The cosmogony of Virtus — how God, various gods, and our world of suffering came into being

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There is no universe, but a multiverse, and like various gods, angels and demonic entities, we come from a higher dimension down to this one to learn lessons, to help and guide others, or to harm or destroy ourselves and others. As Alphonse de Lamartine immortally expressed it: “Man is a fallen god — who remembers the heavens.” This is literally the case. We are fallen gods — transdimensionals — who remember a much better place, because ruled by enlightened beings. WHICH WE ARE NOT. 😉 National socialism was a kind of heaven on earth, and reflected the higher cosmic order that many, but not all if us, are processed through between lives.

But there IS a Creator God, wise, just, loving — and so very tough, and so Christianity has survived because, despite the 30% Jewish element that is toxic and even lethal,  70% of it is true –  the beliefs stolen from the Aryans. 😉 ,

The Aryan things in Christianity include free will, worshiping a good creator god, the immortality of the soul, (temporary) heavens for the good and hells for the bad, and the rejection of the worship of various squabbling, lying, jealous, shape-shifting “gods” who are basically evil alien assholes.


Mayan temple objects actually show Greys.


“Yesh, chop them hearts out or — LMFAO — we’ll put out the sun!”


Mayans sacrifice white men in 700 AD (mural on the wall of the Chichen Itza temple) in Guatemala, 800 years before Columbus.


Christianity is right; there are wicked pagan religions and demon gods. But the joke is that Yahweh is is one of them.


AIP plate XXIX Chichen Itza p320

Michelangelo got it right when he portrayed Moses with horns growing out of his head.


**In this 1955 file photo Charlton Heston in charecter as Moses in "The Ten Commandments." Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the chariot-racing "Ben-Hur" and portrayed Moses, Michelangelo, El Cid and other heroic figures in movie epics of the '50s and '60s, has died. He was 84. (AP Photo/American Movie Classics, FILE)




The Lord of the Jews; his cherubs look evil or scared (Michelangelo, Sixtine Chapel, Vatican)


This blog was originally a further reflection on my movie review of “God of Egypt,” found here:

Reviews of “Frozen” and “Gods of Egypt” (FREE HERE!)

…..Cosmogony (who are the gods?) of the religion Virtus



(He, a being full of tough love and free will, more male than female, was simply bored and lonely, and so He created time and space, and a universe of many dimensions – a multiverse, actually.



He then peopled it with beings endowed with an immortal soul and free will.

What point, after all, is a controlled friend who has no choice but to be your friend, because he fears or needs you? Why not just create a robot?

What point is an inflatable sex doll?

Or what point is a wife who does not love you, but is merely a “gold digger”? Or a man who just wants a woman for sex, or to be his “trophy wife” so he can brag to his “friends”?

Do we use our free will to become egomaniacs, or to care, help, and lift each other up, and give real friends real advice, and honest, constructive criticism?

Only genuine friendship and love count, not forced obedience, rule by fear, or the cold, implicitly contractual relationships which we see all over — both sides want something.

The Great Spirit is into “tough love.” He absolutely lets us become egotistical, selfish, even cowards – takers, not makers — and reap the consequences. He cannot force us to learn, so He sighs — and wisely lets us suffer.

….. like letting your son get fired for laziness and then be broke. It is LOVE to let him suffer poverty.

It is LOVE to tell a friend he is getting dangerously FAT, not “body shaming.”

“To have a friend, be a friend,” as Emerson said, and the selfish have no friends because they refuse to be a friend, and they find this out when their luck runs out. No ancestor or guardian angel on the other side will help an egotistical jerk. (“Let his selfish friends help him, LOL…” 😉 )

But God, the Great Spirit, encourages and helps those who choose to rise above their animal level of piglike greed, rabbitlike cowardice, doglike subservience, sheeplike stupidity, ratlike theft, and wolflike ferocity.

The Great Spirit, or “God” with a capital G, is an Aryan, meaning in Sanskrit He is noble.

