THE INSANITY OF HAVING A WEBHOST WHO WORKS FOR THE JEWS; NOTICE TO PEDOPHILOCRATS: I am not suicidal, sick or a pedophile who needs a SWAT team at his door :-)

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I absolutely must get in donations.

If I start my religion they will just shut everything down.

“How does the world end? Not with a bang, but with a whimper.” — TS Eliot (”The Wasteland”)

Basically, it is like what is happening in Toronto, where the “Your Ward News” weekly newspaper is no longer being delivered because the Canadian postal union has taken it upon itself to not deliver it as being ”hate.” It is flagrant, open, in-your-face defiance.

Or the Barcelona police seizing the bookstore, all computers and 60,000 euros from Pedro Varela. It is blatantly illegal and is simply thug tactics.

My own webhost is the one hacking me!

My principal webmaster informed me today:

This is getting weirder by the day. This morning, I recompiled Apache using a profile I know it works. As expected your site was fine afterwards. Just now I went back to your site to read your latest articles and it was broken again. It seems that the enemy is changing the server configuration as they please.


The jews have gotten to InMotion, my previous host and then, when we returned to the more expensive but previously totally reliable Siteground (NINE YEARS OF GOOD EXPERIENCE on both technical issues  and free speech)




……NOTICE TO PEDOPHILOCRATS: I am not suicidal, sick or a pedophile who needs a SWAT team at his door 🙂

Hey, pedophilocrats, this is for you, with 53,000 views on all platforms!


Enjoy this too:

From: J
To: John de Nugent <>
Sent: Friday, 16 December 2016, 11:21
Subject: Checking in on you

Hey John, is everything alright?

Website is down and wanted to be sure if you were ok?



Thanks for asking. I am okay — but this is unnerving. My site was up for five hours and then went down again.

I had a powerful blog up — and it also had a photo of the Rood International New Testament (all the items, displayed!) which you kindly sent me! Thanks for that. Jesus is the reason for the season and I have great reverence for Him.

Tim Ryback’s book goes over carefully the books in Hitler’s personal libraries in Berchtesgaden and Berlin, all of which the Americans recovered. Hitler was fascinated by Jesus and venerated Him.


(Now play the spooky music again… 😉 After 1945 all these books Hitler owned were shipped to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia, for storage, and then to the Library of Congress.

My wife, Gerda Atzl, the mother of my two kids, has to this day, from 1977 on, when she and I moved from Rhode Island to northern Virginia so I could attend Georgetown, kept her artist studio right there, now that it has been converted to an artist center.


And Margi and I lived in the Glebe House apartments in Alexandria two doors from a very handsome, educated African-American who was (still is?) the curator of the Hitler library collection at the LOC (Library of Congress)!

He and I spoke often in fluent French, and he kept urging me to come and pay him a visit there.

(I had no desire, for reasons stated. I feel no elation about the Hitler period because we lost and I reproached myself for decades for my mistakes. I am over it now, but I still see the Hitler cult as a necessary evil. Had we won, we would have created generations of solid national socialists and not needed to worship one man any more. National socialism is cosmic order and truth, and not any one man’s property or invention.)

AND guess where the rest of the captured Hitler library is kept? At the John Hay Library at Brown University, right off my ancestral Angell Street on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island.

In both places, the LOC and the Hay Library, you see New Testaments and books about Jesus that are heavily underlined and with notes in pencil in the margins — even (Ryback claims) a few strands of his dark hair. 🙂

Virtus 3: My connections to both halves of Adolf Hitler’s personal library, now in Washington and Providence

Back to the insanity now that my webhost, Siteground, which was perfect for nine years, has been ”gotten to” and is now working for the Jews and is hacking my site.

But after 95 straight days of hacking, I have only 1/4 the readers I had on September 11, when the Russians and Alex Jones promoted my site. So donations are down.

Dmitry Kiselyov, Putin appointee and head of the Russia-1 tv network, showed my site for 13 seconds and had a graphic created to make the name of my site, ””’actually stand out.

The article was MY warning to Trump to watch out the Jews don’t assassinate him.

Image result for john de nugent rossiya-1


PUTIN WARNS TRUMP TO AVOID ASSASSINATION — Alex Jones, Russia 1 and Putin friend Kiselyov show my website and article on danger of Trump assassination; did Jones call me?

This video below is the SECOND Alex Jones video featuring my article, 7:27- 40 (13 seconds, a long time on television)



And yes, Jones knows “who I am” and still did not block out my website and article.

And so literally I cannot get a new webhost from being broke.

This frankly is not good.

Whistleblowers without a following get accidented, cancered, suicided or raided by a SWAT team as supposed pedophiles with supposed child porn on their hard drive, which is then conveniently ”found” down at the station.

Then they are imprisoned in a violent state prison.

(This is where there is a black-on-white rape epidemic.)

Then they are beaten to death in prison by an inmate or inmates who actually get rewarded by the warden, discreetly, for doing so.

What I really need is about $3,500 to buy my own server, which is a physical machine like a big desktop computer, and be my own webhost.

They seem to believe I am be exactly what I claim to be, and they will never underestimate that guy again.

Image result for john de nugent rossiya-1

They know reincarnation is real and so why would Hitler NOT come back to try to save his race in extremis.

Trump proves that between the alternative Net, growing white poverty, ISIS and the Muslim immigrants, whites really ARE waking up!

His German grandfather Friedrich Drumpf

A German has bailed me out in the past, and they block me now from talking to him. So I am getting a friend to physically drive there. I simply cannot be webhosted by the Jews, yet they get to every webhost, even the most reputable, and that is the insane reality I must face and have now for 95 days straight.

That is, the jews have gotten to even the most reliable and pro-free speech webhosts when it comes to stopping ME. 😉

From a chat with one of my two webmasters:

[12:32:24 PM] John de Nugent: Hi, B. Can you do a redirect, pls., from my down site, once again, back over to
[12:32:48 PM] B: Sure…
[12:32:52 PM] B: brb
[12:33:01 PM] John de Nugent: thanks
[12:33:04 PM] John de Nugent: This is insane
[12:33:13 PM] John de Nugent: I basically have a webhost who is hacking me.
[12:41:35 PM] B: Okay, well, the change is made, but I think there must be some caching going on.
[12:41:59 PM] B: The 500 Internal Server Error page keeps showing up regardless of the redirect.
[12:42:17 PM] B: Perhaps it’ll just take a few minutes to get into the cache….
[12:42:42 PM] John de Nugent: I see, and thanks for the effort.
[12:43:38 PM] John de Nugent: Yes, I also am still getting ”Internal Server Error. ”
[12:44:10 PM] B: I have the redirect page uploaded as index.php, I had already re-named the wp index page …
[12:44:36 PM] B: And it’s just not making any sense right now… unless it’s just a caching issue. That would be okay.
[12:45:08 PM] John de Nugent: What actually is a caching issue, pls, and can we fix that?
[12:47:35 PM] B: The caching issue is where an external source is given control over your site to show “cached” pages.
[12:48:10 PM] B: The cache app, like CloudFlare, takes a little bit of time to refresh to changes. Most are not very dynamic.
[12:48:36 PM | Bearbeitet 12:48:46 PM] John de Nugent: What is interesting about this hack is all my photos are down also. Yesterday they were accessible.
[1:00:47 PM] B: John, your .htaccess was hacked
[1:01:01 PM] B: It’s not active right now, so the site’s wide open.
[1:01:05 PM] B: Can you get in?
[1:01:22 PM] John de Nugent: Not really
[1:01:32 PM] John de Nugent: Is there some back door to getting in?
[1:01:43 PM] John de Nugent: like cPanel?
[1:04:24 PM] B: Cloudflare is waiting for the cache to change.
[1:04:36 PM] B: In the control panel, can you see if the Cloudflare is active?

Et cetera

This consumed three hours of this day, and has been going on for 95 days now…


Image result for john de nugent jdn-com


I desperately need donations to switch to a better webhost and most of all buy my own server!

It is literally life-and-death to stay online and present in the minds of the public.


John de Nugent

306 S. Steel Street

Ontonagon MI 49953

(906) 884-6689

PayPal to


…..Zombie apocalypse

A German contacted me to say that our planet is going totally mind-controlled and zombie.

He said that the nordic-alien federation is winning the war against a reptilian species that ”runs” the jews, whose role is to betray us, their fellow humans.

He said a giant ship is heading this way.

He said that they are coming to eradicate all human life on the planet.

Why would friends to do that?!

Because this planet, like many others, is going full-zombie and eventually there will be no free will left. No one will revolt because no one CAN revolt.

There will be a third sex of gender-neutrals, neither warlike male nor compassionate female, just worker bots.

He said an admiral protested that ”we cannot just exterminate life on a whole planet.”

He said a junior officer said: ”Admiral, would you like to go to one of these planets the reptilians have zombyized and see for yourself how it is?”

He says the admiral assented and they went down to the surface, in a major city, wearing local garb.

They went out into the street, and as soon as they were spotted, every single head swiveled, and everyone in the street began running right at them to seize them.

They were all remote-controlled by a chip in the brain.

The junior officer told the admiral: ”Sir, we have to go right now.”

They summoned help from the mother ship and were ”beamed” back up.

The admiral said: ”I saw it with my own eyes. There is no way these people even CAN revolt and fight for their own freedom. This is a slave planet; I saw it; it just works day and night for the reptilian empire. I have no more objection to you doing what you have to do.”

And so a beam came down and eradicated all human life on that planet.

I just restored page three of my (of course! hacked) “the Fourth Reich and Nordic Aliens.”

Enjoy, and realize that if you laugh at facts, the insane one is YOU. 🙂

John de Nugent

1) and

…..Satanic singer Rihanna


A German comrade sent me this info on Rihanna, a black singer from Barbados who is about to do a huge show in Vienna, Austria full of degrading kinds of sexuality and truly open use of Illuminati, Reptilian (as in David Icke’s exposes) and satanic symbolism. The German comrades, believe me, love having been “liberated” by America from the evils of Nazism in 1945 so now they can get this! 😉


Rihanna reveals her reptile breast tattoos



An Austrian newspaper breathlessly promises says her kinky show will be “wunderbar“…. 😉



This video in English exposes Rihanna as an active promoter of satanism:




…..JACQUES Vallée

Jacques Vallee is a distinguished French aeronautics researcher from the Sorbonne, the greatest university in France and the the oldest in Europe, and high-tech expert who came to the US in 1962 and did huge work for NASA. His view on the “aliens” topic is that some of them, at least, are really “from different dimensions” ….not from our own physical universe, and some of them are from very evil dimensions indeed. (See the mind-blowing “Mothman” info below from West Virginia under the “John Keel” info!) Interestingly, this dovetails with what many Christians believe about “aliens,” although he does not come to this conclusion from their perspective, but from physics. Excerpt from Wiki:


Vallée was born in Pontoise, France. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the Sorbonne [!!], followed by his Master of Science inastrophysics from the University of Lille. He began his professional life as an astronomer at the Paris Observatory in 1961. He was awarded the Jules Verne Prize for his first science-fiction novel in French. He moved to the United Statesin 1962 and began working in astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin, at whose MacDonald Observatory he worked on NASA‘s first project making a detailed informational map of Mars. In 1967, Vallée received a Ph.D. incomputer science from Northwestern University.

While at the Institute for the Future from 1972 to 1976 he was a principal investigator on the large NSF project for computer networking, which developed one of the first conferencing systems, Planning Network (PLANET),[1]on the ARPANET many years before the Internet was formed. He has also served on the National Advisory Committee of the University of Michigan College of Engineering and was involved in early work on artificial intelligence.

Vallée has authored four books on high technology, including Computer Message Systems, Electronic Meetings, The Network Revolution, and The Heart of the Internet. Along with his mentor, astronomer J. Allen Hynek, Vallée carefully studied the phenomenon of UFOs for many years and served as the real-life model for the character portrayed by Francois Truffaut in Steven Spielberg‘s film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.[2] His research has taken him to countries all over the world. Considered one of the leading experts in UFO phenomena, Vallée has written several scientific books on the subject. His current endeavours include his involvement in SBV Ventures[3] a venture capital fund as a general partner. He and the other general partner, Graham Burnette[4] on SBV are also in the early stages of launching a second venture capital fund. He is married and has two children.

And now to the intriguing part:

UFO research and academic work

In May 1955, Vallée first sighted an unidentified flying object over his Pontoise home. Six years later in 1961, while working on the staff of the French Space Committee, Vallée witnessed the destruction of the tracking tapes of an unknown object orbiting the earth. The particular object was a retrograde satellite that is, a satellite orbiting the earth in the opposite direction to the earth’s rotation. At the time he observed this, there were no rockets powerful enough to launch such a satellite, so the team was quite excited as they assumed that the Earth’s gravity had captured a natural satellite (asteroid). A superior came and erased the tape. These events contributed to Vallée’s long-standing interest in the UFO phenomenon. In the mid-1960s, like many other UFO researchers, Vallée initially attempted to validate the popular Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (or ETH). Leading UFO researcher Jerome Clark[5] argues that Vallée’s first two UFO books were among the most scientifically sophisticated defenses of the ETH ever mounted. However, by 1969, Vallée’s conclusions had changed, and he publicly stated that the ETH was too narrow and ignored too much data. Vallée began exploring the commonalities between UFOs, cults, religious movements,demons, angels, ghosts, cryptid sightings, and psychic phenomena.


Speculation about these potential links were first detailed in Vallée’s third UFO book,Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers. As an alternative to the extraterrestrial visitation hypothesis, Vallée has suggested a multidimensional visitation hypothesis. This hypothesis represents an extension of the ETH where the alleged extraterrestrials could be potentially from anywhere. The entities could be multidimensional beyond space-time, and thus could coexist with humans, yet remain undetected. Vallée’s opposition to the popular ETH hypothesis was not well received by prominent U.S. ufologists, hence he was viewed as something of an outcast. Indeed, Vallée refers to himself as a “heretic among heretics”. [;-)] Vallée’s opposition to the ETH theory is summarised in his paper, “Five Arguments Against the Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects”, Journal of Scientific Exploration, 1990:

Scientific opinion has generally followed public opinion in the belief that unidentified flying objects either do not exist (the “natural phenomena hypothesis”) or, if they do, must represent evidence of a visitation by some advanced race of space travellers (the extraterrestrial hypothesis or “ETH”). It is the view of the author that research on UFOs need not be restricted to these two alternatives. On the contrary, the accumulated data base exhibits several patterns tending to indicate that UFOs are real, represent a previously unrecognized phenomenon, and that the facts do not support the common concept of “space visitors.” Five specific arguments articulated here contradict the ETH:

  1. unexplained close encounters are far more numerous than required for any physical survey of the earth;
  2. the humanoid body structure of the alleged “aliens” is not likely to have originated on another planet and is not biologically adapted to space travel;
  3. the reported behavior in thousands of abduction reports contradicts the hypothesis of genetic or scientific experimentation on humans by an advanced race; [ = what he means is that some of the abductions seem sadistic, monstrous, unrelated to any scientific research, and just-plain demonic… and I agree.]
  4. the extension of the phenomenon throughout recorded human history demonstrates that UFOs are not a contemporary phenomenon; and
  5. the apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate space and time suggests radically different and richer alternatives.

Vallée has contributed to the investigation of the Miracle at Fatima and Marian apparitions. His work has been used to support the Fatima UFO Hypothesis. Vallée is one of the first people to speculate publicly about the possibility that the “solar dance” at Fatima was a UFO. The idea of UFOs was not unknown in 1917, but most of the people in attendance at the Fatima apparitions would not have attributed the claimed phenomena there to UFOs, let alone to extraterrestrials. Vallée has also speculated about the possibility that other religious apparitions may have been the result of UFO activity including Our Lady of Lourdes and the revelations to Joseph Smith. Vallée and other researchers have advocated further study of unusual phenomena in the academic community. They don’t believe that this should be handled solely by theologians.[6][7][8]




Dr. Vallée is interviews at the beginning of this video through 8:41. I would emphasize that he is not saying aliens are not real. He is saying real ships are really coming and real people are being really abducted and suffering real physical harm. (See the Mothman videos below!) The question is do we live in a “universe” or instead in a “multiverse” with many dimensions? And are some of these dimensions similar to the concept of hells, that is, evil worlds where very bad entities live? And if this is true, then do we not need to ask ourselves about our own spiritual condition where no angel wants to protect us? The people interviewed in the Mothman videos are all obviously very average Americans. What is it about average Americans that makes them NOT protected by any higher power? What is our karma — good or quite bad? — if demonic beings are allowed to attack?




I think, moving on, that the tight wire we all walk on is that very reputable UFOlogists such as Jacques Vall�e, PhD �and Dr. Alan Hynek himself (who chafed increasingly at being ordered by the USAF to lie, as you know) increasingly refer to extraterrestrials also as multidimensionals or “interdimensionals.” Even Einstein referred to four dimensions, as you know: length, width, depth and time. Others say there are more dimensions than that….. sigh.
What expanded my mind on this was the very scary “Mothman” material. I imagine you are already familiar with it. This is on its face something�evil, sadistic, and shades into a more demonic thing.�I had NO idea that the Mothman affair was anything but a Richard Gere movie….. but the whole story is based on�hard facts, witnessed for a 13-month period by hundreds of solid people in West Virginia.
What I like about John Keel is that, like me, for decades, he thought the whole alien thing and supernatural stuff was more or less �bull.;-)�He was no gullible believer in anything.
After this Wiki passage below I am then presenting five shortish videos about the real facts behind “the Mothman,” and as you can see, it is�factual, documentary reporting on a real town in West Virginia and interviews with the locals. HUNDREDS saw this creature, and over a 13-month period…
All rather mind-blowing but a fully human mind is unafraid to expand to accept new ideas. The idea here is that�really demonic things do exist.

