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RADIO SHOW TODAY: with crusty biker-Texas-intellectual Clayton Douglas:

And be sure to visit Mr. Douglas’ hard-hitting website FREEAMERICAN.COM ( and order his brilliant book, with Eli James, Mystery Babylon.
I’ll be on as a return radio guest with Clayton Douglas this coming Tuesday as well, January 19, 10 am EST, 7 am California, 3 pm London, 4 pm in Germany.
Clay Douglas

FLAG. Let me thank all comrades worldwide who have been supporting my work financially, and with excellent emailed information, suggestions and constructive critique.

Before the DVD book Solutrea, Arise is released, I do wish to settle the question of the Solutrean flag’s design and colors.

Let me review the flag’s elements with you.

Blue symbolizes nobility, for the word “Aryan” means noble. Many whites who are mere brainwashed liberal pale-faces are NOT Aryans, but instead spiritual jews and zombies. Because their birth rate has crashed, they will die out over the next 50 years and especially as the Baby Boom generation born 1946-64 reaches its natural lifespan. All that will be left will be true Aryans. I suspect that 50 years from now the only Whites left will be the Eternal Solutreans, those whose character, genes and commitment will enable Aryan survival. Childless people die out.

The fleur-de-lys reflects the fact that the amazing culture of Solutr (circa 20,000-15,000 B.C.) arose in ancient Stone-Age Gaul, now called France.

Further, the most important early thinkers on race were not German, English or American, but French, such as the Count de Gobineau.

And a white tribe must attract women to our cause — a LOT more attractive women of child-bearing years. Women like the fleur-de-lys very much, just as they have provably tended to be fascinated by all things French for a thousand years. France symbolizes elegance, wit, humor, and a sophisticated approach to life. We will need this approach, not mere brute force, in the next 500 years of struggle with the jew.

We will not be having any revolutions any time soon, and the kinds of things justifying an overwhelmingly red-colored flag. Israel possesses nuclear missiles, at least 200 hydrogen bombs, four German submarines and is asking for two high-tech German surface warships. We must accept that this vicious ethnos will be with us for a long time, and we must erode and undermine them just exactly as they seek to erode and undermine us. They think in centuries and we must likewise think in centuries, in a long, persistent, tenacious, twilight struggle — until we regain every inch of our original territories.

The fleur-de-lys also reflects the strategic decision to emancipate Solutrean social nationism from the narrowly German model of Adolf Hitler in 1933-45. For all Hitler’s truly magnificent peacetime achievements and wartime military triumphs 1939-41, what we need is something that is non-dictatorial, that embraces the gigantic and powerful Slavic branch of our Aryan race, and recalls a time when all Whites were of one culture and united, before we broke up into different languages and tribes.

And what a time it was — the invention of new tools and weapons, the bold crossing of the mighty Atlantic to settle the New World, possibly even the magnificent Lascaux cave paintings (which had been ascribed by scientists to the later Magdalenian white culture) and possibly also the key genetic mutation that made us the blond and blue-eyed race that we all are — for even if we are not individually displaying those traits outwardly, we all carry these Nordic genes in us. All Aryans are a mixture of the original Mediterranean and the mutated Nordic genes.

Here is the flag I have been favoring until now:

Here now is the flag with red corners, which embraces the truth that red is the color of action, that action to defend ourselves from assault may be necessary, yet by putting the red on the periphery it does not make passion, anger or action in violent defense of our survival (if threatened) into the centerpoint of our approach. We can and must win this primarily with our persistent, brilliant, planning, creative Aryan minds.

Solutrea flag red corners lakeside mountains

The flag with a green lower right corner, symboling the earth, plants, crops, farmers, gardeners (of whom many are women), the soil that nourishes us and the sweat, labor and planning that sustain our lives. (No, food does not come from a supermarket…)

Briefly, this has been the feedback so far:

–The blue and black is noble and super-elegant; leave it as it is.

–Blue is a depressing color with no action, fight or juice in it.

–The red, black and blue flag appeals to both national socialists (black and red) and to the many Whites whose national flag already has red-white-blue: Britain, Holland, France, Russia, the United States, Croatia, Serbia, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Canada has red and white, as do Poland and Austria…..

–The green corner gives the flag a surprising element of life.

A German comrade wrote me that Goethe once observed that the smallest color has the biggest impact — thus the noble blue in the center.

Clearly, your own personality will also dictate your preference. I notice that youngbloods and hotbloods like the red, and my more cerebral supporters like the blue. Are you Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock? (Neither, you will say: they were both jews. ;-))

And just as the Third Reich used many flags, so can the Eternal Solutreans use many flags. The Hitler Youth flag was in a diamond, the state flag was in a white circle, and party flags often had the swastika not drawn in thick lines and standing on its tippy-toes, so to speak, spinning forward – but an outlined swastika, and standing flatfooted, so to speak, like a Greek swastika.

Please send your feedback to me as a comment below or to


A very bright lady comrade wrote me some things that made me very happy about the Alan Colmes show:

* * *

Hi Mr. de Nugent!

I just read the transcript of the Colmes interview ( It was fantastic just to read it. I would love to listen to it and the callers afterward. You made some great points that anyone who heard it won’t soon forget. It kind of looked like things were starting to get a little heated right at the very end. Too bad he ended the interview so abruptly.

Here’s my impression on why he brought up the gay thing. First, it’s an obvious attempt to sidetrack as well as defame you. Jews know the equation: gay = jew; white nationalist = anti-gay

Unlike among the judaised liberals, being called “homo” “queer” “fag” “gay” carries a stigma that will lose people credibility among WNs [white nationalists].

