The male force in Aryan political history

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Animus development in Aryan political history

By Nelson1805

[The author is a New Zealander of British heritage and a Solutrean social nationist.]

Animus, according to the original Latin meaning of the word, is the masculine element of ‘soul’; and at its most expansive level, it is the masculine spiritual energy of the universe.

Within psychoanalysis (a form of therapy that became a battleground between the Viennese Jew, Sigmund Freud and the Aryan Swiss German, Carl Jung), the word “animus” has been slanted and given a narrowed and thus incomplete meaning. Jung defined the animus as “the masculine element in the female unconscious.” Yet despite the limitation of the psychoanalytical definition, C.G. Jung’s conceptual models using such terminology (anima as the feminine counterpart) are useful; and as long as the original, unconditioned meaning of animus is kept in mind, Jung’s theory of the animus’ four stages of development is well worth consideration. First, as a psychoanalytical introduction to the concept of the animus, here is a quote from M.-L. von Franz, one of Jung’s main disciples and a co-author of Jung’s famous work, Man and his Symbols:

“First, the wholly physical man – the fictional jungle hero Tarzan. Second, the “romantic” man –
the 19th-century British poet Shelley; or the “man of action” – America’s Ernest Hemingway,
war hero, hunter, e.t.c.. Third, the bearer of the “word” – Lloyd George, the great political
orator [JdN: who later became a fervent supporter of Adolf Hitler!]. Fourth, the wise guide to spiritual truth – often projected on to Gandhi.” –Man and his Symbols, p205 (chapter” ‘The Process of Individuation”).

Now, to illustrate the development of the animus, focusing on Aryan political history:

The most primitive phase, the physical man – the one who leads neither by virtue of charm nor intelligence, but foremost through his physical prowess. Such an individual is limited in terms of number of followers (as he only influences those within his continuing physical proximity) and also to the period of time that his physical power remains effective. Once the man becomes physically weak, his ability to lead correspondingly vanishes. Such an example of this type are not remembered in the pages of history; but we could imagine a cave man who, by brute force,
smashes all opponents and offers protection to those loyal to him.

Arno Breker’s Bereitschaft (German = “Readiness”), 1939.

This sculpture resonates with the primordial physical body man. Also a harkening back to pure origins and merciless natural selection.

The next phase, the man of superior emotion, is marked by his ability to charm and evoke feelings of loyalty to him and his goals, and feelings of hatred towards those against him.

According to psychoanalysis there are two levels of emotion: individual and collective — C.G.
Jung wrote: “The contents of the personal unconscious are chiefly the feeling-toned
complexes… The contents of the collective unconsious, on the other hand, are known as archetypes.*” –Eranos Jahrbuch, 1934.

If a leader can tap into the power of the archetypes then the strength of this is literally a “possession” or “Ergriffenheit.” (That is also how Jung described
Hitler’s archetypal power in his essay Wotan [German = “Odin”]). As testament to archetypal power, the Encyclopedia

“Because archetypes originate in pre-logical thought, they are held to evoke startlingly similar feelings in reader and author.”

It is historically proven that feelings on this collective level have tremendous power, yet because they spring from an unconscious level, they are thus easily transferred from one aim to another if there is no conscious message added to it. This also helps explain the unconscious respect for Adolf Hitler as a power-figure (including among non-whites such as Asians and blacks) while on a conscious level those beholding his photo or newsreels may be neurotically swayed back against him by the negativity [in enemy propaganda] they have heard or read about this legendary man.

The political lesson is, that those leaders who have a strong form of emotional power, though can no longer reach the people, will have a relatively short lifespan as a guider of peoples’ actions. (In Adolf Hitler’s case, because his memory is preserved in books, photos and speeches, his power over people, both consciously and unconsciously, lives on.) In terms of a relatively pure example of an Aryan leader who personified emotional power more than on any other level, was Joan of Arc. A heroine and martyr at the age of nineteen. Her being burnt at the stake created an emotional wave of outrage to defeat the tenacious British invader, ending the Hundred Years’ War.
At the siege of Orlans, 1428-1429. Fittingly, a romantic painting… Stirring the animus feelings of protection and idealism. Joan of Arc being burnt at the stake also epitomises the emotional affect she had on her French Folk.

— “On the day when Joan was burned, the wood was prepared for the fire to burn her before the sermon was finished or the sentence had been pronounced. And no sooner had the sentence been read by the bishop, without any delay, she was taken to the fire, and I did not see that
there was any sentence pronounced by the lay judge. She was at once taken to the fire and once in the fire she cried more than six times “Jesus,” and above all with her last breath she cried in a loud voice “Jesus!” so that all present could hear her. Almost all wept with pity, and I heard that after her burning, that the ashes were gathered up and cast into the Seine.”
-Maugier Leparmentier – Apparitor of the Archiepiscopal Court of Rouen

*Note: there is much common misunderstanding on the definition of archetypes. C.G. Jung defines archetypes as motifs within the collective unconscious — motifs that “can vary a great deal in detail without losing their basic pattern” (-Man and his Symbols, p. 58).

[The jewish psychiatrist] Sigmund Freud’s view of archetypes, on the other hand, and the unconscious (or as Freud termed it, the “subconscious”) was scoffed at by Jung, describing the Freudian concept of the ‘subconscious’ thus:

“picturesquely, as a trash can that collects all the refuse of the conscious mind” (-Man and his Symbols, p. 32).

In Alfred Rosenberg’s Myth of the Twentieth Century we find a brilliant description of the development from physical and emotional dominated figures, to the primary power coming from the mind:

Again and again we see the Nordic racial form expressed as great art. However, a change in the type of hero as a form can be established. Earlier, the hero had personality and led his people into battle. The real person thus became a symbol in so doing. Today, another new dynamic has developed; the will of the great leader directs millions from the centre. Accordingly, in art forms, the head alone is drawn into prominent position. This representation symbolically shows what is significant, what is essential…

From the commanding center comes the leadership. The head is thus the most important feature in most art dealing with Adolf Hitler. This above propaganda poster is contradictory to the primary principle of Adolf Hitler — whose leadership, in its most concentrated form, is not seen as his physical body, nor his heart, but from his head.

(Interestingly, this poster is especially popular with skinheads who, as modern warrior types, view the qualities of the physical body man as most related to them).