…..Wikipedia on John Keel

John Alva Keel, born�Alva John Kiehle[solid German name] (March 25, 1930 July 3, 2009) was an�Americanjournalist�and influential�UFOlogist�who is best known as author of�The Mothman Prophecies. In 1967, Keel popularized the term Men In Black in an article for the�men�s adventure magazineSaga, entitled �UFO Agents of Terror�.
According to Keel, he initially sought to explain UFOs as extraterrestrial visitations, but later abandoned this hypothesis. His third book,UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse�published in 1970, linked UFOs to�supernatural�concepts such as�monsters,ghosts�and�demons. Keel used the term �ultraterrestrials� to describe UFO occupants he believed to be non-human entities capable of taking on whatever form they want.
While researching UFOs and�contactees, Keel began to have his own experiences. In�Operation Trojan Horse, Keel wrote, �For a time I questioned my own sanity. I kept profusive notes-a daily journal which now reads like something from the pen of�Edgar Allen Poe�or�H. P. Lovecraft.
Previous to all this�I was a typical hard-boiled skeptic. I sneered at the occult. I had once published a book,Jadoo, which denigrated the mystical legends of the Orient. I tried to adopt a very scientific approach to ufology, and this meant that I scoffed at the many contactee reports.
But as my experiences mounted and investigations broadened, I rapidly changed my views.[4]�Towards the end of the book, he wrote, �In 1966, I was a lifelong atheist raised in the hard school of objective journalism, skeptical but hopeful that I could somehow validate the enthusiasts� speculations about extraterrestrial visitants. The extraterrestrial hypothesis then seemed to me to be the only acceptable explanation. But my experiences over the past few years have changed both me and my outlook, just as similar experiences have changed so many others.[5].
His 1975 book,�The Mothman Prophecies,�was Keel�s account of his investigation into alleged sightings in�West Virginia�of a huge, winged creature called the Mothman. The book combines Keel�s account of receiving strange phone calls with reports of mutilated pets and culminates with the December 15, 1967, collapse of the�Silver Bridge�across the�Ohio River. (He had received a long phone call in October �from a being who was allegedly a UFO entity� and who allegedly warned him that there would be a major disaster on the Ohio River and that many people would drown.
According to Keel, he wrote this in a letter to a woman in the area on November 3, a letter which he said the woman still had years later.[6]) The book was widely popularized as the basis of a�2002 film�of the same name starring�Richard Gere.[2]
And now a trailer for the Mothman movie, starring Richard Gere, which drove me away in 2002 because I loathe horror moves and yet this movie is about a real story:
And now five short videos on the�real�Mothman case in WV, and remember that a�rash of UFO sightings accompanied the Mothman sightings:
And finally another sighting of this demonic being:
Review of a book by Dr. Vall�e,Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults
Posted on Sep 19, 2008 10:55:57 AM PDT Last edited by the author on Sep 19, 2008 10:58:41 AM PDT
Chris Read�says:
As an abductee who reapeated many of the crazy behaviors that Whitley Streiber described in�Communion�I can tell you a few things.
1- They (the Greys) are real. The exact nature of their reality is still debatable.
2- Try to explain them away (e.g. dream-hallucination) and you will loop yourself into madness. They leave marks, and not the kind you could create by hitting yourself.
3- I view them as neither good nor evil, just desperate. Still they will do horrifying things if deemed necessary. Their race is dying.
4- Whether their contact will aid in some way the human race is unclear. Personally, I had to develop a stronger sense of self to survive. (An asset, I guess.)
5- No human will ever understand them. It is true they are hive mind. Try to fight them mind-to-mind and you will be crushed, and not even intentionally.
6-These cute little grey monsters hide themselves behind layer upon layer of screen memories. Still, that won�t save you from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Get a shovel.
7-I don�t give a hoot whether people think I�m crazy, or a liar. I have suffered too much to regain my sanity without help from anyone. If I tell my tale, maybe somebody else will benefit from my experience.
response posted by JdN:
I think this is a courageous post. People have a horror filter where they screen out anything overwhelmingly scary, and so they lunge into agreement with what they think Dr. Vall�e is saying. People also screen out disturbing questions about the murder of JFK, 9/11, and the extent of organized pedophilia in our government, military and police.
Whether these creatures are interdimensional or just have very advanced tech and avionics, they are real and they are here. I have to laugh at those who think that if a craft can accelerate fast or take ultra-sharp turns it must be a projection. Why?
It is certainly �scary� that creatures visiting us could be way ahead of us in tech, and it is even scarier that some of them could be�sadistic�(causing both terror and physical pain to victims). But what gives humans the right to expect that other species are more moral than we are?�Our planet is rife with very human monsters that make the Grays look like Boy Scouts. Earth probably as a result has a reputation around the galaxy like Dodge City.;-)�As a brutal, dog-eat-dog planet we have no right to expect that all visitors are going to be nice, for we ourselves are not.




Here are the first two pages of this six-page article



I wrote this letter to the editor:




I took another look at the Nov-Dec 2012 TBR article by Daniel Michaels on New Swabia [which you can open and read here; it contains excellent facts, just an illogical conclusion:] and had to chuckle at the final pronouncement — “It may be assumed with 99% certainty that the Nazis did not establish a base [in the Antarctic].”


The entire article not only strongly suggests the opposite but hints that neither Michaels, an intel man, nor his old employer, the Department of Defense, believe in this conclusion.


Among the facts that Michaels’ own article adduces which rather contradict this verdict:

–“Operation Highjump” (1946-47), which was organized to “explore” the Antarctic, was a totally military expedition decreed at the highest levels (ordered by Defense Secretary James Forrestal, planned by the Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz,
…and carried out by an American hero, Admiral Richard Bird). It involved 4,700 men, 33 aircraft, 13 ships, two seaplane groups, an icebreaker, a submarine and an aircraft carrier [the USS Midway!]” Clearly the US Navy was terrified of aggressive penguins (perhaps German-speaking?)
–The “Highjump” task force converged from three directions exactly on New Swabia, where the Reich had a base in 1938-39…
–in 1958 the U.S. military dropped three atomic bombs on the Antarctic (as part of a “physics experiment,” of course…)
–the name of the 1958 task force which returned to the scene, consisting of 1,500 military personnel and nine ships, was “Task Force 88”. Hint, hint — I think at this stage the humor in the choice of the number “88” should be obvious to everyone. (The numbers 88 in numerology mean the letters HH, which means “Heil Hitler.” Lest anyone think there are no occult types at the Pentagon, D-Day occurred at 6 am on the 6th day of the 6th month of 1944, and 44 is a multiple of 11…. and we had 9/11, the John Kennedy murder on 11/22, and on and on.)
Maybe the good Mr. Michaels simply does not want to be bumped off, so he pro formadefanged, at the end, the thrust �of his entire article. If he is still alive and un-bumped off, his ploy worked. In any case, for those seriously interested in the momentous topic of whether the Reich survived the war as an operating force, one should consult the ten books by Joseph Farrell, Ph.D. (Oxford) on the massive survival of the Third Reich in the postwar period (though he focuses more on South America). For Farrell, National Socialism now lives on as a financial, high-tech and nuclear-weapons network. The Reich is now, ironically, like the Jews before 1948, a racial, monetary and ideological network — with feared agents everywhere, but a country nowhere — so it is still quite handicapped.
In modern Germany, the books of Jan Van Helsing and Reiner Feistle are widely read by nationalists and state that not only did the Reich survive, but, in a kind of “X-Files” scenario, it has some unusual “friends” who, like Hitler himself, are, shall we say, under the sign of Taurus….
Task Force 88…. indeed. 😉
By the way, President Dwight Eisenhower visited San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina in 1960. Not exactly a world capital? No, but still rather important. I invite everyone to consult Wikipedia ( or any search engine to learn who else lived there. Maybe someone with nuclear weapons, scalar technology, zero-point energy and a terrifying weapon called Die Glocke (“the Bell”)… part of a postwar Reich without a country.
John de Nugent
Apollo, PA
Wikipedia (as of 7/1/13) on Bariloche (

U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower visited Bariloche as a guest of President Arturo Frondiziin 1960. Classical violinist Alberto Lysy established Camerata Bariloche here in 1967.

Huemul Project

During the 1950s, on the small island of Huemul, not far into lake Nahuel Huapi, former president Juan Domingo Per�n attempted to secretly build the world’s first fusion reactor. Even though the project cost the equivalent of about $300 million modern US dollars, it was never finished, due to the lack of the highly advanced technology that was needed. There were also serious problems with the Austrian Ronald Richter in charge of the project, who many accused of being simply crazy.[citation needed] The facilities can still nowadays be visited, and are visible from certain locations on the coast.

Nazis in Bariloche

Bariloche made headlines in the international press in 1995 when it became known as a haven for Nazi war criminals such as the former SS Hauptsturmf�hrer Erich Priebke. Priebke had been the director of the German School of Bariloche for many years. In his 2004 book Bariloche nazi-gu�a tur�stica, Argentine author Abel Basti claims that Adolf Hitler andEva Braun lived in the surroundings of Bariloche for many years after World War II.[4][5] The estate of Inalco has been pointed out by Abel Basti as the place that Argentine Nazis chose as Hitler’s refuge.[4] Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler, published by British authors Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams, proposed that Hitler and Eva Braun hid at Hacienda San Ramon, six miles east of Bariloche, until the early 1960s. This account is disputed by other historians.[6]




The �Air Force general Charles Cabell ( knee-deep in the UFO cover-up by promoting the discredited “Project Blue Book.” This notorious “disinfo” project claimed almost all UFOs were basically weather balloons or other natural phenomena and almost all witnesses either mistaken or crazy.
General Cabell became Deputy Director of the CIA, he was then fired by President John Kennedy — AND his brother, how interesting, was mayor of Dallas when JFK was KILLED!





I just also received this from a comrade named Sean R.

*** Subject: Nordic man in history

History abounds with white �gods�, �masters�, or beings from the skies

It has to be more than just a coincidence that throughout recorded human history many cultures have had encounters with a white being or white masters from the skies. Their visits have coincided with a sudden boost of advancement in these societies. The following is a list of some of the historical and/or mythological events of interaction between man and �white gods� from the heavens:


1. Mesopotamia – Anunnaki were described as �white gods from the skies�. They were credited with giving the written language, sciences and building technology to humanity. Word etymology is shared with the Biblical �Anakim�. These were the sons of Anak, the same giants and genetic link to the �fallen ones� of the Bible big, bad, white guys with a bad attitude! The Anunnaki of Mesopotamian mythology are said to have come from above, but now live underground.


2. South America – Viracochas are interpreted as the �white masters from the skies�. They were described as white gods who came from the skies and promised to return. They gave astronomy, building skills, the calendar and culture to the Incas. They were said to have built the ruins of Tiahuanacu in one day with a magic trumpet. They are depicted as riding in a vehicle in a reclined position holding controls of some type.


3. North America – The Hopi Indians of Arizona, USA encountered the Pahana. Pahana means �white brother from the skies�. The Pahana gave them understandings of an esoteric nature. Hopi tradition describes a world of advanced civilization filled with flying vehicles called patuwvotas which ended in destruction.


4. The Book of Enoch – This extrabiblical text states that 200 celestial beings forsook the ethereal plane and materialized for themselves flesh-and-blood bodies, appearing to women as tall, handsome, blue-eyed, golden-haired men. Succumbing to earthly desires, they cohabited with the daughters of mortality, producing a breed of hybrids of tremendous vitality but who, unfortunately, led mankind into epic levels of apostasy.


5. South Africa – The Zulus also have an intriguing tradition of tall, white, golden-haired, blue-eyed beings, the Wazungu, visiting them well before the arrival of the Europeans who would settle their lands many centuries later in modern times. Credo Mutwa, the Zulu headsanusi (shaman) makes it clear that the Wazungu (Mzungu or Muzungu in the singular) came to southern Africa aboard flying craft resembling a boomerang. Here is a fairly lengthy quotation excerpted from his interview with Rick Martin of The Spectrum newspaper, followed by Mutwa’s drawing of a Mzungu, both of which are accessible via the URL :

Many, many, many centuries ago, before the first White-man came to Africa, we African people encountered a race of alien beings which looked exactly like the European White-men who were going to invade Africa in our future. These alien creatures are tall. Some of them are rather well built, like athletes, and they have blue eyes. And they have got golden hair, and they look exactly like the Europeans of today, with one exception: their fingers are beautifully made, long and like those of musicians and artists. Now, these creatures came to Africa out of the sky, in craft which looked like the boomerang of the Australian people. Now, when one of these craft comes down to land, it creates a whirlwind of dust, which makes a very large sound indeed, like that of a tornado. In the language of some African tribes, a whirlwind is zungar-uzungo.Now, our people gave several names to these White-skinned aliens. They called them Wazungu, a word which loosely means �god� but literally means �people of the dust-devil or the whirlwind. And, our people were familiar with these Wazungu from the start. They saw them, and they saw that some in fact, many of these Wazungu carry what appears to be a sphere made of crystal or glass, a sphere which they always playfully bounce like a ball in their hands. And when a force of warriors tries to capture a Muzungu, the Muzungu throws this ball into the air, catches it in his hands, and then disappears. But, some Wazungu were captured by Africans in the past and forcibly kept prisoner in the villages of chiefs, and in the caves of shamans. The person who had captured the Muzungu, as he is called in singular, had to make sure that he kept the glass-globe well-hidden from the Muzungu. So long as he kept the globe hostage, the Muzungu could not escape. And when Africans saw the real Europeans, the White men from Europe, they transferred to them the name Wazungu. Before we met the people from Europe, we Africans, we had met White-skinned Wazungu, and we transferred the name Wazungu to the real Europeans, from the aliens. Now, in the Zulu language, we call a White man Umlungu. Now, the word Umlungu means exactly the same as Wazungu, �a god or a creature which creates a big whirlwind underground�.


6. Hawaii – The native Hawaiian tradition also refers to the mysterious white god, Lona.


7. The late John A. Keel, one of the world’s leading authorities on the so-called ‘Extraterrestrial Phenomenon’, also highlighted this Nordic theme in his book Our Haunted Planet (


�The myths and legends of Greece, India, and South America describe their [the ‘god-kings’] rule. They were taller and more imposing than the men of the time, with long blond hair, marble-like white skin, and remarkable powers which enabled them to perform miracles.

Now, it should be obvious to any rational human being that this cannot be merely coincidental.


Here is a very good intro video. The narration is not by a voice-over expert with any kind of professional voice training. The voice is that of the originator of the film, an apparently very sincere and diligent person named Nichols.





After that 101-level intro, let us get on to some corroboration.



The next video below is taken from a 2001 conference by “The Disclosure Project” on the subject of UFOs, held at the National Press Club in the National Press Building. Wiki: “Speaking at the National Press Club to mark his retirement, CBS commentator Eric Sevareid called the club the “sanctum sanctorum [Latin: “the holy of holies”] of American journalists” and said “It’s the Westminster Hall, it’s Delphi, it’s Mecca, the Wailing Wall for everybody in this country having anything to do with the news business.”national-press-club-bannermap-location-national-press-club

It is replete with credible retired military officers (some of whom supervised nuclear-missile bases!), air traffic controllers (including one from Mexico City International Airport), and scientists.As the website states:


On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, establish[es] without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.


This guy, Karl Wolf, seems totally honest and credible. I studied interrogation and body language in the Marines, and I do not see him as any kind of nut or publicity-seeker. Just a typical, conscientious American of midwestern German ancestry,sincere, accurate, factual and courageous.


U.F.O DISCLOSURE PROJECT — THE FULL VERSION (2,461,380 views as of May 2013) at 1:38:43 a British reporter asks Clifford Stone (a US Army staff sergeant who asserts he served 1969 to 1990 on a UFO crash site retrieval team) what the “aliens” looked like that he discovered on a crashed UFO on a US Air Force base containing nuclear weapons in East Anglia, England. The response covers many discoveries, says that the US government is aware of 57 species, all of them humanoid (two arms, two legs, walking upright, etc.), of whom some are absolutely human in appearance, but they may have the additional ability to feel the color of an physical object in a dark room. At 1:39:10-16 to Staff Sergeant Stone states:

“You have individuals who look very much like you and myself, that could walk among us, and you would not even notice the difference…. and (around 1:39:47) at least three types of the Grays….Some were much taller than we are.”

Here is that specific segment with just Staff Sergeant Stone (from 0:00-1:36):


Please keep these italicized details in mind: 1) aliens who look exactly human, and aliens who are much taller. (Stone did not specify here if the much taller ones are also among the human-looking ones, but see much further below the information that is claimed about the “Aldebarans.”


I would add that if humans living elsewhere developed on a planet with much less gravity, they could be much taller and yet, in that lower gravity — like our astronauts on the moon — very light and agile, as long as they stay on those planets.) As a side note, Dr. Greer states two astounding things:


1) that both Presidents Carter and Clinton demanded to see, and were refused access, to the full UFO files of the CIA (George H.W.Bush, CIA director in the 1970s, unconstitutionally turned President Carter down); and


2) from retrieving and studying crashed UFOs the US government is now capable of using low-cost, non-polluting “zero-point energy” technology ( and replacing the use of expensive, dangerous and polluting gas, oil and nuclear fuel, but it refuses to do so.


(See also Wikipedia on Paul Hellyer, a former Deputy Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Transportation Minister and member of the Queen’s Privy Council.




Throughout his life, Hellyer has been opposed to the weaponization of space. He supports the Space Preservation Treaty to ban space weapons. In early September 2005, Hellyer made headlines by publicly announcing that he believed in UFOs. On 25 September 2005, he was an invited speaker at an exopolitics conference in Toronto, where he told the audience that he had seen a UFO one night with his late wife and some friends. He said that, although he had discounted the experience at the time, he had kept an open mind to it. He said that he started taking the issue much more seriously after watching ABC‘s Peter Jennings‘ UFO special in February 2005.[citation needed] Watching Jennings’ UFO special prompted Hellyer to finally read U.S. Army Colonel Philip J. Corso’s book The Day After Roswell, about the Roswell UFO Incident, which had been sitting on his shelf for some time. Hellyer told the Toronto audience that he later spoke to a retired U.S. Air Force general, who confirmed the accuracy of the information in the book. In November 2005, he accused U.S. President George W. Bush of plotting an “Intergalactic War“. The former defence minister told an audience at the University of Toronto:

“The United States military are preparing weapons which could be used against the aliens, and they could get us into an intergalactic war without us ever having any warning…The Bush Administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide.”[8]

Hellyer told the audience that in December 2004, he had enjoyed reading and had endorsed a book by Alfred Webre entitled “Exopolitics – Politics, Government and Law in the Universe”. He ended his 30 minute historical talk with a standing ovation by stating:

“To turn us in the direction of re-unification with the rest of creation the author is proposing a �Decade of Contact� an �era of openness, public hearings, publicly funded research, and education about extraterrestrial reality�.”

In 2007, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Hellyer is demanding that world governments disclose alien technology that could be used to solve the problem of climate change:

“I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation…that could be a way to save our planet…We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know. Some of us suspect they know quite a lot, and it might be enough to save our planet if applied quickly enough.”[9]



On the Apollo 11 flight to the moon with Neil Armstrong, the astronauts find they are not alone:


Uploaded on Feb 11, 2006 A large number of ex-high-ranking officials including air-traffic controllers, ex secret-op officers, commercial pilots, numerous military defense specialists with top-secret clearance, people who had access to very sensitive documents lieutenants, ex-commanders in the U.S Air Force, astronauts,etc… In this video some of them are going before the prestigious National Press Club ( to discuss what their experiences have been regarding UFOs and all are willing to go before Congress to testify under oath.. Never before has such a blue-ribbon group come forward.


This video is a must-see it. Though long (1 hour 55 minutes), it is extremely informative and enlightening. The implications are stupendous. I am bending over backwards to prove this from every angle because it all seems fantastical, not real. It is mind-blowing, especially in what it may mean in the future It means that the Third Reich is back — it never really wennt away, just literally under ground — and it is preparing to get the Jews!




It is saying that a major new press conference was held for five days in Washington DC 29. April through 3. Mai 2013 on extraterrestrials. I cannot emphasize enough what the Air Force staff sergeant said who ran recoveries of crashed UFOs: “Many of the aliens look totally human.” Partly it is because those are simply National Socialist Germans from the Third Reich in Antarctica, from New Swabia (and, I was told, a huge base underneath Tibet).


A huge rift exists between the southern Atlantic and the southern Pacific and runs straight through Antarctica, and runs directly under New Swabia (Neu-Schwabenland) . This is where U-Boats could hide deep underneath the southern polar ice.



Others are in underwater bases. What they lack is a country. They have only bases in isolated areas, and grow food underground with special technology and lighting. But the others are Aldebarans, our parent race! We come from two planets, one where the people are mostly red-haired and green-eyed — in effect Kelts, the artistic ones — and the other world where they are mostly blond-haired and blue-eyed — in effect Germanics like Swedes, the more scientific ones — and then they mixed with the brunet Europeans around 8,000 BC to form our race today — but in ways I admit I do not full understand.)

Here are two key, short videos promoting the urgency of this conference. The major video production documentary is scheduled for release this autumn.