He is wise and allows us to make mistakes — and then come to Him afterward — sorrowful, seeking enlightenment and a better path.

Since He does not want slaves, He must allow us to make mistakes – and approach Him in prayer, and of our own accord, when we are shocked, disgusted at ourselves and the world, humbled at our failings, ready to shut up and finally listen for a change, and chastened — desirous of becoming noble, brave, wise, and caring Aryans just as He is.)


Below this Great Spirit are the many dimensions of the multiverse.

The higher dimensions consist of advanced beings, who have been granted the power, which they do not abuse, to create cities, even entire worlds, incredibly beauty, art and deep and joyful relationships. Religions call these higher dimensions heavens, and these beings angels.

The SS Ahnenerbe was in touch with these higher beings, who gave limited help with technology, but simply refused to fight our battles for us. We do not deserve to be rescued if we do not fight ourselves. And even 97.4% of the Germans voted against the well-known Hitler in the May 1928 Reichstag election. Only the Great Depression, mass starvation, and fear of communism (which was next door under Stalin) woke them up by brute force. No, the unevolved white race on this specific planet did not deserve then, and it does not deserve now, to be saved while we scratch our hinies, squabble as the Jews close in for the kill, and stuff burgers in our mouth. 😉


The lower dimensions, however, is where we are. 😉

We here on earth are in a mid-level dimension, with a mix of good and bad beings. There are true hells further beneath us, where Jews, pedophiles, satanists, Illuminati and others are sentenced — and there everyone is just like them, a predator. It is like a Devil’s Island, an open-air prison for the worst criminals. You must be on your guard at every second and can trust no one. Or you will be stolen from, raped, tortured and killed, over and over and over — yes, until you decide of your own free will that this life as a mere beast with a brain is disgusting, there must be something better, and you want to rise above it, and to have a true friend by being a true friend.

In this middle dimension, we may be guided and protected by higher beings (our own loving ancestors or angels, who are literally assigned to watch our progress, and who have graduated themselves through many incarnations from the low, earth-human stage).

Or we are at the total mercy of either uncaring beings on the other side who use us and our foibles for their fun and entertainment, or we are delivered to outright demonic forces. All who dabble in the occult beware!

Ouija boards (see the next two graphics), excessive alcohol and other drugs, and even sex if too much, perverted or adulterous, can open a portal and invite evil spirits into your life. Sex is called “la petite mort” in French, meaning “the little death.” Part of your life energy leaves you during orgasm, and you feel exhausted, esp. from sex without love (masturbation!). If you flagrantly go looking for trouble, your guardian angels, who also have free will, will walk away from you with disgust. As the French also say, “a guilty pleasure is no pleasure at all.”



This universe we are in is full of beings just like us: good, bad and inbetween.

We are no saints, so we do not deserve saintly rulers.

In fact, 99% of us in an earlier life rejected Adolf Hitler, whether Germans, Americans, Brits or whatever.

If French, we applauded Joan of Arc when she was winning but stood there and did nothing as she was burned alive, and most notoriously the king of France did not lift a finger for her, jealous of her fame. In the 1790s some of these nobles, reincarnated, went to the guillotine.




We all know about Jesus. He imagined that He, His miracles, which were real, and His new religion of love and the rejection of the craze for money would soften the Jews and straighten out their hearts! LOL!

New Living Translation

Matthew 15:24
Then Jesus said to the woman, “I was sent only to help God’s lost sheep–the people of Israel.”

He SAYS He was NOT sent to the Gentiles!

His gentle religion was meant to tame the dangerous Jews, not pussify the Gentiles. “Love thy enemy,” “be my sheep and I your shepherd,” and “turn the other cheek” were designed to defang Jewry! Jesus was an advanced being who incarnated in an attempt to save the world by radically detoxifying Judaism.


“The Blessed Mary and Jesus”, by Adolf Hitler, Munich 1912


Jesus was a prodigy as a child, and the grizzled Temple elders stood around him asking him questions and “marveling at His answers.”