Going further in the animus development of the greatest Aryans: – as his foremost attribute, John de Nugent is not viewed as a man of physical action, feeling, or even a man of the word, but as “spiritual man.” The upward development from physical, emotional and mental strength has been eclipsed; for the first time in Western Aryan history, a political leader is rising whose foremost trait is a transcendence of all these levels — such that we view a leader as someone no longer primarily as muscle, heart or head, but from within the being itself. Again, this phenomenon is unique in Western Aryan history, and it is not only a reflection of the individual leader himself, but a reflection of the raised consciousness of the leader’s supporters — an increase in individual consciousness, that is most obvious in its scientific form, in the development of psychoanalyis in the late 19th century and 20th century.

John de Nugent — the inner process is revealed. The viewer no longer sees the subject primarily from the perspective of an outsider, but from within John de Nugent’s own mind — seeing (as far as humanly possible) John de Nugent’s own questing soul, that of an archetypal** white person who symbolises in his struggle upward from darkness to light the Aryan collective soul that comprises all of us and is aching worldwide in bondage.

As he recounts his own ascent from a childhood of darkness, despair and abuse, seizing control finally of his once-destroyed life and remaking his future into one of hope, he becomes the captain of his soul. He seeks to view, to treat other Aryans, and get them to see themselves, in harmony with the ancient Sanskrit-language, Indo-Aryan greeting:

Namaste –– “I revere the divine within you.”

**From C.G. Jung’s ‘Wotan’ essay (1936):

“Archetypes are like riverbeds which dry up when the water deserts them, but which it can find again at any time. An archetype is like an old watercourse along which the water of life has flowed for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself. The longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that sooner or later the water will return to its old bed. The life of the individual as a member of society and particularly as a part of the State may be regulated like a canal, but the life of nations is a great rushing river which is utterly beyond human control, in the hands of One who has always been stronger than men.”

As we have seen, the development of animus or leadership archetypes within our race have evolved from the physical body, emotion, intellect and finally soul. To understand the pinnacle of this development, we must know –as near as mere mortals are able– what the soul reveals itself to be. According to the original meaning of the word, soul or divinity means ‘godlike,’ however the equivalent term in psychoanalysis is ‘the unconscious’*** (in other words, the
unconscious part of the mind/psyche; in contrast, the conscious part is the intellect).

***Jung is most famous in psychoanalysis for indicating the existence of a collective aspect to the unconscious mind, and this –like many other of Jung’s discoveries– came to him in a dream [dreams are one of the key ways to model how the unconscious works, because as Jung often light-heartedly emphasises, “the unconscious is something which is really unconscious”].

Because of this mysteriousness and inability for us to know directly what the unconscious is, indicative evidence is necessary to build a model. Through his lifetime of research, Jung has shown that the unconscious is not an abstract concept, but an undeniable reality. And further, that the psyche has an existence beyond the physical body, emotions and intellect.

An English interviewer asked professor Jung:

“I have heard that you have said that death is psychologically just as important as birth; and like it, it’s an integral part of life – but surely it can’t be like birth if it’s an end, can it?”

Jung: “Yes death is an end, and we are not quite certain about this end, because, you know, there are these peculiar faculties of the psyche that aren’t entirely confined to space and time: you can have dreams or visions of the future, you can see around corners and such things; only ignorants deny these facts; it’s quite evident that they do exist, and have existed, always. Now these facts show that the psyche, in part at least, is not dependant upon these confinements.

And then what? When the psyche is not under that obligation to live in time and space alone –and obviously it doesn’t– then to that extent, the psyche is not subjected to those roles. And that means a practical continuation of life — of a sort of psychical existence beyond time and space.”

Interviewer: “Do you yourself, believe that death is probably the end?”

Jung: “Well I can’t say. You see the word ‘belief’ is a difficult word for me. I don’t believe. I must have a reason for a certain hypothesis. Either I know a thing, and when I know it, I don’t need to believe it. I don’t allow myself for instance to believe a thing just for the sake of believing it.

– I can’t believe it. But when there are sufficient reasons for a certain hypothesis, I shall accept
these reasons – naturally, I shall say we have to reckon with the possibility…”

Interviewer: “You’ve told us that we should regard death as being a goal [Jung: “yes”], and that
to shrink away from it is to evade life and evade life’s purposes. What advice would you give to
people in their later life to enable them to do this when most of them must in fact believe that
death is the end of everything?”

Jung: “Well you see, I have treated many old people, and it’s quite interesting to watch what the unconscious is doing with the fact that it is about to be threatened with the complete end. -It disregards it. Life behaves as if it were going on. And so I think it is better for old people to live on — to look forward to the next day, as if he had to spend centuries, and then he lives properly. But when he is afraid, when he doesn’t look forward, he looks back, it petrifies him, he gets stiff and he dies before his time. But when he is living on, looking forward to the great adventure that is ahead, then he lives. And that is what the unconscious is intending to do. Of course, it is quite obvious that we are all going to die and it is the sad final of everything. But, nevertheless, there is something in us that doesn’t believe it – apparently – but this is merely a fact, a psychological fact. It doesn’t mean to me that it proves something – it is simply so…”


My comment:

Thank you, Nelson, for this profound essay. The jews are in effect a race of psychologists — specifically gentilologists — and we must also become psychologists, aryologists and judeologists, to beat them at their own game.

This is why I did my post on Mediterraneans and Nordics — We must understand ourselves, our weaknesses and the jews’ weaknesses, for they are a PSYCHOPATHIC GENE POOL (

I will end my commentary with this quote I learned from the heroic French revisionist, Vincent Reynouard, who wrote that Edouard Drumont, the great French antisemitic author, said:

The man unafraid of death has all options open. There is nothing he cannot do.


To my delight, I received from the same comrade Nelson1805 today a second profound essay, on the Sikhs of northern India. (That is also the part of India where there is still much Aryan blood.)

(This essay arrived in my email box right after I got a phone call from one of my beloved Indian students in American accent from ten years ago, “Raj,” who told me he had just gotten engaged to a nice Indian-Canadian doctor. I was delighted for him, and also told him it was great that he was marrying within his culture and his people, which would help his future marriage in an age of 50% divorce and a birthrate die-out among us, the white Americans. I have long had excellent relations with Indians, who have a long and distinguished culture, and are part-white (reflected by the Aryan Hindi language) and thus who are our part-relatives. India is now becoming an IT superpower, in fact, due to its reverence for study, learning and technology, and is resisting to this day muslim attempts to conquer India.)

