The day blacks robbed my dying father, 84, a Marine combat vet; Michael Walsh on white treason

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…..My politically-correct Republican father robbed in his hospital bed

Because I advocate a wartime alliance with anti-jewish blacks (29% of blacks are antisemitic, according to a 2009 ADL study;, some accuse me of being, as the infamous troll Carlos Porter claims, a “n—-r-lover.”

In their blind hate and jealousy, they have no idea of my true feelings.

My goal is to win. For that we may need allies.

Margi, whom I love and would defend to the death, was mugged twice and raped once by blacks in Washington DC. How dare they defame me as a “n—-r lover”? The truth is just meaningless to such vile people.

Now here is another story about race, and those whites who 1) keep their mouth shut and say nothing versus 2) those who do speak truth to the people and to the power.

I have often discussed my father, James Waddell Nugent, of Norman-British stock.

I wrote this after he passed in July 2012:

Reagan repeatedly asked my father to serve on the National Security Council…..


….but he smelled a rat in Colonel Ollie North, and he remained furious with Reagan over his incompetence in connection with the Marine Barracks Bombing in Beirut, Lebanon in October 1983, when over 220 Marines (plus 18 sailors and 3 soldiers) were killed unnecessarily.

Incredibly, the Marines guarding the barracks, in an outright war zone, were ordered to carry unloaded M-16 rifles, and thus were unable to even shoot at the suicide bomber whose pickup truck was barreling straight into the lobby of their building.  

 photo beirut_bombing-marine-barracks-distant-color-photo.jpg

 photo Marine-Barracks-Beirut_23-October-1983.jpg

His view, and mine, is that no man should be permitted to become Commander-in-Chief (President) who has not served in military uniform.

Civilians live in a different world.

The first thing I would do as President is restore universal military service for all young white men:

1) most of whom have not had a male authority figure in their teenage years at all, not in this age of rampant divorce and “shacking-up,”

2) and for the reason that every man must know how to defend himself, his family, his race and his true country in a hostile world, and that means to kill wicked men who cannot be reasoned with.

Dad was a distinguished Marine Corps veteran of World War Two, and fought the Japanese as a sergeant, later staff sergeant, at the battles of Iwo Jima, Tinian and Saipan.

Iwo Jima; the Marines raise the flag on Mount Suribachi.
Since America was then a 89% white nation, this was the best of the white race beating the 
best of the yellow race (in the form of the Japanese, who fought to the death, almost all 20,000 of them).

Later, my dad served with distinction as a lieutenant, then captain, in the Korean War.

In his dress-blue uniform as a Marine captain; my father was both a kind man to the deserving, and yet actually a very scary dude — and as people have found out, or yet will, I am just like him.  

 photo james-nugent-usmc-dress-blues-uniform.jpeg

Letter from a corporal about my father as a leader, written to his widow, my stepmother.

 photo ltr-praising-capt-nugent-korea-marine-edited.jpg

My father’s final rank was lieutenant colonel. He did not make a career out of the Marines after the US no-win-war policy began. It started in Korea, it disgusted him, and it has never stopped. In fact, the US has not won a major, war-deciding battle since D-Day in June 1944.

My father kept telling me how 50% of his officer class was killed or wounded, some severely, and asked “What was it all for, John? So many good, good men died.”)

Anyway, this is the shocking truth. While my father secretly agreed with me about almost everything, of course never ever in public would Mr. Country-Club Republican say anything about it.


The country-club-Republican played gold every weekend at Vero Beach Country Club (initiation fee $10,000 and the same in annual dues)






Dads teach their sons the game of golf, but it is also where one can make friends and meet potential clients. 



Of course, one is not a racist or antisemitw, just there are no blacks or Jews around 😉 ..


In one’s golden Cadillac one drives past the black section, past the Mexican neighborhood, and past the lousy houses of the poor Whites, who cannot afford to live in a lily-white neighborhood; their kids must attend school with blacks and browns;  black boys will try to seduce their daughters and bully their sons.


