The Fourth Reich and the mysterious new Russian technology

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The wreck of a World War 2 Nazi submarine has been found washed up on the…
Randwulf Der Judenschiesser

Randwulf Der Judenschiesser Awfully small. Looks more like one of the Japanese mini-subs.

Steve Clark

Steve Clark I don’t believe it for a moment. Too many people went to see him regularly right up until the end, and he would never have abandoned his Volk! Although I wish it were true!!!

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Hitler 100% died in the bunker as stated. Never would he run off to a ski resort as his people were being tortured and starved!

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent It is small but powerful, but not powerful enough to liberate us until we ourselves rise up from within our captive nations.

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Many of the UFOs people see are the Fourth Reich. But the white nations remain hostage of the enemy. If we will not fight, then they are clearly too weak to save us.

Matt Molineux Where is the base for these UFOS?

Richard Meyer

Richard Meyer UFO stuff sounds like baloney unless proven.

John D. Nugent Matt Molineux The primary base is under the Antarctic, then in the Andes and under-ocean and under-lake bases.
John D. Nugent
Ralf Dörnbaum

Ralf Dörnbaum That Story is true! About 20 years ago I saw a extremely fast big point in the sky at night…, from south to north … 12 years later I knew what it was. … There is more truth than most people think …

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent This is not mere wishful thinking. National Socialism is a pan-aryan idea, and it does not need Germany to function, though its staff is still German. The problem is the staff and population are small, with about five million citizens. It is a military Reich, and was built up with both German and white Ukrainian and South American women.

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Hitler knew after Stalingrad that Germany would probably lose the war. So Plan B kicked in. And he ended his life 1) because the Reich no longer needed a politician and 2) to cause the Allies to lower their guard while his men set up shop elsewhere.

John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent The Fourth Reich is just Germans, the descendants of the 1940s generation, and they wear the Wehrmacht uniform. Their weapons are of mind-boggling sophistication.
John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent It can be posited that the Fourth Reich is now helping the Russians against a common enemy. Russia sudddenly has technology that puts the rogue Zionist regime under a “electromagnetic cordon sanitaire.” They can’t use their planes or warships. This would explain why the Zio scum is not doing more militarily to protect its mercenary army ISIS from being bombed into pieces.

We know that the Russians have the technology for it. Not so long ago, they terrified the US Navy in the Black Sea. There were reports in the media of all electronic shutting down on American warship when being overflown by Russian Migs, causing US officers to have nervous breakdowns and resign.
John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent The Russian Air Force Khibiny is an advanced aircraft-mounted electronic warfare (EW) system capable of jamming state-of-the-art air defense radar systems.

The Khibiny jamming was tested successfully for some time on the ground in Buryatia, Russian Federation.

On April 17, 2014, two Russian Air Force Su-24 bombers with no weapons loaded were sent to intercept the US Navy’s AEGIS-equipped destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea. One of them flew around the destroyer up to 12 times while the other one remained away as done usually by both sides during the Cold War period.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Su-24s were equipped with the Khibiny EW system and were able to neutralize the AEGIS phased array radar target tracking capabilities while the ship’s crew was unable to re-boot the system. It is not clear whether the jammer affected the radar system itself or only the computer-based component or either both at the same time. The Russian Air Force plans call for the installation of the Khibiny jammer on all its advanced jets.

John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent A similar no-go-zone seems to have been established not so long ago in the Persian Gulf. American warships reportedly left the area recently, which can only have two reasons: a rapprochement between Iran and the United States or the Germans helping the Rusussians who helped the Iranians with their electronics to drive the US navy out.

Maybe thus the German Reich has provided Russia with the technology it needs to rid the world of the Rothfilth scum. Time will tell.

The recent military attacks by Yemen against Saudi Arabia are very significant. Anybody familiar with the differences in military strength between those two countries will realize that Yemen, on its own, could not possibly win an armed conflict against Saudi Arabia, a country that with its vast oil money has armed itself to the teeth, just like Israel.

Somebody must be helping Yemen, and it can’t just be Russia and Iran. Those two countries combined might have the military strength to overpower Saudi Arabia, but the Saudi kingdom is a strategic partner of the United States and Russia and Iran wouldn’t take the risk of dragging the United States into the conflict just for the sake of stealing a few oil fields from the Saudis. I suspect that the German Reich is involved.
Marina Kalinova

Marina Kalinova “which can only have two reasons: a rapprochement between Iran and the United States or the Germans helping the Russians, who helped the Iranians with their electronics to drive the US Navy out. Maybe thus the German Reich has provided Russia with the technology it needs to rid the world of the Rothfilth scum.”

Very interesting logic! Seems that those Russians were not able to create anything by themselves without the great Germans!!! LMAO

 John D. Nugent
 John D. Nugent No, that is not what I mean, Marina KalinovaBut until now Russian and American tech have been about equal — and remember that the USA military budget is eight times the Russian budget since the Cold War ended in 1991. The Russian economy and population size are not comparable to the Soviet, about half the size. If suddenly Russian military tech zooms far ahead of America, it poses serious questions. Look
John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent USA 581 billion dollars, Russia 70 billion dollars.
I did a blog recently about WWII and excellent Russian-Soviet military technology back then:

…..Official Russian state TV 2006 documentary on Third Reich UFO weapons and the survival of the Wehrmacht and SS in the Antarctic AFTER 1945!!!  

Note, scoffers, the interviews with Russian Air Force GENERALS — IN UNIFORM. Then tell me how you somehow know more about German military activities in the Antarctic than Russian air force generals do.


…..End result?


In the 2009 movie “The Serious Man” by the famous Coen brothers, creepy Jews bring disaster down upon themselves. Stormclouds and  a whirlwind approach, and the American flag is about to flap right off the pole. 😉



The Jews feel doom is approaching. 😉



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