The harm caused by non-white genes in white civilization I

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I recently received two important emails, and both had to do with the mongoloid gene, psychopathy and the lust to commit atrocities.

Both emails also affect our understanding of the Third Reich, Germany, the decisions, good or bad, of Adolf Hitler, the history of America and white-Amerindian conflict, and of Europe’s conflicts between Slavic and Germanic people. So many issues.

The first email was from my collaborator Nelson, who has been pursuing the whole truth about the Aztec, Mayan, and Olmec “civilizations” of ancient (pre-Columbus) Mexico. His findings have confirmed what first my father told me after fighting the Japanese, Chinese and North Koreans — there is a horrifying psychopathic love of atrocities, torture, mutilation and cruelty in the Asiatic gene pool.

The second email came from TheLindgrenn, a Swedish comrade who has produced some wonderful videos of the speeches of Adolf Hitler on YouTube. His latest production is Hitler’s speech of September 19, 1939, shortly after the conclusion of the war with Poland. I was shocked by the photos of atrocities against innocent German village children.

* * *

Adolf Hitler Speech – Bromberg Massacres – 1939
Hitler talks to the Reichstag about the Bromberg massacres of ethnic Germans in Poland, 1939, as poignant music accompanies (WARNING) shocking photos.
* * *

Even given the long and sad history of Whites fighting each other throughout history — especially since the Bronze Age when psychopathic warlords began introducing deliberate warfare into society – wars between the English and Irish, English and French, French and Germans, Yankees against Southerners here in the USA, etc., WASPs bombing Dresden into ash from 10,000 feet — STILL, how can groups of white people torture little children? ??????????? ????????

In Europe, the Bloodgroup B map is the RAPE-BY-MONGOLS map.

What element or gene is in them? Is it a WHITE gene? Or is it an East Asian gene? Is it Blood Type B or other Asiatic genes? (Blood type B — which is just one of many Asiatic gene markers — arose only AFTER the Siberians came to America and began massacring the white Solutreans.)

The Blood Type B map reflects clearly both an Asiatic (probably southern Chinese) origin and also areas where Mongols and Tatars cruelly mass-raped white women. (The Tatars both ruled and raided into Slavic areas for centuries, both raping and abducting beautiful Slavic white women to sell them to the Turks.)

Now I will present these key documents and then offer my analysis of what this all means for us today.


I have written extensively on Amerindian atrocities aganst the white Americans who came after 1600 to resettle our white Solutrean land mass now called the Americas. (Because my whole website was hacked on November 8, this page is missing many photographs and the second page has yet to be restored.)

Just as an introduction to Nelson’s discoveries (which are in several .pdf’s, thus text documents with also powerful photos) you simply must see first this British documentary on YouTube:

It is notable that all the scientists shown in this documentary are white Spanish; Mexico's elite is still overwhelmingly Mediterranean white, with some Northern European-looking Whites as well.

I wrote Nelson:

Let me praise your recent superb research on the Olmecs and Aztecs, which corroborates your previous findings and my own about Amerindian behavior toward white American settlers 1600-1870.

In revealing the higher levels of psychopathy among Orientals (yellow East Asiatics) such as Olmecs and Aztecs (or Mayans), you are not saying ALL Amerindians are psychopaths, but only that there seems to be a higher level among them — just as the fact of Churchill and Roosevelt incinerating Dresden certainly does not prove that all Northern Europeans are psychopaths.

In fact, for me, the key is that both men very likely had not just WASP but also Jewish genes. And the key in dealing with Slavic atrocities against German civilians in 1939-1946 is also a foreign gene, in this case an East Asiatic gene implanted by MONGOL RAPE in innocent Slavs, our white kindred, and the blood group B found in so many Slavs today is a tragic “give-away” of the foreign, Asiatic hordes’ nightmarish rape of our Slavic sisters and our kindred womenfolk between 400 and 1400 — until mighty Russia began to rise and to push Asia back where it belonged — into Asia.