And I was the black sheep of the family for talking about the blacks and the Jews. In fact, I was disinherited and not even notified when my father died. I learned about it from a member of his church.

But no one can escape their karma, and while some of our bad karma is sins of commission (my father committed precious few of those sins; he was a good man, and helped many people), other bad karma is our sins of OMISSION, when you fail to do what you should and must.

My father never put his money seriously behind me, the white nationalist, his own son who was saying the truth. (He was a bit helpful in 1990 when I ran for Congress, but not as he could have been.)

And so his silence on the black danger finally caught up with him as he lay ailing in a Vero Beach, Florida rehabilitation clinic before he died.

I respect my father for what he did in life, but it disappointed me that he failed to do other things that he knew were right, and would admit were right — after a few Beefeater martinis. 😉 I still love him, and miss him, and ask my sins be forgiven, and may God forgive him his.

Henry Kissinger (former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State/foreign minister under Presidents Nixon and Ford); Providence (Rhode Island) mayor Buddy Cianci; and my father and Canadian stepmother Helen (a very nice lady, like most Canadians). (Father would say to me:”John, you can’t take on the Jews.” Nor did he. So just let them exterminate us?)

 photo kissinger-buddy-cianci-james-nugent-helen.jpeg

Anyway, two blacks, and then another, came into my father’s hospital rehab room, and stole his things. Clearly the black staff had tipped some other negroes off.

Worse, because my father suffered from insomnia from tinnitus, a ringing in his ears that began during the Korean War (from the noise of constant nearby explosions) and it worsened as he aged, he was awake, if groggy, as these crimes happened.

I feel so sorry for dad that he lost some precious WWII photos when the negroes stole his wallet.

 photo news-tip-wptv-ch-5-james-nugent-theft.jpeg


What is shocking is that this did not happen in the ghetto but in a very affluent area. God only knows how many other white, elderly patients have been robbed. How can you recuperate when you have to keep one eye open at 3 am for your things?

It is just psychopathic, and when I think of all the wars and battles my father went through, supposedly for his country, and how he treated the black Marines under him in Korea very, very well, this is sickening. Sickening COWARDICE.

DAD — from the beyond, bless me, at least now and from the next world — as I carry this message to our people and to our military.

The oath of every American serviceman is to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”




by Irish-British comrade and writer Mike Walsh


Are you fed up with government and eager for change? If your intention is to enter the world of protest expect your life to be exciting, inspiring and colourful. I did so in 1968 and I would change nothing. However, this ‘old  soldier’ would wish you to enter the fray armed with the right information  and skills. In EUROPE ARISE (Amazon) a section sets out the reasons  why the naïve need to be aware of the true nature of the state-police, state- journalists and state court system; this is the coin with three sides.

Journalists assassinate the character whilst the police and judiciary set out
to make anti-state dissent ineffective.

Let me explain by example: On the day of a protest march through  London, the News of the World, then the biggest circulation newspaper in  Britain, carried a headline; ‘Israel’s MOSSAD to assassinate British
Movement Fuhrer’. The front-page was salivating at the prospect of me  becoming George Lincoln Rockwell No. 2.


***JdN: Rockwell was murdered by a vengeful, psychopathic nerd named Patler whom he had expelled from the NSWPP party; the FBI had fired him up with lies that Rockwell was secretly working for the Jews, and that he wanted only blond, blue-eyed members, unlike the Greek immigrant Patler. The fact that Rockwell had dark eyes and hair, as did his successor, Matt Koehl, or a stormtrooper, the Italian-American Ralph Grandinetti (my very close friend and collaborator in the 1990s), became irrelevant in Patler’s nerd need to do something famous. “Primitive people believe what they wanna believe.” This is why defamation WORKS. Evil people project their own baseness on the pure of heart.

The fearless Rockwell confronted everyone, including the liberals’ darling, “the Reverend” Martin Luther King, a plagiarist, serial adulterer, and whoremonger.