Countries ruled by Islam. Founded by the illiterate semitic camel trader Mohammed, and imitating many ideas of talmudic judaism, Islam (which has been called judaism for Arabs) exploded by military force in all directions in the 700s and 800s, and at times marched into both northern France and to the gates of Vienna, Austria. It was stopped in India by the valiant Sikh minority and by other Indians of part-white blood. Under muslim rules, which terrified people into conversion, all who refuse to become muslims can be turned into SLAVES.

I had suggested to comrade Nelson, from a distinguished mathematics family, and a key member of my Eternal Solutrean “think tank,” that he study the Sikhs of India and write a report for us on what we can learn from their ethnic minority survival strategy.

The reason for this is that the Eternal Solutreans have the same goal as the Sikhs five hundred ago: to survive for centuries, as they have, by embracing when necessary new strategies, becoming an admired, respected, wealthy, and, yes, FEARED and FEISTY minority in a multiracial, multicultural situation, and to have a healthy birthrate via large, happy families –all in the midst of a racially and culturally darkening situation.

Sikhs, unlike the surrounding Hindus, do not want their members to become monks or nuns and thus celibate. All Sikhs should marry and have children, work hard, make a living, and build a strong community, not flee from the world. (This is thus the exact opposite of what Nietzsche objected to in Saul’s “Christianity.”)

Wikipedia (

Worldwide, there are 25.8 million Sikhs and approximately 75% of Sikhs live in the Indian state of Punjab, where they constitute about 60% of the state’s population. Even though there are a large number of Sikhs in the world, certain countries have not recognised Sikhism as a major religion as Sikhism is closely related to Hinduism. [JdN: They are basically monotheistic Hindus with no caste system.] Large communities of Sikhs live in the neighboring states, and large communities of Sikhs can be found across India. However, Sikhs only make up about 2% of the Indian population.

The tremendous threat to the Sikhs and to all Indians at that time was the invasion by the muslim turko-mongols called Moghuls, racial and cultural FOREIGNERS despite having learned the Aryan language of India’s neighbor, Persia. Ruling harshly by the sword, over and over the Moghuls (from the word “Mongol”) attempted by massacres and threats to convert the Indians — who especially in the north are part-white/Aryan –to the semitic religion of Islam, which in Arabic means “submission.”

The muslim-built Taj Mahal in India — where these muslims are worshipping Allah — is the gigantic tomb for a Moghul ruler’s dead wife. Five times a day muslims must put their brain on the floor and their rear end in the sky and pray in submission to their semitic god. Non-muslim women may be taken as sex slaves, now as 1400 years ago, and this happens constantly all over Europe where gang rapes by muslims occur. For centuries jews have sold abducted white women — Spanish, French, Italian and Slavic — to muslims, both Turks and others, to become their sex slaves (in “harems” or bordellos), and mongols/tatars in the Dark Ages also raided Slavic areas for sex slaves for the muslim Turks. Muslim women have very few rights, but non-muslim women have no rights under Islam. And no one of Aryan blood can ever get on his knees.

How to build a new nation from a dying one.
It begins with the inspired Leader – and the Word.

by Nelson1805

For an imperilled folk to survive, a  new message must come from the Beyond, and also respond to the earthly surroundings: (1) a unique art and outreach; (2) appropriation of the best or most popular aspects of the original cultures; and (3) an attack against widely or strongly-felt injustices within the original cultures.

In Sikhism’s case, their first guru (spiritual guide) was Nanak Dev (14691538):

Nanak Dev’s message was to build a third way between Islam and Hinduism, the two dominant cultures in India at the time. For the  Sikh Nation he was founding he appropriated what he considered
the strengths within both cultures:

–from Islam, the concept of a one God, rigid rules and proselytizing;

–from Hinduism, the metaphysics, especially karma, reincarnation and meditation.

To differentiate his new religious-ethnic community from Islam and Hinduism, he unwaveringly criticised aspects that were in some quarters strongly viewed as injustices:

–appealing to the masses to dissolve the Hindu caste system (like the muslims), and

–appealing to women by demanding equal rights for them, and (above all else, attacking the obvious Hindu injustice of suttee, that is, burning the widow alive on the funeral pyre of her husband! This practice became a target which subsequent Sikh Gurus never lost an opportunity to attack for Sikh conversions).

The foundations of the Sikh nation were set by Nanak Dev:

–sacred leadership (which of course Cathollcs and many other religions have);
–a separate — but not strange — folkish identity;
–powerful, effective propaganda appealing to the masses and especially to women;
–aggressive missionaries.

The Amritsar Golden Temple. When Indian president Indira Gandhi arrogantly and foolishly ordered Indian troops to storm it in 1984, killing hundreds of Sikh pilgrims, two Sikhs on her bodyguard staff shot her dead. Twenty percent of the military officers in the Indian Army are Sikhs, as is the current president of India. Every Sikh’s last name is Singh, meaning in Hindi LION. Sikhs are not aggressive, but are fierce in defense, and no one is eager to start fights with an ethnoreligion all of whose men, by rule, wear turbans, sport beards showing masculinity, and bear daggers for defense — plus combs for neatness. 😉 Sikhs are famous for being wealthy and hard-working, fierce warriors, yet  taking good care of their own community, thus becoming in some ways the “Germans” of  India.

With this formula, the Sikh community grew rapidly. Sikh missionaries also targeted the most influential members of  society, gaining prominent converts. This added to the new faith’s prestige and political power. The dominant way that  Sikh energy was alloted during this time was to:

1) outside missions,

2)  indoctrinating their own children and

3) prudent training of successors to high office.

In one word: EDUCATION.

Guru Arjan (fifth guru of the Sikhs), right, dictating the Sikh holy book — the Adi Granth

The prestige and rapid growth of the Sikhs bred jealousy: Guru Arjan (a highly creative individual, who wrote over two thousand hymns and put the official Sikh holy book together) refused to change the wording of the hymns — and was fined, then tortured and then executed by the Muslim government in Delhi.