Wikipedia on the “Mongolian Invasion of Rus”:

A significant number of historians consider the oppression of Rus’ by the Mongols to be the major cause of what is sometimes called “the East-West gap” – approximately 200 years delay in introducing major social, political and economical reforms and scientific innovations in Russia comparing to Western Europe. Specifically, the isolation from the West may have caused Russia’s later non-involvement in the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, and failure to develop a middle class.[8] Colin McEvedy (Atlas of World Population History, 1978) estimates the population of Russia-in-Europe dropped from 7.5 million prior to the invasion to 7 million afterwards.[2]

The period of Mongol rule over Russia included significant cultural and interpersonal contacts between the Russian and Mongolian ruling classes. By 1450, the Tatar language had become fashionable in the court of the Grand Prince of Moscow, Vasily II, who was accused of excessive love of the Tatars and their speech.[9] Many Russian boyar (noble) families traced their descent from the Mongols or Tatars, including Veliaminov-Zernov, Godunov, Arseniev and Bakhmetev. In a survey of Russian noble families of the 17th century, over 15% of the Russian noble families had Tatar or Oriental origins.[10]

() when Michael, one of the princes of Russia, came to submit to Bati, the Tartars first tried to make him pass between two fires. After this they said that he should bow south to Ghenghis Khan, but he replied that he would gladly bow to Bati and his servants but not to the image of a dead man because this is improper for a Christian. When he was repeatedly told through his son Yaroslav that he must bow, and yet he refused, Bati ordered Prince Michael killed if he would not bow. Prince Michael of Chernigov was passed between fires in accordance with ancient Turco-Mongol tradition. Batu Khan sent to stab him to death for his refusal to do obeisance to Ghenghis Khaan’s shrine in the pagan ritual followed by a homosexual act imposed by the conqueror. The prince replied that he “preferred to die rather than do what was wrong”. Bati sent Michael to one of his followers who trampled on his chest with his boots until the prince died. Meanwhile the prince comforted one of his soldiers who stood near by him by saying: Be strong to tell the truth,” who also had his head cut off with a knife.
Giovanni DiPlano Carpini: The Story of the Mongols whom We Call the Tartars[5]
In 1246, Prince Michael of Chernigov refuses to bow to a statue of Genghis Khan and perform a "homosexual act" of submission; Mongols prepare to torture and kill him.

It so happens that I got a powerful video a few days ago that I have been wanting to use, sent me by the dedicated Swedish comrade “TheLindgrenn” who is found on YouTube.

His work features Adolf Hitler speeches, and the latest was from his address to the German Reichstag of September 19, 1939 about the then just concluded Polish campaign and the war crimes committed by Polish troops and civilians against defenseless German villagers.

This is however a sensitive political issue for me, because the whole Midwest of the United States — and my own street!!! — is FULL of very good Polish people, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Russians, Czechs, Croatians and other Slavic-Americans who loathe the Jews, the blacks, the queers, the Mexicans, the psychopathically puritan white liberals and the whole sickening subversion of our once wholesome culture.

In fact, I estimate that, after the blacks, the most antisemitic group in the USA is Slavic -Americans. (This finding agrees with what Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin said back in the 1980s, that “German antisemitism was nothing compared to antisemitism among Poles and Ukrainians.”)

What your research is further corroborating, comrade Nelson, is that there is a psychopathic gene in SOME people of Asiatic blood, and those loathsome Oriental rapists who violated our suffering Aryan womenfolk in medieval Poland, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere were by definition not average Asiatic civilians, but instead clearly were the vicious psychopathic minority within that Asian race.

Soviet Russian advertizing in the 1940s. Russians see themselves as a blondish white people and a bulwark against China. Leonid Brezhnev, Soviet president, appealed to both Nixon and to Margaret Thatcher to consider a combined US-Soviet nuclear first strike to annihilate China.

In the end , we must conclude that race-mixing has injected only bad things into our race. In fact, Slavic women who do NOT look part-Oriental (slant-eyed, black-haired and flat-chested) are often among the most beautiful and winsome of our entire race, and Slavs can be brilliant in technology, literature, music, and in valor in battle as well. Hitler’s Platterhof speech of March 1944 shows a man who realized the great potential of the Slavs if skilfully led.

Sergeant Michael Kalishnikov invented the famous AK-47 assault rifle (patterned on an earlier German model, Sturmgewehr 44). It is still the world standard for reliability.