Btw, the headline about Eisenhower relates to this stunning assertion: The Aldebarans offered unlimited free Tesla energy (zero point) to mankind after WWII provided the US government gave up totally its nuclear weapons program. (The Aldebarans — our ancestors — are very ancient and know that earth was destroyed once before by nuclear war, a very, very long time ago, and it took ages for the earth to — mostly — recover.) The US refused.

Then the Grays approached and, like Satan with Eve, offered advanced technical “knowledge” (a promise only partly kept) in return for the “right” to abduct humans for experiments. The US shockingly agreed to that, but gradually the US government has become totally penetrated by and involved with the Grays as the Majestic-12 secret network took over. In 1954 President Eisenhower threatened to use military force to open up Area 51 in Nevada to find out what Majestic-12 was up to. (Both Carter and Clinton, who were wimps by comparison, were denied all access.)

When Eisenhower issued his famous 1961 warning about “the military-industrial complex,” in the very last month of his eight-year presidency, what he really was saying (hinting at) was*Majestic-12, *which is the Pentagon in effect merging with the Grays. This is why the Aldebaran issue is so critical. The Aldebarans are our friends, and the enemies of the Grays. This is all just so huge that it makes the mind spin. But I must explain this to the world. Just because it is scary does not mean it is not true. And it means that we come from a very, very advanced race, and have very, very advanced*relatives.


I was sent on Facebook these items (translated): Astronaut Gordon Cooper (well-known to us Americans over 50) reports on UFOs he saw while a fighter pilot in the US Air Force over Germany and later in space with NASA in the 1960s What strikes me is that there was a huge upswing in UFO sightings after WWII…. This is consistent with the theory that while various aliens have long been visiting the earth (including the nordic Aldebarans, who are merely very tall, eugenically advanced humans) and there was a famous Texas sighting around 1890 — the huge increase in UFO sightings *after *and since WWII is consistent with the claim that the German Reich and the US are still at war, the Reich retreated to the Antarctic, and it periodically (and perhaps more and more frequently of late?) intervenes to intimidate and warn off the US from going after its base or bases (some of which may well be entirely underwater). *

11 flying discs over Washington in 1952, Truman and his Secretary of Defense ADMIT IT. The number 11, John, is based on the 11 NS heroes sentenced to death at Nuremberg. Truman said that “UFOs” are a topic in each conference he has with the U.S. Air Force.

. *UFO – OVNI – UFOs In Washington D.C – 61 years ago*

The 1952 Washington D.C. UFO incident, also known as the Washington flap or the Washington National Airport Sightings, took place in the skies over Washington D.C on July 12, 1952 and Gen. Samford gave a press conference onit at the Pentagon on July 29, 1952. It is�also known as the “Washington Flap” or the “Washington National Airport Sightings”…


It is now clear to me that 1) I was so afraid of wishful thinking and escapism that I have rejected any serous thinking about all this for 35 years now, though this is truly grounds for some measure of hope! And yet…..

2) tempering all this, the Reich and the Aldebarans (our parent civilization) are NOT omnipotent and appear to have their own struggles! In other words, our work here as Eternal Solutreans (named for the brave, creative, tenacious survivors of the Ice Age catastrophe) must continue!

As this photo of a woodcut from 1561 shows, the Aldebarans had their hands *full way back /then./*/**/ But returning to our time, either the Aldebarans or the Reich did this!!!!

*Destroyed a US ICBM nuclear missile in mid-flight? all right on CNN!



Note that the scoffer at aliens and UFOs and would-be debunker is the Jew Bill Nye. His body language is “liar.” Here is one of the officers again:

I think something BIG is going on. Now watch this�from 10:03 to 10:53.:�

* You can see an object, more and more clearly visible as being longish and saucer-shaped, just out there. No satellites are shaped like that. This next video is criticizable but very interesting. It is in two parts. (The cackling alien head is ridiculous at the beginning.)

The key footage starts round 0:24, with one blur that comes up from center-right, and then after 0:31 a second disk-like object comes roaring up from the same place. At 0:39 the commander says to Houston Mission Control “Bogey at ten o’clock high,” which prompts Houston to reply: “Say again?” 😉 Around 1:10 it is clear — from the shuttle commander’s voice to Houston (if you listen carefully) — that the space shuttle which the UFOs are bothering is named “Discovery” ( and NOT the space shuttle Columbia, which is shown in the second half of the video; that craft was famously destroyed in Feb. 2002. (I saw the Discovery launch in April 1990 while on a business trip to Florida, and heave the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit. A girlfriend got me into a semi-VIP area about a mile from the launch site.)


Space shuttle Columbia, 1981


The footage after that of the destroyed Columbia( is chilling if real. (I am unaware of any fictional movie about the Columbia disaster.) I ask myself who took this particular footage, which clearly was shot from above…. The earth is the background, moving by below, and inhabited parts of what does look like Texas to me as a visitor several times to that state…. So who and what was flying above Columbia? And the craft clearly did not “burn up” but huge chunks stayed intact, as if an explosion did the destruction, not some gradual frying and shredding! Purely speculating here…. It could be that the Reich put this video up (yes, on YouTube.. we are just talking about young Germans here, even if raised at a military base…) and they did so as a warning, as part of a long series of warnings and even lethal actions. It is rumored that a secret nuclear-powered Israeli spy device was on board. Very many space-shuttle missions were partly or even completely military ( )


The Columbia definitely had a military payload in 1989 ( The presence of Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, sparked many conspiracy theories, as did post-disaster search instructions to be cautious around some specific types of debris.


Colonel Ilan Ramon, Israeli Air Force. Wikipedia states ( he was a hard-core military man who 1) fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, 2) helped destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor Osiraq in 1981, and also 3) in the atrocity-filled 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. The article claims he was a “secular Jew,” but surprisingly, if that is true, he was also apparently a devotee of the ultra-nationalist Lubavitch Menachem Schneerson (an extreme Gentile-hater ) and of “Holocaust” obsession. See below.


Wiki: Although considered asecular Jew, Ramon reportedly sought to follow Jewish observances while in orbit. In an interview he said, “I feel I am representing all Jews and all Israelis.” He was the first spaceflight participant to request kosher food. He reportedly sought advice from a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi, Zvi Konikov, about how to observe the Jewish Sabbath in space, as the period between sunrises in orbit is approximately 90 minutes.


This was referenced by the words “Jerusalem we have a problem” in Rabbi Konikov’s speech at the Kennedy Space Center Memorial for Columbia on February 7, 2003.[8] The STS-107 mission ended abruptly when Space Shuttle Columbia was destroyed and its crew perished during re-entry, 16 minutes before scheduled landing.


Aboard STS-107, Ramon carried a pencil sketch, “Moon Landscape”, drawn by 16-year-oldPetr Ginz, who died in Auschwitz. Ramon also took with him a microfiche copy of the Torahgiven to him by Israeli president Moshe Katsav and a miniature Torah scroll (from the Holocaust) that was given him by Prof. Yehoyachin Yosef, a Bergen Belsen survivor.[9] Ramon asked the 1939 Club, a Holocaust survivor organization in Los Angeles, for a symbol of the Holocaust to take into outer space with him. A barbed wire mezuzah by the San Franciscoartist Aimee Golant was selected. Ramon also took with him a dollar of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.[10]

*** Famous quotes from Rebbe Schneerson (from

�The body of a Jewish person, is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all other nations of the world. Bodies of the Gentiles are in vain.



It seems clear that “someone” is overtly monitoring space shuttles and other US military projects. I have read many reports of UFOs shutting down US nuclear weapon bases and activities.

. 02:28-02:50


“In the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s” US nuclear bases were being shut down by UFOs and one set of US nuclear missiles were ACTIVATED by a UFO! Did the Reich destroy the shuttle “Columbia! (I also saw this live) for trying to put some sort of weapon into space in order to destroy New Swabia? No idea. I do remember clearly that as I watched the breakup live on CNN in a bar in Providence, Rhode Island with Brigitte, my second wife (and she was crying), Houston said “*it began to break up over Palestine, Texas.” Many others heard this remark too, including Margi. Now that would be a Reich sense of humor. 😉 *** Of interest — what seems to be a mysterious crash:


Son of Israel’s First Astronaut Dies During Air Force Course

Published: September 14, 2009

Lt. Assaf Ramon, the son of Israel’s first astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon, who died in the space shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003, was killed Sunday when an F16-A plane he was piloting crashed in the hills near Hebron in the West Bank.

Officials said Lieutenant Ramon’s plane went down during a routine flight as part of the Israeli Air Force’s advanced pilot training course. They added that the commander of the air force had appointed a committee to examine the causes of the crash, which were not immediately clear.

Lieutenant Ramon, 21, excelled in the prestigious pilot training course, the military said. He graduated from flight school in June and was given his pilot’s wings by President Shimon Peres. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of captain.

The army chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, said in a statement that he ”received the bitter announcement of Captain Assaf Ramon’s passing with teary eyes, as did the commanders and soldiers of the I.D.F., and the whole of Israel.”


I have been hearing that online there are stories that the US tried to nuke some part of Antarctica in 1959 and in 1990 also. I actually SAW myself on TV this next sequence as it happened (I do watch launches and landings of space vehicles whenever possible) and asked myself “Who the devil is being allowed to fly so close to a landing space shuttle?”

This Russian aviation website lists a whopping 178 plan crashes in the Antarctic. Sure, there are high winds and harsh conditions down there, but 178 crashes? And if the place is so dangerous, what justifies such a los sof life and equipment unless there are big things at stake down there?


This page is very rough, and this was the critique by a friend after reading the below:




Have you ever heard of the Englishman, John Lenard Walsom?


He pioneered a way of combining a conventional still image camera and a telescope to focus in on and photograph anomalies he found in the night sky above his home. He then started doing the same thing but with a video camera and telescope combination. Six or seven years ago he suddenly appeared on Rense with staggering photos and video of stuff he found in the night sky and also on the Moon. He even put up images of black helicopters from U.S. department(s) unknown buzzing his home. Just as quickly as he appeared on Rense he disappeared again with no explanation from Rense.


The destroyed shuttle eerily floating between the Earth and whoever was filming the incident looks to me like it took direct hits. Look at the nose section and you will see large holes as if done by conventional fire – large non-explosive bullets in effect. Interesting thatthe shuttle that was shot down had a Jew on board. Coincidence? Also it had been on a classified military mission. As far as I can remember the Jew had been one of the pilots involved in the destruction of Iraq’s nuclear plant in 1981.


Wernher Von Braun et al was made to set up shop in New Mexico to start off the American ballistic capability – for weapons and space flight. Note the swastika at their New Mexico headquarters in 1947: One has to assume that Von Braun knew about the efforts of the Reich in building a disc shaped craft. But all we ever saw coming out of NASA was essentially a giant fire-cracker which allegedly sent men to the moon. Presumably Von Braun knew about the base on Antarctica and it seems plausible to me that he would keep the Americans happy by helping them build rockets but not anything as exotic as what the Reich had on Antarctica. This thing was found in the Baltic: It would be interesting if this turned out to be German. The “List of facts” about one quarter way down the page are not referenced and you do not present any kind of proof as to why these “facts”, interesting as they are, should to be taken as read. > > Whilst much of the material to do with the Vril Society is speculative, the fact that it is banned in Germany is enough for me to conclude that there is something very important about it. It is a shame that the Causa Nostra Vril site is not only poorly designed ( hardly a paragon of high technology ) but most importantly is not in English. If they want to promote themselves it is a little short sighted of them not to use the most popular language in the world to do so. Thus this modern version is a little less than convincing and since this is so, then it reflects on the rest of the content on the Ahnenerbe page generally. > > Further on down the page one of the most significant statements made is this one: > > “I?d also like to bring to the readers attention the fact that Hitler and most of the ranking scientists in Germany knew the earth to be hollow. ” > > This statement needs to be properly substantiated otherwise it cannot be presented as a “fact” but rather a speculation. Did Hitler actually KNOW that the Earth was hollow or did he merely THINK it to be so? > > The page then goes on to present images from NASA which appear to provide a proof of the concept of the hollow planet theory but if these kinds of images were not available to Hitler then they are superfluous to the argument being presented. There is no relationship between these images and the Third Reich thus they cannot be construed as any kind of proof that Hitler believed the theory to be based on fact. This reality weakens the voracity of the material significantly. > > The section starting at the title Known German UFO’s is for the most part unsubstantiated. Yet, there are many seemingly provable assertions presented, such as: > > “DHvSS Symbol with Alpha Tauri and Isias It was to build the strange machine which became known as the ?Jenseitsflugmaschine<>?, or Otherworld flight machine. Under the code letters J-F-M the machine was constructed in secret in Munich. It was constructed in 1922 in a barn and rolled out into a field for channeled flight testing.” > > Is there any verifiable source for these statements and others in this section? > > > Part 2: Metaphysical critique: > > Naturally as a dedicated National Socialist it is intriguing to think that the Third Reich might rise again – even if from Antarctica. On the Ahnenerbe page there is a great deal of circumstantial, though verifiable, evidence to suggest that there was/is something strange going on on Antarctica. Most particularly the U.S. expedition of 1947 and it’s sudden withdrawal provides us with the clearest indication that yes indeed WW2 has not really ended. > > With that in mind when I visited Germany many of the National Socialists to whom I spoke talked of the Great War of annihilation against Germany which started in 1914 and did not end until 1950 when it was decided to abandon the kike Morganthau’s evil plan to destroy the German people in favour of using them as a bulwark against the USSR. Since Germany is still very much an occupied country and since the planned for constitution was never written much less voted on in 1989, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that there is a state of undeclared war still being carried on albeit at a different level. > > There is another intriguing piece to this particular puzzle which text on the page intimates at and also which I came across very recently but totally independently of this discussion; it is to do with the Type XXI submarines that the Germans built at the Blohm and Voss shipyard during 1943/44 and commissioned during 1944. As far as I can tell there were some 50 ( perhaps more ) of these very advanced vessels built yet NONE were ever used in anti-shiping duties. NONE have any record of successes logged and yet they were in service from July 1944 onwards. Officially they are logged as spending all of that time in “training exercises” – and this at the very height of the war when men and machinery were being transported across the Atlantic to supply the invasions of Europe by the allies. One has to ask the question why they were not used in the war effort and what did they actually spend their time doing. If the Third Reich retreated to Antarctica then they certainly achieved this using submarines and what better than to use their advanced Type XXI subs for this effort. With all of the men/women and machinery that would have required transportation, then it is very likely that the fleet of Type XXI’s were not on training missions but were going back and forth to Antarctica. LOCATION OF GERMAN SUBMARINES [sideways tipped book cover with the title]German Submarines 1906-66 On the left is a list of German subs and then their date of commissioning, all in 1944 On the right they say, in a long column “Verbleib zur Zeit noch nicht gekl�rt” = Current location not explained …… Sketch of the kinds of aliens (dead or alive) that Staff Sergeant Stone saw and recovered: In the middle row on the left is a Jewish-looking one, and on bottom-row, in the center, is a nordic alien.> It can, I think, be stated with a fair degree of certainty that yes indeed the Reich retreated to their South Pole base. But what has become of them since? The idea that thousands of young women of European origin were secretly transported to the Pole region is a plausible one and would make a lot of sense to propagating the Aryan race on Antarctica but unfortunately there is no verification of this in the text. If there were this would be the absolute proof that there is still NOW a Third Reich on Antarctica. > > Admiral Doenitz’s comments too lend credibility to our discussion though they could be grouped together with the statements made by Hermann Oberth and Wernher von Braun as being slightly ambiguous since none of these statements were ever expanded upon. > > The Russian documentary stating that around 100 submarines vanished along with thousands of scientists dovetails into the theory I have already put forward to do with the Type XXI submarines. It must be very hard for the intelligentsia in Russia to accept that Germany was not pursuing a world domination strategy and did indeed have very high technology in development. After all they ( the Russians ) have a terrible war record to keep hidden so it does not serve their purposes to ever accept that there was anything noble about what the Germans were trying to achieve. Of course whilst there is no actual statement on it, we are presented with the usual images of corpses which, I assume we are supposed to believe were victims of the “Evil Nazis”. More likely they were Ukrainians starved to death by the kike Stalin. > > The age of the Piri Reis map is fascinating and of course it corresponds with the extraordinary engravings showing a huge air battle over the towns of Germany from around the same time but I think generally the video is a bit of a hatchet job against the Germans and their high technology prowess and a bit of a smoke screen for HAARP. In the end and as usual with these “official” documentaries it never answers the questions it poses but rather seeks to confuse us even more. As such, apart from showing us what the Germans actually did achieve, it does not bring the argument of the current existence of the Third Reich along at all. > > In summary then the article in question really needs, in my humble opinion, to be reorganized and properly referenced. I think the two primary proofs are the U.S. expedition of 1947 and the missing submarines. The next most important piece of information is the transportation of thousands of young Aryan women from South America. These are the issues which go furthest to support the theory of a Third Reich on Antarctica and the ones that any page on the Ahnenerbe should focus on. *** ===================SOLUTREAN AHNENERBE . I am very proud to announce the re-formation of the German Ahnenerbe(German for “Ancestral Heritage”). The Ahnenerbe’s mission is to engage in academic, scientific and spiritual research on the origins of our race and its destiny. Some of the articles it publishes will be speculative, or even metaphysical in subject, and I am not necessarily endorsing their findings. This is “just” a think tank, not Solutrean headquarters proclaiming any “Gospel Truth” or Solutrean doctrine. The Ahnenerbe (pronounced “ON-an-Air-beh,” almost like “on an Airbus” but with an “eh” at the end) is free to speculate, ask questions and offer possible solutions, and call for further research. Again, it is a research think tank. The Jewish host at the Discovery Channel of the �Solving History� series, Olly Steeds, lost no time — in his 2010 trashumentary on me and the Solutrean concepts of a white race settling the world in the Stone Age — in slamming the original GermanAhnenerbe as being a bunch of cynical, racist liars. That is what is called accusatory inversion, a standard psychopathic strategy. Always accuse the other persons of your own crimes and do so first so as to try to keep them on the defensive!olly-steeds-solving-history-screenSteeds tried, like many a ZOG reporter I have dealt with, to get chummy and confidential with me at first, trying to laying his little trap. But from the start I saw through him as the crypto-Jew he was, and I immediately saw his producer as another as soon as the hook-nosed midget hopped out of the camera-team van. When their highly twisted documentary “Hitler’s Mummies” was aired in February 2010, Steeds then outed himself as the British Jew he was, exactly as I had suspected, and not as a “Lancashireman.” (He had been telling me, all chumlike, that my Yorkshire, England grandfather and his Lancashire grandpap were practically neighbors… ;-))

I studied interrogation and body language in the Marine Corps 1977-79, and this skill has never left me.

The trailers before the show aired featured me, actually, as the scary, pro-white, Blond Beast ;-), and the key segment consisted of four minutes of fiery debate between me and Steeds, boiled down from the whopping four hours of interviews their five-man camera team had recorded at my home. (They paid me a $150 fee at least to be interviewed.)