Guru Har Gobind — Out Comes the Sword

In response to this outrage, the next Sikh leader, Guru Har Gobind, began carrying two steel swords,  “one for spiritual reasons and one for temporal (worldly) reasons.” He proved to be the first turning-point in Sikh history.

(Notice the change in tone of Sikh art between the portrait of the bookish Guru Arjan above and the warlike Guru Har Gobind.)

From this point on, the Sikhs carried weapons and had a trained army ready to protect their independence. But Har Gobind made a clear and important stipulation: the military was strictly for defence. He even forbade all subsequent generations from any aggressive campaigns.

The cordial relationship that the Sikhs originally enjoyed with the Moghul Empire (flourished 1526-1725) had already become very different under subsequent Moghul emperors — and things later began to deteriorate even further. Under the infernally intolerant emperor Aurangzeb (, the Muslims in India began forcing the so-called “infidels” (in Arabic, “kaffirs”) to convert.

This begins the next major turning-point in Sikh history…

Aurangzeb as the young emperor

From wikipedia (History of Sikhism):

“The Delhi Emperor, Aurangzeb cherished the ambition of converting India into a land of Islam…. The Emperor’s experiment was first carried out in Kashmir. The viceroy of Kashmir, Iftikar Khan
(16711675) carried out the policy vigorously and set about converting non-Muslims by force.

[This Muslim modus operandi is chillingly similar to what the Roman Catholic Church committed against our heathen ancestors in Northern Europe. Jrgen Rieger, in his unforgettable article (in German), “Wie anziehend war das Christentum fr germanische Heiden?” [ = “How Attractive was Christianity for Germanic Heathens?”], wrote about the Danish town of Haithabu, a place that was until AD 965 was subject to peaceful Christian missionaries who  continuously dwelt in the town from 850-965 AD, thus for 115 years — but with little success at voluntary conversions.

Finally, the Church simply decided to convert the people at the point of a sword. The Arab trader and diplomat, At-Tartuschi, reported back to his Spanish Moorish kingdom in the year 965:

Schleswig is a very big town at the far end of the ocean. In its interior there are sources of fresh water. Its inhabitants are Sirius worshipers [heathens]  except for a small number of Christians who have a church. “

Jrgen Rieger:

“That means that although Haithabu had been made the seat of a bishopric, and here some of the first church bells rang out in Scandinavia, there were still few Christians in the city! Among them were certainly some merchants who had moved there from  Christian areas, and provably there were Christian slaves there, taken away from the Vikings since AD 880. The fact that Christianity could not make converts here, and that the Frankish king, like the Danish or Norwegian rulers, had to use force to get the people baptized, clearly demonstrates the inner strength of their heathen religion.”

Now we see another semitic religion about to FORCE itself on people:

A group of Kashmiri Pandits (that is, Kashmiri Hindus of the Brahmin priestly class) approached the Sikhs’ guru, Tegh Bahadur, and asked for help. They, on the advice of the Guru, told the Mughal authorities that they would willingly embrace Islam if Guru Tegh Bahadur, did the same. An order for the arrest of the Guru were then issued by [Moghul Emperor] Aurangzeb, who was in [the present-day North West Frontier Province of Pakistan] subduing Pushtun rebellion.

The Guru was arrested at a place called Malikhpur near Anandpur [heading]  for Delhi. Before departing he had nominated his son, Gobind Rai (Guru Gobind Singh) as the next Sikh Guru. He was arrested, along with some of his followers… by Nur Muhammad Khan of the Rupnagar police post at the village of Malikhpur Rangharan, in
Ghanaula Parganah, and sent to Sirhind the following day.

The Faujdar (Governor) of Sirhind, Dilawar Khan, ordered him to be detained in Bassi Pathana and reported the news to [the Moghul capital of ] Delhi. His arrest was made in July 1675 and he was kept in custody for over three months. He was then cast in an iron cage and taken to Delhi in November 1675.

The Guru was put in chains and ordered tortured until he would accept Islam. When he could not be persuaded to abandon his faith to save himself from persecution, he was asked to perform some miracles to prove his divinity.

On his refusal, Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded in public at Chandni Chowk on 11 November 1675…”

[After this horrifying persecution by the muslims, the 10th and final semi-deified leader of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, massively expanded the militarism of the Sikh religious community.]

From Wikipedia (on Guru Gobind Singh):

“After hearing of what had happened in Delhi, Guru Gobind decided to inculcate the martial spirit
among his followers. Guru Tegh Bahadur, in preparation for the real possibility of his death at the
hands of the emperor, had ordained his son as the next guru, before his departure to Delhi. Gobind
Rai was formally installed as the Guru on the Vaisakhi, on 11 November 1675.[3]

Guru Gobind engaged 52 poets to translate the heroic Sanskrit epics into contemporary languages. He selected the warlike theme in many of his compositions to infuse martial spirit among his followers. He also wrote several compositions preaching love, equality and the worship of one God, and deprecating idolatry and superstition.

[We thus see that Guru Gobind understood the necessity of balancing the yang and yin energies — of war and peace, anger and love.]

Guru Gobind Singh

In 1699, the Guru sent hukmanamas (letters of authority) to his followers, requesting them to
congregate at Anandpur on 30 March 1699, the day of Vaisakhi (the annual harvest festival).[17]

He addressed the congregation from the entryway of a small tent pitched on a small hill (now called
Kesgarh Sahib). He first asked everyone who he was for them?

Everyone answered – “You are our  Guru.”

He then asked them who were they, to which everyone replied – “We are your Sikhs.” [Sikh
literally means “disciple.”]

Having reminded them of this relationship, he then said that today the Guru needed something from his Sikhs.

Everyone responded “Hukum Karo, Sache Patshah” [“Order us, True Lord.”].

Then, drawing his sword, he asked for a volunteer who was willing to sacrifice his head.


The symbol of the Sikhs,

swords and a scroll in a manner that is both feminine and masculine.

No one answered his first call, nor the second call, but on the third invitation, Daya Ram (later known as Bhai Daya Singh) came forward and offered his head to the Guru. Guru Gobind Rai took the volunteer inside the tent. The Guru returned to the crowd with blood dripping from his sword.

He then demanded another head. One more volunteer came forward, and entered the tent with him.