“Be like sheep, Jews, not wolves, and I will care for you as the good shepherd.”


(I had to throw this in. 😉 )


“Blessed are the meek, judge not, love thy enemies, for God is love, and pray for those who persecute you. Give Caesar what is Caesar’s, because my kingdom is not of this world.”


This very amusing collection of scenes from “The Life of Brian” by Monty Python, a send-up of the Jesus story, shows the Jews were stark-raving mad, especially the scene “What have the Romans ever done for us? Oh, yeahhh…” It is found at 18:40-20:05

(Spoiler: As the Jewish revolutionary asks rhetorically “What have the Romans ever done for us?!” one by one, his followers start adding up all the benefits: 1) the aqueduct, 2) sanitation, 3) the roads, 4) irrigation 5) medicine, 6) education, 7) the wine, 8) public baths, 9) safe streets, 10) brought peace. 😉 )

The torture and murder of Jesus was unjust, horrific and tragic, but ultimately otherwise a very good thing, because it meant that the founder of a major world religion, and one based on peace, love and brotherhood, was murdered by the Jews.

Think about it:

Krishna, the Buddha, Zoroaster, and Lao Tse (Taoism), were not killed by the Jews.

This is one important reason why Christianity (and its beautiful music and churches) must continue — in some purified form minus the Shaul/Saul/Paul bullcrap that exculpated the Jews, claiming God wanted Jesus to die to de-sin us, all of us having being condemned to hell –somehow — because Adam ate an apple four thousand years before, a doctrine Jesus never enunciated, but Shaul/Saul/Paul did.

Naah, the Jews killed Jesus because this direct descendant of King David (as they concede, JUST AS THEY CONCEDE HE PERFORMED MIRACLES),


and even hardened Roman officers came to him for healings

Men who came to Jesus: The Roman Soldier

…..this membe of the royal house exposed them publicly as murderous, lying, arrogant, hypocritical, thieving bastards whose spiritual father was Satan (John 8:44). THE TALMUD ABSOLUTELY SAYS JESUS WAS REAL.








A hundred other reformers and warriors for the good got little or no support from the masses. Tesla invented free energy over a hundred years ago, yet we still drive polluting gasoline-engine cars, which pollute our air and cost $50+ a week to fill up the tank, creaking old technology from the 1890s! The man died in poverty in 1943 in a Manhattan apartment full of birds! He should have gotten two Nobel Prizes at least, one for inventing AC, alternating current, and the other (sorry, Marconi) for inventing radio!


So we earth humans have no right to whine if we suffer. As a whole, we are a selfish, stupid and cowardly race who despise truth tellers.

We are, sorry, basically a white-trash planet. Individuals can acquire good karma here, and in fact especially on such a difficult, Wild West planet, but never expect the masses to appreciate them, who consist of young souls coming up a reincarnation conveyor belt from the lower beastworlds.

Now, the “gods” in which all our ancestors (of all races — white, yellow, brown and black) have believed and either loved or feared are not the Great Spirit, not God with a capital G.





They were and they are aliens and transdimensional beings, who are either good, bad or inbetween, but they did not create the universe, nor are they all-wise and good.

They were real and they are real, but are never to be worshipped in place of the real God.

As the Buddha, an enlightened white Aryan with blue eyes, said, just ignore them, leave them alone, and purify your own life. Get on the noble path.


And in reality, we all are transdimensionals, because we all transfer over from the many dimensions of the “dead” — people who are not alive HERE in our dimension — and we enter this dimension, and incarnate on this planet.

In reality, no one ever dies for even one second. We just go somewhere else.

What are we really, the humans on this planet earth?


To be honest, with a few wonderful exceptions, we are young souls, who in earlier lives were animals, and we need to keep the good qualities we had as those animals — while adding a higher consciousness and an awareness of the good, the brave and the beautiful.