The Black Sun was a key symbol of higher SS studies at the castle of Wewelsburg. The Ahnenerbewas inspired by the great Chinese strategic thinker Sun Tzu (The Art of War X:31):

“If you know the enemy and know yourself,

your victory will not stand in doubt.


if you know Heaven and know Earth,

you may make your victory complete.“


This article BELOW is a perfect example. It discusses whether the the Third Reich had high-performance flying saucers before the war ended, or really, to put it another way, IF the war really ended. The theory is that the NS regime sent a contingent of them, whatever was in development or in pitifully low-quantity production in a natoin being bombed nearly back to the Stone Age by the US Air Force and the Royal Air Force, and of U-boats as well to a secret Antarctic base after 1945. The evidence suggests to me now as a former member of Marine Corps intelligence, and as a bachelor-of-science graduate from Georgetown, one of the top universities in the United States…….georgetown-university…and as a high-honors graduate of that school, and a member of ?hi Beta Kappa, the society for the top ten percent of the class….phi-beta-kappa-pin …that SOMETHING indeed DID happen down at the Antarctic after World War Two seemingly ended, and I emphasize now the word “seemingly.” there seems worthy of consideration, especially after what Admiral Richard Byrd and scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences said, two sources which are not at all “pro-Nazi.” I had seen in the 1980s some low-budget booklets by Ernst Z�ndel on the topic, but sort of dismissed it as a way that EZ was trying to get UFO aficionados interested in the Third Reich and thus in our racial preservation cause. Furthermore, I am a strict realist who does not want anyone to think that some “NAZI UFOs will save our race.” On that one specific topic, I will say only this: If we are worthy, and that means a 100% commitment of heart, mind, wallet, body and soul, then Almighty God, in His own eternally tough-love way, will indeed help us to find allies, material aid, and the inner fortitude needed as we fight our own battles. After all, it is our survival at stake and we should be fighting for it, not God. It is our own corruption that has allowed the ratlike Jews in during many generations where we ourselves were then having lives, and looking the other way as things festered, worsened and became more and more ominous while we shirked our responsibilities.

God helps those who HELP THEMSELVES.

In other words, there will be no Born-Again-type, Nazi flying-saucer “Rapture”! WE must make the deep and painful sacrifices to be worthy of victory, which always is by God’s decision and in His hands. The Being that made time and space, and a billion galaxies, will see our commitment, or lack of it. If we fail to achieve critical mass, it will be because of key individuals succumbing to self-centered fear…..and we will be annihilated as a group. Those who selflessly gave all will receive their due wonderful karma, and those who thought God could be fooled will get theirs: responsibility for literally billions of horrible deaths. I shudder for them.

Stonehenge has seen many empires rise and then fall, corrupt, cowardly and pathetic.

“God is not one to be mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap.”


And now, after this foreword, disclaimer, and spiritual warning, I wish to salute The Solutrean Ahnenerbe’s tireless and brilliant research. I remembered a book which a blondish Czech-born comrade gave me at a National Alliance meeting, in German,W�hlerfibel f�r ein Weltparlament (see below). B. John Zavrel, at the time living in upstate New York, actually knew the great German rocket scientist pioneer Hermann Oberth.hermann-oberth-b-john-zavrel-feucht-germany-1987John had been very anticommunist and somehow had been enabled to flee Soviet Czechoslovakia. He briefly did some CIA work and then woke up to the true motives of that organization. It was at the National Alliance that I met him, a fine comrade, and the book made a huge impression on me, but I just did not grasp from my schooling and college years just how distinguished and reputable Oberth had previously been in his capacity as the great visionary of space travel…..I guess because his name had not been Sagan, Levy or Goldberg! And Oberth was politically incorrect, associating himself with the German political party NPD in the 1960s….so his name went down the Orwellian memory hole — except for honorable mention on several episodes of Star Trek!413205_imagno.



I will now begin this article with a mysterious and foretelling quote from Dr. Hermann Oberth, who pioneered rocket design for the German Reich during World War II and later advanced rocket technology for the American manned space launches. He cryptically stated:

�We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped. When asked by whom, he replied: �By the people of other worlds. (The source of this and other quotes is found here:

This is an excellent collection of photos and quotations by the most distinguished scientists, general and several US presidents!

Dr. Hermann Oberth and Wernher von Braun [JdN: I know his son David Scott von Braun and my daughter Ingrid used to play every day with his grand-niece, Amrei von Braun; my grandfather, John Thomas Colwell, audited the US space program, then located at Huntsville Alabama, and met von Braun there.

Wernher Von Braun echoed similar knowledge of the extra-terrestrial reality when he stated in 1959:

�We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter. — From Above Top Secret by Timothy Good, William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1988.

Who were �the people of other worlds� that Dr. Oberth and Von Braun spoke of so blithely? Why were the ‘extra-terrestrials’ communicating with these scientists and government officials of the German Reich? How far did they help in the development of ‘certain scientific fields’? and finally how is this all relevant to today? These are all questions that will be discussed and once and for all answered. The truth is much stranger than fiction! [JdN: Before the early 1980s I had never heard of Hermann Oberth, though as an American I had certainly heard of Robert Goddard, and had no idea that he and Goddard were major fathers of modern rocket science, and Oberth specifically of space travel. Wikipedia confirms the gigantic stature of this man, who also mentored the great Wernher von Braun: In the 1980s I discovered his book (in German) W�hlerfibel f�r ein Weltparlament (in English: “Primer [Voter’s Guide] For Those Who Would Govern”, What now bowls me over is that Oberth wrote there directly of his owncontact with alien intelligences, yes, the same Oberth.


Now read this:


In Germany at the turn of the century and particularly after WWI many secret societies developed. One of these groups was the Vril Society…….

A brief glimpse into German research and development of advanced weaponry and pre/post-war activities in Antarctica (Neuschwabenland)


Russian documentary WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES, “Secrets of the Third Reich II – Nazi Bases in Antarctica (“???” ???????? ?????)

Note the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences AND RUSSIAN GENERALS endorsing the view openly on television in this 2006 TV production that the Germans set themselves back up at the South Pole to continue the Reich and prepare their eventual military comeback.



Part One of Five of the official US Navy documentary on “Operation Highjump” (a masterpiece of double-talk and pretending everything went smoothly, although the US Navy armada returned to base after just two months of the six-month “military expedition” that Admiral Byrd had announced the the whole US media at a filmed press conference! ;-))


(the following was written by a Russian in bad English and is being edited by me — JdN)

Operation Highjump 1947 Admiral Richard Byrd Part 5 from 5 parts Official U.S.…

video materials . Admiral Byrd’s flight in Agharta (Ariana ) 19 february 1947 year.…

Diary of Admiral Byrd Hollow Earth (in German “Hohle Erde”) This video will blow your mind………

26 FEBRUARY In the year 1947 the US Navy lost 68 sailors and officers and the destroyer Murdock. The aircraft carrier “Philippine Sea” of the Casablanca class lost 50% of its deck-based aircraft. The expedition figured on a six-month duration, but on February 26, 1947, it retreated in panic after spending only two months in Antarctica.

Before a hearing of the Congress of the United States Admiral Byrd stated that he was attacked by flying Nazi discs moving at incredible speeds. It should be noted that this operation was entirely a military one. Thirteen military (heavy) warships, an aircraft carrier of the Casablanca class named the “Philippine Sea,” with its Corsair fighter planes, and a U.S. war submarine with combat weapons. 6:29 in this moment you can see a German Vril or Haunebu disc, with an engine by the Austrian zero-point engineer Viktor Schauberger, and with the converter made by Hans Koller.

The obtuse US military did not know that these were discs from the Third Reich. Their base is located inside the Hollow Earth. The Nazis leave for deep space from the polar regions of the Earth.

The Judeo-Masonic U.S. government knows about it – and carefully masks the existence of a Hollow Earth and the Third Reich-alien nexus.

NAME of Carrier (type Casablanca) was the “Philippine Sea,” and on its return to base, this aircraft carrier was in for capital repairs, the workers noting lots of leaks and damage as if the ship had been in battle.

Many thanks to Hans Ulrich von Kranz – who helped with his book to find out the exact name of the U.S. aircraft carrier.

Interesting facts:

1) On his return to base, Admiral Byrd found that his plane had burned enough aviation fuel for 2,750 “extra” kilometers. .

2) Another eyewitness to the battle that occurred on February 26, 1947 was a Highjump expedition member and an experienced military pilot named John Sayerson .

3) February 25-26, 1947, an extraordinary event in New York State. A giant explosion in the northern part of New York . 56 people were killed (The New York Times).

Witnesses claimed that it was a rocket crash of an FAU-2. .

4) The fashion model agency “Gloria” (in Argentina and other Latin American countries) recruited women between 1947-1952 (estimated at between 8,000 and up to 30,000 attractive young women, never seen again after being “employed”.

A ship named “Astarte” under the flag of the Dominican Republic picked up 2,000 girls from Rio de Janeiro, which has millions of white Germans, Italians, Poles, etc. and they were never seen again.

The “Astarte” also never stopped at any other ports. .

5) On new data : Americans are faced with something strange in the land of Ellsworth, in the area closer to the South Pole of the earth. A Queen Maud Land – this is just eyewash .

6) Russian found maps in 1945 in captured Berlin in the Tiergarten (Berlin Zoo area), at the address Tirpitzufer 38-42, of the sea depths for passage under the ice of Antarctica to Agharta (??????).

Only an A-class submarine could do this, from the Sonderkonvoi (Special convoy) of the Fuehrer (38 submarines!). . Maps of the underwater passage under the ice of Antarctica to “Agharta” were carefully encrypted and given to the NKVD and the later KGB. (The highest Soviet leadership thereby knew about the existence of Agharta.) .

7) There are now three HAARP installations: a) in the USA (Alaska), b) in Greenland , and c) in Norway .

8) the American polar station “Amundsen-Scott” is the one station most nearly located to the opening (portal) into the hollow earth. .

Virtually all employees of the polar stations are members of the secret services of the U.S. government. All scientists were replaced by security officers in the 1960-70 decades after a series of mysterious disappearances of polar scientists or their deaths. .

Antarctica Arctic Ahnenerbe…

Antarctica , Arctic, Ahnenerbe pt 1… pt 2… pt 3… pt 4… .

The Vril Society, was founded as “The All German Society for Metaphysics” in 1921 to explore the origins of the Aryan race. It was formed by a group of female psychic mediums led by the Thule Gesellschaft medium Maria Orsitsch (Or�i?) of Zagreb, Croatia (then part of Yugoslavia)…….

Maria Or�i?

……who claimed to have received communication from Aryan aliens living on Alpha Tauri, in the Aldebaran system. Allegedly, these aliens had visited Earth and settled in Sumeria, and the word Vril was formed from the ancient Sumerian word “Vri-Il” (“like god”). A second medium was known only as Sigrun, a name etymologically related to Sigrune, a Valkyrie and one of Wotan’s nine daughters in Norse legend.


The Society allegedly taught concentration exercises designed to awaken the forces of Vril, and their main goal was to achieve Raumflug (Spaceflight) to reach Aldebaran. To achieve this, the Vril Society joined the Thule Gesellschaft [“Society”] and DHvSS (Men of the Black Stone) to fund an ambitious program involving an inter-dimensional flight machine based on psychic revelations from the Aldebaran aliens. With Hitler in power in 1933, both Thule and Vril Gesellschafts allegedly received official state backing for continued disk development programs aimed at both space flight and possibly a war device. Historical records of the existence of the Vril society in the Third Reich or Weimar Republic are in doubt due to the fact that Allied Technical Intelligence (TI) teams in 1945 were ordered to recover all Vril documentation and hardware left behind and then systematically destroy all remaining traces of both the Vril and Thule Gesellschaften.


Their SS E-IV unit counterpart material was also confiscated by the Western Allies but is classified and compartmentalized separately under the military file classification system. Since both Vril and Thule predate the military SS Technical Branch, their existence and historical personage records had to be destroyed under Allied occupation since the occult societies represented an extreme threat to de-Nazification if they were allowed to reform as societies.


Outlawed in Germany, Vril has recently re-emerged as CAUSA NOSTRA VRIL operating out of Milan and Venice, Italy. “Causa Nostra” means “Our Cause” and the Vril membership is composed of entirely females, just as the original Gesellschaft was. A current member of Causa Nostra is Reinhard Heydrich’s former secretary, who is over 90 years old.


This group claims direct descent from the original Vril Gesellschaft and shows the line of succession after the original Vril Chefin [female head], Maria Orsic, Sigrun, and Traute. Gudrun and Heike followed postwar. This group advocates everything the old Vril Gesellschaft did and looks forward to a new Reich (a German/Roman Empire restoration) and claims knowledge of secret technology, especially flight disks and channeled spaceflight.


The group has emerged after 60 years to promote Vril’s original “Z-Plan” (“Z” for Zukunft) that was prophesied in 1945. Back in March 1945 Vril prophesied they would return in either 1992/93 or 2004/05. In January 2005 Causa Nostra Vril came back to publicly promote their ideas and distribute their story in book form. Although they operate out of Italy and have members in the U.S., their online site and e-mail originate out of Munich, Bavaria in Germany where the original Vril Gesellschaft originated.

The Ahnenerbe was a National Socialist (“Nazi”) German think tank that described itself as a “study society for intellectual ancient-history studies.” Founded on July 1, 1935, by Heinrich Himmler, Herman Wirth, and Richard Walther Darr�, the Ahnenerbe’s goal was to research the anthropological and cultural history of the Aryan race, and later to experiment and launch voyages with the intent of scientifically proving that ancient Nordic populations had once ruled the world.

The Ahnenerbe [JdN: I will herewith no longer italicize this German name, no more than Volkswagen] sponsored many expeditions from the frozen tundra of Iceland to the ambrosial steppes of Tibet, all in search of any lingering indicators of Aryan presence early in the foundation of various local cultures and societies.

Heinrich Himmler had been fascinated from an early age by the ancient Aryan myths written in the pages of the Veda and immersed himself in the pages of the Puranas, in which great civilizations were described as living within the planet’s interior. The Puranas make several comments in relation to the hollow Earth concept, and they should not be taken lightly. One such Puranic comment has to do with the narration of the Kalki avatar. (An avatar is an incarnation of God in human form; for Hindus Jesus was an avatar.)

The Puranas prophesy that at the end of Kali Yuga, the Kalki Avatar (the righteous destroyer of the wicked) will be born in one of the best brahmin families of “Shambala” to annihilate miscreants on the surface of the globe.

It is noteworthy that Shambala is mentioned in the Puranas as a city in the planet’s interior. But not only in the Puranas, but also in the collective memory of the Tibetans, Shambala is deemed to be a city in the Earth’s interior. Afterwards, the general Puranic version goes that men will come to the surface from the interior of the planet to re-colonize and re-start Vedic (that is, righteous, Aryan and spiritual) culture after a wicked civilization is crushed.

I will talk in the following edition to this article more on the purpose and findings of Himmler’s expedition to Tibet in 1938-39.

Beginning in 1938, long before the end of the Second World War, the Germans commenced sending out numerous exploratory missions to the “Queen Maud” region of Antarctica. A steady stream of German expeditions used ports in then white-ruled South Africa.

Over 230,000 square miles of the frozen continent were mapped from the air, and the Germans discovered vast regions that were surprisingly free of ice, as well as warm water lakes and cave inlets. One vast ice cave within the glacier was reportedly found to extend 30 miles to a large hot-water geothermal lake deep below. Many years earlier, Norwegian polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen (photo) described in his Journals:

During Operation HIGH JUMP in 1946-47 Admiral Byrd lead a full-scale military invasion force to locate and destroy hidden German Nazi “4th Reich” bases under the cover story of harmless “polar exploration”, and found THIS.

“It was a strange feeling to be sailing away North … over an open, rolling sea, … we might have been hundreds of miles away in Southerly waters, the air was so mild for September at this latitude … I have to ask myself if this is not a dream.” Apparently, at that extremely Northern latitude, there should have been icebergs by September. From the 79th parallel Nansen mentioned that Southern winds lowered the temperature while Northern winds raised it. The opposite should have occurred. At 86 latitude, which is only four degrees from the pole, Nansen wrote “I was inconvenienced for the first time by the heat, the Sun scorched quite unpleasantly … last night I could hardly sleep for the heat.” At around the 81st parallel Nansen wrote ” Fancy, only 21.5 F in the middle of December!” Obviously, none of this corresponds to the model of the planet as we know it.

I’ll now offer as an interesting food for thought, a few samples of evidence to substantiate the experience these German scientists, Fridtjof Nansen and many others had experienced. In addition to the evidence below, I’ll be publishing extensive documentation to further substantiate the points being made here, in the following article from this one. I’d also like to bring to the readers attention the fact that Hitler and most of the ranking scientists in Germany knew the earth to be hollow. Hans Horbiger, who died in 1931, was one of the leading researchers into the hollow earth theory. .

Hitler noted that H�rbiger was not accepted by the scientific (non-German) establishment because “the fact is, men do not wish to know.” The World Ice Theory was intended to form part of a planetarium Hitler planned to build on Linz’s Mount P�stling. According to the structure’s plans, the ground floor was to centre around Ptolemey’s universe, the middle floor Copernicus’ theory, and the top floor, H�rbiger’s theory.


1) Neptune’s South Polar Hot Spot It seems that Neptune’s south pole is much hotter (read “50 degrees Fahrenheit”) than anywhere else on the planet. Being that our central sun is not much more than a bright star on Neptune’s horizon and that it receives less than 1/900th the amount of light the Earth does, it seems a bit of a stretch to conclude that a temperature difference of this magnitude arises from incoming radiation exciting Neptune’s upper-atmospheric molecules. Perhaps then it is plausible to assign this phenomenon to a larger class of observed instances where planetary poles radiate heat and light generated within the bowels of the planetary mass. 2) Polar Convergence of Arctic Winds

Watch this NASA GEOS-5 video that shows August 2005 Arctic wind patterns converge to a point in the first several seconds of the video. The effect is subtle, but if you watch closely you can see several instances of a convergence/divergence of Arctic winds from a point that is centred at the north pole. From what is known on vector fields, this would not be possible unless there was a point source (i.e. inner earth opening at the north pole) to generate this particular wind pattern.

3) NASA Aurora Video Shows South Polar Opening Once again, the NASA IMAGE probe shows the southern polar opening to the hollow Earth as the Aurora Australis streams from this central point. This image still is a great capture of the aurora actually ejecting from the narrow neck of the southern polar opening! Download the original movie here. A lot more to come later! Now back to the German expedition

Meanwhile, the crew was prepared and scheduled by the German Society of Polar Research. This society also made the sensational step to invite Richard E. Byrd, the most famous American Antarctic researcher. On the mid of November 1938 he arrived in Hamburg and showed the crew and a clearly selected publicity of 84 persons his new Antarctic documentation movie in the Urania Cinema of Hamburg. Byrd, who had flown across the South Pole as the first human in 1929, was already at this time a living legend, a national hero to Americans and most polar researchers.

The ‘Neuschwabenland’ left the port of Hamburg on December 17th 1938 heading to the Antarctic on a precisely planned and determined route and reached the ice on January 19th 1939 at 4� 15� W and 69� 10�S. The following weeks on 15 flights the ‘Passat’ and the ‘Boreas’ flew across some 600.000 square kilometres and, with their specially designed Zeiss “Reihenmessbildkamera RMK 38,” made more than 11,000 pictures of the area. The old Norwegian maps from 1931 of these areas were renewed, for they proved to be in accurate. Nearly one fifth of the whole Antarctic area was scanned this way, documented for the first time and simultaneously declared to be German territory. To emphasize this claim to the outside world, the two planes ejected several thousand drop-flags, special metal poles with the expedition’s insignia on them and the German Reich’s swastika. The whole territory now received the still valid name: Neuschwabenland, “New Swabia,” referring to the south German region of Swabia (the capital of which is Stugttgart, home of Mercedes and Porsche).

some newer historians reduce the discovered area to an amount of 325.000 square kilometers. Do not trust these numbers, I have copies of the original flight maps here, revealing the number 600.000 in ancient letters. What could be the reason to reduce this number?