Also, it seems to me that any good-looking guy now risks being called gay. But I’ll go even a step further. The more good-looking and ARYAN-looking a guy is the more he is likely to be called gay. Just think of a handsome blond blue-eyed man in full nazi uniform to get an idea of how this honorable image has been distorted by sick hollywood jew media. It all has to do with their ongoing effort to sexualize and dehumanize Germans and the aryan race.

But the real question is why does it matter to Colmes if you’re gay or not? And why did he keep demanding an answer? Is Colmes interested? Is HE gay? Maybe that’s a way to turn it around.

“Why do you want to know, Alan? And why is it so important to you? Are YOU gay?”

And sit back and watch him stutter.

As usual he thought he had it all figured out. He wanted to play cat and mouse but you wouldn’t let him. Thank you!

* * *

She then sent a second email:

* * *

Colmes, a master mind manipulator, was using the tactic of ‘rattling your cage’ to throw you off balance by putting you on the defensive about something all guys know hetero men get defensive about…they don’t like being called QUEER!! If he can get you off balance he has an advantage. To get that advantage jews will use anything, sex, money, or a knife held to your throat.

There were many things I liked about the interview. Like when you told him you had ‘already answered his question.’ Your equilibrium in the face of his onslaught of demands was admirable, to say the least.


–“Who do you HATE more blacks or jews!” “YES or NO!” “BLACKS or JEWS!” “ANSWER THE QUESTION!”

And you made me whoop and laugh out loud when you told Colmes jews should move to Israel and that this is “not his country.”

I have read many rants in forums and blogs but I’ve never seen or heard anyone speak the WHITE-hot truth to a big media jew like that. Who’s next, John, Larry King? And you drove the jew rat running scared to his dark corner when you kept bringing up stuff like the Palestinians and the REAL holocaust of millions of white Christians BY JEWS.

I also think it’s very suspicious the way he persisted in talking about James von Brunn. You handled it well but I wonder if he was trying to get you to implicate yourself with von Brunn? They lost their sacrificial red heifer and may be hunting for ‘accomplices.’

I won’t ever forget when you were talking about people in Europe being prosecuted and jailed for hate crimes. You asked ‘you don’t want to see that here, do you?’ And he meekly agreed. That was awesome. A brilliant maneuver on your part. ‘Cause we know he wants to see that here. Especially here. He’s probably plotting with Abe Fatman’s army of hate-crimes prosecutors right now. They’d love to see you, and me, all of us, in one of their FEMA torture prisons, gang-raped and lying dead in a pool of blood. There’s no easy way out now, John, but I’m sure you know that.

I’m very much looking forward to the Discovery Channel show about the Solutreans. Keep up the good work and God protect you.


My reply:

Thank you, comrade. Now if just someone would send me a little money so I can pay my bills, finish my book and start this movement….. 🙂 I can’t live off cyberair.

The “gay” thing (and I hate that misuse of the beautiful French word gay, which means joyful and spirited) amazes me because I thought the jews would try to accuse me (wrongly) of womanizing! I have had many girlfriends and three committed relationships. The thought of a man putting his hands on me makes me nauseous and even almost violent, given my childhood. Queers who are militant and flaunt it will have no cause to rejoice in the rise of my movement.

Homosexuality is a tragic defect, whether the victims were born with it or got molested that way, and we do not need effeminate men, masculine women or any white people who refuse their biological mission — to breed and raise the next generation of our children and ensure the survival of our beautiful branch of humankind.

Only the jew — such as the Austrian khazar Sigmund Freud or the German jew Magnus Hirschfeld — could claim it is normal for men to be “cornholing” each other or women to be licking each other’s private parts — when the OBVIOUS two purposes of sex are 1) to make some more beautiful white babies and 2) to strengthen the bonds between man and woman so they stay together and raise their kids together!

THAT is why Nature gave us the sex drive! So our race lives on!

I remember Ernst Zundel wrote in a newsletter in the 1990s: “Never has there been more sex and less reproduction.” It’s race suicide. It’s genocide.

But by cherishing wholesome sex, large families, and a new Solutrean optimism about our future, then we will have many more generations of these beautiful apparitions, our white women and white men, our Aryans.



  1. My least favorite is the blue. black, red and green with whire stripes. Too many colors and the red and green too Christmassy. I’d go get a book on heraldry or flags from the past (not contemporary because these usually suck) and try some other color combos. I didn’t read the reasons for your color options if you posted them. I just looked at the photos.

    • Thanks for your feedback! I’ll consider it. Others love it…..

      The only flag I reject out of hand is the white flag. 😉

  2. Hi John, For just my quick first impression of the Solutrean Flag design, I think the combination of the red corner, black background and red corner and the fleur de lys either blue or red. If the fleur de lys is blue then add a red trim around the blue fleur de lys. If the fleur de lys is red then add a blue trim around the red fleur de lys. A white trim is also fine. Perhaps a metallic bronze trim, the color of honor, around the blue or red fleur de lys. Red should represent a type of victory spirit or warrior spirit. The ancient Spartans and the ancient Romans most often used the color red for many military or martial purposes. Well, I may change my mind. Its great to get everyone involved in decision making. Best regards

  3. As the centerpiece of the flag is the Fleur-de-lys, and that has strong, and long-standing historical Christian symbolism, I think you are on the correct path. We cannot fight the Deicide, or the Turk, or the merely Pagan, without an acknowledgment that Christianity is the heart of ANY European, Anglocentric call to ‘Family.’

    And yes, the Red and Green ARE too ‘Christmassy’- which is why I like it!

  4. Hi and thanks to all for the feedback.

    I’m going to ask the graphics volunters to try a yellow/gold aura around the blue fleur-de-lis.

    The two white ascending “racing stripes” express our white skin, but I would like to add an element expressing the Nordic-Scandinavian hair color and a sunny golden feeling about life.

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