Adolf Hitler retained the warlike resolution of the wolf, and was in fact nicknamed “Wolf” by his closest friends in the Wagner family. His German name, Adolf, originally was “Adelwolf” in Old High German, meaning “the Noble Wolf.”





So his nature was fierce and alpha-wolf, the natural leader of the pack.



In his last life he was an Irish nobleman from County Westmeath, Count Laval Nugent, 1777-1862 (, and as a Catholic could not serve in the British Army. Instead, he became an officer in the military of Catholic Austria. He learned German, he began to love the German and Austrian people, he became a patron of the arts, and he rose from lieutenant to field marshal, he won the highest award of the Austrian Empire, the Order of Maria Theresia, and he was given a castle by the emperor near Zagreb, Croatia, then part of the Austrian Empire.

His wife was Giovanna Riario-Sforza, 1797-1855, (of the ancient and powerful Sforza family, dukes of Milan), and daughter of the Marquess of Coleto and Beatrix von Lausitz.


Her bust sculpted by the Dane Thorvaldsen (1770-1844, the greatest sculptor of his time and a Danish national hero; in 1822


They had five beautiful children.


Count Laval Nugent was a tremendous collector of the arts, he promoted the Croatian language, he entered the Croatian Parliament, and he created in Trsat Castle, which he restored, the first museum in the nation of Croatia. (Most of the collection now being in the capital, Zagreb, by decision of the Tito communists, who also had the bones of Count Nugent and his wife removed from their mausoleum and thrown in a common grave in the Rijeka cemetery.)

The onetime Nugent Mausoleum today, down on the lower level with the two doric pillars. On the doric temple up above it, the Croatian words on the frieze, “Mir junaka,” mean “”the peace of the hero” and refer to the count/field marshall/bearer of the medal of the Maria Theresa Order, Laval Nugent.


As the Croatian Wikipedia article on the count states (translated)

Count Laval Nugent began the restoration of the medieval Trsat castle in 1837, which was the first such restoration in Croatia, establishing therein also a museum in his desire to merge his passions (for art, for his and his wife’s family heritage, and his fascination with the Frankopan dynasty of Croatia that once owned the castle).

The “Nugent Museum” was to combine the mausoleum of the Nugent family with his great collection of art, created from family sources and from purchasing Frankopan art. The idea was realized in the official opening of the Nugent Museum in 1843.

The collection included a dozen ancient sculptures and 1,500 ancient Greek vases (excavated near Naples, and now found in the Archaeological Museum of Croatia in Zagreb ),as well as thirty ancient Greco-Roman busts, a coin collection, bronze sculptures, Renaissance and Baroque furniture, a collection of documents, a collection of prints depicting people who were in direct contact with the Nugent family, a separate collection of Frankopan items (furniture, documents, weapons, a series of portraits of family members) and more than 200 images taken from the collections of the noble Italian family d’Este (of Ferrara and Modena) and Foscari (in Venice).

With this collection in Trsat, [the coastal city of] Rijeka was for a time a cultural center of European importance. [….] The bulk of the collection is now in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb and the Maritime Museum of the Croatian Coast. Regarding the importance of the collection, in 1894 the historian Ferdo Sisic, who transferred 86 crates of art from the Nugent Museum in Trsat to Zagreb’s Croatian National Theater (today the Archaeological Museum), enthusiastically welcomed them with the words: “This is a legacy that has raised particularly the value of our museum, as it is now, presumably, after the Hofmuseum in Vienna, the first museum in the [Austro-Hungarian] Empire, especially due to the [ancient] sculptures.”

Website in English of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb:


Head of a Roman woman, probably the Empress Plautilla (lived AD 185-212), from the Count Nugent collection


Roman coin with a profile of Plautilla


Roman glass vases from the Count Nugent collection, found in the Naples area


Greek ceramic vases


Greco-Roman statue of a woman


This is why Hitler in many ways acted so Irish — like an Irish-Norman aristocrat, not a drunken Irishman — and had dark hair and blue eyes, and became a magical, spell-binding speaker, a very un-German thing. He was NOT a typical German, nor was his party, sporting a blood-red flag (like the communists!), a Hindu swastika (there was nothing traditionally German about this symbol), and bearing a name with the words “socialist worker” in it, in any way a typical right-wing party.