Most parts of Neuschwabenland were renamed according to the Antarctic treaty in 1957. Look out for ‘Queen Maud Land’, ‘Princess Martha Coast’, ‘Princess Astrid Coast’. On the older maps you will still find the original names. Yet, today still many of the mountains in the northern Antarctic area carry German names like: “M�hlig-Hoffman Mountains,” “Wohltat Mountains,” etc. Whole fleets of submarines of the 21 and 23 series were later headed towards Neuschwabenland. Today about one hundred German submarines are still unaccounted for, some equipped with the Walter snorkel, a device that allowed them to stay submerged for several weeks, and it can be assumed that they fled to Neuschwabenland with the dismantled flying disks or at least the construction plans.

Again it must be assumed that since the test flights were successful some so-called flying saucers flew directly there at the end of the war. Perhaps some may think these assumptions to be a bit on the daring side, but there are strong indications that it may well have happened that way.

Operation Highjump was the largest expedition ever mounted to the Antarctic. Was it meant to wipe out the Third Reich’s presence?

Richard Byrd

Operation Highjump (OpHjp), officially titled “The United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, 1946-47,” was a United States Navy operation organized (coincidentally?) by RearAdmiral Richard E. Byrd in Antarctica under the command of Richard Cruzen. It was launched on 26 August 1946 and ended abruptly in late February 1947, six months earlier than planned. The massive Antarctic task force included 4,700 men, 13 ships, and multiple aircraft. The official stated claims of the operation were as follows:

  • to train personnel and test material in the frigid zones
  • to consolidate and extend American sovereignty over the largest practical area of the Antarctic continent
  • to determine the feasibility of establishing and maintaining bases in the Antarctic and to investigate possible base sites
  • to develop techniques for establishing and maintaining air bases on the ice, with particular attention to the later applicability of such techniques to operations in the interior of Greenland (where, it was then believed, physical and climatic conditions resembled those in Antarctica)
  • to expand existing knowledge of hydrographic, geographic, geological, meteorological and electromagnetic conditions in the area.

However, their choice of ships and fleet size is extremely suspicious. The actual fleet included the following ships: Eastern Group Commanded by Captain George J. DufekSeaplane Tender Pine Island Tanker Canisteo Destroyer Brownson Western Group Seaplane Tender Currituck Tanker Cacapon Destroyer Henderson Central Group Troop Command shipMount Olympus Icebreaker Burton Island Icebreaker Northwind Supplyship Yancey SupplyshipMerrick Submarine Sennet The aircraft carrier USS Philippine Sea also participated, although it was not assigned to any of the groups. Understandably the need for supply ships, seaplane tenders, ice breakers and communication ships are necessary for such an operation but the use of two destroyers, an aircraft carrier and a submarine is somewhat dubious if all they set out to do is carry out surveys. Were they expecting penguins firing artillery?


Operation Highjump has become a topic among UFO conspiracy theorists, who claim it was a covert US military operation to conquer alleged secret underground Nazi facilities in Antarctica including Station 211 and capture the German Vril flying discs, or Thule mercury-powered spaceship prototypes Many conspiracy articles and discussions examine a postwar encounter reported near a British Antarctic camp with uniformed Germans in an ice cave; when considered in the context that several German U-boats, a large amount of building supplies and German scientists identified by Operation Paperclip were still unaccounted for, this adds credibility to the possibility of a Nazi base and a real motive for the subsequent operation. Operation Highjump remains one of the few postwar operations with documents still �classified� by the military.The ultimate dream and driving purpose of the Vril Gesellschaft originated by psychic mediums Maria Orsic, Sigrun and Traute was to achieve space flight by any means possible so as to reach the Aldebaran system in the constellation of Taurus, 64 light years from earth.

Location in the heavens of Aldebaran, the �Bull�s Eye� of Alpha Tauri

To accomplish this required two things; first, to translate a series of psychic images of a flight machine received by Maria Orsic since 1919 and secondly, to collaborate with other occult groups that could finance such an endeavour once the images were deciphered. For Vril, a Society formed by women based on metaphysics, the thought and act of joining with other powerful male occult groups was almost unthinkable. Yet in 1919 Vril met with Thule and DHvSS members in an effort to obtain funding for their vision by 1921. Thule had the most industrial influence and financial resources to enable the funding of such a project, so an agreement was reached to by these societies to undertake a joint effort.

DHvSS Symbol with Alpha Tauri and Isias

It was to build the strange machine which became known as the Jenseitsflugmaschine, or Otherworld flight machine. Under the code letters J-F-M the machine was constructed in secret in Munich. It was constructed in 1922 in a barn and rolled out into a field for channelled flight testing. Despite two years at attempting to achieve channelled flight through high-powered frequency field oscillations produced by strong electromagnetic forces within the craft, the occultists could not open what they termed a �white hole� in space/time and pass through, reaching the Aldebaran system and the Aryan Sumerian aliens who, they said, had contacted them.

W.O. Schumann

Professor W.O. Schumann led the JFM project but decided to scrap all research in 1924. The JFM was hurriedly dismantled and sent to Augsburg for storage at Messerschmitt�s facility, where it was either destroyed or later moved to Peenem�nde (site of the V2 rockets in WWII) and reassembled for further study. No one can confirm either posibility. Yet not all the research was in vain. Professor Schumann managed to develop a levitator unit from it along with practical experience with generating increasingly intensified electromagnetic fields.


Nine years later in 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor in Germany. This gave both the Thule and Vril Gesellschafts a second chance to further develop their craft with a state approved RFZ (Rundflugzeug, or Round Aircraft) program also led by Professor Schumann. The program started in 1937 and produced seven models. Himmler�s SS had already become involved with the Thule Haunebu development program in 1935 before the RFZ series began. In 1939 the SS had used

Coler’s Magnetstromapparat

Hans Colers adapted the gravitic battery and the applied ideas of Tesla to come up with a revolutionary new engine pioneered by Thule – the Thule Triebwerk (“engine,” also known as a Tachyonator-7). Vril also perfected the SM-Levitator and invented their own Triebwerk(Thrustwork) in 1941 with the RFZ-7.


This brought about the abandonment of the RFZ series and introduced the Haunebu andVril series of craft. The Haunebu I, briefly listed as an RFZ design, was dropped in 1939 and the RFZ-7 was re-designated Vril 1 J�ger (Hunter) in 1941.


Both societies them came under control of the SS E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle [Development Location] 4) Unit in 1941 under Hitler’s order that all secret societies be banned. This unit was the technical branch of the SS which was tasked with developing alternative energies. Not only did this include alternative power through synthetic fuels but also with generating power fields that could be used in war. Thus, the occult disks were seen as a potentially rewarding war weapons.


Of course, Thule and Vril went along with the SS despite their main priority of producing aRaumschiff (spaceship). Like von Braun, who also envisioned powered space flight with the A-series rockets, the societies kept pioneering their own craft with full knowledge that any of the disks might be made into a war weapon at any time.


Both types of disks were incredibly complex and difficult to control in flight. A special celestial navigation system built by both Siemens and AEG had to be developed to fly the machines which at first could only make turns of 22.5, 45, and 90 degrees. Control was only possible through Magnetic Field Shifting using Impulsers that transferred power to different parts of the electromagnetic rings rapidly, forcing very violent rotating electromagnetic fields inside the craft to move accordingly, changing instantly the direction of the craft. Maximum velocities in these craft proved to be a problem as well and required special SS metallurgists (some called them modern alchemists) to create a heat-resistant armour called Victalen that could withstand the heat friction of speeds well over 7,000 km (4200 miles) per hour!


Note: By Christmas of 1943, medium Maria Orsic of the Vril Gesellschaft claimed that subsequent transmissions from Aldebaran revealed there were two habitable planets orbiting that star and that the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of Sumeria was linked to earlier colonies of Aldebaran explorers. The seers discovered that the Aldebaran written language was identical to that of the Sumerians and was phonetically similar to that of spoken German. It was also revealed that a �dimension channel� or �wormhole� existed connecting our two solar systems. Thus in January of 1944, possibly aware that Germany�s war efforts were faltering, Hitler and Himmler authorized an audacious plan to send

Vril medium drawing of Vril-7 from 1943 (The Vril 7 Geist (Ghost) was 45 meters in diameter and crewed by fourteen men. It was built in 1944 and tested at Arado-Brandenburg using Vril�s own Triebwerk.)

a Vril-7 saucer ship into the dimensional channel, perhaps to secure assistance from the Aldebaran civilization. The venture resulted in near disaster. The Vril-7 returned with its hull reportedly aged as if it had been flying for a hundred years and its surface damaged in several places. With both the Haunebu and Vril craft reaching their full potential by 1943-1944 it was decided that Vril would once again attempt to build a functioning Raumschiff; but this time, it would be built by the SS with all of its resources. Due to the immensity of this project a special unit was formed to build just this type- the SS E-V (E-5) Unit. The Raumschiffwas to be called the Andromeda-Ger�t (Andromeda Device). Work on two of these massive, 139 meters long and 30 meters wide �flying cigars� probably began with great effort in early 1943 in above-ground, heavily camouflaged shelters similar to that of the old Zeppelin hangars. These craft were designed to hold both a Haunebu II or IV disc in one large bay with two other smaller Vril 1 or 2 discs in a secondary bay – both accessed from the side of each craft. Each craft was to be crewed by 130 and were to be armoured with a quadruple layered Victalen hull. The E-V unit nicknamed them as male and female �Freyr� and �Freya� after the old Norse God and Goddess.


The propulsion systems located at both the fore and aft sections of the Andromeda craft would be beyond the last Haunebu-type Thule Tachyonator 7c drive. These craft were to have four massive power units, two Tachyonator 11 at the front and two at the rear with four additional large SM-Levitator units located in pairs on the top and bottom of each craft which sat on a series of large underbody skids to support the massive weight. It is generally assumed that those engines were of the same EMG (Electro-Magnetic-Gravitic) type but other Allied Intelligence officers believe that they might have been photonic, based on eyewitness accounts of one large craft flying with a massive, bright light source emitted from the rear. Thule might have simply used the Tachyonator term to describe an evolution of energy drives that might have varied in the latter models. Although designed as an armed vessel with provision for five turrets armed with powerful KSK (KraftStrahlKanone, or Strong Ray Cannon) it is doubtful that any armament actually made it onto either of the two prototypes under construction.


When the US Army came upon one of the uncompleted machines in 1945 the craft was first mistaken as some sort of radio tower due to the strange antennas protruding from the craft. The immense size of the uncompleted machine didn�t reveal its purpose until someone actually climbed up on top of it and immediately spotted a cockpit with very thick glass that was shattered. The semi-completed craft, painted gray with no markings, was heavily damaged as the Germans retreated, taking with them all of the prototype�s sensitive navigation equipment and the strange propulsion system. This caused damage to the craft except for the two open exposed bays – which were empty of any Haunebu or Vril discs. Photos seem to indicate that the other prototype �Freya�, or one similar to it, was completed and flew sometime in 1944/1945. The exotic craft was designed for a speed of 300,000 km/hr! If one did escape in March 1945, that one most likely had the Vril Chefin aboard and achieved channelled flight. Their final destination? The Aldebaran system.

1967, Rhode Island, USA



Hieroglyphic images of a modern-day helicopter, airplane and cigar-shaped spaceship found on the ceiling of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple in Egypt.Reference to ancient Indian flying vehicles come from many of the well-known ancient Indian epics, and there are literally hundreds of them. Most of them have not even been translated into English yet from the old Sanskrit. It is claimed that a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some Sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said recently that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships!


Their method of propulsion, she said, was “anti-gravitational” and was based upon a system analogous to that of “laghima,” the unknown power of the ego existing in man’s physiological makeup, “a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull.” According to Hindu yogis, it is this “laghima” which enables a person to levitate. Dr. Reyna said that on board these machines, which were called “Astras” by the text, the ancient Indians could have sent a detachment of men onto any planet, according to the document, which is thought to be thousands of years old.


The manuscripts were also said to reveal the secret of antima, “the cap of invisibility” andgarima, “how to become as heavy as a mountain of lead.” The Vedas, ancient Hindu poems, thought to be the oldest of all the Indian texts, describe Vimanas of various shapes and sizes: the “ahnihotra-vimana” with two engines, the “elephant-vimana” with more engines, and other types named after the kingfisher, ibis and other animals.


Unfortunately, Vimanas, like most scientific discoveries, were ultimately used for war. Atlanteans used their flying machines, “Vailixi,” a similar type of aircraft, to literally try and subjugate the world, it would seem, if Indian texts are to be believed. The Atlanteans, known as “Asvins” in the Indian writings, were apparently even more advanced technologically than the Indians, and certainly of a more war-like temperament.


Although no ancient texts on Atlantean Vailixi are known to exist, some information has come down through esoteric, “occult” sources which describe their flying machines. Similar, if not identical to Vimanas, Vailixi were generally “cigar-shaped” and had the capability of manuvering underwater as well as in the atmosphere or even outer space.


Other vehicles, like Vimanas, were saucer-shaped, and could apparently also be submerged. According to Eklal Kueshana, author of The Ultimate Frontier, in an article he wrote in 1966, Vailixi were first developed in Atlantis 20,000 years ago, and the most common ones are “saucer-shaped of generally trapezoidal cross-section with three hemispherical engine pods on the underside.” “They use a mechanical antigravity device driven by engines developing approximately 80,000 horse power.”


The Ramayana, Mahabarata and other texts speak of the hideous war that took place, some ten or twelve thousand years ago between Atlantis and Rama using weapons of destruction that could not be imagined by readers until the second half of this century. The ancient Mahabharata, one of the sources on Vimanas, goes on to tell the awesome destructiveness of the war: “…(the weapon was) a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe.”


Also in the Mahabharatra, we learn that an individual named Asura Maya had a Vimana measuring twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels. The poem is a veritable gold mine of information relating to conflicts between gods who settled their differences apparently using weapons as lethal as the ones we are capable of deploying. Apart from ‘blazing missiles’, the poem records the use of other deadly weapons. ‘Indra’s Dart’ operated via a circular ‘reflector’. When switched on, it produced a ‘shaft of light’ which, when focused on any target, immediately ‘consumed it with its power’.


In one particular exchange, the hero, Krishna, is pursuing his enemy, Salva, in the sky, when Salva’s Vimana, the Saubha is made invisible in some way. Undeterred, Krishna immediately fires off a special weapon: ‘I quickly laid on an arrow, which killed by seeking out sound’. Many other terrible weapons are described, quite matter-of-factly, in the Mahabharata, but the most fearsome of all is the one used against the Vrishis. The narrative records: “Gurkha flying in his swift and powerful Vimana hurled against the three cities of the Vrishis and Andhakas a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and fire, as brilliant as ten thousands suns, rose in all its splendour. It was the unknown weapon, the Iron Thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and Andhakas.” It is important to note, that these kinds of records are not isolated. They can be cross-correlated with similar reports in other ancient civilizations.


Modern nuclear explosion, “as brilliant as ten thousand suns”

Israel has 80 nuclear warhead, can make 115 more


The after-effects of this Iron Thunderbolt have an ominously recognizable ring. Apparently, those killed by it were so burnt that their corpses were unidentifiable. The survivors fared little better, as it caused their hair and nails to fall out. Perhaps the most disturbing and challenging information about these allegedly mythical Vimanas in the ancient records is that there are some matter-of-fact records, describing how to build one.


In their way, the instructions are quite precise. In the Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara, it is written: “Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky. The movements of the Vimana are such that it can vertically ascend, vertically descend, move slanting forwards and backwards. With the help of the machines human beings can fly in the air and heavenly beings can come down to earth.”

. .

One of the most astounding of documented sightings of aerial phenomena took place on April 4, 1561 at dawn over Nuremberg, Germany. What was described could only be called a war in the heavens, with a wide variety of craft ranging from spheres to spear-like cylinders to crosses and “plates”. The sky was apparently filled with the machines, clashing in battle for well over an hour. The battle was such that a winner was perceived as well. Spheroid UFOs were seen emerging from cylindrical ‘motherships‘. At the conclusion of the battle, it seems a magnificent, black, spear-like super-ship of some kind came upon the scene. An ancient woodcut was created by Hans Glaser to document the event.


The woodcut shows two people apparently witnessing the event. Hundreds of oddly shaped and colourful objects fill the sky above. The woodcut also seems to indicate that two of the objects may have crashed to the ground. It began at dawn, as dozens, if not hundreds, of crosses, globes and tubes fought each other above the city. It ended an hour later, when “the globes in the small and large rods flew into the sun,” and several of the other objects crashed to earth and vanished in a thick cloud of smoke. According to the Nuremberg Gazette,the “dreadful apparition” filled the morning sky with “cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red, orange and blue-white spheres that darted about.” Between the spheres, there were “crosses with the colour of blood.” This “frightful spectacle” was witnessed by “numerous men and women.” Afterwards, a “black, spear-like object” appeared. The author of the Gazette article warned its readers:

The God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take them to heart as a warning….May our Father in heaven mend their lives and faithfully beg God that he avert His wrath, including well-deserved punishment, on us so that we may, temporarily here and perpetually there, live as His children.

A similar reporting occurred just five years later in Basle Switzerland. On August 7, 1566, at dawn, many citizens of Basel, frightened, saw during several hours the black spheres involved in a formidable aerial battle, invading the sky of their city: The city’s gazette recorded: At the time when the sun rose, one saw many large black balls which moved at high speed in the air towards the sun, then made half-turns, banging one against the others as if they were fighting an all-out combat, a great number of them became red and igneous, thereafter they were consumed and died out.

1465 – Cigar shaped UFO – flaming girder seen in the sky during the reign of Enrico IV From Notabilia Temporum by Angelo de Tummulillis


This picture shows a UFO sighting over Hamburg, Germany The objects were described as ‘two glowing wheels’ – November 4, 1697 – Wheels – Spoked Wheels.



involving seer Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce

Late in February the family returned to Detroit and on March 3, 1936, court action was over and everyone was free to return to Virginia Beach. While on the train that night Edgar Caycehad the following dream:

He had been born again in A.D. 2100 in Nebraska. The sea apparently covered all of the western part of the country, as the city where he lived was on the coast. The family name was a strange one. At an early age as a child he declared himself to be Edgar Cayce who had lived two hundred years before. Scientists, men with long beards, little hair, and thick glasses, were called in to observe the child. They decided to visit the places where he said he had been born, lived, and worked in Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Michigan, and Virginia. Taking the child with them, the group of scientists visited these places in a long, cigar-shaped, metal flying ship which moved at high speed. Water covered part of Alabama. Norfolk, Virginia, had became an immense seaport. New York had been destroyed either by war or an earthquake and was being rebuilt. Industries were scattered over the countryside. Most of the houses were of glass. Many records of Edgar Cayce’s work were discovered and collected. The group returned to Nebraska, taking the records with them for study.

Early Vril Society sketch of the Mother Ship from the Alderbaran system that housed the Andromeda-Ger�te

Further research:

A recurring theme in modern popular culture:


Somewhat factual but with many blatant lies; as a Jew production, take it for what it’s worth:


A major new press conference was held for five days in Washington DC 29. April through 3. Mai 2013 on extraterrestrials. I cannot emphasize enough what the Air Force staff sergeant said who ran recoveries of crashed UFOs: “Many of the aliens look totally human.”


