The horrible karma of Don Black: his son Derek’s new treason against our race to the Washington Post, the ultimate Jew-CIA mouthpiece

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Derek Black, raised from infancy as a WN by Don Black of Stormfront, (who has spent part of the last seven years actively trying to destroy my honor, along with Derek’s godfather, David Duke), now says he agrees 97% with Hillary Clinton. 



I saw this photo of Don and Derel Black being taken in 2006 in Memphis. Margi and I drove 900 miles in a car with a bad transmission to speak at this conference.


I am second from the left, Duke center, and Derek and Don Black far-right


Canal Plus, one of the biggest TV networks in France, interviewed me in the hotel lobby


So did a local news station


With Margi before the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue (since removed by the negro-dominated city council of Memphis)


I know Don Black, Derek Black, Chloe Black, David Duke, Maria, his lonmg-suffering Russian mistress, and both Duke kids.


Both MY daughters are successful, thriving, married women: Ingrid with a big job in environmental affairs at Meridian in Washington DC, and a master’s from a top university, Duke (ironically) University, the other, Erika, is a successful nurse and realistic art painter, and is married to a John Hopkins PhD!



…..What comes around, goes around, Don


Black has spent decades trashing anyone (not just me) with real leadership potential in the WN cause in order to maintain a Duke-Black dominance and thus government control



He deleted for no reason whatsoever except the desire to eliminate a WN with potential to do something the biggest thread by one individual in the history of Stormfront, mine, a thread outlining what psychopaths are and how they operate:


My vital essay on psychopaths:


There is no question whatsoever in my mind that both Duke and Black, who have been inside federal prison for long periods, are both MK-ULTRAs and mind-control victims.

With sex-maniac, narcissist and congenital liar Duke, I believe this programming went right back to his childhood.


Why do I say all this?

Because I was in the PROGRAM MYSELF, I ran away from home and thus the program at age ten, in 1964, whereupon the Deep State burned our house at 13 Huntington Drive in Rumford, Rhode Island down in a warning shot.…..

White house on the left; it was gutted by an extremely high-temperature fire (thermite?) while we were at the New York World’s Fair.


NY World’s Fair and the giant “Unisphere”



My father got the message. I was taken out of the elite Moses Brown prep school in Providence, and we moved to another town, the affluent Barrington, Rhode Island.


moses-brown-Middle-House-Entry-Circle- providence-ri


My father with Reagan


and Ford (in the Oval Office)


I see a dozen parallels and almost identical similarities between Duke’s life and mine, but I broke free from MK-ULTRA, and he stayed in it to this day, which is why he speaks so listlessly:

My personal triumph of the will over the secret, federal MK-ULTRA and Manchurian Candidate programs for the kids of the “elite”

David Duke on Alex Jones; Duke and MK-ULTRA

The mind-controlled Americans among us who went through MK-ULTRA and Project Monarch

This book (here in pdf format) by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, is excellent despite the Bible verbiage and the obligatory, Alex-Jones-style Nazi bashing.


Baphometic street layout of the area above the White House



Hillary doing the Illuminati hand thing


Her pedophilic, rapist husband


Obviously, this half-Jewish, bisexual bolshevik is one


Proof not all Illuminati are brilliant


Bush’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, with Congressman Richard Nixon. Quite a shnozz, eh, on that “WASP”!


Barbara Bush and her biological father, the black-magick satanist Aleister Crowley


Always the huge, puffy eyebags, a sign of constant anal sex, an important ritual in the Illuminati… Bag-eyed US Army chief of staff and insane dickhead Mark Milley, who just bellowed out a threat to Russia “to give you a beating like you’ve never been beaten before.” Hunh? Since when has Russia ever been beaten? Ask the Mongols, the Swedes, Napoloen and HITLER ABOUT THAT ONE.