But those Asiatic genes of heartless and sadistic violence brought an un-white, un-Aryan and ASIATIC psychopathy into the behavior of a minority of Slavs — and they have done this also into the behavior of certain “white-trash” trailer-park types in the USA who are part-Amerindian. Ingrid Rimland, who lives in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, pointed out to me how many of these people have Siberindian blood, Cherokee, etc.

Showing clearly Asiatic features: Zbigniew Brzezinski, of the lower Polish nobility, minion of Rockefeller, the CFR and the NWO, and National Security Adviser under Jimmy Carter. He provoked the war in Afghanistan and aided Osama Ben Laden in setting up Al Qaeda.

In the same way, negro blood in Whites also causes a higher level of violence and a lower level of IQ and impulse control.

Thus, I can say to Slavs and Slavic-Americans, and to Germans and Anglo-Saxons reading hair-raising accounts of Slavic atrocities: “This is why, as Adolf Hitler said in his Political Testament of April 30, 1945, we must fight the International Jew — and “keep the blood pure.” Pure of Oriental genes, black genes, and especially of Jewish genes. (The great problem in Western Europe is Jewish and negro genes. By definition, anyone who has curly hair has negro genes. Curly hair is a negroid genetic trait, never white. Whites, like Asians, have straight hair.)

My post today will deal with this delicate topic, and I hope I will do so with skill and diplomacy. But I cannot remain silent about the things that a certain small minority of Poles did do.

Thanks again for your fantastic research, comrade Nelson. I am so proud to have your Aryan soul, heart, brain on our side. Let us speak truth, carefully but forthrightly. In the end, we will attract the best of the Slavs and Slavic-Americans this way, and other good Aryans who understand that without accepting criticism and embracing also self-criticism no individual — and no race — can evolve on the upward path.

John de Nugent

And now for Nelson’s monograph:

* * *

Falsification of ancient American history

How ancient American history has been, and is being falsified —

and who stands to benefit…

Detail of a stone-carved portrait (nicknamed "Uncle Sam" by researchers) found at the ancient Olmec ruins at La Venta (Stela 3)

Oddly enough, this massively important carving –that possesses a long face and aquiline nose– is currently only represented by this one photo on the Internet (and a poor quality photo at that).



“Two of the primary architects of the Aztec empire were the half-brothers Tlacaelel and Montezuma
I, nephews of Itzcoatl [founder of the Aztec empire]. Moctezuma I succeeded Itzcoatl as Hueyi
Tlatoani in 1440. Although he was also offered the opportunity to be tlatoani, Tlacaelel preferred to operate as the power behind the throne. Tlacaelel reformed the Aztec state and religion. According to some sources, he ordered the burning of most of the extant Aztec books claiming that they contained lies. He thereupon rewrote the history of the Aztec people, thus creating a common
awareness of history for the Aztecs. This rewriting led directly to the curriculum taught to scholars and promoted the belief that the Aztecs were always a powerful and mythic nation; forgetting forever a possible true history of modest origins. One component of this reform was the institution of ritual war (the flower wars) as a way to have trained warriors, and created the necessity of constant sacrifices to keep the Sun moving.”

The white god Quetzalcoatl [known as the founder of the Mexican civilization] was opposed to human sacrifice. Wikipedia: “The worship of Quetzalcoatl sometimes included animal sacrifices, and in colonial traditions Quetzalcoatl was said to oppose human sacrifice.”

A leading archaeologist of Mesoamerica writes:

“…the Aztecs replaced Quetzalcoatl with a tribal war god... …Huitzilopochtli, the god of war, was the god of prime importance to the Aztecs, not Quetzalcoatl. Matos Moctezuma refers to the Aztecs as “Huitzilopochtli’s people” and identifies Huitzilopochtli as their patron god.2 The main temple in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, the Templo Mayor, was dedicated to Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc,
the latter a god of rain and fertility. Quetzalcoatl was a borrowed god and was considered a lesser god among the Aztecs than among other Mesoamerican peoples. The temple dedicated to Quetzalcoatl at Tenochtitlan is clearly secondary to the Templo Mayor, where Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc reigned supreme.” -Diane E. Wirth, Review of T.J. O’Brien. Fair Gods and Feathered Serpents: A Search for the Early Americas’ Bearded White God.

2. Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, The Great Temple of the Aztecs: Treasures of Tenochtitlan (London: Thames & Hudson, 1988), 3839.

The semitic-Asiatic Aztecs bashed holes in both sides of their victims' skulls and ran poles through them to make skull racks.

Spanish drawing of skull racks

The Aztecs were despised by their neighbours – not only because the Aztecs massively
increased the number of human sacrifices, but also because the Aztecs were exiles who, although having learnt the Nahuatl tongue, were nevertheless viewed as “uncultured.”

“According to their own history, when the Mexicas arrived in the Anahuac valley (Valley of Mexico) around Lake Texcoco, the groups living there considered them uncivilized. The Mexicas borrowed much of their culture from the ancient Toltec whom they seem to have at least partially confused with the more ancient civilization of Teotihuacan. To the Mexicas, the Toltecs were the originators of all culture; “Toltecay?tl” was a synonym for culture. Mexica legends identify the Toltecs and the cult of Quetzalcoatl with the mythical city of Tollan [my note: Tollan was also
called ‘Tula’ — a harkening back to the legendary far northern homeland of the whites? (or Thule, as it is known in Greek)], which they also identified with the more ancient Teotihuacan.”

Anti-white archaeologists side-line the myth of the white gods (Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan,
Viracocha, Votan, e.t.c.), by playing down the siginificance of the pre-Columbian legends —
saying that texts written after Columbus are tainted with Spanish imperialistic interpretations. Yet this argument doesn’t hold up to closer inspection.


“Perhaps the most significant source about the Aztec are the manuscripts of Bernardino de Sahagn, who worked with the surviving Aztec wise men. He taught Aztec tlacuilos to write the original Nahuatl accounts using the Latin alphabet. Because of fear of the Spanish authorities, he maintained the anonymity of his informants, and wrote a heavily censored version in Spanish. [Ironic note:
rather strange behaviour for someone who is supposedly an agent of the Spanish crown, isn’t it?]

Unfortunately the Nahuatl original was not fully translated until the 20th century, thus realising the extent of the censorship of the Spanish version. The original Nahuatl manuscript is known as the
Florentine Codex.

The Temple of the Warrior, "Chichen Itza," in the Yucatan peninsula. It is important to understand that ALL these semito-asiatic "civilizations" in Central America practiced mass murder before the white man arrived and put a stop to it.
At this very temple, Chichen Itza, a blond man is sacrificed around 700 AD. There are white people in even southern Mexico to this day.

Sahagn has been called “the father of modern ethnography” largely because his methods included using native informants to elicit information on Aztec culture from the Aztecs’ point of view.

Sahagn himself explained the purpose of his work:

“ This work is like a dragnet to bring to light all the words of this language with their exact and metaphorical meanings, and all their ways of speaking, and most of their practices good and evil. (1950-1982 part I:47)

Anti-white Mesoamerican archaeologists try to ignore ancient white mummies of the Americas (continuing their mantra that “there were no Europeans in pre-Columbian America”), and falsely interpret “civilisation” not as the tool of a specific ethnic group [and race], but as a condition of abstract trends, “art styles”*, or linguistics.** (*”The Olmec culture was first defined as an art style, and this continues to be the hallmark of the culture.” — Coe, p. 62. Coe, Michael D . (with Rex Koontz) (2002). Mexico: from the Olmecs to the Aztecs (5th edition, revised and enlarged edition). London and New York: Thames & Hudson. ISBN 0-500-28346-X. OCLC 50131575. **”Heyerdahl attempted to counter the linguistic argument with the analogy that, guessing the origin of African-Americans, he would prefer to believe that they came from Africa, judging from their skin colour, and not from England, judging from their speech.” (Wikipedia)

The Olmec civilisation (the Mesoamerican “cultura madre” [=”mother culture”]:


Monument 1, one of the four colossal Olmec heads at La Venta (Tabasco state, Mexico), nearly 3 metres (9 ft) tall

“The most recognized aspect of the Olmec civilization are the enormous helmeted heads. As no known pre-Columbian text explains them, these impressive monuments have been the subject of much speculation. Once theorized to be ballplayers, it is now generally accepted that these heads
are portraits of rulers, perhaps dressed as ballplayers.[27]”

[My (Nelson’s) note: These Negroid featured colossal heads were, even according to the archaeologist Michael Coe, ball players. They were perhaps built by a completely decadent, multicultural Olmec empire that began hero-worshipping other-race atheletes* (similar to the dying Roman world with its hero-worshipping of gladiators, and in modern times of negro sports personalities)].