Partly it is because those are simply National Socialist Germans from the Third Reich in Antarctica, from New Swabia (and, Bj�rn told me, a huge base underneath Tibet). Others are in underwater bases. What they lack is a country. They have only bases in isolated areas, and grow food underground with special technology and lighting. But the others are Aldebarans, our parent race! We come from two planets, one where the people are mostly red-haired and green-eyed — in effect Kelts, the artistic ones — and the other world where they are mostly blond-haired and blue-eyed — in effect Germanics like Swedes, the more scientific ones — and then they mixed with the brunet Europeans around 8,000 BC to form our race today — but in ways I admit I do not full understand.)


Here are two key, short videos promoting the urgency of this conference. The major video production documentary is scheduled for release this autumn. Btw, the headline about Eisenhower relates to this stunning assertion:


The Aldebarans offered unlimited free Tesla energy (zero point) to mankind after WWII provided the US government gave up totally its nuclear weapons program. (The Aldebarans — our ancestors — are very ancient and know that earth was destroyed once before by nuclear war, a very, very long time ago, and it took ages for the earth to — mostly — recover.) The US refused. Then the Grays approached and, like Satan with Eve, offered advanced technical “knowledge” (a promise only partly kept) in return for the “right” to abduct humans for experiments. The US shockingly agreed to that, but gradually the US government has become totally penetrated by and involved with the Grays as the Majestic-12 secret network took over. In 1954 President Eisenhower threatened to use military force to open up Area 51 in Nevada to find out what Majestic-12 was up to. (Both Carter and Clinton, who were wimps by comparison, were denied all access.)


When Eisenhower issued his famous 1961 warning about “the military-industrial complex,” in the very last month of his eight-year presidency, what he really was saying (hinting at) was*Majestic-12, *which is the Pentagon in effect merging with the Grays.


This is why the Aldebaran issue is so critical. The Aldebarans are our friends, and the enemies of the Grays. This is all just so huge, Tony and Teresa, that it makes the mind spin. But I must explain this to the world. Just because it is scary does not mean it is not true. And it means that we come from a very, very advanced race, and have very, very advanced*relatives.* .


Email to a comrade of June 8, 2013

NEW SWABIA. When I first saw an Ernst Z�ndel booklet on the idea of Third Reich UFOs in the 1980s and how the Reich had retreated with U-Boats and its final weapons tech somehow to the South Pole, I was far more than just skeptical. I thought it had to be plain old b–l, and a way to make a buck by manipulating false hopes and wishful thinking. IN fact, it made me a bit angry and I thought Ernst, whom I met briefly while doing trusts for publisher Willis Carto in Michigan and then made a side trip to Toronto, was just out as a publisher to raise revenue.
The thought never occurred to me that if this theory were true – that after Stalingrad the Reich did the responsible thing that any ideological movement would do after a disaster, that is, develop a Plan B — then the Reich itself would be the first to promote secrecy about its plans. In fact, until ready to strike back, the strategic decision to be low-profile, in the manner of a badger in its burrow, for as many decades as necessary, would be the sine qua non of survival.
A parallel would be the Jews deciding what to do after the expulsion from Spain in 1492.
That was THEIR “1945.”
In the aftermath of the expulsion edict by Queen Isabella, some Jews stayed in Spain as “conversos” in order to infiltrate Spanish institutions, just as the Jewish “Prince of Constantinople” had urged them in a famous letter which you can consult and I think TBR once ran.
Other Sephardim went to Holland, and later bankrolled various Protestant (anti-Catholic and pro-usury) countries such as England, Holland, Scotland, various northern Germans, etc. to the outrage of Martin Luther. Many went to Strasbourg, and my second wife, the French gal, told me all about that, and went into textiles and money-lending to Protestant armies. (She was distantly related to the Protestant-turned branch of the originally Jewish Schlumberger family, now very involved in mining, gold, etc.)
Still others went to Turkey, then a rising power and very anti-Christian.
I have made my point. When you are a race and an ideology, you do not accept that losing your main base means it is over. (Spain was the main base for the Jews in 1492, as was Germany for the National Socialist ideologues in 1945.) A truly determined and fanatical movement does not “go gently into that good night.”
No, you “rage, rage against the dying of the light.” (Dylan Thomas)
You prepare your comeback and your revenge from wherever you can hide out, operate, regroup and rebuild.
You go somewhere where your enemy cannot easily get at you.
I recall Dan Michaels’ article in TBR critiquing the New Swabia story. I read it with great interest, respecting Michaels highly as I do on many accounts, but did not find it fact-heavy, and after seeing recently a Russian major television documentary from 2006 on New Swabia, replete with interviews of very high-ranking Russian military, I began to have serious second thoughts.

After circulating my raw data to some respected German comrades, I was then contacted by two other German comrades who told me in no uncertain terms that New Swabia is not a myth at all. In fact, one (first name: “Bj�rn”) told me the United States surreptitiously dropped nuclear weapons on suspected New Swabia locations under the ice in 1958, 1969 and 1973.


He also said that there is a “Majestic-12” committee that overrules even US presidents, it told both Presidents Carter and Clinton they “lacked clearance” to learn of its activities, and this black operation is waging now a kind of shadow war, a kind of Cold War, against New Swabia on an ongoing basis. Well, I will let you read that link. You have to watch the videos too, and cannot dodge this obligation and time-consuming effort if you want to get the real meat of it. .

A German comrade (who is occasionally in trouble with the thought police) wrote me just today about her encounter with them. In German, followed by a translation:


Das m�sste so vor 17 Jahren gewesen sein. In einem Gesch�ft verkaufte ich damals mitunter Heilsteine. Da besuchten mich am Nachmittag zwei hellblonde Jungs, von fast bet�render Sch�nheit und irgendwie sahen sie so rein aus. Der eine war vielleicht 10 Jahre alt und der andere 12, so in etwa. Besonders auff�llig waren ihre leuchtend blauen Augen und au�er dem Gr��enunterschied sahen sie fast identisch aus. Sie standen ganz ruhig vor mir und fragten mich �ber die Wirkung von Heilsteinen aus. Ihre Fragen waren hochintelligent und sie fragten �ber wirklich komplexe Zusammenh�nge. Da standen diese beiden Kinder ganz ruhig und konzentriert vor mir und brachten mich mit ihren Fragen auch �ber die Grenzen meines Wissens. Ich meine, ich wurde schon oft ausgefragt �ber die Wirkung der Steine, aber noch nie derart anspruchsvoll, auch nicht von Erwachsenen. Da sah ich den kleineren von beiden im Profil und bemerkte, dass seine Augen blau nach au�en leuchteten, vielleicht ca. 2-3 Zentimeter weit, wie kleine eingebaute Scheinwerfer. Und da sah ich mir den anderen im Profil an und entdeckte bei ihm dasselbe Ph�nomen. Ihre Fragerunde war wohl beendet und ich fragte sie noch: Ihr seid wohl Br�der? Und der Gr��ere antwortete: Nein, wir sind nur Freunde. Dann gingen sie. Im Nachhinein �rgerte ich mich ein bi�chen, dass ich die beiden nicht ausgefragt habe…. Wissen Sie, ich hatte schon viele viele au�ergew�hnliche Erlebnisse und ich erz�hle diese eher sparsam, weil das glaubt mir doch sowieso kaum jemand.


Translation: That would have been about 17 years ago. In a shop where I worked I sold healing stones. One afternoon two light-blond boys came in, almost hauntingly handsome and somehow looking very “pure.” One was maybe 10 years old and the other 12, roughly. Particularly striking were their bright blue eyes, and apart from the size difference, they looked almost identical. They stood quietly in front of me and asked me about the effect of healing stones. Their questions were highly intelligent and they asked about really complex interactions. These two children were very calm and focused, standing in front of me, and their questions finally went beyond the limits of my knowledge. I mean, I was often questioned about the effect of the stones [since I was selling them] but never in such a sophisticated way, not even by adults.


Then I noticed the smaller of the two in profile, and perceived that his blue eyes shone with a light outward, maybe an inch outward, like two tiny spotlights. And as I looked at the other in profile, I discovered in him the same phenomenon. When their question and answer session with me was finished, I asked them: “Are you two actually brothers?” The taller one: “No, we’re just friends.” Then they left. In retrospect, I was annoyed at myself a bit because I did not ask them more about themselves, or touch them, because [my paraphrase: ‘I can feel peoples’ energy sometimes. I knew they were of course very different.’] You know, I’ve had many many extraordinary experiences but I tell them sparingly, because hardly anyone would believe me anyway about such a thing.” [end]


As an Irish comrade to whom I submitted the info at the link above opined, this information — if read in full — can represent a new ray of optimism for our struggle. It means that an extremely high-tech remnant of the SS survived, albeit without a country and an economic base in a large population. My informant named “Bj�rn” told me, however, that New Swabia now has eight million inhabitants,

1) underwater,

2) under the Antarctic �and

3) also in the Himalayas, and that the Dalai Lama knows a lot more about the importance of Tibet than he reveals. (Some may recall the Brad Pitt movie about the SS man Heinrich Harrer, who visited the young Dalai Lama before being arrested by the British as WWII broke out.

Hollywood often drops tantalizing glimpses at reality but then drops the really explosive parts. I could also mention the Finnish movie “Iron Sky.”] As for Tibet and other areas, this means that just as the NWO has apparently excavated an incredible amount of subterranean space underneath Denver Airport, the Reich has also been digging and digging and digging. And why? The Reich has thermonuclear weapons, but so does the US government. This is a very good reason to dig. It is a tense relationship that both sides find awkward.

And THIS is the real reason why there is no peace treaty between the Allies and Germany, because the war has never ended. And it will resume. Does this mean the Reich is going to come and bail out lazy, cowardly, obese, ignorant Americans and save us from our own regime? No! What moral obligation do the Germans possibly owe the Anglo-Saxon world thatannihilated their country and committed Dresden, Hamburg, the Rheinwiesen death-by-hunger atrocities and the Nuremberg Tribunal? They owe us NOTHING. Their first concern is their OWN safety! .

The question is: What are we willing to do by way of reparations to help THEM? How can WE be useful to THEM? That is the only basis for any possible discussions. So this is no wishful thinking by me and no “Reich UFOs will save the white race.” No, the Reich will save the Reich, while we pitiful “Amurrikins” reelect our Obamas and Bushes and wolf down our super-size hamburgers. The white race can survive through German blood and without the United States of America, in fact better. But this is the greatest story of the 21st century.

==========a question from a comrade:


Buzz Aldrin says he saw detached panels, not a UFO:

What about there not having been a Moon Mission at all, John? We seem to have “moon photos” made on a movie set.


My reply:


Good questions…. Buzz Aldrin later reversed himself, doubtless under pressure. Many back down under pressure… such as, for example, and very infamously, Dr. James Watson, the DNA Nobel Laureate, about black-white IQ differences. I did a video largely on the topic of his putrid and cowardly retraction, apology — and how it availed him naught, for he was fired anyway. (Good, the gutless jellyfish!)


My view is the US astronauts did go to the moon, but the reason why film director Stanley Kubrick shot the fake scenes (and then dropped a hundred hints in his hit movie “The Shining” about having done this fake for NASA) is that the astronauts had some “close encounters of the third kind” on those missions — and on the final Apollo moon mission, Apollo 17 of December 1972 — they were warned to not come back.




PS Here is the true Aryan spirit of John Kennedy: In September 1962, by which time two Project Mercury astronauts had orbited the Earth, …. Kennedy visited Rice University in Houston, Texas to reiterate his challenge to American space leadership in a famous speech:

“But why, some say, the Moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask, why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? … We choose to go to the Moon. We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills; because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win … .”

This spirit of excellence is innately Aryan. This is what the ancient Greeks meant when they demanded: “aristeuein, hypereikhon einai all�n.” (“to excel, to be better than the rest.”)


That’s a very interesting take on it. Is there something written that explains this point of view. I have checked and the Van Allen belt seems to be too hot to traverse. T Honestly, I normally do not get into this whole moon-landing controversy with all the other things going on. As far as the Van Allen Belt is concerned, I remember back in the 1950s hearing it was a big problem. But UFOs are getting to earth and back to their own home planets constantly, so I think the problem has been solved. Basically, the government is lying about virtually everything, including space. It just gets bigger and bigger all the time.


The common story is that Eisenhower made a deal with the Grays for technology in exchange for their “right” to abduct and experiment on Americans. This deal turned into a nightmare, however. Now the “Grays,” exactly as the series “the X-Files” claimed, are deep into the US black-ops government, called Majestic-12. In the end, one can only say “Thank God the Aldebarans are also around.”

Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf


In �Mein Kampf� schrieb Hitler 1924:�Die M�glichkeit, f�r ein Volkstum die Unabh�ngigkeit wieder zu erringen, ist nicht gebunden an die Geschlossenheit eines Staatsgebietes, sondern viel mehr an das Vorhandensein eines, wenn auch noch so kleinen Restes dieses Volkes und Staates, der im Besitz der n�tigen Freiheit, nicht nur Tr�ger der geistigen Gemeinschaft des gesamten Volkstums, sondern auch der Vorbereiter des milit�rischen Freiheitskampfes zu sein vermag. (Quelle:�A. Hitler:�Mein Kampf�, 1925, S. 687f)

The possibility for a folk of regaining its independence is not tied to having a closed state territory, but instead, and far more, to the existence of a remnant, no matter how small, of this folk and state, which possesses the needed freedom to be not only the bearer of the spiritual community of the entire folk, but also the preparer of the military struggle for freedom.”


�If you know the�enemy�and know�yourself,

your�victory�will not stand in doubt.


if you know�Heaven�and know�Earth,

you may make your victory�complete.



This is one of the most impressive USO (Unidentified�Submerged�Object) videos ever…. Six times the�USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt�aircraft carrier was harassed by a huge Unidentified�Submerged�Object, six events witnessed by dozens of sailors, petty officers and officers, and now several of them have stepped forward.

As usual, Wikipedia omits�any mention�of the SIX huge incidents!

The�USS FDR,launched in 1945, and decommissioned in 1977, was the first aircraft carrier to carry jets — after being refitted — and soon carried nuclear weapons as well. The “nukes” �seemingly became the “trigger” for many confrontations with Gray extraterrestrials, starting with a major incident involving “Operation Mainbrace” in 1952. The famous four-star US Army general Dwight Eisenhower was literally slurping some morning coffee on the bridge when suddenly a�huge, tubular UFO with long windows — and aliens staring out of them at the carrier — suddenly appeared.�This was the first of six incidents, witnessed by hundreds of sailors, petty officers and officers. See the History Channel Two series below!

(Part 1 of 5)

(Part 2 of 5)

(Part 3 of 5)

(Part 4 of 5)

(Part 5 of 5/Conclusion)

Propeller on an aircraft carrier (Notice the people, bottom left.)


Moving beyond the alarming facts of this case….

It is now clear to me that the jewsmedia, as exemplified by the History Channel (owned by Hearst -the CEO being a Steve Schwartz — �and by Disney and ABC), �are clearly operating under a new directive, which is to no longer ridicule talk of aliens — but instead talk constantly about them as a reality.

The jew-gov’t and jewsmedia are now actually promoting truth about aliens, but of course they are revealing PARTIAL truth.

Somewhat alarmist video and music on UFOs, but well-done:�John Maynard of the “Disclosure Project” is reputable. ( He says half of US satellites are pointed into DEEP SPACE.

.But they play way down the Exonordics, the�blond, advanced superhumans�who were favorable to the Third Reich.

The newly installed US president, Dwight Eisenhower, met on February 20, 1954 at Edwards AFB with a group that is NOT the Exonordics, but instead the so-called Tall Whites. These TWs are very unfriendly, cold, aggressive, somewhat human-looking,�extremely pale,�platinum-blond aliens that apparently are hybrids created by the Grays.

These “Tall Whites” are NOT friendly to any earthlings.�This link takes you to a very good intro to the story of “Ike” (whom, parenthically, any WN must loathe, and for many grave reasons) and his meeting as president with both Tall Whites and Grays: bene:”Muroc” refers to Muroc Air Field, which become Edwards Air Force Base, a base central to US-UFO interactions which I visited in 1989.)

The jewsmedia (History Channel 2 [“H2”], Military Channel, etc.) are now constantly talking about the Tall Whites and the Grays, who both offered military tech to the US in 1954 to thwart the Soviets in return for the “right” to military bases in Nevada or even to abduct Americans. The deal with the Grays proved very deceptive, because they delivered far less tech than they promised and abducted far more Americans and did terrible things to many of them.
(Being totally without empathy for us, their victims, they perform terrifying medical procedures on human victims who are not knocked-out but merely paralyzed and fully conscious. It is said by some that they derive an energy high from our fear.)
Wernher von Braun (whom my grandfather knew and I know his son David Scott von Braun) told his secretary after the Jews eased him out of NASA and into Fairchild Industries, that the gov’t was planning,�after 1) the Russian scare, to create 2) a terrorist scare, then 3) a rogue-nation scare, and THEN create the biggie: 4) an “alien threat” to the human race so as to justify weapons in space and a world government! Who says this? HIS OWN SECRETARY!


Wernher von Braun in WWII at Pennem�ndePeenem�nde, Dornberger, Olbricht, Leeb, v. Braun.

With John Kennedy


With Walt Disney, who promoted von Braun despite much Jewish grumbling�


My English grandfather (on the left in the photo below, with my grandmother), as a US federal auditor, flew to Huntsville, Alabama, and went over the books of the NASA program (then headquartered there) with Wernher von Braun.

John Thomas Colwell Elizabeth Angell Colwell

Interestingly, in the huge hit movie “World War Z” with Brad Pitt, which took in $530 million….

….it is�the�United Nations�that saves humanity 😉 (from a worldwide virus, you see, that transforms normal people into hyper-aggressive zombies 😉 ) after the US government and other�national�governments proved�incapable�of dealing with a crisis because it is�worldwide.

So the government that tackles the zombies must be worldwide too, you see?

I have had the cable tv on now for three months as I work, and the jews have decided to reveal a huge amount of alien truth, but with very suspicious omissions of the Exonordics and�their�repeated message to our planet:

“You are being betrayed by the Grays. Abandon nuclear weapons before you are annihilated, protect the world environment, and WE will protect you from any possible enemy and provide you with free Tesla energy technology so the world becomes what it should be in our modern age, a prosperous, peaceful, enlightened �paradise.”

REPEATEDLY, THE EXONORDICS, WHO ARE FULLY NORMAL HUMANS (with various shades of blond and red hair,not super-platinum,�and normal rosy skin,not white as a sheet of paper) BUT FAR MORE ADVANCED SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY, WARN US AGAINST ANY COLLABORATION WITH THE GRAYS AND THE TALL WHITES.


Former Canadian defense minister, and member of the Queen’s Council, discusses in May 2013 Canadian military contact with the Tall Whites:

This is one of many 1970s photos (not to mention five videos) taken of a Pleiadian (Exonordic) ship by the controversial (AND ANTISEMITIC) Billy Meier of �Switzerland. Like many UFO truthtellers, �he is anti-Jewish and around 2007 finally came out with direct and fairly open statements, SAYING THE JEWS WERE WORKING WITH THE GRAYS to take over the US government.

meier-original - Scout Ship - Raum Flug - Billy Meier - UFOs - Mystery and Meaning - Peter Crawford

What is my position on Billy Meier?

First, many others talk about the Pleiadians or Exonordics, so Meier is not essential or central to the case that a Scandinavian-looking group is visiting the earth and is friendly especially to the survival of the white race.

Going way back to the 1920s, the Vril Society of Munich, which was close to the Thule Society with which Adolf Hitler, Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler were involved, were supposedly getting telepathic messages about zero-gravity technology from a blond race to help the National Socialists themselves discover anti-gravity forces.