Was Adolf Hitler an Irishman?

Similar chin, bags under the eyes, blue eyes, cheekbones, and ridge over the eyebrows as Hitler




Castle Dubovac of Count Nugent


This Croatian stamp features the castle.


He also bought this castle, Trsat in Rijeka, Croatia, where he is buried:


The same castle, upper-left.



But the soul who became Hitler in one episode of his many lives was also evolved — though not completely — to a higher synthesis of yin and yang, of Venus and Mars, and learned to showed great kindness as well. He had developed new traits of caring, tenderness, chivalry and respect for others.






With a Danish female friend, who sat next to him in the VIP box at the 1936 Berlin Olympics; she later was John F. Kennedy’s girlfriend


There is no doubt in my mind that she and JFK had “pillow talk” about Hitler, whom Kennedy and his father, Joseph Kennedy Senior, already saw as a great man. The FBI tapped JFK’s phone and shadowed him, suspecting him and her of being “Nazi agents.”



Hitler’s mentor, Dietrich Eckart, helped these gentler virtues to flower in him, the warmth, and so Hitler dedicated Mein Kampf to him.


This was the first title in 1925 of Mein Kampf, reflecting the intense frustration and bitterness with the masses that every old soul can slip into feeling, (LOL) “Four and a half years of struggle (Kampf) against lies, stupidity and cowardice, a settling of accounts, by Adolf Hitler”


It was cut down to 😉


In his next lives, the being whose name was Adolf Hitler between the years 1889-1945, and politics was the answer, will learn and grow further.



That being was not perfect in that 1889-1945 life — nor do earth humans deserve, or appreciate, a perfect leader. The masses WANT a politician who will lie to them and tell them they will be great again. The masses were never great!



This was autographed in Wisconsin by Trump to Mike Delaney


Rhode Island College girl in a tizzy at encountering Senator Barack Obama in 2008; yeah, he really went on to bring the races together 😉



And a young soul who was a dog, should retain his loyalty, courage and love of fun and play. But he must rise above servile whimpering, submissiveness and slavelike obedience.


He or she who was a sheep should keep their gentle, cooperative and peaceful nature when around those who are good


— but turn off the tv and smartphone, read the great books of the human race for a change, think logically and clearly about reality, and expand their mind and interests.



Above all else, get the great literature out of the library, devour high spiritual writings, and then go for a walk and think intensively about these things, process and apply it to yourself, then pray from a pure heart to 1) their guardian angels and 2) their most loving ancestors on the other side for further enlightenment.

I did exactly this, in 2011, a park above Natrona, Pennslvania.


I did not understand why, as my father once cynically said to me (and to my disbelief) “People believe what they wanna believe.”

She or he who was a rabbit must retain the ability to sense danger and leave if that is the best course. But there are times to fight back and even kill as well, and as God is tough love, so Aryans must be willing and able to obey the will of the Great Spirit and kill the wicked to stop them from further sinning and harming still more of the innocent.

In “Witness,” an undercover cop (played by Harrison Ford) living with the Amish (assigned to protect a little boy who witnessed a drug murder on a day trip to Philadelphia and who needs to testify in court) becomes infuriated when he sees the gentle, peaceful Amish being bullied. it is a great wisdom to realize that peace and love are not alway the answer, but in fact “there is a time for every thing under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes)





Those who were pigs may be very sensitive — to their own needs! – and just pig out on what they want. They should retain a healthy instinct for getting the true necessities of life, but learn the joy of sharing, and experience the deep, quiet, solid satisfaction of helping others who actually deserve it, and will truly appreciate it. Never help users, takers and con artists! That is merely increasing the evil in the world and empowering the evildoers!