Matt Koehl, Rockwell’s successor


Prior to an outdoor public meeting the local radio’s newscaster hysterically  urged the city’s united left to ‘engage the fascists’. The hard left did so.  Bloodied but unbowed, we were fortunate to escape with our lives. In both  cases the media incited violence and might easily have been accessory to murder.

In 1979 I published six fliers, the content of which, in perfectly reasonable manner, criticised Britain’s immigration policy. No way could the wording  be described as inflammatory. One leaflet was mostly a copy of “The White Man’s Burden,” Rudyard Kipling’s 1899 poem. Tens of thousands of the fliers were distributed without protest.

One day a knocking on the door; Special Branch officers handed me the  fliers. They wanted to know if I was the publisher. Naively, even proudly, I  agreed that I was and asked the two officers where was their problem?  They didn’t have a problem ~ I did. Charged, I was brought to trial; not a  magistrates court mind you. This was the full Mariinsky Theatre  performance, wigs and jury. The proceedings were as fixed and the  outcomes as predictable as any Stalinist show trial. It was me against the  state. I received 6 x 4 month prison sentences.

Down to the cells and onwards to Liverpool’s HMP Walton Gaol, a dark,  forbidding Victorian prison.

*** JdN: a recent headline about Walton Jail

 photo walton-gaol-michael-walsh.jpg


Strip-searched and ‘medically examined’ I  was shown into a cell holding a clearly deranged, confrontational inmate.

For an encore he had smeared his excrement over the cell’s brick walls.

During breakfast, a fellow prisoner expressed surprise at my difficulty. He  directed me to a prison warders’ information board placed at the end of my  wing. Clearly stated was the wording that under no circumstances must  anyone be placed in the cell with the unstable inmate. Only when I protested that the world would soon hear of what they had done was I  moved to another cell.

The outwitted prison officers then informed the coloured inmates the reason for my being a guest of Her Majesty. This resulted in violent   kicking of my cell door and their telling me ~ colourfully ~ of what they   planned to do to ‘a racist’.

No psychiatrist, I leave it to others to figure out the reason for such base betrayal of one’s own kind. Did prison officers want me isolated to reduce  ‘contamination of fellow prisoners’? How does one explain such police,  journalist and jurist wickedness?

I think this experience teaches valuable lessons. The police officers who charged and arrested me were White as was the presiding judge and  prosecuting counsel. The journalists, who lied and accused me of inciting  race hatred, were White as were the prison officers. Never make the  mistake of thinking the STASI or Khmer Rouge state-employed terrorists are an alien aberration of state hatred towards dissent. The West has their  state-employed self-haters too.

Here is the rub; I received much sympathy from our poor unemployed, the working class. I even won the grudging respect of members of the radical  left Socialist Workers Party. All my tormentors were White and wore state-purchased suits and uniforms.

 photo michael-walsh-collage-activist-photos.jpg

… We must have a new, organized spiritual community to root out the moral rot, cowardice, gossip, infighting and stupidity in ourselves!

Someone asked me why God does not intervene to save us from the Jews.

Maybe because this planet consists of selfish, stupid, cowardly people? 😉 Or those who in a previous life were that way and need to improve their karma now?

With your financial help, I will finish my religious project.

These key videos are part of it. How much more can we do if our people are noble in heart again!


40% of patients brought back from the dead on the operating table reported being conscious AFTER DEATH and many saw the famous “tunnel of light”! This was the largest-ever medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences, interviewing 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria.

Fog Shrouds Rural England As Cold Snap Continues


As the French say, “peu des science nous éloigne de Dieu, beaucoup de science nous y ramène,” “a little knowledge distances us from God; a lot of knowledge brings us back.”