The Guru again emerged with blood on his sword. This happened three more times.

Then the five volunteers came out of the tent in new clothing unharmed.

Gobind Rai then poured clear water into an iron bowl and adding Patashas (Punjabi sweeteners) into it, he stirred it with double-edged sword accompanied with recitations from Adi Granth. He called this mixture of sweetened water and iron Amrit (“nectar”) and administered it to the five men. These five, who willingly volunteered to sacrifice their lives for their Guru, were given the title of the Panj Piare (“the five beloved ones”) by their Guru.[17]

They were the first (baptized) Sikhs of the Khalsa [Kh?ls? (Punjabi: ??????, IPA: [xa?lsa?], literally “Pure”) is a term of Persian origin which refers to the collective body of all baptized Sikhs. The Khalsa was originally established as a military order of “saint-soldiers” on March 30, 1699, by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru. It was the name given by the Guru to all his disciples baptized in the Amrit Sanchar ceremony.]: Daya Ram (Bhai Daya Singh), Dharam Das (Bhai Dharam Singh), Himmat Rai (Bhai Himmat Singh), Mohkam Chand (Bhai Mohkam Singh), and Sahib Chand (Bhai Sahib Singh).

Singh = LION

A Sikh with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

[One of the foundations of the Sikh religious community was belief that their leaders had
contact with the divine; and further, that the divine was within every individual.]

Guru Gobind Singh then recited a line which has been the rallying-cry of the Khalsa since
then: ‘Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh’ (Khalsa [“Our pure people”] belongs to God; victory belongs to God”). He gave them all the name “Singh” (lion), and designated them collectively as Khalsa (the Pure Ones), the body of baptized Sikhs. The Guru then astounded the five and the whole assembly as he knelt and asked them to in turn initiate him as a member, on an equal footing with them in the Khalsa, thus becoming the sixth member of the new order. His name became Gobind Singh.

[That is why so many modern Indians have the name “Singh”; it is the official last-name for Sikh

Today members of the Khalsa consider Guru Gobind as their father, and Mata Sahib Kaur (not the Guru’s wife, but a member of his household) as their mother.[17] The Panj Piare were thus the first baptised Sikhs, and became the first members of the Khalsa brotherhood. Women were also initiated into the Khalsa, and given the title of kaur (“princess”).[17] “Though women are considered equal in Sikhism, men have been very slow to allow women to serve as the ‘Panj Piare’ who handle Baptism into the order to this day”, The reason to this line written by the author
according to his knowledge, is that Guru Gobind Singh ji, when asked for head from his Sikhs for the head, he never asked that he want head of a man or a woman, he just said at that time, that his sword needs a head of a Sikh, a Sikh may be a man or a woman. Because of the reason that only Sikh men offered their heads in love and reverrence to their beloved Guru, those first five men were given the title of PANJ PIARE(the five beloved ones) and if any woman would have offered her head to the Guru at that time, then, she would have been including in Panj Piare, so, from that day
this became ritual that only five Sikh men could be Panj Piare.

Guru Gobind Singh then addressed the audience [and the following speech sums up Sikhism so well]:

From now on, you have become casteless. No ritual, either Hindu or Muslim, will you perform nor will you believe in superstition of any kind, but only in one God who is the master and protector of all, the only creator and destroyer. In your new order, the lowest will rank with the highest and each will be to the other a bhai (brother). No pilgrimages for you any more, nor austerities, but the pure life of the household, which you should be ready to sacrifice at the call of Dharma [Sanskrit = “path,” thus duty, and in this case, to be ready if need be for war].

Women shall be equal of men in every way. No purdah (veil) for them anymore, nor the burning alive of a widow on the pyre of her spouse (sati). He who kills his daughter, the Khalsa shall not deal with him.

Five K’s you will observe as a pledge of your dedication to my ideal.

Kesh: Hair unshorn, the representation of saintliness.
Kangha: a comb to keep it clean and untangled.
Kara: a iron/steel bracelet to denote one universal God and to keep you handcuffed from
doing wrong.
Kacchha: a piece of practical wear to denote modesty [a sacred underwear, which Mormons also wear].

Kirpan: a steel dagger for your defence and to defend the helpless.

Smoking being an unclean and injurious habit, you will forswear. You will love the weapons of
war, be excellent horsemen, marksmen and wielders of the sword, the discus and the spear.
Physical prowess will be as sacred to you as spiritual sensitivity.

And, between the Hindus and Muslims, you will act as a bridge, and serve the poor without distinction of caste, color, country or creed. My Khalsa shall always defend the poor, and Deg (the community kitchen) will be as much
an essential part of your order as Teg (the sword).

And, from now onwards Sikh males will call themselves ‘Singh’ and women ‘Kaur’ and greet each other with ‘Waheguruji ka Khalsa, Waheguruji ki fateh (The Khalsa belongs to God; victory belongs to God).[18]

* * *
To summarise (and bring everything forward to our times):

We have the inspired leader –John de Nugent– and the word which his book will clearly issue.

Now we must spread the message and gain converts (especially women); raise huge families, have training and succession. And in a world where our white community lives as a minority – there must be an undisputed creed:

You will love the weapons of war… Physical prowess will be as sacred to you as spiritual sensitivity.
-Guru Gobind Singh

–And what became of Guru Gobind Singh and the Sikhs?

“Shortly before his death, Gobind Singh ordered that the Gur? Granth S?hib (the Sikh Holy
Scripture), would be the ultimate spiritual authority for the Sikhs and temporal authority would be
vested in the Khalsa Panththe Sikh Nation/Community…[16]

A former ascetic was charged by Gobind Singh with the duty of punishing those who had
persecuted the Sikhs. After the guru’s death, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur became the leader of the
Sikh army and was responsible for several attacks on the Moghul empire. He was executed by the
emperor Jahandar Shah after refusing the offer of a pardon if he converted to Islam.[31]

The Sikh community’s embrace of military and political organisation made it a considerable regional force in medieval India and it continued to evolve after the demise of the gurus. After the death of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, a Sikh Confederacy of Sikh warrior bands known as misls formed. With the decline of the Mughal empire, a Sikh Empire arose in the Punjab under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, with its capital in Lahore and limits reaching the Khyber Pass and the borders of China. The order, traditions and discipline developed over centuries culminated at the time of Ranjit
Singh to give rise to the common religious and social identity that the term “Sikhism” describes.[32]