Those who were rats – such as the Jews 😉 – should retain their admirable cleverness and relentlessness, but stop stealing and taking from others, and then only will they stop being viewed as parasites, pests and loathsome nuisances. Everywhere in the world, people without sentimentality call in the exterminator, and the Jews should beware that the universe will get drastic on them again.

The Chinese calendar speaks of human types in terms of animals and you may find it very fascinating and accurate.

Yes, this is just a silly placemat in a Chinese restaurant, but there is great wisdom in the so-called Chinese zodiac, and in the ancient Chinese culture for those who dig deeper and not just eat egg rolls and go home. In the inner ring of the wheel, check your year of birth if born after the first new moon of January; otherwise use the previous year and animal sign.



For example, being born in 1954 (on July 14 of that year), I am, yes , I admit it, a classic “Horse,” though I have worked on the flaws in this type, and studied all this 50 years ago. When my father took mom and us kids to a Chinese eatery, I of course read the placemat and then went to the library and got out books on all this. 😉

Shergar was a famous racehorse, then stud horse — but was abducted and tragically murdered by Irish gangsters when the two-million ransom was not paid. His case made me think about race and the power of genes — because every horse-racing aficionado knows, and the kidnappers knew, that it is the genes make the finest horses…… Two million for a stud horse.


Are You a Horse?

Unless your birthday falls in January or February, you can be sure you are a Horse if you were born in one of the years mentioned above. If your birthday fell before Chinese New Year (the first day of the New Year falls on the new moon between 21 January and 20 February) in your birth year, then you will be a Snake, the zodiac sign before the Horse.

The Horses’ Personality: Active, Energetic…

People born in a year of the Horse are extremely animated, active and energetic. Horses love to be in a crowd, and they can usually be seen on such occasions as concerts, theater performances, meetings, sporting events, and parties.

With a deft sense of humor, Horses are masters of repartee. They love to take center stage and delight audiences everywhere.

Demonstrating in front of my professors and fellow students at Georgetown


Georgetown Hoya Feb 15 1979 Nazi

Running and nearly winning the GOP primary for Congress in 1990

McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville





Interrupting Bill Clinton, Elie Wiesel, and the opening of the US Holocaust Museum Wikipedia Biography of John de Nugent (supplemented)jdn-bullhorn-stage-millions-dead-holo-museum-april-1993


During the James von Brunn crisis in July 2009



On the Discovery Channel in 2010




Sometimes, the Horse is a little self-centered, but it doesn’t mean that s/he can not be interested in others’ problems. Horses are really more cunning than intelligent, and that is probably why most Horse people lack real confidence.

[I too sensed I had a need of more real and practical wisdom. I accidentally saw my IQ Stanford-Binet-Wechsler test report in 1964, hidden in a shoebox in the coat closet, and it said kids like me (99.9570883466%) really need to get out of their room and be with average people, work with their hands, do sports and hobbies with others, and be assigned regular chores like regular kids — and not be reading books up in their room all day like The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, which I inhaled at seven. 😉 ]


Good Health for “Horses”

Basically Horses are very healthy, most likely because they hold a positive attitude towards life. However, heavy responsibility or pressure from their job may make them weak. Therefore Horses shouldn’t do overtime too often, and then come home very late. Also Horses should refuse some invitations to parties at night. [So true of me.]

What Are the Best Careers for “Horses”

Jobs involving communicating with others attract Horses most. The Horse sign stands for leadership, management, and decision-making. Horses dislike taking orders.

The Horse can make it in any career that demands neither solitude nor meditation, for he is an extrovert and he needs to be surrounded by people who approve of him and flatter him. [Beyond that, and I see through that… Flatterers are users and manipulators.]

Good career choices for Horses include: publicist, sales representative, journalist, language instructor, translator, bartender, performer, tour operator, librarian or pilot. [I have done all the jobs in bold myself!]