Electron split experiment: This “electron double-slit” video is a sophisticated scientific cartoon that merits being seen twice — so it sinks in (and does not remain a mere factoid) that the whole universe is a holograph and definitely not entirely “real.” Electrons most certainly should not “care” whether we are looking at them or not! BUT like a diva, they do, indicating the whole physical universe is basically staged! As I say, watch it TWICE! Then start thinking what this means! The cartoon scientist is Fred Wolf, who is a Jew, but a legitimate physicist who fights atheism among scientists. In fact, all physics for the last 120 years points at the existence of a higher reality, not materialism. But his fellow Jews promote the idea that only the material world is real, God is a myth for the weak, and there is nothing else. When you die you are dead forever.


Wolf, however, is on a crusade to say “But modern science proves the very opposite, that it is this material world that is an illusion!” This electron anomaly was observed by the great mathematician Leonhard Euler of Switzerland and the famous American scientist and politician Ben Franklin already 250 years ago, and the experiment itself was first done by the British scientist Thomas Young in 1803:

. How can electrons act like both particle shooting forward (the arrows below) and yet also as waves? Why does it depend on whether you are looking at it??? What the heck is going on here? 😉 A bullet (particle) is simply not a wave. This is a definite anomaly and contradiction, suggesting God is dropping an enormous hint on us NOT to view this world as something to be taken overly seriously, but instead like a tearjerker movie or a romantic comedy. With movies, we simply accept the illogical things in the plot for the sake of the story. As the easy-going yet wise Italians say, “Si non è vero, è ben trovato.” = “If it is not true, still it is well told.” ;-)


Atheists try to debunk Wolf, a very experienced physicist, and the plain meaning of this electron double-slit experiment. They are also at pains to gloss over the “quantum leap” in modern physics, where an electron leaves an inner shell and goes instantly to an outer shell, with no lapse in time at all. But how can a physical object travel a distance in zero-comma-zero seconds? In reality, it is literally vanishing at the inner shell and re-appearing at the same time on the outer shell…. This too suggests the material world is an illusion, although a very elaborate one. The world is just a classroom for young souls, an elementary school. ;-)double-slit

There is indeed a totally opposite way to explain — that everything is real, everything is matter, even heaven and God, and where we go when we die is just to a higher-frequency area. Then there is no more dichotomy between spirit and matter, religion and science, and people have less of a sense of us talking about fairy tales here, God being unfortunately the biggest fairy tale of all to the materialists. What we really are talking about is a “multiverse,” not a universe, with many dimensions existing and all occupying the same space — but on different frequencies.


In the same way, your house is occupied by cell phone calls, tv signals, microwave, wireless internet perhaps too, and of course radio — and all are occupying and penetrating the same house from top to bottom, all co-existing, and interwoven, but usually not interfering with each other. They are usually smoothly separated (except a microwave oven can cause static on a radio). In this scientific way of seeing reality plus religion, it is normal for an electron to vanish and reappear — It ducked into another dimension, where none of the rules of our dimension apply at all. It made a shortcut.


One has to think outside the box, or one cannot explain an electron being both a particle and a wave and vanishing and reappearing elsewhere at the same moment. God is dropping here some really big hints that He exists, and if scoffers scoff, He is just fine with that too. ;-)

Note that in this article on quantum mysticism single Jew scientist listed — Einstein, Murry Gell-Man and Steven Weinberg — attacks the fact that modern physics supports the existence of God, and the Aryan scientists line up supporting the truth that modern physics proves God’s existence.

(But this god is neither a senile old man in a white beard nor some forgive-everything sort of yin being, or cutesy Baby Jesus. It is a realistic, stern, law-giving Father figure who gives everyone only what they deserve.)

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion advocate strongly that the goyeem be made atheistic, because then they will fear to die and, thinking they do not have a soul (just a myth, they are told), they fear they will be dead forever.

MOST then prefer to live a long life as a slave, not a short life as a hero, and refuse to make the supreme sacrifice, laying their life down for 1) the safety and future of their women and children, and 2) the survival of their race and nation.

Atheism = worrying about dying

Theism = God expects every man to do his duty, and you will face His fury in both life and death if you choose to live on as a coward — as your women and children are taken and physically or morally destroyed.