Hypothetically: what would archaeologists think of Detroit in a hundred years’ time if the modern United States were completely depopulated and few traces of knowledge remained of what America was, or who had built it? Certainly, the archaeologists would see large deserted buildings…but they would also come across the gigantic sculpture of the hand of the Negro boxer Joe Lewis.

Joe Louis fist sculpture, Detroit, Michigan -- "proof" that blacks built the city or that they destroyed it?

‘Would archaeologists then stumble into the trap of assuming a Negroid ethnic group had built
Detroit?] 27 Pool, p. 118; Diehl, p. 112.

Coe (2002), p. 69: “They wear headgear rather like American football helmets, which probably served as protection in both war and in the ceremonial game playedthroughout Mesoamerica”.

Michael Coe (-hen?), hailed by the Establishment as the "leading" archaeologist of Mesoamerica. (Notice his eyes, nose, everted lower lip, expression.....)

It is obvious that the colossal heads of the Yucatan have negroid features, and Wiercinski’s well-known study of skulls revealed that all major races of the world inhabited ancient Mesoamerica. Yet the Khazar-dominated archaeologists reject that there were blacks in ancient America.
“The presence of Uncle Sam inspired Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian explorer and author of Kon Tiki, among others, to claim a Nordic ancestry for at least some of the Olmec leadership. . . [However], it is extremely misleading to use the testimony of artistic representations to prove ethnic theories.* The Olmec were American Indians, not Negroes (as Melgar had thought) or Nordic
supermen.” — Michael Coe


*However, Coe contradicts himself: “The Olmec culture was first defined as an art style, and this continues to be the hallmark of the culture.” -p. 62. Coe, ibidem.

There is far more at stake in ancient American history than just an academic question; what is at stake is deeply political – and all archaeologists know it.

What we do know is that whites and blacks did live in ancient Mesoamerica (as shown by human remains, art and legends), yet they no longer existed as recognisable racial groups when the Spanish arrived.

Something must have happened to them.

But the two racial groups that did survive [Asiatic and semitic] created the most openly psychopathic states that ever existed.

Gordon Ekholm, eminent archaeologist and one-time curator at the American Museum of Natural History, suggested that the Olmec art style might have originated in Bronze Age China.

Of mongoloid racial origin: a jade mask from the ruins of the Olmec civilisation

"The Wrestler," Olmec statuette 1200 - 800 BCE
More child sacrifice
Toltec with semitic schnozz

What we see is a purposeful falsification and dimming of ancient American history, and an
alliance between Khazars and Siberians to the detriment of whites and blacks.
And deeper, on a spiritual level, with knowledge of reincarnation, I would even speculate that the same archaeologists who are falsifying history now could be the same beings who were involved in those terrible sacrifices of pre-Columbian times.

Who now, though in a less honest way, are doing the same alteration of history as Montezuma I and his brother, the high priest Tlaecalel, planned and set out to do?
In the end, these psychopaths’ actions lead to the detriment of all peoples, and it should give pause to thought that even the Indians themselves were overjoyed to see the return of the whites. And despite the many faults of the Spanish (including some undoubted psychopaths), there were a few whose sense of objectivity and altruism is unique to our race — the Fransiscan friar, Bernardino de Sahagn, being foremost among them.
PS I should mention: the most well-recognised archaeologist of Mesoamerica, Michael Coe, isn’t officially a card-carrying member of Khazaria (despite his physical appearance and actions).
“I’m a totally irreligious person, he claims,” even though I was born and raised a perfectly good Episcopalian
-Michael Coe, Interview with PBS (May 16, 2006.)
Now what sort of individual uses “perfectly good” to describe their upbringing? What is Michael Coe trying to hide?

===========MY COMMENT

Showing clearly Asiatic features: Konrad Adenauer, fierce enemy of Hitler and postwar puppet chancellor of Occupied Germany (1949-63), whose Asiatic features are especially shocking on a western German.