–The spiritual teachings of Billy Meier seem very valid and useful and Aryan, emphasizing self-discipline and an unsentimental, tough kind of love.

–The testing of the spaceship metal by Maurice Vogel, the inventor of the metal coating on CDs and DVDs, revealed very strange and non-earthly alloys that, he says, humans may not have for 100 years.

–The photos of UFOs have not been debunked, and experts who attack Billy Meier grew rather quiet about this. Top photographic experts have been unable to debunk them.

–Their attacks are on the UFOs as being on the one hand real objects, but actually real models and real fancy, altered garbage can lids or Christmas tree balls…. The question is how a man like Meier, who was one-armed — due to a tragic bus wreck�after the mid-1960s and this tragedy happened before the supposed Pleiadian photos were taken — could have made these models by himself or moved strings around, etc., while running the Super8 video camera. And no one, not even his hostile ex-wife and hostile son, who oppose him (are they being bribed?), have claimed he faked the UFO photos. Hmmmmmm…..

–It is possible, however, that he has had ethical lapses, like any human…..

–Is the NWO/Jew/CIA, etc. out to discredit him because 1)�he blasts the Jews in general and Israel in particular,�and 2) his alien contact is with a supposedly noble, benevolent race that warn us about the Jews, and this race consists of�blond, blue-eyed, advanced humans who have grown handsome, powerful and brilliant via Hitler-style eugenics??

Quotes from the ridiculed-by-some, revered-by-others Billy Meier on the Jews:

–“Their distant descendants now, today’s Israelis, respectively their responsible ones and their myrmidons can – like the U.S.A. – commit the�worst crimes pitilessly�and unhindered and with their secret services and military, right before the eyes of the world at large, and even with their approval.” �contact 136, 1980

–As Billy Meier said in relation to�his comments about the�2006 Israel/Lebanon war,

“Every human who knows these things, and thereby the truth of the facts, and is silent over them, makes himself guilty of irresponsibility and of a crime against all humans who come to death or damage through political, militaristic, religious, sectarian, war-related, criminal and terrorist behaviors and actions.”

“He who is silent is not only cowardly and not neutral, rather also absolutely irresponsible.” – Billy Meier, (contact 430, July 11th, 2006)

�Do not go into the streets of Israel, and do not go to the scribes and Pharisees, but go to the cities of the Samaritans and to the ignorant in all parts of the world. Go to the unenlightened, the idol worshippers and the ignorant after I have left you, because they do not belong to the house of�Israel, which will bring death and bloodshed into the world. (10:5-6)

�Truly, I say to you: the nation of Israel was never one distinct people and has�at all times lived with murder, robbery and fire.�They have acquired this land through�ruse and murder�in abominable, predatory wars,slaughtering their best friends�like wild animals.May the nation of Israel be cursed until the end of the world and never find peace.(10:26-27)

�Therefore, beware of Israel, because it is like an�abscess. (10:38)

�For the people of Israel are unfaithful to the laws of Creation and are�accursed�and will never find peace. Their blood will be shed, because they�constantly commit outrages�against the laws of Creation.They presume themselves above all the human races as a chosen nation�and thus as a separate race. What an evil error and what evil presumption, for inasmuch as Israel never was a nation or a race, so it was never a chosen race. Unfaithful to the laws of Creation, Israel is a mass of people with an�inglorious past, characterized by murder and arson. (15:22-26)

�You will be outcast among the human races, and then you will alternately lose your occupied land, regain it and lose it again until the distant future. Truly, I say to you: your existence will be continual struggle and war, and so the human races will strike you with their hostile thinking and enmity. You will find neither rest nor peace in the country stolen by your ancestors by means of falsehood and deceit, because you will be haunted by your inherited burden of murder with which your forefathers killed the ancient inhabitants of this continent and deprived them of life and property. (24:45-47)

just like the Israelites who plundered this land and have dominated and oppressed the legitimate owners of the land. (27:12b)

�I am the true prophet of all human races on earth: but in all truth I am not the prophet of those confused Israelites who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion. (30:8b)

�And the time will come in five times 100 years when you will have to atone for this, when the legitimate owners of the land enslaved by you will begin to rise against you into the distant future. A new man will rise up in this land as a prophet and will rightfully condemn and persecute you and you will have to pay with your blood. [] Even though, according to your claim, he will be a false prophet and you will revile him, he will nevertheless be a true prophet, and he will have great power, and he will have your race persecuted throughout all time in the future. His name will be Mohammed, and his name will bring horror, misery and death to your kind, which you deserve. Truly, truly, I say to you: His name will be written for you with blood, and his hatred against your kind will be endless. (30:10-11, 13-15)

Meier claims that these Pleiadians live on planets about 80 light years beyond the Pleiades solar system but — all alien research goes into time travel — are in a slightly different dimension and time that is actually just a second or two different from our own time. And they are fine with NOT being easily accessible in this galaxy.

aliens-nordic-direct-stareMeier says they live on a gorgeous planet with no streets, highways or railroads — because there are no cars, buses, or trains; everyone flies. The cities just have parks and sidewalks. Families are very strong, but men are often polygamous with the full knowledge and acceptance of their wifes, who are however monogamous, and three children is the limit. Fruits trees are several hundred feet tall, and produce fruits far more delicious than what we have. The Exonordics eat “meat,” but it is grown biochemoically and no animals are killed except in true emergencies. The planet exports food to other planets. The Pleiadians or Exonordics are a key part of a federation of species that basically are interested in peace and submit their problems to a counsel of wise men.

I read in another source, not Meier, that the Exonordics feel extreme anger at the Grays, and the Reptilians allied with them, for having betrayed and tricked them in the past. They are visiting earth, among other reasons, to warn White earthlings against the Grays infiltrating the US government. The scariest thing of all is the claim that, as truly interdimensional creatures, the Grays and Reptilians�can�change their form, that is, “shape-shift,” and masquerade as human beings. Some of us have hears stories claiming that members of the Bush family are in fact shape-shifting aliens. I can certainly say I have seen both father and son act so ineptly as humans that it was puzzling…. How could they be so dorky and yet end up in the White House?

I hasten to add that�good species also can shape-shift,�and do, especially to protect humans they admire and feel solidarity with.


I will run again at this time the report by a German comrade to me:

That would have been about 17 years ago. In a shop where I worked I sold healing stones. One afternoon two light-blond boys came in, almost hauntingly handsome and somehow looking very �pure. One was maybe 10 years old and the other 12, roughly. Particularly striking were their bright blue eyes, and apart from the size difference, they looked almost identical. They stood quietly in front of me and asked me about the effect of healing stones. Their questions were highly intelligent and they asked about really complex interactions. These two children were very calm and focused, standing in front of me, and their questions finally went beyond the limits of my knowledge. I mean, I was often questioned about the effect of the stones [since I was selling them] but never in such a sophisticated way, not even by adults.

Then I noticed the smaller of the two in profile, and perceived that his blue eyes shone with a light outward, maybe an inch outward, like two tiny spotlights. And as I looked at the other in profile, I discovered in him the same phenomenon. When their question and answer session with me was finished, I asked them: �Are you two actually brothers? The taller one: �No, we�re just friends. Then they left. In retrospect, I was annoyed at myself a bit because I did not ask them more about themselves, or touch them, because [my paraphrase: ‘I can feel peoples’ energy sometimes. I knew they were of course very different.’] You know, I�ve had many many extraordinary experiences but I tell them sparingly, because hardly anyone would believe me anyway about such a thing. [end]

I have covered this to some extent already in my static webpage entitled�

A long excerpt:

And this supports what Dr. Joseph Farrell, PhD of Oxford says, though Farrell goes way too far in many of his books, which suggest that all UFOs are either 1) Fourth Reich origin OR 2) retro-engineered US and Soviet disks using technology harvested from crashed or US- or Soviet-shot-down Fourth Reich craft. (The US had an early HAARP weapon that could short out a Fourth Reich craft.)

Farrell clearly does not believe all UFOs or all aliens are really Fourth Reich, because his truly brilliant book�Genes, Giants, Gods and Men….
discusses in depth a galactic war among aliens of various species that also turned earth into a battlefield. (As my blog points out, Farrell reveals his true colors favorable to WNism by saying that�Yahweh� is an especially vicious alien who has been�using the Jews�as his minions�*;) wink and surviving off human sacrifice. In a video on my blog he denounces �Anglo-American financiers�. Now, just who could�that�be?*;) wink And Dr. Farrell says �The Reich did not�buy into the NWO. AN EXACT QUOTE.)
To summarize, this is how I see things after 40 years now of pondering it all and gathering evidence:
1) We live in a multiverse of several dimensions
2) we obviously live on the physical dimension
3) when we die, we go go another dimension (religion calls this heaven, hell, etc.)
4) Whites on earth are stranded star children who were cut off�from a very technically and spiritually advanced empire of home worlds �by a horrific galactic war that the good guys suffered many defeats in
5) Jews and East Asians are also stranded, and their ancestors were colonists from THEIR home worlds
5a) The �Men in Black� are clearly described as quasi-Jewish in features �black-haired and olive- complected, a very important point. And the aliens who did the 1961 Hill Abduction in New Hampshire were described as long-nosed and dark-haired, although not exactly human. The couple they abducted were an�early case of American race-mixing:�Black husband and White wife.
6) Blacks are the actual natives of this planet, but Whites have been here for at least 50,000 years
7) UFOs are of these origins
�a) Nordic Aliens
�b) Tall Whites (extremely thin, pale semi-humans who are cold, militaristic, and contemptuous of earthlings, and appear to be a hybrid of true nordics and Grays), Grays (many evil), Reptilians (extremely evil and extremely intelligent)
�c) The Fourth Reich
�d) US and Soviet-Russian knockoffs
8) the Nordic Aliens are helping the Fourth Reich
9) the Grays are helping the US government and thus the Jews who of course control the US government. Thus the theme of the series �X Files� is simply true, that the Grays are deeply embedded in the US government.
This might be part of what Blum is referring to.;-)
10) Some of the aliens could be better describes simply as demons, interdimensional demons. Some of their actions and abductions are cruel in the extreme, suggesting psychopaths. (A local who works with the Pennsylvania State Police in its discreet abduction investigations told me some details. I would say only�avoid having bad karma,�and I say there are aliens who kill humans for various of their glands, and do painful surgeries on humans without anesthetic; you are paralyzed but�conscious and feeling the pain�and suffer severe and unnecessary PTSD afterward. They just do not care.)
11) The Nordic Aliens are described above.
More mind-blowing yet�*;) wink:
12) The highly respected scientists Alan Hynek (�and Jacques Vall�e ( both believe that aliens (good and bad) are moving between dimensions of time and space, hence their ability to dematerialize and even �shape-shift.
Wiki on Hynek:
�There is sufficient�evidence to defend both the ETI [extraterrestrial] and the EDI [extradimensional] hypothesis,�Hynek continued. As evidence for the ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) he mentioned, as examples, the�radar cases as good evidence of something solid, and the physical-trace cases.�Then he turned to defending the EDI (extradimensional intelligence) hypothesis. Besides the aspect of�materialization and dematerialization�he cited the �poltergeist� phenomenon experienced by some people after a close encounter; the photographs of UFOs, some times on only one frame, not seen by the witnesses; the�changing form right before the witnesses� eyes;�the puzzling question oftelepathic�communication; or that in close encounters of the third kind the creatures seem to be at home in earth�s gravity and atmosphere; the sudden stillness in the presence of the craft; levitation of cars or persons; the development by some of�psychic abilities after an encounter.�Do we have two aspects of one phenomenon or two different sets of phenomena? Hynek asked.[12]
Finally he introduced a third hypothesis. �I hold it entirely possible, he said, �that a�technology exists, which encompasses both the physical and the psychic, the material and the mental.�There are stars that are millions of years older than the sun. There may be a civilization that is millions of years more advanced than man�s. We have gone from Kitty Hawk to the moon in some seventy years, but it�s possible that a million-year-old civilization may know something that we don�t I hypothesize an �M&M� technology encompassing the mental and material realms.The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology.[13]
13) Nordic Aliens have abducted entire White American families and taken them to beautiful planets to work in agriculture and forestry, fearing that earth WILL be destroyed but desiring that White earthlings should be preserved. They are however kept at 1940s technology because Earthlings tend toward ego, violence, and misusing technology to make devastating weapons and, through pollution, to destroy their own environment to get rich quick.
14) �A Gray-Reptilian alliance enslaved many planets with a HAARP-like mind control and neurochemicals, making them into programmed transhumans without free will, slaves and soldiers in their war machine.
The Nordic Aliens were forced to obliterate all life on those many planets and then restore those planets painstakingly so they could again host life.
15) The Nordic Aliens wish the Fourth Reich to take care of the problems on this planet.
Or they will have to do the same thing here.



Hey, Obongo, got some more “global-warming” data for you�:

Record low temperature recorded in Antarctica: scientists

By Irene and Klotz SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The Arctic air blasting the eastern United States is positively balmy compared to the record minus 136 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 93 degrees Celsius) temperature measured in Antarctica in August 2010, according to research released on Monday. Scientists ma…
  • John D. Nugent�Oh, I forgot — now you call it “climate change,” which can mean anything.
    • Amy Back�I care about the environment which means I am very concerned about the way the capitalists are destroying the planet. Certain views go in certain camps in this debate. Capitalism goes with climate change denial and hating the tree huggers as a general rule.
    • John D. Nugent�To�Amy Back:�the darkest possible theory to explain what is going on is the David Ickean one, that the planet is actually being gradually, carefully reengineered by and for another species, one which has cut a deal with the Jews, and which wants a hot,�humid planet that reptilian life forms can flourish on. This thought is so horrifying that we laugh and say icke is just a kook (I did myself) and that he is too cowardly to take on the Jews, so he talks about Reptilians. In reality, of course he is leery of being labeled an antisemite or Nazi (as I am in my own town, causing the retards to go into brainlock) but Icke may well be half-right.
    • John D. Nugent�I did a very well-received essay in 2007 on psychopaths, now found here:, and you know what struck me the most? It was the sense I got while doing the research (and others get from reading my essay) that somehow these people are not truly human at all.

      Psychopaths in Power Does psychopathy enable world leaders to become mass murder…See More
    • John D. Nugent�I was talking with an Italian comrade about a wave of arrests of WNs in Italy who were disproving the Holocaust online. I wrote him: “Whites are the only race capable of feeling guilt, and thus of being paralyzed by guilt, even if the ‘crime’ never happened. Other races do not care if they committed huge crimes, or about the truth. If the Chinese had gassed 6 BILLION Jews they would not feel sorry, or send money. Only Aryans care enough to feel guilty. And the Jew, as the ultimate psychopath, studies us, knowing how we tick.”
    • Amy Back�To change to the reptilian climate requires climate change. They can pollute all they like and achieve their climate change at the same time – if that really is the intention. It seems a neat trick that White people with nothing to gain and everything to lose from the development of other non-white countries and the increased profit margin of oil companies are so keen to be climate change deniers. They manipulated this situation by the fact that Ayn Randians are “right wing” and hate nature plus confusing things by having Jewish tricksters like Al Gore who clearly shows hypocrisy in his own expenditure and contribution to CO2 representing the pro climate change side. All text book manipulation. Controlling the opposition etc.
    • John D. Nugent…/And-global-COOLING-Return…

      A chilly Arctic summer has left 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year
    • John D. Nugent�It is within the realm of possibility, Amy Black, that the Exonordics, to thwart the Reptilians, are cooling the earth faster than the Reptilians can heat it up. However, the whole situation is very murky. I read a report saying that chemtrails, by spraying their whitish aluminum haze, were making the earth colder by bouncing sun rays back into space. But then there is HAARP, and my information says the Fourth Reich also has HAARP. Reiner Feistle’s new book in German basically depicts a low-grade war going on in the heavens as we speak.

      Hitler and Hess

    • Hitler and Hess

      John D. Nugent�The key is that all sides dispose of nuclear weapons, and no one wants to use them for obvious reasons. A kind of multi-species Cold War is going on, with real but limited conflict.
    • John D. Nugent�And so we can read one year of the Antarctic ice melting and then read this year that a new cold record was set…..
    • John D. Nugent�And the US sends up space shuttles — and two of the six disintegrate.
    • John D. Nugent�The US sends up ICBMs and a saucer takes them out with lasers, but NOT obliterating them, just terminating their electronics. This makes me think of battling superpowers who take limited actions so things do not over-escalate.
    • John D. Nugent�The very publishing online of these photos of a shot-up shuttle tells me that someone is sending signals about their determination to act via placing them online….

      …..Third Reich’s German flying-saucer technology

      A detailed history of the Third Reich’s German flying-saucer technology The US government is now “allowing” huge amts of info out on this…. and the truth is also coming out that the four atomic bombs the US used in 1945 were all Made in Germany, and given to the US as part of a hostile “deal” between enemies, a 1945 deal which ended with Operation Highjump in the Antarctic in 1946-47. The Jewsmedia are gradually getting Americans used to the idea that the Fourth Reich still exists and that it is a threat to America’s supposed “freedom” and that “If the Nazis win, then they will gas anyone who does not have blond hair and blue eyes.” (I know that this is being taught in public schools all around the White world. Both a young Finn and a young Nebraskan wrote me that this ludicrous nonsense is being taught by teachers verbally in the classsroom! This is supposed to unite ALL Whites who do not have blond hair against “the Nazis.”….) That is the purpose of allowing such Reich flying saucer info out at an ever-quickening pace, to get us ready psychologically for seeing the Fourth Reich as a threat to America. (See my





      By Rob Arndt


      The SS E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4), a development unit of the SS occult �Order of the Black Sun, was tasked with researching alternative energies to make the Third Reich independent of scarce fuel oil for war production. Their work included developing alternative energies and fuel sources through coal gasification, research into grain alcohol fuels, less complicated coal burning engines for vehicles and generators, as well as highly advanced liquid oxygen turbines, total reaction turbines, AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) motors and even EMG (Electro-Magnetic-Gravitic) engines.

      This group developed by 1939 a revolutionary electro-magnetic-gravitic engine which improved Hans Coler�s free energy machine into an energy Konverter coupled to a Van De Graaf band generator and Marconi vortex dynamo (a spherical tank of mercury) to create powerful rotating electromagnetic fields that affected gravity and reduced mass. It was designated the Thule Triebwerk (Thrustwork, a.ka. Tachyonator-7 drive) and was to be installed into a Thule designed disc.

      Since 1935 Thule had been scouting for a remote, inconspicuous, underdeveloped testing ground for such a craft. Thule found a location in Northwest Germany that was known as (or possibly designated as) Hauneburg. At the establishment of this testing ground and facilities the SS E-IV unit simply referred to the new Thule disc as a product – the “H-Ger�t” (Hauneburg Device).

      For wartime security reasons the name was shortened to Haunebu in 1939 and briefly designated RFZ-5 along with Vril�s machines. At a much later time in the war as production of these craft was to commence the Hauneburg site was abandoned in favor of the more suitable Vril Arado Brandenburg aircraft testing grounds. Although designated as part of the RFZ series the Haunebu disc was actually a separate Thule product constructed with the help of the SS E-IV unit while the RFZ series were primarily built at Arado Brandenburg under Vril direction up to the RFZ-4 disc.


      The early Haunebu I craft of which two prototypes were constructed were 25 meters in diameter, had a crew of eight and could achieve the incredible initial velocity of 4,800 km/h, but at low altitude. Further enhancement enabled the machine to reach 17,000 km/h! Flight endurance was 18 hours. To resist the incredible temperatures of these velocities a special armor called Victalen was pioneered by SS metallurgists specifically for both the Haunebu and Vril series of disc craft. The Haunebu I had a double hull of Victalen. The early models also attempted to test out a rather large experimental gun installation – the twin 60mm KraftStrahlKanone (KSK) which operated off theTriebwerk for power. It has been suggested that the ray from this weapon made it a laser, but it was not.