After the death of Ranjit Singh, the Sikh Empire fell into disorder and was eventually annexed by the British Empire  after the hard-fought Anglo-Sikh Wars. This brought the Punjab under the British Raj. Sikhs formed the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee and the Shiromani Akali Dal to preserve Sikhs’ religious and political organization a quarter of a century later. With the partition of India in 1947, thousands of Sikhs were killed in violence and millions were forced to leave their ancestral homes in West Punjab.[33] Sikhs faced initial opposition from the Government
in forming a linguistic state that other states in India were afforded. The Akali Dal started a nonviolence
movement for Sikh and Punjabi rights. Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale emerged as a leader of the Bhindran-Mehta Jathawhich assumed the name of Damdami Taksal in 1977 to promote a peaceful solution of the problem. In June 1984, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered the Indian army to launch Operation Blue Star to remove Bhindranwale and his followers from the Darbar Sahib. Bhindranwale, and a large number of innocent pilgrims were killed during the army’s operations. In October, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her Sikh bodyguards. The
assassination was followed by the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots massacre[34] and Hindu-Sikh conflicts in Punjab, as a reaction to the assassination and Operation Blue Star.” -wikipedia (on “Sikhs”)

Sikhs are now the fifth largest religious community in the world, feared, admired, respected and going strong after 500 years.

Har Gobind, transformer of Sikhs from victims to fighters


Excellent work, comrade Nelson1805!


A comrade wrote me for my opinion about the American Third Position Party ( I replied:

* * *

Dear Paul,

They have a good website, good graphics, and good people, and in Kevin Macdonald, in fact, a great man.

To be brutally honest, I also see the kind of people who banned me from Stormfront the same week as Henrik Holappa was arrested by the OPEN feds, after SF moderators over and over insinuated the vilest possible defamation on this earth, lying that I was a homosexual, a pedophile and delusional. Ony feds or sayaneem can do this. Worst of all, they severely endangered Henrik Holappa’s freedom by this disgraceful triple lie, for what WN would have written letters to HH or to the Finnish parliament on behalf of a fagboy??? No WN would have. I had to spend months fighting off those vile lies against him and me, ON TOP of losing my righthand man!

In the same way, over in Switzerland, the once-promising anti-immigrant SVP party of the billionaire Christoph Blocher was infiltrated and he was in effect overthrown by his own members, because he could not control the presence of pro-jew, pro-NWO infiltrators in key positions. See my post on this, and then you will understand why Hitler insisted that he MUST have control over his party:

In our “business,” every critic can be sincere — or he can be a paid, or morally blackmailed, or life-threatened infiltrator. When someone pops up who has never met you and suddenly goes on a rip, calling you crazy and a dozen other outrageous and ludicrous accusations, it COULD be he is sincere, and gossipy and misinformed — or a sociopathic troll — or an Israeli teenager in Tel Aviv pretending to be a WN — or there could be another and more sordid factor at work. After 31 years in this Cause, I am not naive any longer.

There are critics — and there are trained attack dogs.

There is a reason, Paul, why no military on earth has voting on orders or on officers, and why no military tolerates open dissent once the order is issued to the ranks.  When at war, it is risky to have division among your divisions.

The ideas and concept of American3P, however, are excellent, and so are most of the volunteers and of course Professor MacDonald is a fighter.

My slogan is this: Unite with whites who fight.

And do not fight the whites who unite. I never started a hate campaign or thread on anyone at Stormfront!

It is, however, my considered opinion that American Third Position lacks any charismatic leader — or earthshaking new vision. I feel that I must set up my own organization, and then the non-infiltrators will abandon the non-progressing groups and come to it.

(I was on a Voice of Reason chatroom last night and one participant exclaimed that having just joined the party, his membership number was “88.” And his reaction was: “Boy, not many are signing up if my number was 88.”)

Actually, only now is Obama weak enough to be openly challenged. Not six months ago. Not one year ago. People said “John, run for this, John do that.” Yes, and then when Henrik was arrested, they saw that the feds can strike hard at a threat when they feel they can get away with anything, which they could and did in March 2009 when Obongo was riding high in the polls.

The feds will probably not

–arrest anyone at American3P (except as a credibilizing window dressing if they control it!!),

–they will not delete their Wikipedia article,

–nor close their Photobucket account, gutting one thousand posts of its photos,

–nor send IRS and FBI four times,

–nor will the Discovery Channel spend four hours to interview any of them.

–And none of them have two million hits on Bing. (Professor MacDonald has 33,000 on google and 48,000 on Bing.)

No, the jews are targeting ME. I must create my own organization. American Third Position, comrade, is a new and much-improved version of the usual white-rights thing, and its words are all so very true — and its grpahics are first-rate — but you need THE LEADER  and a new world vision to electrify the masses PLUS A DEPRESSION (which is coming).

In Hitler ‘s famous speech at the very end of the Leni Riefenstahl movie “Triumph of the Will” ( Hitler enunciated two principles: (1:50-2:10) ) the party would have a genuine WORLD VIEW, not just a party program, and 2) become the only party in Germany, not one of many feuding grouplets.

And he said, at 9:25, THE MOVEMENT must be A SYMBOL OF ETERNITY.

And I wish to quote at this time another great leader (although a foe of Hitler), Charles de Gaulle of France:

Face aux grands pril, le salut n’est que dans la grandeur.

Facing great peril, salvation lies only in grandeur.

Il faut la force, pour tenir son rang, un certain caractre d’assurance.

Force needs, to keep its rank, a certain character of assurance.

Prenez invariablement la position la plus leve, c’est gnralement la moins encombre.

Take invariably the most elevated position. It is generally the least encumbered.

And some readers will actually grasp what I am saying. 😉

As with Hitler in his time, many of the good ones at this group, American3P, will eventually swing over to my organization when it appears or later on — I am totally confident of that. The really emotionally intelligent ones see and know we need a new dimension of thinking.

Key issues for any resistance leader to face nowadays are both physical as well as psychological. In the USA we have several things which physically make us docile:

–fluoridated water, —

–birth control pill estrogen (the excess is excreted by women taking it and it ends up back in the drinking water even when filtered, becaue hormones are such minute substances, and thus ALL MEN ARE “ON THE PILL”!), and

–excess body fat, which also causes even men to secrete FEMINIZING estrogen!

