The scalawag Lindsey Graham and the karma of treason

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A scalawag is a native Southerner who betrays the South. Lindsey Graham, as I will show below, betrays the South, the Republican Party, and all Americans.

Last night while washing dishes I was watching FOX News channel out of the corner of my eye and there it was again, the amazing poll showing that if the congressional election of November 2010 were instead to be held today, voters would turn to the following parties:

–Democrats 38%

TEA PARTY 23% [!!!!! a non-existent party that is in reality only a popular, spontaneous movement]

Republicans 18% [!]

–don’t know 22%

And a talking head was saying that if a real, organized “Tea Party” ever got launched, it would split the conservative-constitutional-populist vote and actually harm the Republicans. Therefore, the talking head said, the GOP needed to capture these rebels and convince them that the GOP was the party of the future.

* * *

This morning, the often excellent Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ran this article that shows why the GOP is in no way, shape or form the party that can save us who are white, Jeffersonian, constitutional Americans, certainly not with its current caste of dozens of traitors throughout the leadership structure — many of whom, I fear, are not voting for insane programs out of sincerity, but instead are being blackmailed, an age-old Washington phenomenon, due to personal failings.

Two giant problems are 1) adulterers breaking their marriage vows, such as Republican governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina (a former Goldman Sachs employee, btw), 2) closet homosexuals and 3) of course there is also simple graft.

In fact, the problem of homosexual Republicans is now so serious that Jay Leno joked that GOP stood for “Gay Old Pedophiles.” (Remember Mark Foley? He, who btw was my father’s congressman down in Florida, is just the tip of the queer iceberg. Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the GOP under Bush until 2006, was himself a flaming faggot, as is Senator John Kyl of Arizona and as was US senator Larry Craig of Idaho, a disgrace who was a real sex-in-the-public-restroom c—-s—r. (You will pardon my bitter tone; I was molested by homosexuals as a child.)

According to the Washington queer newspaper, the Gay Blade, so was the last Republican speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert of Illinois, and a small-peckered queen at that…..

And another practitioner of fecal sex is Shepard Smith, the FOX News channel evening star, who wasted an hour of my time with an interview he never ran during the James von Brunn crisis in June — when the other networks, the Washington Post, the BBC, German televions and others ALL used my words.See my post here:

All these ”conservatives” have been outed by the homosexual press, and in my experience — so far — they tend NOT to falsely accuse people. What they rightfully resent is conservative hypocrites who talk anti-“gay” and “family values” to voters while being catamites themselves. I remember when there were exposs of of Terry “the Fairy” Dolan, a major conservative activist, and though he denied it, it all did come out and the degenerate died of AIDS. )

Now here is the story of the “conservative” Republican US senator, Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina….. that makes you wonder why a Deep-South senator from the state that started the Confederacy would vote to legalize FORTY MILLION ILLEGAL NON-WHITE, ANTI-WHITE MEXICANS.

Lindsey Graham

(Don’t believe for one second that there are only “eleven milion” illegal Hispanics in our country. As Virginia Abernethy, Ph.D., former chief statistician for the Bureau of the Census said in September 2006 at a speech I attended in Washington DC, there were already at that time FORTY MILLION ILLEGAL MEXICANS in America, and the total Hispanic population was SEVENTY MILLION.

She also said that there has been a deliberate undercount going on, so that the claimed crossing of the population figure over the 300-million mark did not happen in 2005 but instead as early as 2001.

The purpose was to not alarm White Americans about how many Mexicans are already here.

But I can assure you that they are now in every other small town in America, fanning out everywhere, filling up emergency rooms, getting food stamps, crowding our taxpayer-supported public schools, and jabbering their lame dialect of Spanish (a fine European language, btw, which I somewhat speak and in which I have given speeches) in total disrespect of our English-speaking nation.

Here now is the Gannett wire service story which the Pittsburgh paper carried:


* * *

WASHINGTON – A leading congressional advocate for immigrants’ rights [ORWELLIAN DOUBLESPEAK! SINCE WHEN DO ILLEGALS, WHO ARE FELONS, HAVE AMERICAN “RIGHTS”???] introduced a bill Tuesday that would allow millions of illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens and would end a controversial program [CONTROVERSIAL WITH WHOM? ILLEGAL ALIENS?] that enlists local police to enforce immigration laws.

The 700-page bill by Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., is widely viewed as too liberal to pass.

Obama administration officials have said they are looking instead to a more moderate, bipartisan immigration reform bill to be introduced in the Senate early next year by Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.


Charles Shumer, ultra-leftist New York senator, gun foe and illegal-alien lover. Of course, his beloved Israel allows NO multiculturalism, NO non-Jewish immigration and no intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews. But he wants mongrelization for us, the White Native Americans, kin of the original Solutreans who settled America 20,000 years ago.

Still, Gutierrez made it clear that he and his allies expect a seat at the negotiating table as lawmakers and the White House seek middle ground on the polarizing issue.

Gutierrez’s bill, endorsed by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Black Caucus and Asian Pacific American Caucus, would allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country while they apply to become legal residents or citizens. They would have to pay a $500 fine and show they’ve made a contribution to the country through work, education, military or community service.