How to Build Relationships with “Horse People”?

People born in a year of the Horse have a pleasant, amiable, easy-going disposition. With good humor and geniality, they are extremely comfortable to get along with, as they have the ability of instantly putting people at their ease.

Horses are very quick-witted and are right in there with you before you have had the chance to finish what you were saying; they are on to the thought in your mind even before you’ve expressed it. All these guarantee their popularity and a large following of friends.


You can determine your animal sign and description here:

……So, to return to the topic of the movie “Gods of Egypt”

It is fiction but reveals a lot of truth.

Socrates, in the dialogues of Plato, shows that intelligent Ancient Greeks viewed the gods as real nd sometiomes noble but often nasty and egotistical beings with powers we earth humans lack.
This is why Vedanta Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and its offshoot, Jesus Christianity, arose — in the search for the real thing, the Great Spirit, the real GOD of the UNIVERSE, the source of justice, wisdom, love and beauty. and not the “lower-case” gods who are just fellow creatures with tech a hundred years ahead of ours.
A comrade wrote me:

Yes, “Gods of Egypt” is a great movie, and I suspect that even the production team doesn’t fully understand all the implications they hit on.

If I weren’t where I am in my education, I would have at least regarded it as a good representation of the Egyptian mythology with today’s technology. The fact that they made the Earth flat reflects that layer of the story.

But given that I’m working with a world-view that these “myths” have to have a kernel of truth in them, and have to reflect something that actually happened, whether on this planet or another, then this movie is pretty compelling.

Look how they depicted the transformed Horus and Set. They look more like they are wearing technological battle-suits to me. [JdN: = This is tech, not airy-fairy, religious mumbo-jumbo.]

And with the great research of people like [Oxford University PhD] Joseph P. Farrell, for those of us that have really dug deep and can see more than just the surface, as I thought it would be when I saw the trailer, this movie is throwing a lot of info out there that is, whether intentional or unintentional, very compelling hints as to the fact that these beings we call gods are in fact just beings.






John, please check out this guy, the Aztec “god of merchants” [JdN: even called “the god of the nose!”]: Yacatecuhtli and Yahweh [or Ya-HO-Vah as it was more accurately pronounced] are just a bit too similar to be just a coincidence. So who was/is he? Right? Not just some figment of imagination, nor the actual creator of the universe.

I don’t think I ever told you, but last year when I was listening to Tim Murdock’s shows, I bolted up in bed as I was falling asleep one night when I realized that the swastika isn’t just a symbol. I had an epiphany that there are right and left hand rotation swastikas because they represent how counter-rotating based plasma power-sources work. It’s something that we’ve been given to help remind us of our very ancient past, but it takes piecing together a lot of different elements spread out across the globe to realize this. Then I realized as I continued to listen that I’m not the only person to figure this out, and that others are miles ahead of me.

So yea, this movie is saying things that only someone who has been down our paths, or headed down our paths, can understand. The great masses just aren’t awake enough to even begin to understand the messages in this movie.

…..How you can support Virtus and a new path for our race


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


  1. Mr. de Nugent, you are the only one so far who has written about God/Spirituality in the way I believe it to be as well. You are an incredible thinker and hero of the Aryan race. I’ve listened to every video with you in it on YouTube. Your perspective has put me at ease; knowing someone else believes the same. I feel so incredibly drawn to you. You are a marvel. I feel very isolated on this planet. I really don’t identify with anyone except one best friend who I consider my sister. I’ll send a donation in what I can. I would love to stay updated with your new posts. I hope I can meet you in person one day. I feel very connected to you.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging praise and support. 🙂

    I had a wonderful synchronicity yesterday. I was at the local “TruValue” hardware store here in Ontonagon on Lake Superior, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and was thinking all that morning how best to proceed with my religious plans.

    I bought an item, and then the customer behind me, an older gent with blue eyes, brought an item, and smiled at me.

    Then the clerk called out the tally:
    ($14.88)……………. 😉

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