Slick Willie


….More on Don Black, my number-one defamer


WHY I RETALIATE; Stormfronter Don Black’s income source — Jewish Fanjul sugar billionaires — has repeated domestic violence and drunkenness scandals


Henrik Holappa — an agent from the beginning? Don Black bodyguard and the great Eustace Mullins let’s er rip on Duke and Black; My Awakening Duke book


David Duke, Don Black, JdN-defamers, and the CIA-Mossad plot to overthrow Dominica


Open letter to Andrew Anglin regarding his controlled-opposition bedfellows, Duke and Black; Duke plagiarizes entire William Pierce masterpiece; Stormfront publishes home address of mother of WN activist Jack Sen in England

…..Contact and support


I am the one whose will even years of unspeakable torture could not break.

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS



  1. Probaby unspeakable torture that you should not revisit.

    The only path is to not identity overly with that suffering kid from decades ago. You are an eternal being having many lives, and that pain that kid went through is over and done with. What the mind-controllers WANT is for the pain to still affect you.

    Reincarnation EVIDENCE

    It comes down to who am I? Still a wreck? Over stuff some putrid bastards committed — THEIR karma, not mine — decades ago, stuff that is over and done with?

    If the ego is released, the focus on me-me-me, and suffering can and is designed to create this huge, ever-suffering ME, then the pain and deformed emotional life go away.

    I had screaming nightmares every week until I was 49 from what they did.

    And one day I decided to lose the ego, this quivering mass of suffering, and the victimhood, and that sounded the final defeat of the mind-controller Jews over me.

    You may contact me if the above makes sense, comrade:

    • I’ve known Don Black was a Kike for a long time.
      I went to Storm Front first, and wrote a giant thread on how to use the stock market and futures market to make money.
      It was an excellent thread with information that was very good imo.
      It was nuked within a few minutes and I was banned.

      Now that I know more, I see he has a very sloped forehead – NEVER trust a neanderthal.

      My main question:
      I’ve always thought of people who claim to have been in a “program” as hoaxers and pretty much dishonest liars looking for followers… ahem.
      Can you explain to me what this program was? Where is was? What went on? What they did? What you were told / shown?

      I get that they put brainwashing into the school systems, television, and movies. Is this the “program” you are talking about?
      I’m just trying to understand here. I am almost done with everything I need to know…

  2. I love unkind gossip and if it’s true, even better. Let’s destroy the matrix and the deep state. Hitler knew, you know I know!~ Somebody needs to tell Rebel! By the way, Aangirfan lumps Trump with Hitler. I never got why Rebel allows folks like that to post on his site

    • Some of Aangirfan’s stuff is very true and accurate, however.

      I suspect he himself was a victim as a child of mind-control horrors and, in my experience, it makes them, even as adults, slightly loco 😉 unless they get effective therapy, as I did, 18 months worth and two different kinds, 1) revisiting what happened in a guided, safe way, and 2) cognitive behavioral therapy.

      The works of Nisargadatta and Eckart Tolle also helped me a lot.

      But no one who goes through MK-ULTRA, satanic child abuse or the worst of them all, the Manchurian Candidate program, as I did, will ever be normal again unless they get serious therapy. The whole point is to damage the child forever.

  3. by the way, I noticed a few issues in your statements. Fritz Springmeier has always been a co-opted asset. If you don’t believe me, show me one time he ever outed the Jews. The Jews sent out O’Brien and her controller to pretend to be whistle blowers. About ten years ago they stole a girl named Shaela Miller from her parents and currently have her as a mind-controlled sex slave. Worrisome about you, Mr. Nugent, is that you quite happily use these limited hangouts. When you do, knowing how smart you actually are, pardon me for being concerned about your “truly breaking free” as you claim. Be sure and watch all the videos and notice the O’Brien video, in Germany, mind you (kosher), is edited right before hatchet jobs are done against Shaela’s family.

    Of course, a year ago I tried to drum up support but it seems all the limited hangouts wanted to protect O’Brien’s handler:

    You still think you are going to publish a new religion?

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