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Dear friends, comrades,

–hate-spewing but Nuge-addicted Jews 😉 such as Abe Bird over in Israel,

–and federal agents who should be arresting the illegal alien squatting in government housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: is back after being hacked, thanks to the heroic persistence of comrades in Texas and Maryland, two fine young college-age volunteers. (They fulfill the proverb: “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.” 😉

I am getting great reviews of a big central chunk of the book, my so-called Normans essay, about how England was taken over in the Norman Conquest of 1066 by those ruthless Viking warlords and their Jewish financiers, who have morphed directly into the psychopathic ruling class today.

Visiting in 2004 the cathedral built by William the Bastard in Caen, Normandy — and a little bit overweight too. (I lost 15 pounds on a French diet while eating great. It is still incredible to me that red wine and cheese for dessert burn fat, but they do.)

I was on James Giles’ excellent A-list radio program (Radio Free Mississippi) a while back (, and began corresponding with Jim afterward as well.

Radio Free Mississippi
In Search of Honor and Courage

Jim has been critical on his excellent show of certain WN leaders, and I wrote him the below (edited):

* * *

Dear Jim,

I share your disappointment that our Cause has been unable to bring forth any spectacular results. But let me point out a few things, and as the French say, comprendre, c’est pardonner (“to understand is to forgive”). That does not mean we have to follow failures forever, but at least understand that not everyone facing the Matrix is or can be a true giant, an Achilles, Alexander, Washington, Lee or Hitler.

While I feel that my time to help make a difference is approaching, I still feel compassion for those who have spun their wheels trying to defeat the juggernaut, and/or fallen victim to their own weaknesses. We do not live in a Reich where the building of character is part of school, family and society. Instead, we are swimming from cradle to grave in a moral sewage tank.

The most common feeling people have nowadays is that they let themselves and others down. That was something I realized reading the famous and bestselling 1978 masterpiece by M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled.

Peck, a Harvard psychiatrist, and not religious, came to realize that feelings of guilt were NOT artificial emotions injected into us solely by Sauline Christianity (Nietzsche’s angry claim), but are part of normal life, and they help explain the attraction of Christianity. Humans want a god that understands the impossibility of being a saint.

You are absolutely right that repentance (in Greek metanoia) and change are needed. I have many WN friends who are anti-Christian but this is one value I absorbed from the ambient Christian culture — one must repent, make serious efforts to change and apologize directly to all whom one has wronged.

Some gifted people just do not have that greatness, the greatness of humility. A shame.

Even the murdering communists used to have a self-criticism session…..

I got an nice email from a fellow former Marine down in Florida who heard our show together. He wrote, among other things:

I liked your interview on Radio Free Mississippi -and also noted that Giles seems like a rock-solid southern alpha-leader type, with real character and sense of purpose. Anyway, during the interview you brought up some good topics, especially on how it’s been hard for any one individual to get through life ( in this US society) since the 1960’s, without some kind of having some kind of “fall”, morally, spritually, or just plain making decisions that are not in the best interest of ourselves or our loved ones, our society or our “volk”. Thanks for sharing your candid thoughts and not being a phoney.

I’ve noticed so many self-proclaimed WN leaders try to portray theselves as flawess, fearless, “ten-feet-tall” tough-guys. They make many “absolute” type statements, decrees and judgements about other people who want to do something positive for european-stock people. They are not living in the real world. I don’t have to mention names -they are out there, on the message boards and various websites. -Waaay too much negativity with these guys. I’m not into the name-calling, obscenity, shouting people down, and baseless accusations.

I wrote him and made the following points:

* * *

Hi, and hope you had a good thanksgiving!

Yes, I was massively hacked a few weeks back and while no files were lost, the website itself was thoroughly dismantled. But it is now being repaired and will be hosted by a server in Texas that is 100% in white nationalist hands! [The site is now back up and will be getting all files and artwork restored.]

As the hacking of many other sites has shown (recently of that of David Irving) cyberwarfare is a reality. So I am glad we had this hack attack now, before my book launches, and not at a truly critical moment in the midst of the battle for the public. My greatest fear is a gigantic all-media attack on me at the same time as my website disappears and physical harassment begins.

The FBI also recently went twice to harass a mere Radio Shack clerk who had sold me two laptops, a keyboard and a memory stick!

This comes on the heels of my assistant Henrik Holappa being arrested, then a giant campaign starting to accuse me with zero justification of being a homosexual (marriages and children notwithstanding), then my entire PAID Photobucket account being deleted without warning, 2400 photos, and this gutted over 1000 posts on five different forums of their photos. Then my Wikipedia article was deleted.

Peter Levinsohn, believing in censorship of what Americans can see and read, deleted 2,400 of my photos I had paid his company, Photobucket, to store.

I recall well, with the 1960s being my formative years, what the Jews did to George Lincoln Rockwell, because I grew up in the late ’50s and ’60s era when the Jewsmedia made Rockwell absolutely a household word — as a buffoon, traitor and lunatic nut. (I even remember Mad magazine pounding him.) And back then there was no Internet where he could counter them among the masses and get his message out.

Ivy League graduate, US Navy commander and WWII vet Rockwell helped bomb a German U-boat as a navy flyer, believing his government’s lies that Germany was planning (with almost NO surface navy after the Bismarck was sunk) — to invade America.