(Others claim that both cellphone frequencies and chemtrails are also affecting our willpower.)

Beyond these unprecedented new PHYSICAL factors,  we have the usual psychological and brainwashing effects, such as the white guilt trip —  and the prevalent social ambiance of divorce, despair, angst and emptiness, not to mention drug and alcohol abuse, and porn, which is only a self-oriented and shallow release of sexual tension.

Most of all we have confusion, which paralyzes the nervous system, as I pointed out in my post on two diabolical movies, The Matrix and V is for Vendetta:

This is why Hitler broke things down into simple slogans, because the nervous system needs to finally get things down to a simple level to make a binary decision: pain or pleasure, fight or flight.

The Enemy is certainly taking me seriously, as the brutal Holappa case showed. They sense that something old has come back in a new form, and that while they beat the old form of it, it has morphed — just as they alas have too.

Jesus said “the truth shall set you free,” but the truth is not about the external factoids that American3P talks about (re jews, blax, the Holofraud, the Federal Reserve, or the NWO).

The truth is about ourselves and who WE are. Aryans, the nobility of this earth. The primary truth has to be about how we see ourselves.


Another flag color proposal.  Many white women like it. So I do. 😉 Eventually, I wil decide on the final colors of the main flag — there will be many side flags —  and then stick to it.

I’ll leave you with this Hank Williams YT country-western music video (a comrade way over in Germany sent me this link!), with the famous singer and his precious, gifted, spunky little blond son:

Click on this link:

The crowd goes wild…..

* * *

I need money to finish my book, print my door-to-door materials, to train witnessing teams, and to get $2000 worth of DVD reproduction machines transported here from North Dakota, because my key book IS A DVD (text, photos, music, videos, and I also talk directly on the video in a heart-to-heart fireside chat to the reader).

You can send a money order, cash, a check to John de Nugent, or use PayPal.

John de Nugent
213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055


  1. Hello, just curious what aryan views are on Native Americans (First Nations, Indigenous Peoples, etc.). Since there are so many aryans here in the US.

    • Well, you asked a straight question and here is a straight answer.

      The Amerindians today are descended from those who genocided the Solutreans. They come from the Siberian Asiatic invaders who wiped out the Native Americans who came here from Europe in the Ice Age ten thousand years before them. And when the next great wave of whites came in the 1600s, they practiced horrific tortures on THEM.

      You can read about that here: (The site was hacked and all links to the photos in it destroyed. But the text is revealing enough. The webpage is being restored.)

      However, having said that, there are also psychopaths in the white race, and in all races, and they seize power over every organization in society, every religion, every political party and every huge corporation and bank.

      Ths article explains really everything I believe: I am in effect a racist against psychopaths. Unfortunately, I believe, psychopaths afflict all races, but they afflict non-white races EVEN more than they afflict and infect whites. There are levels of cruelty among Asians that surpass even what we have seen in Western civilization, and also among blacks.

      The vast majority of Amerindians, however, like most blacks, whites, and Asian peopes want to lead quiet and productive lives, take care of their families, have a car and a vacation and enjoy a little fun, not live to harm others as psychopaths do.

      I support today all efforts to preserve Amerindian culture and language, and to liberate the Amerindian tribes from the juish lawyers who through casino money now control the Indians, and from the Bureau of Indian Afairs which is happy to see the Indians perish from welfare, drugs, alcohol, obesity, diabetes, etc. In fact, I just saw a fairly entertaining Amerindian movie shot mostly in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area.

      This may interest you:

      Originally written in 1916, this book remains one of the few accounts of a Native American woman speaking about her people before the eras of PC, and how “whites done us wrong” ideologies have made useless any real research.,M1

      Especially important for our discussion is Chapter IV, “Traditions of the Ancient White People,” starting on page 81.

      When the Indians first made their appearance on the Klamath River it was already inhabited by a white race of people known among us as the Wa-gas. These white people were found to inhabit the whole continent, and were a highly moral and civilized race. The Indians recognized the rights of these ancient people as the first possessors of the soil, and no difficulties ever arose between the two people. After a time there were intermarriages between the two races, but these were never promiscuous.

      After we had lived with these people so long, they suddenly called their hosts together and mysteriously disappeared for a distant land, we know not where. On leaving they went toward the north and disappeared from our land beyond the northern seas.

      (End quote, p. 83-5)

      I have more on this….and from Maori and Hawaiians on a gentle, wise blond people….who was there BEFORE them in New Zealand and Hawaii. I have written extensively on this.

      In short, I wish TODAY’S Indians well. Psychopath-free Indians and psychopath-free whites can always find good ways to work together to preserve our heritages. Many American whites of colonial stock have at least some Amerindian blood and the Asian race has many good qualities.

      You might also read

    • Thanks for your encouraging praise! Yes, please do link to my site and that blog article, and remember that one of my New Zealand volunteers, Nelson1805, was a key contributor to it. 🙂 Eternal Solutreans are a worldwide family, a clan, a tribe, something new in this dismal world.

  2. Interesting quote from the book. It still clashes with our history. My people never had any written history, everything we know is from oral tradtion. The books and scientists say we came from Asia. Although we may have similar physical characteristics, we aren’t Asian. We are of this continent. Our teachings of when and where we came from say we come from the womb of Mother Earth. As far who was first in this continent, we’ll never know, but we’ve always been here and aren’t immigrants, and by no means leaving. Our ways and teachings have been and will always be to honor Mother Earth and all walks of life. Even when white settlers came onto sacred grounds we helped them survive and we were thanked by reservations and genocide. I know it sounds simple minded, but that’s what we were taught. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why different races, religions, etc. see themselves as being superior. What good will come of it? I just hope, as a species, we all realize that.

  3. I respect your sincerity, and loyalty to your people..

    I taught in high school, and there are average kids, slow (special-ed) kids and gifted (advanced-placement)kids. It is obvious to any teacher, parent or kid himself where he belongs. There is nothing “racist,” “hateful” or “bigoted” or “prejudiced” or “supremacist” in seeing that the different races have different gifts, strengths and weaknesses.

