The Clintons’ war on women by Stone and Morrow

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…..Great new book by Robert Morrow and Roger Stone

I have constantly run Robert Morrow exposés on the Clintons, Bushes and the John Kennedy murder by LBJ.

Here is the exciting new work by Morrow –  and Roger Stone.

…..The Clintons’ War on Women

clintons-war-women-roger-stone-robert-morrow[All photos and italicized captions were added by me, JdN. Morrow is not an antisemite or white nationalist, nor is Roger Stone.]

The Clintons’ War on Women – by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow – now up on Amazon. The definitive expose of the Clintons & focusing on their decades-long abuse of women.

Publisher: Skyhorse. Release date: October 13, 2015

          Here is  the web link to buy The Clintons’ War on Women.

From Robert Morrow     Austin, TX

          War on Women aims to be the definitive expose of the Clintons. Legendary political operative Roger Stone teams up with historian and political researcher Robert Morrow to lay out the shocking and stunning truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton: they have spent a lifetime abusing and violating women. It is The Clintons’ War on Women and Stone and Morrow delineate the decades of abuse in detail.

          In many ways this book is a companion to Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, and while Stone and Morrow recap some of the Clintons’ epic greed and corruption, this book focuses on their nonfinancial crimes and deeply personal violations of the people they crush in their demonic quest for power.

          War on Women follows the Clintons through their lives of Bill’s rapes, serial sexual assaults and the terror campaigns, directed by Hillary Clinton, on Bill’s sex victims and former girlfriends. War on Women also details acts of Clinton violence such as the near fatal beating of Gary Johnson, the lawyer for Larry Nichols, on June 26, 1992. The multiple Clinton beatings in the 1990’s of former Clinton-insider turned Clinton-nemesis Larry Nichols are also covered.

          Stone and Morrow state that feminist Hillary believes that Bill’s female sex victims have the Right to Remain Silent and that anything these abused women say can and will be used against them… by the Clintons.


          War on Women gives an overview of the murder of the Branch Davidians on April 19, 1993 – and reveals which of the Clintons gave the order for the insane and murderous final assault at Waco. This same person also was the one who fired the White House Travel office in May, ordered Vince Foster’s body dumped off White House premises in July and who was in charge in 1993 of the signature Clinton Health Care fiasco.

          The Clintons as murderers? Stone and Morrow refer the readers to that tragic day in Waco  when 76 people were murdered by the Clintons right in front of the nation’s eyes, including 23 children and 2 pregnant women. Hillary Clinton has stated that It Takes a Village to raise a child. War on Women demonstrates that it takes a Clinton to murder a village and tells you exactly who did that at Waco. War on Women shows exactly who was the Co-President and the “shot caller” in the early (and later) years of the Clinton Administration.


          Roger Stone teams with Robert Morrow, one of the nation’s foremost experts on the Clintons, to expose blockbuster but little known secrets such as which disgraced political figure is the real biological father of Chelsea Clinton. The real father of Chelsea is not Bill Clinton and the truth about who Chelsea’s real father actually is is the Clintons’ greatest shame. This blockbuster truth is an explosive Clinton family fact that many in the politics and the MSM have known for decades but have refused to tell the voters and readers.

          Was Hillary having an affair with her Rose Law Firm partners Vince Foster and Webb Hubbell? War on Women lets you know that and what was the motivating cause of Vince Foster’s suicide. The Clintons know, the FBI knew, Ken Starr knew and now the readers of War on Women will know.

          Stone and Morrow reveal that the death of Vince Foster was in fact a suicide and not a murder as so many on the “right wing” have suspected for decades. There were, however, several major cover-ups associated with the suicide of Vince Foster. War on Women reveals where Foster committed suicide and why a certain “Woman in Charge” desperately demanded that his body be dumped immediately in a different location.


          Who was Hillary’s “emotional husband” and her closest friend for so many years? It was not Bill and War on Women reveals the tragic fate this man suffered.

[JdN: Hillary Rodham’s Jewish father Hugh, who was bured in a hush-hush ceremony in the 1990s.]


          Stone and Morrow reveal who Bill Clinton’s only son is and how Bill abandoned him and his son’s mother. Bill Clinton is revealed as not just a “deadbeat dad” but a “deadbeat granddad” five times over. War on Women reveals the poignant request of Bill’s abandoned son, which is that he would just like to shake his father’s hand.

          War on Women details Bill Clinton’s first rape which occurred at Oxford in 1969 and tells which presidential campaign had this information but refused to use it in 1992. Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton’s notorious 1978 rape of Juanita Broaddrick. War on Women uncovers what “feminist” politician helped to cover up the Broaddrick rape. Stone and Morrow tell you which Miss America beauty pageant winner Bill Clinton raped and savagely bit in 1983 and how the Clintons kept this rape victim quiet. Also covered is the Clinton terror campaign on Kathleen Willey, the illegal break-ins of Gennifer Flowers’ apartment, the 1995 terror campaign (“street fascism” in the words of Clinton pal Chris Ruddy) of Patrick Knowlton and the 1998-99 terror campaign of journalist Suzi Parker.


Everything about this woman is fake, including the padded bra.


War on Women reveals that the first victim of Hillary’s long history of intimidation campaigns against Bill’s women and sex victims was a 21- year- old Univ. of Arkansas coed, whom Hillary used her brothers Hughie and Tony to stalk, harass and run her away from the clutches of Bill Clinton in his 1974 congressional campaign. This early Hillary-orchestrated intimidation occurred 24 years before the Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal broke into the news headlines in January, 1998.

          The Clinton rapes, serial sexual assaults, humiliating and degrading acts visited on women, the terror campaigns and the scary PIs hired by Hillary: all are detailed by Stone and Morrow.

          War on Women makes a compelling case that, while there are many people in the USA with less than perfect family lives, what makes the Clintons a breed apart is that they will beat people up, break into their targets’ homes, run terror campaigns and use nasty private detectives and/or violent Arkansas state troopers to cover up their wildly dysfunctional personal lives.


          Morrow documents that Hillary has actually said “It is God’s law to kill babies” as she defended her abortion stance while literally standing in a church aisle on inauguration day 1992. That was a few hours after cursing and shrieking at Bill as she demanded to have Vice President Al Gore’s office in the White House.

Teenager Bill Clinton, being groomed even then for puppet-president power, meets JFK at the White House.

Bill Clinton meets President John F. Kennedy

                    This blockbuster book is dedicated to anyone who has ever been raped, beaten, terrorized or murdered by the Clintons.


……My viral video on the Anglo-Judeo-American pedophilocracy


Description: John de Nugent analyzes the 1913-15 Leo Frank case & a huge VIP pedophile case today; asserts US and Britain are in reality “pedophilocracies” where no justice for women and children raped by VIPs can be obtained; advocates common-law grand juries convene to indict, arrest, try, convict, sentence and execute VIP pedophiles by hanging — or use them instead of innocent animals for drug testing/medical experiments. (Also contains Yiddish-accent, humorous introduction.)

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