It reminds me of what a friend told me in 2007: “Once the Jews figure out you are a serious threat, they hit you with landslides of negative publicity on all four sides.”

While my website was down, the heroic German patriot, lawyer, real estate investor, money donor and activist Juergen Rieger, whom I met in the summer of 2006 at the Ernst Zundel trial in Mannheim, suddenly died of a very suspicious “stroke”….

(There were other daunting issues for Rockwell also, such as the fact that the WWII generation which as young soldiers had fought “The Nazis” was then in power in the White House, Congress, as judges, police chiefs, newspaper editors, etc. That swastika banner was truly a red flag for them. The Nazis were the guys who killed their buddies. So Rocky was on a rocky road….

But now what is called in the Jewsmedia the “greatest generation” is dying off…..The younger generation of Whites has no experience of German bullets, but instead only of blacks, mexicans, queers and jews being pushy, complaining, dangerous and obnoxious intruders. The old trust in the government’s word about whom to hate and whom to love is over.

On August 25, 2007 Margi and I stood at the very spot where exactly 40 years earlier that great and courageous warrior, George Lincoln Rockwell, was assassinated. Later Margi sang a wonderful Stephen Foster art song in his honor at a ceremony and Matt Koehl delivered a major address on having a radically new strategy to deal with a radically changed demographic situation. (After all, we were an 88% white Christian country in 1967, full of young people from the Baby Boom, with still very little divorce, open homosexuality, or drugs. That semi-wholesome America no longer exists, except for scattered remnants and in certain religious groups.)

I was profoundly affected by all the events of that day, and met more men who had known the great Rockwell, who had Rhode Island roots like myself. (My father knew his cousin, btw.)

I sensed that it would be a true CRIME for me to throw my life away, that is, to be totally out of touch with the masses I was trying to save, just as James von Brunn did in June at the Holocaust Museum (locked up God knows where and partially paralyzed), or die as Rockwell did — with his premeditated killer getting just six years! But history will say that Rockwell did restart something important that will yet reflower.

But now, ONLY NOW, is the time is ripe, ONLY NOW are the masses ready, with the Internet sapping the tyrannical government and both Obongo’s ratings and his paper-tiger economy crashing. With the spiritual help of our ancestors, soon my book will emerge and we will shock the enemy.

Semper fi,



REAL ESTATE JAM. I wrote a real estate agent:

What would save real estate would be this:

1) a law establishing a renter behavior authority (to discipline, fine or evict any and all unruly/messy/deadbeat renters); the authority has the right to make unannounced inspections of rental apartments and houses;

2) a law requiring houses that stay unsold for over six months to be rented out (month-to-month) to certified renters under part one.

It is crazy that white families are homeless while tens of thousands of homes stand empty for years. You could be making money setting up rentals!

Another outrage is that banks are not lending, I think I wrote you that I saw Donald Trump complaining on CNN that “the banks have money but they are not lending, even to people with excellent credit.” I just saw an article in Der Spiegel over in Germany saying exactly the same thing.

There is a worldwide conspiracy to go through the motions of creating economic recovery while secretly doing everything possible to trigger foreclosures — so billionaires can scoop up American homes, cars and businesses on the cheap, just as in the 1930s.

But the 1930s backfired on the Jews, too….

I’d like your feedback on a proposed modification of the Solutrean flag, with the fleur-de-lys being red now. Most major white nations have red (and also blue) in their flag.

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  1. a)… That’s a great pic of ‘illegal alien’ Black Obama birth certificate. I shall use it on my own site somewhere. VERY FUNNY! ha! ha! ha! ‘Illegal alien’ Black Obama ‘Nobel Peace Prize’? Hilarious …if … it wasn’t so tragic, simply and sadly a ZOG stooge! A PROUD ARYAN MAN (ie: ..’der fuhrer’)would NEVER have excepted such an honour when OUR BRAVE WHITE/ARYAN Comrades are fighting/dying in that shithole they call AFGHANISTAN! b)… Great pic also of Caen Cathedral – you handsome devil you! ha! ha! ha! I thought Caen and including the Cathedral was bombed to the ground by the Wonderful, Morality of the ethicially just ‘allies’ in 1944, no? I have visted ‘Notre’ dame’ ( is that the correct spelling?)in Paris and the beautiful Reims Cathedral – the ‘spiritual home’of France where ALL French Kings, or rather, ‘the dauphan’ ( is that the correct spelling?)were traditonally crowned. c)… The banks here in UK are also NOT leading. d)… REMEMBER: ‘der fuhrer’ ( Peace be upon Him)was, apparently,a: Psychopathic, Homosexual, transvestite Paedophile, wasn’t he? ha! ha! ha! Proof Positive …if …ever needed, that ‘our little friends’ are VERY afraid! So please DO NOT worry at all about it.NO doubt I myself too will be labelled as such within ‘the struggle’ and the coming STORM! e)…ALWAYS REMEMBER: We, God and …’der fuhrer’ love you!
    d)… James Giles sounds like a decent guy and a fine looking US Comrade.
    Phew! … That’s enough of my ramblings for one day! ha! ha! ha!

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