    For example, I see the northern European race as having three serious flaws:

    1) an almost lethal naiveté, and in fact the phrase “blue-eyed” has the secondary meaning of “naive” in every northern European language except English itself;

    2) hyper-individualism, which makes whites not act as a team when they need to;

    3) excessive self-control, which makes them unspontaneous even when they should be expressing anger or taking action, or even by dancing in a nerdy way on the dance floor. 😉

    I admire in the Asiatic peoples:

    1)their stoic ability to endure pain,
    2)the reverence that Amerindians have for nature. The best thing for me is when an Amerindian hunter prays to the soul of the animal he is about to shoot with an arrow, explaining he has to feed his family.

    I also like many Amerindian customs, garb and decorations. (And I know that the old, original Amerindian tobacco was not as dangerous and addictive as today’s garbage.)

    I may also have a smidgen of Amerindian blood myself, Narragansett blood, like most poor whites of old colonial stock who came over in the 1600s.

    Now if your tribal traditions do not include remembering the wiping out of the whites, which for example the Paiute indian princess wrote about as existing in her tribe’s memory, well, all peoples bury the negative and the dark chapters.

    For example, these “Greatest Generation” old-timers who fought in Europe in WWII do not like to hear about Dresden…..or the 7,000 French women raped by sex-starved GI’s in Normandy in June 1944 to whom the lie had been told before D-Day that French women were “easy.” When they said “NON” some of the GIs got very frustrated and did horrible things. It’s a fact. These GIs want to hear about what heroes they were, not about that.

    As a Solutrean, I am eager to work with all God’s children of any race who also respect our interests as well as their own.

    The real enemy is the psychopaths in each of our own races…… and the most organized of the psychopaths, the Jews — the same Jews who run your casinos and pocket most of the money, of whom the infamous Jack Abramoff was just the tip of the Jew iceberg in the Amerindian economy. They are victimizing you just as they victimize us.

    * * *


    Racist references to Native American clients

    In emails now made public by the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, which is investigating his activities, Abramoff repeatedly referred to Native Americans as “monkeys”, “troglodites” and “morons.”[20]

    Abramoff once asked his co-conspirator Scanlon to meet a client, saying in an email, “I have to meet with the monkeys from the Choctaw tribal council. You need to close the deal… with the client…”

    About one tribal client (date unknown) Abramoff wrote to Scanlon, “These mofos are the stupidest idiots in the land for sure.” In another email message he wrote, “we need to get some money from those monkeys!!”

    * * *

    I drove once in 1989 from the Idaho Rockies down into Kalispell, Montana, and was absolutely appalled to see all the little white crosses on the side of the road…..Amerindians who had died in car wrecks while drinking.

    (If we deny racial differences, then we fail to understand why many states had well-intentioned laws against Amerindians being served drinks. They, like the Japanese and others, lack an enzyme that breaks down alcohol quickly. They can get very drunk quickly and even violent, and I saw this with some of my Japanese friends also, who even got beet-red in the face. This is a clear racial difference that affects behavior, and this racial difference affects and harms all Amerindian society. [Alcoholism tendencies also affect certain Keltic and Slavic people among whites.])

    Your people are very unhappy, and so is ours, under the psychopathocracy that makes all God’s children absolutely miserable and this planet into hell of earth. You will soon see suicides skyrocket as the only thing holding this multiracial, Jew-run economy together, affluence based on borrowed money, staggers and collapses.

    By the way, I admire BadEagle (, who also understands that the Jew is the enemy, not the average little Jew but the Jewish warlord class that is enslaving us.

    In Canada, an Indian chief was being indicted for “hate speech” for saying the same thing, then he died……..

    Our enemy is the psychopaths. We can work out all our serious differences without them. They are the oens who must be understood and fought without pity.

  4. Very interesting article. I am a Sikh from Punjab and have travelled extensively throughout much of Asia, Europe, and North America. Certainly I have felt more welcome and “at home” with people of European descent than most others. It has been interesting to note that, like Punjabi’s, whites have been almost persecuted in their own homelands. If it were not for my ancestors, India would be nothing more than an extension of Islamic conquest, yet the Hindu people have set us up as targets of enimity and hatred. Perhaps our own small population in India (2%) has been our problem. Similarily, whites who have civilised North America, and brought countless contributions to the world are commonly portrayed as racist and evil. Of course i beleive in justice and equality for all, but I cannot help but balk when I meet a jewish person, and they try so strongly to equate our peoples. At one convention in New York, I was making the rounds meeting reps from various companies, and a man saw my turban and began to engage me in religous talks. He introduced himself as a Jew and told me he that knew about Sikhs and assured me that our histories were very similar, and that we were in fact brothers. I explained to him that, I too knew about Jews and assured him that although i considered all of mankind to be my brother, I also viewed evil as my eternal enemy. He did not wish to engage me in any self congratulatory nonsense after that.

    • Dear sir:

      I am delighted to read your comment and learn of your courageous reply to that manipulative Jew who wanted to get chummy with you. Guru Nanak would be proud of you, I am sure!

      What I also admire in Sikhism is how although this religion is peaceful in intentions it became warlike when reality forced it to change. Liberalism is for me in effect the ideology of suicide. Sikhism is in contrast a a God-fearing people’s will to survive.

      I was in a Sikh center in Wellesley, Massachusetts once and to my surprise, however, the place was swarming with Jews-who-had-adopted Sikhism. One of them was peddling a videotape of Kundalini yoga using a very busty model with a low-cut tanktop…. Sheesh. If you let Jews in that is what you get.

      Since Sikhs are a hard-working and brave people who seek education and betterment, I see that many of them reflect the best of Aryan traditions.

      When I studied Vedanta under Swami Rama in 1992-93 at the Himalayn Institute in eastern Pennsylvania (actually under his disciples; he was often absent), I was struck by his great admiration, as a Hindu and brahmin, for Sikhism. He did his own rhyming translation of a key Sikh scripture.

      Sikhism to me combines some of the best of Hinduism and Islam. If Sikhs respect white people, and they should, because they have much white blood themselves, then I am eager to have excellent relations with them. I think there is some friction or resentment betwen conservative white Canadians and Sikhs, but I hope this can be resolved. I need to know more about this issue.

      John de Nugent

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