth is this: No one really is special. If you want to be special, then be unselfish unlike the rest.

We all want and need the same things.

Love, meaning, safety, food and shelter.

Ego just makes monsters, like the young men who betrayed my care.

Only in WE is happiness.

I am nothing; my people is everything. You are nothing, your people is everything.

Thou art naught; thy folk is all.

Du bist nichts; dein Volk ist alles.

This is what made Hitler and his idea immortal!

When the spirit off “I am nothing; my folk is everything” truly is reborn in us, not the raw ego of jew world, we will be victorious again!


“from a whole other world,” yes, “transcendental, on another level,” true — He came to us narcissists from a world of unselfish and heroic love!

He came once and He shall return!


… visitors worldwide

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