There can be little doubt, based on behavior, that non-white races in general have elevated levels of psychopathy, whereas this seems to be a feature more of the ruling “elite” in white countries.

For more information on this, please consult my extensive film review of Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto: See the first three posts on this thread about psychopaths, a thread which reached 100,000 views before it was suddenly closed and I was banned…..

Part two of this post:


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    Btw, after my three marriages and two kids, and over 20 girlfriends, I think you should lose the gay accusation. It’s a question of your credibility. Learn more about me and you will also see I am no phony, hypocritical white liberal:

    I am pro-white and proud of my race. …. If you are truly pro-black, you will consider my frank and honest message, and offer to work as a TRUE black nationalist with me to establish black empowerment, black rule in black areas, and liberation from the invading Chinese, Mexicans and Jews. Or they will eat you up. And you will long for the day of the white man, the ONLY race that has a conscience about blacks.

  6. It is a historical fact that the Mongol Yoke of more than 240 years introduced Mongol genes into the normally gentle Slav blood. Also the Ottoman rule over the Balkans introduced some Turkic genes into the Slavs of that area. I may be wrong but I feel that the mass rape of more than 2,000,000 German women at the end of WW2 by the so called Russan liberators is due in part to the Mongol-Tatar genetic influence upon the Russian soldiers and not just because they wanted revenge as a result of Nazi atrocities.
    But I feel that cultivating a revenge mentality is not the solution. I am not white and I do not support white racism – but I just want to contribute my two cents worth of advice to anyone who wants to preserve the identity of his/her race : Racial dissolution is not only the result of being conquered militarily by superior brute force. Racial dissolution due to mass rape of conquered women is due to the fact that the women themselves have never been trained to fight against male supremacy. IF those White Solutrean women had the capacity to fight against their Amerindian-Siberian rapists ; if those Slavic-Russian women had the capacity to fight against their Mongol-Tatar rapists ; if those Slavic women had the capacity to fight against their Ottoman rapists ; if those Spanish Spanish women had the capacity to fight against their Moorish rapists — then racial mixing thru rape would not have occured. If you want to preserve the integrity of your race , cultivate strong bodies and even stronger minds and above all , you must have powerful spirits. Any rapist would think twice before sexually assaulting a warrior type woman proficient in the martial arts.

    • Good comment and I have several non-white supporters.

      Yes, women of all races should fight like tigers against rapists.

      In a related case, the liberation of Rome from Etruscan rule came when a distinguished Roman woman was raped and while she did not physically resist, she then went and dramatically stabbed herself to death in front of her male relatives, spurring them thus on to rise up against the Etruscan kings and their tyranny. That moment was the birth of Rome.

  7. By definition, anyone who has curly hair has negro genes”
    I’m sorry but this is not true. Many good quality whites have curly hair or wavy ( I have a bit wavy) this is NOT a negro trait. There is a difference between curly european hair and NAPPY negro hair or jewish hair.

    • We all have small traces of other races in our gene pool due to white Americans descending from a Europe where there was widespread Roman slavery, and Arabic, Turkish and Mongol invasions from the south or east. I myself have blood type B, which is an Asian marker and yet I share it with many BLOND, BLUE-EYED Germans, Poles, Slovaks, Ukrainians and Russians.

      Our distant female ancestors certainly did not ask some Mongol in AD 1100 to rape them. It is just a sad and now minor fact. Our male ancestors failed to protect our female ancestors. End of story. They were not sluts.

      What counts, comrade, is action TODAY.

      No white is “good quality” at all, even if he looks like Brad Pitt, IF HE DOES NOT SEEK, CHECK OUT CAREFULLY, AND THEN FOLLOW TO THE HILT A GENUINE LEADER, who is brave enough to step forward, and execute HIS PLAN OF ACTION in this growing racial crisis.

      And reading about blacks and Jews is not action, and it is not white nationalism. It is virtual action in a virtual world. The Internet has become both a source of great info yet also an artificial and dead recipient for our energies. No true WN needs to educate himself any longer about the minority threat to our survival, or how the minorities act.

      We must focus on building a white nation. Not reading about THEM.

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