If you wish to join the Jews and scoff at God, then you will fall into a pit of despair and end up like Lasha Darkmoon, who lists all the reasons we supposedly are doomed: This is God’s universe; you better believe in Him. Without Him, without Divine aid, then Lasha is right and it is over.


PART 2 – A

PART 2 – B

PART 2 – C


On the subject of reincarnation, see also this important webpage: (In German:



My encounter with one of the most reputable “seers” in America and, it seems, through her with my deceased British grandfather from Yorkshire!



  1. A long-time friend and comrade, Roy Armstrong, wrote me,:

    Interesting fellow, your father.

    Mine was also beaten and robbed by a Black in 1970, while carrying out his work in Seattle’s central district. He hit him with a metal rod on his chest since he only had one dollar in his wallet. That really did not make an armed robbery worthwhile; I do indeed understand the negro’s logic.

    Father died just a month or so after that of a heart attack. No doubt this blow did not do him any good!

    I still think that collaboration is possible with Jew-wise blacks.

    Another comrade, Duncan, wrote me:

    A very moving account for me at times, an opening of your heart and spirit to the public not an easy thing at times . I too have the same emotional intensity.

    I agree with you in what you say you can only judge people by their actions. Taking just a mental approach does not not express the Spiritual part of a person whether in body or soul. You must also feel for a person, for that is how you love. T

    here are those that say there is no afterlife and no judgment but if you are innately a good person you judge yourself due to inner knowledge gained from life to life.

    There is no learning without pain of one sort or another.

    I too have learned lessons in this life which will stand me in good cause in the future, the aim being to become a Higher spiritual being and Love is the Inner core of that. Those that you love you will never lose; they will be with you.

    I just wish more people had an inner higher understanding as to our raison d’être of life. I think you do,


    and best wishes

  2. Another comment, on Facebook, from Angel Powell:

    Angel A. Powell Very moving story of you & your father. I am very impressed that you still have the utmost respect & love for him even though he disinherited you. He never should have chosen political correctness over his son. You were & are a good son.
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 20 hrs

    John D. Nugent Thank you, Angel. I remember how I was in awe of him as a boy. When he put his Marine office dress-blue uniform on, he was like a god to me. 😉

    It hurt to realize that that he was brave only in a group, and for a media-approved cause. 🙁

    But he also felt that silence about the Jews was “realistic.”

    I understand that too — but where does that leave us?!

  3. A comrade in California wrote me:

    Recently, I was standing in line at the checkout counter of a supermarket when a Black guy who was next to me and ahead of me in line glanced at me and smiled in a friendly way, and I used this opening to launch into a spiel about chemtrails. I told him that for the first time a scientist had written a paper about this subject, and now there was solid material evidence, for the first time, that chemtrails were real. The scientist had identified the substance as an industrial waste product, namely, the ash that comes out of chimneys when coal is burned, the so-called “fly ash” of coal combustion. This coal fly ash was known to be toxic, and in America, and in other developed nations, it was illegal for this stuff to be released directly into the air – a device on top of the chimney was required, which would collect it, and prevent it from becoming airborne. This hazardous industrial waste product was being deliberately sprayed into the atmosphere, I told him, the excuse being global warming.

    The guy shook his head. “Like Agent Orange!” he said.

    Then I told him that our country was being taken over, and Blacks and Whites needed to get together, because we were the two largest groups of people who had been in the country for generations, and were accustomed to its freedom. He responded, “Yeah, we’ve been here!” Then, referring to the flood of immigrants, he said, “Look around, it’s everywhere. The banks, the stores, everything. There’s nothing we can do. It’s a done deal.”

    “Over my dead body!” I said.

    This produced quite a response in him. His face became animated. He began talking about Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army.

    At this point he finished paying for his groceries, and it was my turn to pay.

    “It’s the Jews,” I said to him as he was leaving.

    Still very animated, he nodded his head in agreement.

    John, I think there is hope in the Black folks.

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