      When a Vril 7 was downed by the Russians in 1945 a similar underbelly mounted KSK gun was destroyed with debris recovered from the battle site. Postwar the strange metal balls and tungsten spirals that made up the weapon could not be identified. But recently it has been speculated that the Triebwerk-connected balls formed cascade oscillators that were connected to a long barrel-shrouded transmission rod wrapped in a precision tungsten spiral, or coil to transmit a powerful energy burst suitable to pierce up to 4� of enemy armor! The heavy gun installation, however, badly destabilized the disc and in subsequent Haunebu models lighter MG and MK cannon were supposedly installed (although it is not apparent from any photographic source, being an internal installation of six MK-108s in an upper and lower triple gun pack). The Haunebu I first flew in 1939 and both prototypes made 52 test flights.



      In 1942, the enlarged Haunebu II of 26 meters diameter was ready for flight testing. This disc had a crew of nine and could also achieve supersonic flight of between 6,000-21,000 km/h with a flight endurance of 55 hours. Both it and the further developed 32 meter diameter Do-Stra had heat shielding of two hulls of Victalen. Seven of these craft were constructed and tested between 1943-44. The craft made 106 test flights.


      By 1944, the perfected war model, the Haunebu II Do-Stra (Dornier STRAtosph�ren Flugzeug) was tested. Two prototypes were built. These massive machines, several stories tall, were crewed by 20 men. They were also capable of hypersonic speed beyond 21,000 km/h. The SS had intended to produce the machines with tenders for both Junkers and Dornier but in late 1944/early 1945 Dornier was chosen. The close of the war, however, prevented Dornier from building any production models.Yet larger still was the 71 meter diameter Haunebu III. A lone prototype was constructed before the close of the war. It was crewed by 32 and could achieve speeds of between 7,000 – 40,000 km/h! It had a triple Victalen hull. It is said to have had a flight endurance of between 7-8 weeks! The craft made 19 test flights. This craft was to be used for evacuation work for Thule and Vril in March 1945. Named Ostara, after the old Germanic goddess of the East, dawn, rebirth, and resurrection, the overloaded Haunebu III may have been boostered by a cluster of A-9/A-10 rockets to get it into the air with SS General Hans Kammler onboard.

      1945: Flight of the Ostara-Nazi Flying Saucer?


      Inner workings of a Haunebu (in German)


      Subsequent postwar claims that this craft was ultimately used for a suicide mission to Mars is completely unfounded; even with onboard SS oxygen generators and modified Draeger Werke pressure suits, there is no way this machine could withstand an eight-month journey to Mars. What would be the purpose anyway? The Gesellschaftenwere aiming at channeled flight, not conventional space flight.

      Illustrations of Haunebu III on the ground and in the air in 1945




      Further plans for a 120 meter diameter Haunebu IV were in the works but no such craft is known to have been constructed before the end of the war. However, many Haunebu craft were spotted over occupied Germany in the years to follow – among them, a craft strongly resembling the Haunebu IV by the Bundeswehr in the 1970s. It is believed that all of the mysterious Haunebu craft were evacuated to a sanctuary outside of Third Reich borders; to Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica – Base 211, constructed during the war.


      In the years following the close of WW2, many Haunebu-shaped disc craft have been spotted all over the world leading to speculation that either the Third Reich survived in another part of the world (primarily in Argentina) or that the victorious Allies had captured the Thule and Vril technology and constructed similar craft.

      The BRD (Federal Republic of Germany) is also suspected of retaining Thule and Vril technology with official designations of FU-1 and FU-2 (Fliegende Untertassen 1 & 2). The U.S.S.R. research with the German occult technologies is unknown due to Cold War secrecy; however, the Soviets are believed to have captured several of Schauberger’s Repulsin models, Flugkreisel engineer Otto Habermohl, and Feuersturm engineer Gerhard Falker in 1945. Although the Soviets had their own disc designs based on the Suchanov series of “Discoplans” from 1958-62 and a rumored experimental circular-wing MiG prototype, the SS Haunebu type might have been experimented with as well since the Soviets got a good share of Dr. Franz Philipp’s beam weaponry in Berlin which was part of the SS E-IV Technical Branch. Who knows what other E-IV secrets they got in Berlin as well.





      Claimed Flying Disc of the Bundeswehr FU 1 (Fliegende Untertasse 1)


      Postwar 1970s shot of BRD disc based on Haunebu technology


      According to the photos presented are from the private collection of an old Russian Air Force retiree, who eye witnessed the flying saucers made for the Russian army in the 1950s and even had a chance to make these photos. Their AF squad had a task to compete those machines in order to test their characteristics in air fight at the Russian Air Force base on Spitzbergen or Slalbard island, north of Norway.

      MiG-21 Taxiing on a Runway



      Senator Richard Russell served 38 years in the Senate, and was its senior, and one of the most influential, senators at the time of his death in 1971. He was chairman of the Armed Services Committee from 1951 to 1969, and unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1952.

      A report, classified Top Secret until 1959, when it was downgraded to Secret. and not released until 1985. detailing his UFO encounter was made available by the Fund for UFO Research and its chairman, Dr. Bruce Maccabee. Several key documents were obtained by the group through the Freedom of Information Act..

      “The three observers were firmly convinced that they saw a genuine flying disc,” says the Air Force Intelligence report, dated October 14, 1955.

      It goes on to say Russell and his two traveling companions spotted the UFOs on October 4, 1955, while traveling by rail across Russia’s Transcaucasus region.

      “One disc ascended almost vertically, at a relatively slow speed, with its outer surface revolving slowly to the right, to an altitude of about 6000 feet, where its speed then increased sharply as it headed north.”

      The second flying disc was seen performing the same actions about one minute later. The take-off area was about 1-2 miles south of the rail line.

      Russell “saw the first flying disc ascend and pass over the train,” and went “rushing in to get Mr Efron (Ruben Efron, his interpreter) and Col. Hathaway (Col. E. U. Hathaway, his aide) to see it,” the report says. “Col. Hathaway stated that he got to the window with the Senator in time to see the first (UFO), while Mr. Efron said that he got only a short glimpse of the first. However, all three saw the second disc and all agreed that they saw the same round, disc-shaped craft as the first.”

      The Air Force report was written by Lieut. Col. Thomas Ryan, who interviewed Senator Russell’s companions in Prague, Czechoslovakia, on October 13, after they arrived there from Russia shortly after the sighting.

      In his report, Col. Ryan called the sightings “an eyewitness account of the ascent and flight of an unconventional craft by three highly reliable United States observers. He added that Col. Hathaway led off his account of the sightings by saying: “I doubt if you�re going to believe this, but we all saw it. Senator Russell was the first to see this flying disc. We’ve been told for years that there isn’t such a thing, but all of us saw it.”

      CIA documents show that the agency later interviewed the three eyewitnesses in the Russell party-and also a fourth person, who had seen the UFOs -whose name was blacked out on the CIA report prior to its declassification.

      Interpreter Ruben Efron told the CIA that visibility was excellent. As one UFO approached the train, he said, “the object gave the impression of gliding. No noise was heard and no exhaust was heard, and no exhaust glow or trail was seen by me.” After the encounter, Senator Russell told the men with him: “We saw a flying disc. I wanted you boys to see it so that I would have witnesses,” according to the CIA documents. And an FBI memo, dated November 4, 1955, also discusses the sighting-and admitted Col. Hathaway’s testimony “would support existence of a flying disc”



      Klaus Habermohl, a BMW engineer who worked as part of the Flugzeug Special Projects Group in Prague, was captured by the Russians in Prague on or about 11th May 1945. He undoubtedly helped the construction of a Soviet disc and I recently came across plans for another Soviet low aspect aircraft that would have used Nuclear propulsion. I do not know whether this worrying development ever got off the drawing board.

      What I do know is that Senator Russell and his party saw a flying disc during a trip to the USSR in 1955 and that his most credible sighting was swept under the carpet by the same military intelligence personnel with knowledge both of unconventional US and Soviet aircraft. I very much doubt whether Russell and his party saw the disc by accident. There were many elements to the ongoing struggle between the Soviet and US military and their intelligence machines and this is reflected in several texts including John Ranelagh’s definitive bookThe Agency (Sceptre 1988). Check out the few CIA documents in its Popular UFO Documents collection and note the near hysteria about advanced Soviet aircraft and intentions.

      Perhaps the most important and hidden aspect of this was the increasing threat of Soviet penetration of US airspace via Alaska. In any case the CIA was most concerned about ‘non-conventional air vehicles’ under development by the Soviets as the 14th June 1954 memorandum entitled “Intelligence Responsibilities for Non-Conventional Types of Air Vehicles” makes very clear.

      ~Tim Matthews

      Haunebu Disc technical information



      Moderately Armed Flight Gyro
      Diameter: 24.95 m
      Drive: Thule Tachyonator (Triebwerk) 7b
      Control: Mag Field Impulser 4
      Speed: 4,800 km/h (theoretically up to 17,000 km/h)
      Range: Flight time of 18 h
      Armament: 2 x 80 mm KSK in rotating turret
      4 x MK-108 in body
      Armor: Double Victalen
      Crew: 8
      Hovering capability: 8 minutes
      All weather, day and night, capability
      Employment fitness: 60%
      First flight: 1939
      Available for service: 1944


      Heavily Armed Flight Gyro
      Diameter: 26.3m/ 32.0 m Do-Stra
      Drive: Thule Tachyonator (Thule Triebwerk) 7c
      Control: Mag Field Impulser 4a
      Speed: 6,000 km/h (theoretically up to 21,000 km/h)
      Armament: 6 x 80 mm KSK in 3 rotating turrets
      1 x 110 mm KSK in 1 rotating turret
      Armor: Triple Victalen
      Crew: 9 (with room for up to 20 people)
      Quiet flight: 19 minutes
      All weather, day and night, capable
      Employment fitness: 100%
      First flight: 1942
      Available for service: 1944




      Heavily Armed Flight Gyro
      Diameter: 71 m
      Drive: Thule Tachyonator (Thule Triebwerk) 7c plus SM-Levitators
      Control: Mag Field Impulser 4a
      Speed: 7,000 km/h (theoretically up to 40,000 km/h)
      Range: Flight time 7 to 8 weeks
      Armament: 4 x 110 mm KSK in 4 rotating turrets (3 lower/1 upper)
      10 x 80 mm KSK in rotating turrets plus 6 x MK 108
      8 x 50 mm KSK
      Armor: Triple Victalen
      Crew: 32 (with room for up to 70 people)
      Quiet flight: 25 minutes
      All weather, day and night, capability
      Employment fitness: 100%
      First flight: 1945
      Available for service: 1945



      Thule, SS Military Technical Branch E-IV

      Thule H-Ger�t Hauneburg Device Haunebu I disc aircraft, 1939, 2 produced
      Thule Haunebu II disc aircraft 1942, 5 produced

      Thule Haunebu II Do-Stra disc aircraft co-produced by Dornier.
      Do-Stra = DOrnier STRatosph�ren Flugzeug, 1944, 2 produced
      Thule Haunebu III disc aircraft, 1945, 1 produced
      Thule Haunebu IV disc aircraft project

      (all discs powered by Thule Triebwerk EMG engines)


      The MK 108 30mm cannon. manufactured by Rheinmetall-Borsig for use in aircraft, was also mounted in subsequent versions of Haunebu and Vril disks. It measured 1057 mm in length and weighted 58 kg. Its rate of fire was 650 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 540 m/s. Because of its slow muzzle velocity the cannon was difficult to aim and its range too short. However it proved to be very effective, reliable and easy to manufacture.

      Haunebu II, II-Do-Strata
      [Do-Stra = DOrnier-STRAtosph�renflugzeug]


      This picture shows a �Haunebu-II� next to a house, demonstrating the dimensions of the flight disc.




      The Jews start campaigns of gradually getting people used to new themes, such as “gay marriage”, which started 20 years ago with the first positive descriptions of fags, or even 30 years ago with campaigns about “the poor AIDS victims.” The new thing will be that “some Nazi military forces” DID survive the war, “we have now discovered” ( 😉) they did escape intact in 1945 with their best tech, and they are preparing their comeback. The jewsmedia taught until now that “the Nazis” were totally crushed… but now they have to admit the embarrassing fact that that “some escaped.” BECAUSE THEY DID, in accordance with heir Plan B, and they ARE preparing their comeback.. they and the Aryans from far, far away.

      The day will come when it will no longer be hidden that earth is one battlefield in a galactic war, led by very advanced Aryans and against the Greys and a hideous, carnivorous reptile species that especially hates humans. Shocking, yes, very…., but so was the truth initially that the Holocaust was not true or that Hitler was a good guy, a very good guy, and not at all the most evil man who ever lived. ;-). All radically new ideas take some adjustment, and some time to sink in. Finally, the new truth becomes accepted, and the day will come when we will laugh that we ever thought that the human race was alone in a universe of a billion galaxies. It is buzzing with life and also with conflict, just like earth itself.

      Some closed-minded idiot onh Faceberg 😉 just asked me sarcastically if I had ever flown in a Reich flying saucer. I blocked him instantly on said Faceberg, not because he has no right to disagree with me but his lack of respect. No, I have not flown in a Reich flying saucer, but neither have I flown in a NASA space shuttle, but I believe they exist. (I saw one lift off with the Hubble telescope while dating a girl, a scientist, who lived next to Cape Canaveral.) I have never met Napoleon, but I believe he existed. I believe in many thing I cannot see, also, such as oxygen, cell phone waves, radio frequencies, human love and human thought, all INVISIBLE. I also believe the sun will rise tomorrow in the east, because of my experience. And as I have often stated, I saw a cigar-shaped craft in McMinnville, Oregon in 1990, and I and another eyewitness, a client and a crusty old WWII vet, saw it hover over the tree line and simply VANISH.

      And no, Facebook “friendship” (what a joke) does not give you any right to disrespect me. I block anyone who lacks basic human politeness and respect, or who gets on my page to bash other WNs. Run that crap on your own page. You do not have a “right” to post on my page, nor have I any to post on yours.

      …..NASA engineer brutally canned after 34 years over what he saw

      Very interesting:


      NASA scientist fired instantly after 34 years with no benefits for what he saw. He states clearly that nephilim are real and are allied with what he euphemistically calls “the Rothschilds.” He also states exactly what my essay “The Fourth Reich and Nordic Aliens” proposes, that an Aryan race far more advanced than we are is parked in space near the earth and prepared to annihilate the, ahem, “Rothschilds.” This photo shows McClelland (a Pittsburgher, btw) with the two great German rocket scientists Wernher von Braun and Hermann Oberth.


      (He is 77 and suffering some mild dementia from age, having no health care, and poverty. The Jews hate this guy.)

      Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell has confirmed on-air many key things that Clark McClelland has said.


      On Facebook:

      Janet Elizabeth Powell I’m a little bit conflicted as a sympathizer with the 3rd Reich as well as being outraged by the allied war crimes against Germany both during and after the war. I can’t seem to shake my growing impression that in the end, Von Braun was a traitor to his people. Going to a life of luxury in America while his countrymen underwent extreme horrors.

      John D. Nugent To Janet: Your concern is understandable but not psychopathic enough. The Jewmericans threatened to send the families of those who refused to join Operation Paperclip to war crimes trials and hang them (after a bogus conviction for “mistreating and causing the death of thousands of slave laborers”) and also to send their wives and children to the USSR to die in a Soviet death camp. I knew very well Hans Schmidt of the Waffen-SS, who was a WN activist and writer in the 1980s and 1990s, and he knew several key NASA German scientists, such as Kurt Debus. They cooperated with a gun to their head.

      John D. Nugent I also know a love child of Wernher von Braun, the engineer David Scott von Braun, and my grandfather knew the famous rocket scientist through being an auditor for the federal government. He examined the books of the Huntsville, Alabama facility which then was NASA headquarters.

      …..Understandable disinfo by aliens researcher Kerry Cassidy of “Project Camelot”

      kerry-cassidy-project-camelotKerry Cassidy (photo) of Project Camelot had a mostly useful blog here:

      I replied, however:

      This article is a mix of very useful truth (esp. regarding the disgraceful fraud Sorcha Faal and the vital distinction between Tall Whites and the Aldebaran-Pleiadian peoples) and some classic Nazi-bashing by Kerry so that “the J-Team” with its media and financial power does not shut Kerry down.

      (This is also why Alex Jones constantly does Nazi-bashing and ludicrously confounds the NWO and Hitler, who was actually its fiercest opponent.)

      The Aldebaran-Pleiadian peoples are entirely benevolent and totally opposed to 1) the NWO, 2) the Grey-Reptilian forces, 3) their human agents, and 4) their hybrid puppets among us. And yes, the Aldebarans did provide some discreet help to the Third Reich. Of course, all of this “does not compute” if we believe the New York-LA media, which for our entire lives has told us over and over and over and over and over again that the Germans from 1933-45 were of the purest evil. Well, If they were, then why were the “service-to-others” Aldebarans helping them? Because of the blond-hair connection? 😉

      Hitler and Hess

      ah-hess-looking-up-same-wayHitler didn’t have blond hair, nor Himmler, Hess, Goering, Goebbels, etc., etc.

      Maybe, just maybe, earth is just one battlefield of a galactic war that has been going on for thousands of years and involves two vast coalitions of species, with one led by Aldebarans and the other led by Reptilians. In the end, I agree totally with Kerry: Some individuals, cultures and species are into service to others, and others are into service to self. And thus we have a cosmic morality play going on. Some are into “we” and others into “me.” There are, we must recognize, good and bad in all races and species.

      …..Gary McKinnon on the H2 Cable TV channel on April 4, 2014

      The show on the cable channel H2 ( = “History Channel” 2) at 10 pm was on Gary McKinnon, the British hacker who says he broke into NASA’s computers and saw things we are not supposed to see. This happened in 2001 ……..

      The US gov’t tried desperately and repeatedly to get him extradited (a British subject!) to the US for a decade and finally gave up. He says he saw things that convinced him that NASA is just a front for something else. Britain has refused to extradite him…. though the US and UK usually cooperate closely on everything…. Very murky….

      I could not find last night’s show yet on Youtube today, but here (as provided already above by John Starchild Morrissey) is McKinnon being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of “Project Camelot.”

      The show last night on H2 was fascinating. It went deeply into then California governor Ronald Reagan’s two close encounters with UFOs, which, the show suggests, formed the real reason why he as president promoted the multi-billion-dollar “Star Wars” laser-weapon program.

      The show also discussed an infamous incident in the Ukraine, in the then USSR, in 1982, while Reagan was, of course, the US president, where (apparently) aliens — to show their awesome power over modern human technology, and perhaps their opposition to the nuclear arms race, which threatens all species using this planet — deliberately sent signals that prepared Soviet missiles for launch at the US — and then a minute later shut them all down.

      Of course the Soviets and the Americans were terrified by this display of alien power. The aliens were thus showing they could have started WWIII at any moment.

      This incident is reminiscent of the 1967 incident at Malmstrom USAF base in Montana, already discussed much earlier in this essay.

      This incident on American soil is discussed here: on Larry King’s show on CNN, a former Air Force ICBM launch officer at Malmstrom AFB in Montana is discussing the shoot-down in 1967 of a practice American ICBM, and you can SEE a circular craft blasting it with a laser!!

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