Ted Nugent blasts Jews for gun control; bad karma of dumping on comrades to avoid Nazi label; TruTube being reborn; Sonnenrad.tv

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….Ted Nugent finally lets the Jews HAVE it!

Ted Nugent posts anti-Semitic image slamming supporters of gun control


Nugent then calls anti-gun Jews “Nazis” 😉


It is always time to bash the Nazis….and if you bash Jews, you better bash nazis harder.

…..Three blacks assault, kick white Iraq vet pumping gas in head

This happened in “our nation’s capital” (LOL) in October.

No national media coverage — “Black Lives Matter” also silent.




…… Yeah-yeah — “Hitler and Himmler in bed with the Jews”….

Aangirfan has a blog on the Rebel of Oz site in Australia where he regularly exposes the NWO and especially child-molestation rings.

Here is his latest,very good, but I posted there also my objection to two parts of it:


Mostly very good article, Aangirfan.

But — as I have blogged maybe one trillion times, and you really should read my my blog and learn something new, and see why there are 1.3 million search results on my name, and why I got a threat from the White House itself in November (yes, all in the blog, and proven) —

UPDATE Why White House hates and threatened me and friends; Amanda Blackburn, RIP; Miley Cyrus goes all-Satan; reports Obama flying in Syrians at night










yes, wealthy German-Jewish bankers who were committed Palestine Zionists did want Adolf Hitler to come to power.


German Jews saw themselves correctly as superior Jews compared with Polish, Russian and other Jews –and due to the German education system and the scientific and economic wealth and hard work of Germany.

They knew they were the wealthiest and most educated Jews in the world.

They believed just as correctly that if German Jews flowed into Palestine, and their money, it would make Israel a more viable state than just getting in broke, dumb ghetto Polish Jews who were smelly, ignorant Jewish tailors and bricklayers.


The German Jews in 1930s Palestine were in fact nicknamed “Yeckes” by the other Jews. The word comes from the Yiddish (and also German) word for “jacket,” namely “Jacke,” meaning they would even plow the fields of a kibbutz arrogantly wearing a jacket (sport coat) to show how educated they were and how above the ignorant “Ostjuden” (eastern Jews) they were.

And this deal:

(1) Hitler gains power and

2) then he sends German Jews to Palestine)

went through — in the the Ha’avara transfer.


Hitler drove out 90% of the German Jews —  for many good reasons, one of which was that they were a fifth column and a security risk, especially in wartime —  and so the Zionists got what they wanted, top-quality German Jews going into Palestine.

And the German people got in return the Third Reich and 12 years of human freedom, unity, prosperity, much happiness (except for the war) and dignity.


I wrote all this up in the Barnes Review magazine. Later it was turned into this book (the author is claimed as Ralph Grandinetti, but I ghost-wrote it in 1996 at a time when I was low-profile, based about 50% on Ralph’s diligent research at the Library of Congress and the FDR Library in Hyde Park, New York):


 photo final-solution-madagascar-grandinetti-jdn.jpg

 photo ap-report-rosenberg-madagascar-jew-homeland-plan.jpg

(Research by Ralph Grandinetti and myself, but actually written almost entirely by myself; Ralphie was a welder, and an excellent researcher –he spent many hours at FDR’s library at Hyde Park, New York State — but he was not a professional writer)

The late, great Ralph Grandinetti as a Rockwell stormtrooper, with his black tie tucked into his shirt; head under left edge of billboard


Aangirfan, you live in a dangerous world. You should not anger your guardian angels by defaming Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler,  who were dedicated patriots, WWI combat veterans,  and selfless fighters. (Himmler also marched in 1923 during the putsch into a hail of gunfire, and 21 were killed. Why would an agent of the Jews risk his life that way?)

They exposed the Jews and sought to liberate mankind, giving their very lives in the process.

UNSPECIFIED - OCTOBER 13: The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler Visiting His Headquarters And Congratulating Heinrich Himmler (Right), Head Of The Ss And The Gestapo, For His 43Rd Birthday, On October 13, 1943. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)
The Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, visiting his headquarters and congratulating Heinrich Himmler (right), head of the SS and the Gestapo, on his 43rd birthday, on October 13, 1943.

We all know how Alex Jones dumps on Nazis, and why he does it, to save his life. I know for a fact that Jones totally agrees with us on the Jews, because a mutual friend knows Jones personally, and even has his private cell phone number. Jones knows it is the Jews.

But to save his butt and his media empire he savages Hitler every chance he gets.


He who seeks to preserve his soul will lose it, and he who loses it for righteousness’ sake will gain it.

Defaming our comrades is not the way to go. And it does not fool the Jews.

All the tiger promises is to eat you last if you bash our heroes.

For a people without heroes will never arise.



…..Trutube.tv arises anew!

Thanks to some fundraising by me, exceptional generosity by a European comrade (with the brutal truth being that, once again, the rest of you, especially Americans, gave nothing to this American website) —  and most of all due to the tireless efforts of

Mike Delaney, founder and owner of Trutube.tv, and fivefold father and dedicated husband…



……this vital Jew-free video platform is getting back on its feet after a massive hack by Israeli enemies last summer.

Here is a powerful new video — and it went up on the new TruTube.tv! (It is still being fixed up — but it is now working.) 


I wrote Mike after seeing this:

Good video! I thought at first it would just be funny, but it reveals in the footage a lot of shocking, incredibly anti-white brainwashing….

No wonder so many blacks have such over-the-top, excessive self-esteem and hatred for us, and the election and re-election of their guy, Obama has not appeased them in the least.


So this is waaay beyond the 1960s “we want equal rights” slogans from when I was a boy.

Rockwell confronts King: “When you throw money at blacks, all you get is more blacks!”


This is now “you white devils invented nothing except the oppression of us black geniuses, black men like Shakespeare and Beethoven.”

Lunacy, but dangerous lunacy….

Now we know why there has been such a spike under Obama in outright anti-white hate, rape and murder.

Blax are being taught whites are a demonic, “albinoid race” of parasitical monsters.

So support Trutube.tv, get the truth out there to more people, and get some good karma and divine blessing now for yourself!


We could be into a Christian-Newsom situation by this summer in America!

Both white liberals were raped, tortured for two days and killed (set on fire and other terrible things) in Knoxville, Tennessee in January 2007 –to almost total media silence


Or a “Cologne” situation all over Europe — roaming non-whites raping white women at will —

— or outright, open race war.

Was it not videos, comrade, that helped wake YOU up?

Then support Trutube.tv! Pay it forward just as someone before made that video happen for you!!


…..The new Sonnenrad.tv video platform is also “judenrein”!



(German) Freudesszenen aus der Siegesparade der Wehrmacht 1940 in Berlin; Musik 2010 “Geboren um zu leben” von Der Graf und seinem Band “Unheilig” https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geboren_um_zu_leben

“Sonnenrad” (meaning, in German, “sun wheel”) refers to this:

 Floor of Wewelsburg SS castle



….and, as you know if you regularly read my blog, a giant, mysterious crop circle appeared for the first time last summer on the date 8/8 (August 8) of 2015, displaying exactly this specific SS/Himmler/Ahnenerbe symbol in England:




…..Contact and support

To support TruTube.tv, Sonnenrad or me, their ally and supporter:

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

….helping build the new TruTube headquarters building last summer:







…..First two chapters of my book Virtus

I proclaim the religion VIRTUS


Virtus chapter 2 — no Aryan religion is based on strategies, tricks, escapism, lies or worshiping our enemy’s god


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