The legislation also would repeal the 287(g) program, which enlists local police and sheriff’s deputies to enforce federal immigration law. The bill says only the federal government has the authority to enforce those laws.

It also includes a provision that would allow states to offer in-state school tuition to students who aren’t citizens and whose parents may be in the country illegally.

The bill acknowledges that strong border security is needed, but it also calls for increased oversight of border control agents to ensure civil liberties are protected.

“As a candidate for president, Barack Obama promised comprehensive immigration reform, and we have brought him the bill to accomplish this,” Gutierrez said.

Opponents of the bill said they’re angry the bill offers amnesty to millions of illegal workers while so many citizens are out of work.


I was thinking again about psychopaths, the shameless renegades who betray their race and people, and about the reincarnation issue as well. (As a recent post — — pointed out, more and more Americans now openly entertain as I do the possibility that at least some people have more than one life. And who can prove that is not the case?)

The great British playwright George Bernard Shaw said:

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent towards them – That is the essence of inhumanity.

(And in fact that is the essence of psychopathy; to see another human being as NOTHING but a large organic molecule who is either useful or useless to me. To see another human as a thing or object is sacrilege toward God as well as man.)

The conviction I am coming to, when I ask myself:

“Lord, why do we merit this Jewish tyranny and horrible life under them, when I myself am doing everything to get rid of them and help others?”

….is this:
It occurred to me, at this very spot where Henrik Holappa took this picture of me, just before his March arrest:

In so many previous lives, we all said “Why should I have to fight these horrid Jews? They are so dangerous and vengeful! I would like for once to have a quiet and peaceful life. Now — If YOU want to fight them, go ahead and be my guest. But I have done enough idealistic things for one lifetime.”

This reminds me of Martin Luther writing in disgust that NO German prince would take stern action against the Jews. So the problem festered, and festered, and festered and festered, until NOW……

And THAT is why we are now in this mess. “Someone ELSE should fight the Jews.” Now it has metastatized into a gigantic, almost metaphysical, apocalyptic problem.

WE are here either because we are avatars and teachers of humanity — or because we shirked our duty before and are getting our come-uppance. We made our bed and now we must sleep in it.

Or rather, we let the muddy dog climb into the bed.

In this way, by understanding the concept of previous existences, we grasp how and why God and the iron law of karma are, and always have been, completely JUST.

The only way out, to change our karma and change our terrible situation, is to fight them with everything, invoking also divine aid, since God helps those who help themselves, and we must help ourselves NOW.

* * *

A comrade wrote me that he appreciated my view, and I replied:

* * *

Thanks; I will therefore make this a part of today’s blogpost, esp. since more and more Americans consider reincarnation possible, even Christians nowadays.

And as Julius Caesar noted, the Kelts were such fierce enemies in Gaul because they believed in reincarnation and were UNAFRAID TO DIE.

What they FEARED was the terrible karma of dying at the end of their days in cowardly dishonor……and having their desertion of duty catch up with them at the hands of all-seeing gods.

Voil, as the French would say, the descendants of those Gauls.

I will never, ever, EVER preach any nonsense suggesting that I “know” that everyone reincarnates or has multiple lives. How very semitic THAT would be, to start pontificating as a mere mortal, as a human ant, about the afterlife and what the gods are and want. It is the special genius of the semites and their three desert religions (and I believe that Jesus’s true Christianity was also distorted over time) to get megalomaniac and start teaching others about unknowable things.

As Ian Stevenson’s research institute at the U. of Virginia – — says over and over, just because SOME reincarnate does not mean EVERYONE reincarnates. Nor does this contradict the possibility that most people go to something like a Christian heaven or hell after just one life. (The Mormons, btw, who are quasi-Christian, or at least non-traditional, believe in one previous life before earth.) But the hundreds of cases of children having exact knowledge of the lives of individuals in faraway cities whom they never met and who died decades before their own birth — things which caused the great skeptic Dr. Carl Sagan, a debunker of all sorts of paranormal things who was well-known for his big TV series on space — to admit that this puzzling phenomenon merited further research — can really have very few explanations other than what our Aryan ancestors in India, and Plato in Greece, and the Kelts in Gaul, believed: SOME people may reincarnate. Some few, at least, may come back either 1) to teach and uplift others or 2) to suffer for the lack of duty performed earlier when they had the chance, and to do their duty NOW.

There is, I learned at Georgetown, the “sociological argument for religion,” namely, that religion makes the unruly masses tame, moral and fearful of doing wrong.

That is true and all rulers know that.

But Aryan religion can also make Aryans braver, more responsible, and more truly convinced that they are spiritual beings on a human journey, and dishonor is to be feared, not the “death” which is only the exchange of one form for another as life and consciousness continue.

I do believe this one Old Testament quote:

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

We must rightfully feel DREAD to desert our lines and run while our women and children are enslaved or slaughtered.

Btw, this has been an interesting day…… a major film company affiliated with the Discovery Channel — called to fly out to Pittsburgh in January and interview me about the ancient white Solutreans in North America ( [I apologize for the hacked photos, which I am restoring], and a black female IRS agent also came unannounced to my door.

It seems that I must be doing my job. And I will continue……

My honor is LOYALTY.

John de Nugent


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